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1946 CJ-2A Anchorage, AK **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $7000.   **SOLD**

(04/29/2010) Here’s a beautiful CJ-2A.  The seller would prefer to sell it locally.

“Mostly restored but some work still needed on steering (I have parts) and the brakes need some attention. I bought this a couple of years ago with the intent of completing restoration. I immediately developed some serious health issues, which is the reason for the sale. Would like to get somewhere around the $8500 I paid for it. I’m open to reasonable offers. This jeep runs like a new one and is drivable as it is. Included is a half top with doors from Beachwood Canvas. Everything works (yes, even the lights and gauges!) Too much to write about, if interested get in contact via email and I will give you my phone number. Please write “red jeep” in the subject box to hopefully avoid spam/scam. Local sale only.”

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1957 FC-150 Elizabethtown, Ky $2300

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It appears in decent condition and looks complete.  It might not be bad price.

“This is a one-of-a kind, hard to find jeep. It’s in good condition, does need some motor work. Call Larry at 270-268-3208 will take OBO”

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1960 Wagon Maverick Series? Omaha, Ne $2500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2250

(03/29/2010) Is this a rare Maverick?  I’m not a Maverick expert …

“1960 Willys Wagon ready to restore. New brakes, wheel bearings, great body, overdrive, Maverick Series. Engine runs but smokes. 402-571-7226”

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Year? M-38 Mount Vernon, Wa $3000

• CATEGORIES: M-38 • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $3000

Here’s what looks like a M-38 (it’s even printed on the front bumper), which means the seller’s year of 1944 is off for some reason.  Though, it appears to be missing the passenger side tool indents.  This will require a closer look.

“For sale is a partially restored 1944 Willys Jeep. Engine and running gear runs well. $4000.00 OBO. Please respond via email.”

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Mitsubishi J-52 Jacksonville, NC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: International, Other 4x4s, Unusual • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Was $9500 **SOLD**

This is an interesting jeep.  I am not familiar with the J-52, though I haven’t researched the early history of Mitsubishi.  The seller of this has been doing research of his own on this jeep for several years, as a post on the Willys M Jeeps forums as early as 2006 notes his search efforts.  The photos of this jeep are worth reviewing as it is a combination of some unusual features.  A quick search did reveal the J-53/54.  Finally, I found this table that shows the J-52 had the KE47 engine.

“Before I can get into the specifics of this little jeep, I feel I need to explain a little about it because there is very little information about the Mitsubishi J52 on the internet, and there are no photographs I can find depicting the body style like the one you see here. I found this one at a little jeep lot on Okinawa around 2006.  The dealer said it had come with a shipment of used jeeps from Tokyo.  I bought it and restored it there on the island, and the Government shipped it to the US as part of my household goods when my family and I returned from overseas.  I have had it since then and it has enjoyed local acclaim, appearing in several parades and winning “Best All Around” at a local car show.  All guys — and all little kids — absolutely love it!

It is my OPINION that this was one of the original Mitsubishi/Willys collaboration after WWII.  It’s a very early model J52, serial number “J52-00261”, and from this I believe the production number to be #261, or that this jeep was number 261 off the production line.  Because there are radio mount holes and radio table holes in the right rear fender, and because of the rifle mount racks present on the windshield frame, I believe this jeep to have been actually used and maintained by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces after the US stopped occupation in the early 1950’s.  It is also my opinion that they continued to use this jeep until 1973, when it was sold to the civilian market.  I believe this for two reasons:  first, the title says it’s a 1973 model; second, I can’t find a photograph of a 1973 Mitsubishi J52 that looks like this one.  (I also can’t prove a bit of this!)

This jeep was fully restored in 2006, everything was taken off the vehicle and repaired/restored/repainted; however, we did not take the tub off the frame.  I wish we had, because the channels are beginning to rust, and there are a few rust spots beginning to show around the door seams on the tub.  There is also some rust on the inner windshield frame where water collected underneath the glass and rusted it from the inside.  Other than those, there are a few very small bubbles beginning to appear, which I can point out to a serious bidder.  There is no rust on the floor pans or in the bed, the footpads are solid, the frame is undercoated and protected.  This is a solid jeep.

The engine is a Mitsubishi KE-47 gasoline powered four-cyliner.  It runs like a top and purrs like a kitten.  There are no oil leaks, compression is great.  Manual choke.  Transmission shifts great, three-speed with reverse.  Four-wheel drive and high/low transfer cases all work.  All lights work, although it has recently developed a dislike of high-beam headlights – sometimes they won’t come on and lows will have to do.  Front blackout lights work!  Fender-mounted blackout light is not connected.  Vacuum-powered wipers.

Canvas top was made on Okinawa by Mr. Shima, who used the old torn-up one as a pattern.  Seat pads are cordura and were made by Mr. Scott of Texas.

This jeep has been either carported or garaged since it’s been in the States.  Being in the military means moving a lot and sometimes it has had to do its “military share” by spending some time in the elements, but we have taken care of this jeep and it has meant a lot to our family.  We are headed back to Okinawa for another three years, and I think it’s time to send it on its way to another owner who will value and care for it.  If that’s you, you’re getting a good one and you can count on truthful answers to any questions you might have.”

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1963 CJ-6 Scurry, Tx $1300


UPDATE:  Still Available

(05/01/2010) This needs a motor and is a bit beat up.  It does have a pto winch.

“This is a 1963 CJ6 and is very rare for the year model. Most all went overseas. It is 20 inches
longer than the CJ5 as you can see from the pictures. The girl needs a motor, and will be sold as is. As you can tell from the pictures the body is very good condtion for its age. The jeep comes with a clear Texas Title. $1300 or best offer. Cell 214-755-2904.”

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1943? CJ-2A Youngstown, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD* Was $1500.


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New Windshield Modifications Section


UPDATE:  Chris has provided some valuable insight into this mod.  He writes, “There was a retired Ford mechanic in Rancho Cordova, Ca. that was building flatfenders for a while as a hobby. Back in the early 90’s he had built closed to 40. When he picked up a willys that didn’t have a a good windshield,the large windshield is what he put on. He has since passed away.

As its basic premise, the early jeeps were promoted as a utility vehicle. As such, they were modified in ways limited only to one’s imagination. Some of these modification strategies I have seen; Others I had not seen until I launched eWillys. The modification of the windshield is one of those I hadn’t seen. It is a rare modification, but it has been done a variety of times. I can’t say whether there was an aftermarket product created or if this was simply something that a few folks tried on their own.

After finally gathering enough examples of windshield modifications, and finding the time, I have created a Windshield Modifications section.  Enjoy!

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The Victory Car


As I read through the Hemmings Blog version of the Wally Cohn story (which I thought was very well done), I saw a picture that referenced a car similar to the Wally Cohn vehicle, but was created in 1942, and called the “Victory Car”, a design suggested by Brooks Stevens.  It turns out, Stevens wrote an article for Popular Mechanics in December 1942 that envisions a variety of victory models, including the Wally-looking vehicle shown in the pics to the left.  One of Brooks’ most prescient predictions was his belief that plastics would be used widely in future vehicles.

In another set of images, which is shown below and is the one highlighted by Hemmings, a Brazilian auto website appears to track the development of Aero Willys starting with the Brooks Stevens vision through both prose and images.  Unfortunately, my Portuguese isn’t best!

After some research, I came across an article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, dated January 14, 1942 (thanks to the new(?) google news archive search) that covers a meeting which might have launched the entire “Victory Car” discussion.

Here it is in its entirety, written by W.F. Arbogast:

“WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 –AP — A civilian counterpart of the army “jeep” — with certain refinements as a concession to comfort — was suggested today by officials of the National Automobile Dealers association as a possible answer to the new car shortage.

The suggestion came from L. Clar Cargile, Texarkana, Tx., president of the association, and Aurthur Center, Springfield, Mass, it secretary, as a house committee resumed hearings on the effects of new car production curtailment on the nation’s 44,000 dealers.

The small, rough-and-ready vehicle — the answer to any college freshman’s prayer — would probably be called the “victory car” and be produced by leading automobile manufacturers under no trade name.

It would be large enough for five passengers, maybe with a little crowding, and would devoid of costly accessories, nicle or chrome trim and other gadgets adding to cost.

But if built to the specifications of its brothers, it coudl climb most any hill with a top to it, splash fearlessly through the deepest mud, and in general negotiate terrain usually shunned by everything without fur or feathers.

I would be built primarly for service, not for looks, and to meet a need for transportation when present cars wear out and comparable replacements are not available, ” said Center. ” It would be strictly an economy car, with six cylinders and low upkeep.”

Cargile said the automobile industry, despite the conversion of much of its machinery for the production of airplanes and other defense material, could make enough victory cars to meet essential needs, and still not interfere with defense requirements.”

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Kris Kros’ Jeep Photos from Flickr

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Here’s are some jeep photographs, and they are labeled as photographs,  I ran across on Flickr created/photographed by Kris Kros.  They are certainly heavily ‘enhanced’ and unusual!

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1962 Fleet Van FJ +2nd FJ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a mostly complete and a parts FJ for sale.   These are hard to find.

“For sale is a 1962 Jeep Fleetvan. I have owned this vehicle for several years as a part of a small Jeep collection. I had the Fleetvan shipped in from California because it is virtually rust free. The engine runs well, does not smoke,etc. the automatic transmission shifts properly. There are no brakes. The previous owner removed the glass etc for a repaint and never followed through. I have the glass and the grille has since been reinstalled. The rear dorr was missing so I bought a parts vehicle for the rear door and any other incidentals that may be missing. This is included in the price. Unfortunately, there are NO TITLES for these vehicles. You will be buying the pair with a bill of sale. The Jeeps are located close to York,Pa and will need to be picked up there.”

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Hemmings Blog references eWillys


I have to say, it’s been a good, but busy couple of days.  Tuesday, I finally developed a business card design I liked and found a way to easily print some good quality versions.   Yesterday, I received an email I’ve been waiting to get for about a decade regarding some family photos that go back more than 5 generations.  Today, Hemmings thoughtfully referenced eWillys as they covered my ‘explosive expose’ on Wally Cohn, King of Jeeps.  And, tomorrow, maybe I win the lottery?

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Jeep4ever’s Black and White Photos

• CATEGORIES: Old Images, Website

Thanks to Wes at for creating a post about this great collection of black and white photos (how I haven’t stumbled across it is beyond me) at Jeep4ever’s website. Click here to see nearly 200 b&w photos, some you probably have seen and some you haven’t seen courtesy of (I’ve posted a variety of these previously, but found them through the library of congress).

I particularly like this one.

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Dana 20 Overdrive Solution from the website


This one falls into the “I didn’t know they made an adapter for that” department.  I was doing some research into whether there was an overdrive solution (besides the Sierra OD attempt) for the Dana 20, which I thought there wasn’t, when I came across this thread from the early website.  It turns out, someone made an adapter that allowed the Dana 20 to attach to a BW overdrive, though I suspect such a combo would only work in a long wheel base vehicle (these adapters are also occasionally on ebay as well).  Here’s a pic from the thread.

Additional Threads:

1. Herm the Overdrive Guy:

2. International Harvestor:

3. From Jp Magazine:

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1946 CJ-2A Onalaska, Wa **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

It sounds a bit rough.

“I have a 46 cj2a jeep with no motor or tranny searing box or stem or title, theirs a bit of rusted threw spots, but nothing to bad, its been painted flat black, not the best job but it looks alot better then it did, jeeps been sitting in the shop for a couple of years now and i have no use for it anymore, need money for other rigs, the drivers side window it cracked drivers side floor boards have rusted threw but there is a homemade piece sitting there just needs welded in passenger side has a actually store made piece sitting there it needs welded as well, fenders and roll bar are both bolted on solid, the full dash is there,lights and wires are all there, the jeep could use a nice sand blasting job and it would look a million times better. email me for more info/ picks im willing to trade for a truck of some sort that runs and doesn’t need much work or none at all.”

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Wanted: Jeep CJ Hub 6-bolt Pattern Spokane, Wa


I don’t know how common or uncommon these are.

“I’m looking for a 6-bolt hub for a Jeep CJ with a Dana 30 front axle. Let me know if you have a spare laying around and what condition it’s in. Thanks.”

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8000lb Warn Winch Reno, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $175.

“This is a older vintage warn winch 8000lb Model #5721. Very fast line speed, bulletproof construction and reliable. Comes with 100+ ft of cable, solenoid and rare in cab controls. Power in and free spool out. Everything is there and works great. $175.00 call”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Flagstaff, Az $2500


This looks like a great find by Jim.  The serial number is 17614.  It runs …

“A very rare restoration project. I pulled this CJ-2A out of a barn in Crawford Colorado. It is a very rare original VEC agri jeep, 1946 early serial number, was originally three on the tree, has tool indents, 3 piece agri dash plate, early wire steering wheel, 6 volt, original wheels, original seats, original everything, very little rust, runs, motor is super quiet. Has been in storage, will need brakes, tune up etc The serial number is 17614. Please dont tow this extremey old rig at 70 mph, bring a trailer.”

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Year? MB Flagstaff, Az $2800


Jim spotted this good looking restoration project.  It runs, too.

“Needs a complete restoration, I have started it, the engine sounded excellent, very quiet, I have original seats frames, gas tank, windshield frame etc, very straight dash, cowl, nose etc, tub needs a little work, is a very original complete, very rare willys MB. Have a clean AZ title, make offer etc must sell.”

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Year? Wagon Oakboro, NC $1200

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

Buy some some nice rims and get a parts wagon!

Its a 1950 something Jeep Willys. Has a very solid body, no motor or trans. Great for restoration. call mon-fri 8am-5pm 704 485 8187″

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1957 FC-150 Sacramento, Ca $2000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677 • TAGS: .

This has been available on eBay for a few days.

“$2000 bucks 1957 willys jeep forward control (916) 410-7138”

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1950 Jeepster Coney Island, Ny $4000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster • TAGS: .

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $4000

(05/05/2010) This seller also has these 4 jeeps for sale.

“1950 Willys Jeepster. Good running car. It is all there. It needs a top and restoration. Interior and body are good. No rust through. Car was in very good condition a few years ago when I covered it and put it in storage. 4 cylinder original engine. $4,000.00 or best offer. I am moving and can’t take the car with me. No e-mails please. Call (347) 203-9631.”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Natomas, Ca **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Last price $8,500. Status Unknown.

(03/01/2010) Here’s a modded VEC that looks in very good condition.

“This 46 Willys has been completely gone through. It has always been garaged and is extremely clean. It has a Buick V-6 that runs strong – Turbo 350 transmission – Detroit Locker 44 in rear, 27 in front – brand new Toyo 33″ mud terrains – 2 in. lift with spring over – power steering – Ramsey 8,000 lb. winch – 1 year old paint job with no nicks or scratches – custom built roll cage with built-in speakers – CD player – Corbeau race seats and lap belts – GT steering wheel with telescoping and tilt column – tacometer – newer gauges – BNM floor shifter – bikini top – lots of chromed parts and much more! Must see to appreciate – serious inquiries only – no trades.”

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The Mitsubishi Prototype “Pajero”

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

This is the 1973 Mistubishi Prototype “Pajero”.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I found the photos.  Next to the wagon, is what I call the CJ-3B Wagon, but what Mistubishi called the CJ3B-J11, created in 1956. You can see a full version of it below.  Click here to see the Mitsubishi virtual museum.

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Dinky little Delilah by Louisa Hennessey

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings

Here’s a beautiful photograph of a MB named Delilah taken by Louisa Hennessey in Feb, 2009. It can be seen on Flickr.