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My Build — A Custom Data Plate

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Yesterday I made a first pass at a design for the gauges on the dashboard.  As a part of that exercise, I tried to find a space for the data plate I have.  The data plate is original to the CJ-3A I have and in good shape, except that it is faded, so it is hard to read.  In fact, I tried to scan it into my scanner and the scanner couldn't pick up the words or pictures at all.  After pondering the situation, I decided to recreate a data plate graphic and take it into a print shop to see if I can make a raise print or sticker of some kind.  As part of the customization, I've tried to recreate the fonts as closely as possible, however, much to my surprise, the data plate uses several different fonts, some of which are the same font but stretched or bolded or both.  Also, I've updated the data plate to better reflect the drive train I have installed.

Here's the current favorite mockup so far (note the font kerning and arrangement will be more precise on the final high resolution version).

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Builds — Irwin Arnstein’s 1947 CJ-2A


When some one gives you a jeep for free and you have to pull the jeep out of the mud to start rebuilding it, you know you are going to have your hands full.  Irwin Arnstein nicely revives this old Jeep.

"When my brother’s neighbor T.J. generously gave me his old 1959 1-ton truck, I felt that I ought to do a good job with it and show it to him. As you could see on my Gallery page, it brought T.J. a bit of pleasure to see his truck ready for another 46 years of work. A few months later (and I think after his wife got on him to clean the place up) he gave me his 1947 CJ2A Willys Universal Jeep.

When I got the truck, I had no idea that the Jeep would soon get so lonely that it spoke to T.J. about rejoining its old compatriot. I wasn’t so keen to do the jeep but when my brother offered to help, I decided "Why not — if it wasn’t a complete junk pile."

See all the pics of Irwin's rebuild

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1975 Mail Jeep Drag Racer — Oregon $15,000


Can't say I saw this coming … a Mail Jeep Drag Racer?  For $15k no less!  I'm sure they broke the mold after they build this one.  Note that it is still street legal, which means you can still deliver the mail with it, especially since it is still right hand drive!

"This is a "One of a Kind" 1975 Mail Jeep/Gasser/Ratrod. This is a 10 second "street legal" drag car. It has a full tube chassis: .120 wall steel tubing. Motor: 408 Ford Windsor, 10 to 1 compression, steel crank, 618" roller cam and valve train, Roush heads, 504ftlbs of torque, over 500hp. TCI C4 Tranny and TCI converter w/4200 stall. Ford 9" rearend, 23" drum to drum, spool, after-market axles, 31 spline, 3:89 gears. The body has been chopped 4" and the frontend stretched 3", Ratrod black, Full MSD Ignition, Painless wiring harness. Car weighs 2400lbs. It is still right-hand drive. This car is fun and easy to race – runs straight. For more info please call Mike @ (541)499-8625. $15,000." 

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My Build — Boner Award: Cutting my brake line


I made excellent progress yesterday completing and installing a variety of parts (including the custom steering column rod and u joints, additional hydraulic lines, electric fuel pump, fuel line to carburetor).  Unfortunately, in the midst of all this success,  I screwed up. 

For reasons that still baffle me, I mistook the rear brake line (which isn't hooked up to the master cylinder yet — note the pathetic attempt at an excuse) for the gas line to the tank (which isn't there at all).  Despite the fact that they are different size lines and despite the fact that the brake line has the threaded nut at the end (which somehow I didn't notice), I managed to mistake the brake line for the gas line.  Even right after I cut it I didn't realize my mistake (clearly my mind was elsewhere!).  

The good news is that I can still take it off relatively easily and get it reflared and it shouldn't cost more than a few dollars — Andy's Supply, here I come.  Though it's now shorter, fortunately it's still long enough to use — in fact, it might even work better as a slightly shorter length.

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My Build — Power Steering Lines Completed


As I noted in my previous power steering post, after realizing that ordering through Summit Racing would cost $161 before shipping I thought I'd go down to a local hydraulics place, Andy's Supply, and see what they could do for me.  Since they carried the Earl's products as well, it made comparing prices very easy.  

After explaining what i wanted to do (see rough schematic to the right), I quickly discovered they could save me money in a couple ways.  First, they were willing to cut my supply side line down for nothing so that it would hook to the inside of the cross member.  That saved me  2 90 degree turns, 2 feet of hose (about $50 total).  Second, I only had to order 14" of expensive tubing rather than the minimum 3ft from Summit.  Finally, they saved me money by making sure I had the right parts the first time, so i didn't have to return anything.  While their parts prices were slightly higher than Summit's, because they saved me money in other places, the bill was only $116.

Putting the pieces together was relatively easy.  Below the pieces are laid out (with a piece of metal acting as the cross member).

Continue reading

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1948 CJ-3A Divide, Co eBay


The buy it now and beginning bid prices are a bit high.  There's been enough minor mods that this isn't a collector's piece (as suggested by the seller) either.  But, appears to be a solid jeep in good condition.

"Wow look at this !! A Black 1948 Willy's Jeep CJ3-A in perfect condition. This vehicle has a recently rebuilt 4cyl F-head motor, newly upholstered front and rear seats, new tires, new top. This Jeep has been well taken care of and needs nothing. It would make a great collectors piece or a great daily driver for anyone. We are down sizing our vehicles and the "toys" have to go first so take advantage of this ready to go 4×4 adventure and go have some fun!! I have some more pics so feel free to Email me if you want to see more of this Jeep!  "

View all the pics on Ebay 

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Old Jeep and Jeep attachment Brochures

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cj3b_brochure2UPDATE: It appears this site has changed — at least I don’t remember it quite like this …

The “Jeepsterman” Morris Ratner has a variety of old brochures for sale on his jeepsterman website.  You can see an example of one of those to the right, which is about the roper digger.   Did you know the roper digger can be used in multiple ways?  Now you do …  Another interest brochure compares the jeep to the scout.

See all the Jeepsterman brochures here


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1945 MB North Hollywood, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.


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1951 CJ-3A Camp Verde, Az **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3200.

Either the tailgate has been patched or this jeep has a fiberglass body.  I can’t tell which from these pics.  The back part of the roll cage is somewhat unusual — at least I haven’t seen the bars organized quite like that before.

“Small block chevy, runs great, headers with side pipes, Warn overdrive, highlift jack, good tires. Could use some body work.”

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My Build — Power Steering Hoses

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I found a very helpful article from a toyota landcruiser owner at about building custom power hoses.  In the article he provides pictures and a list of parts he used from Summit Racing.  Unfortunately, his part numbers don't correspond exactly to the numbers from the Summit Racing catalogue I have, but they are close enough to guide me correctly.  

To do my build the way I want (which is routing the power steering through the cross member) based on this article and the new summit racing catalogue, I believe I would need:

5 -6AN EAR-309106ERL 90 degree bend tube $16
2 -6AN EAR-300106ERL straight $7 each
2 -6AN EAR-983206ERL Straight Bulkhead $4 each
1 6AN to 11/16-18 Not sure on part number yet approx $7
1 –6an to 5/8-18 Not sure on part number yet approx $7
-6an power steering 6ft perform-o-flex hose EAR-406006ERL $45

That's a grand total of $161.  If I only do the power side, I can cut this amount in half.  I'm gonna talk to the folks at my local hydraulic store and see what they can do for me. 

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1953 CJ-3B Fort Collins, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3600.

“I bought this cj3b last fall with the intent to make a rock crawler but lost interest. This is a rare high hood model that was only avaible for a few years. Here is what I know or have been told about it. The engine is a Buick 225 v6, T14 3spd tranny, Warn overdrive with a stacked PTO, Dana 44 rear, Dana 27 front and 4:88 gears, all from a 1970s Cj5. There is a pto winch on it that does work! The Jeep runs and drives great, but it does need some work on the brakes, (pulls to the right while braking).”

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1949 CJ-2A Shasta Lake, Ca **SOLD**


Update: **SOLD**

James asked me to post this CJ-2A for him. Some of the upgrades he doesn’t mention in the ad include swing pedals with a hydraulic clutch, trusses on the front and rear axles, and reversed front springs.

“This is a 1949 CJ2A with a no rear gate (MB) pan. It has a CJ3A one piece windshield.
Engine: GM Dauntless Odd-Fire V6 225ci Dual exhaust
Front: Trussed Dana 30 (72 jeep) 4.88 lockers
Rear: Trussed AMC 20 (72 Jeep) 4.88 lockers
Trans: Muncie 4speed
Steering: Saginaw power with Chevy SS tilt column …”

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1963 FC-170 Stake Bed Dump Truck San Luis Obispo, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The term ‘rare’ accompanies a variety of FC-150/170s.

“This extremely rare 1963 Jeep Willys FC-170 4X4 is both a stake bed pick up and a hydraulic dump bed. The trucks prior owner was into these vehicles in a big way and kept his eyes open for the right FC to purchase for over 15 years. He acquired this truck from the original owner and had it for another 15 years until illness forced the sale. The prior owner advertised this as “Very Complete & Original all the way down to the Windshield Washer Bag that hangs on the dashboard.”

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Goodyear Tires, Portland $400

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While the terra tires will pop up for sale every so often, these tires are much harder to fine.  I've never run them so I don't know how much better (or not) they are than terras.

"two (2) 31×15.5×15 v-bar tires. Run them forward in the mud/snow/dirt or turn them around and run them backwards in the sand. These tires provide alot of traction. Rims are for a 15" tire and are 14" wide with 5 on 5 1/2 lug pattern(1/2 ton ford & 86 and older jeep). There is some surface rust on the rims but nothing a little elbow grease and some paint won't take care of. These are not implement tires (like on a backhoe). these are made by Goodyear and I believe they are radials. They are called super terra grips. They are not street legal/off-road only tires. call 503-458-7010 Chris Phone call will be best will deliver for the cost of fuel and a cheeseburger." 

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1948 CJ-2A Cathcart, Wa $1500


I'm guessing 'thin floorboard' = rusty floorboards?  No obvious modifications or damage.

"All original except farmer modified bumpers. Axles, tranny, Transfer case, and entire engine compartment is original and all there. Body is very strait except floor boards are pretty thin. Give me a offer I need to sell." 

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1957 FC-150 MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

“Willys Forward Control Jeep pickup. Body complete but in fair condition. Frame good. Not running but complete “

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My first build — Old pix emerge

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I assumed these pictures were lost, but they appeared in a trunk my ex-wife kindly gave back to me.  The first pic is a good shot of my first jeep’s roll cage.  The second pic is a pre-paint job pic of my first jeep stuck in the Rabbit Hole, a small mud pit at the Eastern edge of the Naches Trail.  The third pic should come with a caption “Oh does my nose hurt!”.  The fourth pic is a great shot of the jeep parked at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island (Washington State) while working there in 1987.  The final pic shows the down side of oil pressure problems — broken rod, piston, and other parts.

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Builds — Mike Hardesty’s 1951 CJ-3A

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Mike got a deal on a $530 CJ-3A, but buying it was the easy part.  Mike's built an extensive website called Jeepchasm that follows his extensive rebuild from a cheap deal to best of show.

"We hope this site will serve as a resource and an inspiration to others who are interested in vintage Jeeps and in Jeep restoration. We will post and update links to various Jeep restoration resources on and off of the Internet. We will let you know where and how we found our parts, and the obstacles and challenges we had to overcome."

Visit Jeepchasm 

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My Build … Engine done, but new headers don’t fit


With my kids help, I finished rebuilding the engine.  Once done, I dropped the engine into the jeep and attached the new headers — only to find out the new headers don't fit.  On the left is the old header that fit perfectly.  On the right is the new Headman headers that apparently have a shallower drop, which directs them straight into the roll cage mount.  l'm pretty sure I can heat and bend them enough to make them work, but it's less than ideal.

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1949 CJ-2A Murphys, Ca eBay


Jeeps with these beautiful type of paint jobs, much more common a couple decades ago, have become rare.  However, the paint job isn't the only well done item.  The engine compartment is nicely updated and organized.  The fender wells were carefully modified to accomodate the headers.  There's just lots to like about this jeep.  

"Summer is here and the time is perfect to spoil yourself with this vintage 1948 Willys Jeep.  Brand new rebuilt V6 Jeep engine with 3 speed transmission with overdrive.  Manual hubs  in front and back detroit lockers infront and airlockers inback.  Custom paint rootbeeb brown and tan, a real eye catcher.  CB radio and stereo built in to theroll bar.  tires are fresh and in good shape.  The reserve has been set low, the boat is also for sale, but not in this auction.  Seller reserves the right to end auction early and sell to private party as it is also beingadvertised locally.  I am selling thisjeep for my dad and it is located in Murphys, CA 95247…."

View all the pics on eBay 

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1947 CJ-2A Castle Rock, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,500

“Small Block 350, power steering, tilt wheel, locking hubs on all 4 wheels, Dana 44 rear end, full cage, runs great normally, but needs new tires and a transmission now. 8000 1b warn winch. Too many toys Mom says something has to go! $3,000 OBO. I will deliver it to you within reason as I have access to a trailor.”

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1948 CJ-2A Denver, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

This looks to be a pretty stock jeep in great condition for only $2000.  This is a deal worth checking out.  Note the hood has flexed a bit.

“great condition excellent project/ colleters car.”

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1964 M677 Gardner, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

“This is a military issue model M677 (Crew Cab FC-170) and is an 11-passenger troop carrier that has the original issue aluminum canopy on the back body. It runs and drives and the brakes work. It has the orignial Cerlist 3-cylinder, 2 stroke diesel/multi-fuel engine. We believe the mileage is original. The sheet metal is in incredibly good shape, minor surface rust on frame, but no heavy rust anywhere. We have the original owner’s and parts manuals. It seems to be 98% complete. It’s just missing the head liner on the roof. It’s a very solid unit and very rare. Only 3,000 military FCs were built and only 60-100 of those FCs had the multi-fuel Cerlist engine. According to Jeep expert, Jim Allen, “it has a five-star investment potential”. There are a few spots where you can see the original Olive Drab color underneath the white paint. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments. Happy Bidding!”

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1961 FC-170 Ohio eBay


This is the first Stakebed FC-170 I've seen.  Looks good.

"HI You are bidding on a beautiful FC 170 Willys Jeep. This jeep has had a frame off restoration in 1992 and has been garage kept. There is no mud in this turck. It is a 1961 Jeep FC170, 6cyl, 3 speed with overdrive, 4×4, power steering, power brakes, vinyl and cloth interior (custom made), clear title, 235/85/r16 tires and 16 inch rims. The bed is made of appatong wood and it is beautiful. The bed is a dump bed but the hydraulics were never installed. The truck has been undercoated…"

View more pics on eBay 

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Builds — 1944 MB Build


This site contains information and a variety of pics about a 1944 MB Build.  It's worth a look.

"Here it is a small collection of the finished jeep throughout the summer of 2003. I logged over 2200 miles in "Phoebe" since her restoration was completed this early spring. I hope that everyone enjoys these pictures as much I do, I had a blast taking them. I had a great time and will forever remember this experience, its kinda like having a child I guess. I have one on the way so i will find out shortly what that is like. Everyone says its like owning a jeep, when you first get your jeep home everything is ah's and oo's. After a while it starts to bear down on you…. you get the picture. Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions please feel free to email me."