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Builds — A CJ-3B that got away from Jim

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Here’s a favorite CJ-3B that Jim owned, sold, but now wished he kept.

Jim writes, “This was super nice rig, built frame off, all stock, all new, immaculate, my girlfriend drove it alot and we should have kept it but was offered huge money and couldn’t say no.”



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1953 CJ-3B Reno, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200

At first I thought that was rust on the body, but I think that’s the paint job.

“it is alot of fun….It has a ford 200 strait 6 skyjacker lift runs strong needs love.”

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1946 CJ-2A Independance, Mo eBay

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1946_cj2a_independanceHere’s a very usual jeep.

“No title, strickly trail rig, Motor trans and transfer case all work good. dana 44 front and dana60 in rear with 488 gears. four link rear 3link front. Full hydraulic steering no sterring box.5 point harness x2 in front. winch mount, 700r4 trans, lockouts, axles are welded, needs brake booster or master cylinder. I will need a $500.00 deposit within 24 hours of end of auction.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1953 CJ-3A Fremont, Oh eBay .. interesting top


1953_cj3a_fremontCheck out the top on this flattie.  It looks really well executed. I wonder if the windows roll down a little or not.

“Custom made fiberglass top (Removeable) Steel doors(Removeable) New wheel cyls,master cyl,steel brake lines brake tires,700 miles on them .Moved gas tank to rear,new gas line .FOUR wheel drive is in very good shape,front wheel lockouts I added a front steering dampener, Drives good for the age it is,goes down the road good.Motor is a 1973 pinto 2000 cc motor,Original willys 3sp trans&drivetrain,clutch is in good shape.Body  was patched up,they did good job.Heater is old add on with new core,homemade windshield defroster,Dual two speed wipers.Under carrage painted chassie black.Carb  choke needs fixed,after warm runs good.HAS 6ft old style meyers plow,(not power angle)Besides the choke the only problem I know of is on transfer case PTO yoke seal bad.THIS JEEP IS FOR SELL LOCALLY SO AUCTION MAY END EARLY.”

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1942 MB/GPW Anacostia, Wash DC $3000


No pics.  A project.

“It is a 1942 Jeep that is i mid restoration and curently apart. It still has all the parts and a few extra. If your interested let me know and I can take pictures.”

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1941? MB Bayless, Mo $4000


1941_mb_baylessOk, so 80% restored doesn’t classify as almost finished.  It’s a bit pricey for what appears to be a hefty project still.  The body appears in pretty decent shape though.

“Here is your chance to own an ORIGINAL 1941 Willys, 80% complete!! It has primer on it and is ready to be painted, NO RUST!! NO BODY PUTTY, all original parts except for the wheels.  Here is what is new:  Brakes, Gas Tank, Windshield frame, Carb, Battery, Plugs, All bought from Swamps. All the gages work and are the ORGINAL gages, even the seats are original but need to be re-covered…. “

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1950s CJ-3A Elkins, NH ebay (what a sales job)


1950s_cj3a_nhThe sale job on this just cracked me up.

  • Claim #1:  Good Condition for it’s age and a Rareity
  • Claim #2:  Jeep not running, but just some stuck valves; not a big deal to fix
  • Claim #3:  Needs floor panels, but the frame is very solid
  • Disclaimer #1:  I am not an expert on this

Ergo, why does the seller make the above claims if not an expert?  I mean, I know why;  it’s just funny to me.

View all the pics on ebay

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Builds — CJ-2A Body and Frame Work by Mike

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mike_rebuildI ran across some extensively photographed and discussed body and framework (boxing in the frame) on the CJ-2A page forums.  There are plenty of pics and four or more videos.  There’s also some interesting discussions about dealing with hat channels:  to fill or not to fill, that is the question (page 3 of the forum). So, if you are doing some body work on a CJ-2A, you’ll find this interesting.

The pic on the right show’s Mike’s first attempt at welding thin body metal.  After some additional grinding and filler it looks like it will turn out great.

View the all information at the ‘started body work’ topic on the CJ-2A Page forum

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1947 CJ-2A Spokane, Wa $6500


1947_cj2a_spokaneUPDATE:  New pics on the new ad

Clearly there’s been some mods to this vehicle.  For example, the axles do not appear stock, it’s got a tilt column and, of course, a 400 small block.

“47 willys cj2a 400 sml blk, 3 spd, dual fuel tanks, leather wrapped rear hoop roll bar, tilt colum, newer top, tow bar….nice condition,will need some minor TLC…$6500 OBO…part trade gold mining equip, is best,Thanks 208 305-5779”

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1948 CJ-2A Marysville, OH **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_marysvilleUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $7500

Well, it looks good and things look straight, but I suspect the price will slip.  It’s not quite military and not quite civilian, but probably a fun little run around rig.

“1948 Willys Jeep Kaiser CJ2A. The frame and replacement body were sandblasted and epoxy primed. The 4 cyl 134 ci engine was professionally rebuilt, and runs good. New items in the last three years include: shocks, leaf springs, 16″ military tires, gauges, poly gas tank, radiator, starter, brake lines, wheel cylinders, master cyl, exhaust system, wiring harness, carb rebuilt, O.D. Green paint, etc, etc. The tires only have about 20 miles on them. This was a civilian or farm jeep that was made to look like the military version. With some numbers, stars, and other finishing touches this coulf be a very nice parade jeep”

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Video — History Channel Modern Marvels, The Jeep

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The history channel series Modern Marvels did a fine show on the history of the jeep.  There’s some great bits of info, pictures and videos.  I think it’s worth watching, even just to watch the video of the experimental ‘jeep helicopter’.  The youtube version of this episode is divided up into 5 sections.  The nice feature is that once you start watching the first one, each successive video will be launched automatically.

My only contention with the show is that one narrator suggests that Willys invented four wheel drive.  Actually, four wheel drive had been around for about 50 years.   I wrote the following several months ago (though didn’t post it):

“A four wheel drive system for vehicles was patented 48 years before the development of Bantam’s BRC (Bantam Recon Car aka Mark I), the very first jeep (followed by 69 prototype BRC-60s aka Mark II), the precursor to the jeep and the decision behind the military to issue a call for prototype 1/4 vehicles (to which three companies responded:  Ford (Pygmy), Bantam (BRC-40) and Willys (Quad).   Porsche developed a four wheel drive electric car prototype in 1900,  2 Dutch brothers built a four wheel drive Spyker race car in 1904 (  The Four Wheel Drive Auto company of Wisconsin built 20,000 four-wheel drive trucks for the British and American Armies during World War I.”

Now, maybe Bantam invented the modern transfer case.  Of this, I’m less sure.  I haven’t found any evidence that certifies the inventor of the transfer case.

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T-90, Dana 18 and Rancho OD — Topaz, Nv $225

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t90_overdrive_topazI believe this is a rancho BW overdrive.  Here’s a pic of one installed on an M-38a1.  This was posted a month ago.

As a side note, I ran across a thread that suggested Rancho made an adapter plate to mount a rancho BW overdrive onto a Dana 20 tranny (‘herk’ comment 12/07/2007).  I thought that was interesting.  Sierra also made an overdrive for the Dana 20Here’s an article on various overdrives from JP Magazine.

“used for a Jeep. Been sitting around need to get rid of it. Call Randy 775-266-4776 leave a message I’ll return calls in evening. Thanks”

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1948 CJ-2A “Lefty” Georgetown, OH **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_georgetownUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,500.

“For Sale 1948 Willys Jeep CJ3A, Government Green. Body: New body panels welded in, New gauges (except speedometer), 5 new tires & tubes, new seats, changed over to 12 volt.  Engine: New distributor & water pump, Bored .060, Crank turned .020, New pistons, valve guides, ring gear, clutch, and pressure plate.  Transmission: New bearings & synchronizer, new brake lines, master cylinder, & wheel cylinders. “

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1952 CJ-3A San Antonio, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2000

“1952 Willys is complete with 12 volt conv, newly remanufactured engine ($1000 in machine shop receipts available)under the hood, new clutch, throwout bearing, etc. Needs re-installation of manifolds, distributor, electrical to drive off. Jeep has 4 wheel drive along with the power take off, a CJ-2 type fold-down windshield, and a ‘hard top’ from a later model available to keep the weather out. Some rust but no rotted out floor pans. Good Texas title and current registration, Complete maintenance/assembly manual on CD, must sell.”

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Videos — The 1977 Yakima Mud Race Yakima, Wa

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This is another set of excerpts from an episode of Exploration Northwest called ‘Mud Race’. As I reported in the post about the Meeker, aka Naches, Trail post, Linda McCune from the Don McCune Library kindly has given me permission to provide some clips from the Jeeping1 DVD, a collection of 3 episodes of Exploration Northwest related to pacific northwest jeeping. To order this DVD, you can contact Linda McCune at 206 726-2650 and ask for the Jeeping1 DVD.  It costs $24.95.  I encourage you to purchase is as she has the video for a Jeeping2 DVD, but has not created it yet.

The race was sponsored by the Yakima Jeep Jockeys, a club formed in 1963. They began their 4×4 Championship Racing series in 1971.

The Mud Bowl episode was shown in 1977.  Mostly, it follows Jim Merritt as he prepares for the race, discussing a little about how they silicone various items to keep out water.  Plenty of video showing different stages of the race.  It’s a bit reminiscent of the Florida swamp races, though the water holes aren’t quite as deep or long (If you have never heard of it, you can read about the Florida swamp races at four wheeler’s online magazine and here’s a you tube video from a 1996 race).

From the Mud Race episode, I selected two clips.  Clip one shows Jim getting ready to race and shows the driver’s pre-race meeting.  The second clip shows the final race with Bill Smith from Tacoma taking the win.

Here’s Clip One:

Here’s Clip Two:

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1959 FC-170 Cle Elum, Wa $2000

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1959_fc_cleelumUPDATE:  Price dropped to $2000

Readers pointed out that this is an FC-170 (I couldn’t tell for sure).

“1959 Willies Jeep Forward Cab. Dana 30 1ton, new clutch, 11.00 16 rubber. Very straight, would be great mini dump conversion. Rear PTO. $2000.00. 425-417-9654 – Paul”

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1948 CJ-2A Temecula, OR **SOLD**

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1948_cj2a_temeculaUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000

“350 Hipo small block with corvettte manifolds,Holley 600 cfm carb , electronic dist, 350 turbo hydro transmission with shift kit hurst comp shifter , Hooker super comp headers, Ford 9″ loncoln housing currie axles 457 gears disk breeks, all new paint , guages, interior carpet seat street legal runs FAST and turns Heads”

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A Tucker ….. and the world’s largest auto museum


tucker_lemay_museumOk, I’m excited!!  Ever since I saw the movie Tucker: the Man and his Dream I’ve always wanted to see a Tucker up close.  I’ve never seemed to be at the right place at the right time to see one in person.  However, today I was innocently browsing the latest edition of Via Magazine (the AAA magazine) and noticed a review of several car museums in the west, including one from Spanaway, Washington, called the LeMay Museum.   Why someone would put (or leave) a collection of cars once listed as the largest on the planet by the Guinness Book of World Records in Spanaway doesn’t entirely make sense to me (not knocking Spanaway, just can’t imagine there’s a ton of traffic to support the museum).

Now, this really surprises me since I spent 4 years of my life haunting the Tacoma (Tacoma melts into Spanaway) environs while finishing my undergrad degree at the University of Puget Sound.  Yet, not once did I ever hear of the LeMay Car Museum the entire time I lived there.  Moreover, it’s not too far from my sister’s place in McKenna, Wa, so the next time I’m there I will grab my young nephew and go check out the cars.  And, among the cars, is the 7th Tucker ever made (pictured above).  Too cool :-).

lemay_museumHOLY CRAP .. I just checked out their About page.  Here’s their grand plan for a new museum adjacent to the Tacoma Dome on 9 acres: “Upon completion, this $100 million project will be the largest auto museum and attraction in the world …”  Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of the About page!

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Builds — Jim’s Modified 1946 CJ-2A


Just in case you think Jim paints everything green, he does know how to use a few other colors, too :-).  Here’s his modified CJ-2A.  In the post below is his white M-38.

Jim writes, “GM V6 with stock running gear, was very well built, went like stick in the snow, not a drop of rust which always makes me happy”


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Builds — Jim’s modified M-38

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Jim writes that this jeep came with a “Big 4 bolt camaro 350 V8, auto trans, power steering, disc, later model CJ5 running gear, M38 33/10/15 muds etc. Still have the beast, havent decided what to do with it but its a ton of fun and a handful with all that power!”


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Builds — Jim’s 1951 CJ-3A Makeover

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Jiim writes, “Ironically, was already sort of OD green when I got it. That nasty bench seat weighed about 250 lbs when I pulled it out, kept thinking it was still bolted in somewhere, nope, just that heavy…”





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1952 CJ-3A Decatur, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $10,000

I don’t think the pictures quite do this justice.  Newer tires would help and finishing the restoration (parking lights for example) would help this CJ-3A.

“Massive restoration. This is the original body which has been removed from the frame, restored with zinc alloy body fill then zinc coated to prevent future rusting. Newly painted a vibrant pearl orange. The interior is done in rugged black bedliner. All seats reupholstered in a nice black vinyl. Includes the rare back seat. Black Besttop Soft Top included. New wiring harness. Warn Winch included. Two sets of wheels. One set of matching orange wheels with radials and one set of black wheels with NDT non-directional tires (old style military). Well documented restoration.  See my ad on autotrader for larger pictures”


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1948 CJ-2A Antioch, Tn $6500


1948_cj2a_antiochPlenty of pics to see of this jeep.  There’s a few items missing (bezels, parking lights, a couple dash features).

“Up for sale is a willys jeep that is a frame off restoration . It is powered by a flat top 4cy gas engine that runs and drives great. It has new army tires, new seats, new gas tank, the list goes on and on.”

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1945 MB Spanaway, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500

Looks like a great rebuild. Owner says must sell.

” 1945 Willys MB. Has rust where the under body support channels meet the inside vertical support forward of the driver and passenger. Also on one side under the tool box behind the fender well. To much work done to list.”


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1947 & 1948 CJ-2A Medford, OR **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_medford21948_cj2a_medford3UPDATE:   **SOLD** Was on eBay

These are both pretty rough.  Neither runs.

” I have two Willys CJ2As. I was going to make one,but i don’t have the time or space.  The 47 has a hard top with doors, the glass is good in the top but not in the doors or windshield. It is all stock with a Koenig PTO winch.  The 48 is less together but it seems to all be there. It  has 33X12.50 15 mud tires with 70%or 80% tread. Both have titles.  Neither of them are running at this time. These are up for auction together.”