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1946 CJ-2A La Porte, Tx **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

It almost looks like there is a MB-esque jockey box in the dash.

“Up for sale is a 1946 Jeep Willys. We have the title which is # 8420494. It also has a motor# listed 21785. This is a hard to find old jeep that has been modified to be a tough old son of a gun.

We have the keys and it ran good about 4 years ago when it was parked. The gas tank needed cleaning badly so we hooked up an gas can to the side and ran it off of it the last time we moved it. It has been customized and much of the body has been replaced by welding heavy duty metal plates. This was my grandfathers and we don’t know a lot about it other than it used to run great but will need some work. You will likely have to trailer it home. The tires are going low and we were told the brake drums were replaced, but we cannot guarantee that.”

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1940s GPWish Pittsburg, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Still Available and pics now provided.

(04/16/2010) “Military Jeep for sale. Yes it runs! Working motor, running gear, transmission. I have video of it being driven around our yard if you are interested. I hate getting rid of it but we have too many projects going on after buying a house. Don’t want to see this rust away.

1942 Ford GPW frame, hood, windshield, grill, and other misc parts (all still have their F stamp visible)
1945 Military engine (running) with new fuel pump
1946 Willy’s tub and transmission

– seats
– fuel tank (we just put the fuel line into a gas tank when we run it)
– drive shaft (it fell out when we flat towed it to our new place)
– tires (2 are flat though they’ll hold air long enough to tow it home or put it up on a trailer)

We sanded all the old paint off of it and it is primer gray but we never got further than that.
I have pics on a different computer. I’ll post them soon.Please note we do not have a title for it, it will be bill of sale only. According to the CHP you just need to get a VIN verification done on it (simple as bringing it down to the CHP office) and DMV will then issue title and registration.”

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1946 CJ-2A Grand Junction, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3000

(03/09/2010) This sports a fiberglass body.

“Fiberglass tub, hood and fenders, L-134 4 cylinder, under 1,000 miles on rebuild. 5.38 gear ratio, Atlas overdrive, 8,000lb Warn winch. Updated to 12 volt/new harness”

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1951 Navy CJ-3A Denver, Co eBay

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See updated version of this topic here:



The first version, which is the one for sale on ebay, was built by Willys Overland for the Navy without many changes from a stock CJ-3A.  The biggest clue I can see is the inclusion of a Navy dataplate on the dash.  You can see the 1951 versions of that plate below:

From the g503 website:

And from this eBay auction (note how close the navy serial numbers of these two jeeps are — 3855 (top) vs. 3874 (bottom)). The willys-overland serial numbers are 18501 vs 18741:


This version of the Navy Jeep was modified by Szekely and includes a plate that states that fact.  Szekely also created the 3 wheeled M-38 APU. Here’s an example of the name plate for the CJ-3A from the G503 site (see the related discussion and many more pics).  A similar thread can be seen at the CJ-3A Board.

Information from the Navy CJ-3A Ad: “This jeep needs a restoration. The frame is in nice shape and not cut on. the body has some  rust but nothing like those east coast vehicles (Colorado vehicle) there is a skin coat of bondo on the outside and it looks like it had a nice paint job done to it which is now faded. I really don’t know whats under the bondo but looking from underneath and behind it does not look like it was used to cover any major rust more like a skin coat to get the body straight. The front floors are good as is the cowl and the tool box, hood and grill are good, windshield frame is solid. The rear floor has plywood on it but I see no holes from underneath. Rear taillight area needs a some rust repair. as do some body brackets.  The engine will need a rebuild, (last owner said he was driving it in his drive and it locked up. the radiator and carb is missing and there are no top bows although I do have the door frames. most everything else looks to be intact.  There is undercoating from the factory. This is dry and easy to peel off and you can see the original Navy Gray paint. It probably had hood numbers but I have not stripped the paint to find out.  The cowl tag and the Navy tag have the same numbers and the engine looks to be close enough to be original (early CJ’s don’t have matching serial number engines) and the casting numbers are correct.(#641087)”

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1953 M-38A1 Payette, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900.

This looks pretty nice based on this one pic.  The hood looks unusual with the higher than normal ‘scoop’ in the middle.

“1953 Willys Jeep. White withe black interior. Bikini top. Back seat. Rear gas tank. Rear Locker. 5:38 gears. Chevrolet 305 V8. Lots and lots of power. Runs awesome. will throw in small 2500lb winch (not hooked up but works great). 3 speed T90 tranny. Looks alot like a CJ5 but is actually a M38A1 Military Jeep. Clean Idaho title. ”


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A rare Buick 252 V6 Spokane, Wa $475


(Note, while the 252 does exist, as I discuss below, the seller was wrong on several items in another ad, so it’s possible the seller meant this was an original 225 out of a 71 CJ-5)

Dan pointed out this rarish engine.  The buick 252 is a 4.1L buick v6 with a longer stroke and larger displacement than it’s kissing cousin, the buick 231.

There was a little debate about whether this was a good engine or not on the site. I don’t have any experience with this engine. In fact, I didn’t know it existed until recently. I still think I would have went with the 231/e.8L simply because they are easier to find.  The 3.8L was rated at 110HP while the 4.1L is rated at 125HP for a 13% increase in horsepower with no increase in weight — maybe I’ll change my mind on this 🙂

Novak indicates this was built between 1978 and 1982.  On the other hand, Wikipedia & indicate this was built from 1980-1984. also mentions the 252.

“I have a good running cj5 252 v6 jeep engine, its in my jeep at the moment and does run and start great, im swaping it for a v8, im asking $475 or best cash offer, also have many other jeep stuff im selling like dana axles t case and radiator. Please call 208-819-6407.”

Here’s one for sale in St. Louis for only $100

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Year? M-38 Camarillo, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2100. 

This needs lots of work.

“This is a Willys Jeep project. It has been in the family for a long time and use to be a fun off roading jeep. It has since been stripped down and the ford 289 engine that was in it has been rebuilt.”

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1 CJ-3B, 1 CJ-3A Semmes, Al ebay


UPDATE:  Back on eBay

(04/07/2010) These look rough.

“I bought these Jeeps to restore however, lack of money, and other things to worry about, has forced me to sell them. The exact year of these Jeeps are unknown THEY ARE BOTH ORIGINAL FLATFENDERS.  the YELLOW Jeeps motor is locked. haven’t done anything to see otherwise, it has an valve cover ( 4cyl ) know as the F-head (has valve cover ). the body of this jeep is gone. however axles, ect. are probably still useable. This would be a good parts vehicle for someone with this type of jeep already. The Red Jeep is a L-head (flathead) condition of motor unknown, I believe this engine is know as a ” Go Devil” engine. “JEEP” AND “WILLYS” ( in the pics)  are stamped on top of the motor.  transmission shifts and transfercase as well drum brake on the trasmission. Body is in fair and repairable condion considering the age of this vehicle.BOTH frames on these vehicles are SOLID. Yellow jeep has a towbar and can be towed, as it was to my house. The red jeep will need trailering. I believe both these vehicles together are worth well over $800.00 for parts or restoration.”

View all the images on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A Pocatello, Id **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $3500.  **SOLD**

(04/15/2010) This flattie has been modified quite a bit.

“1947 willys m-38 flat fender jeep, 289 ford small block, 4 speed top loader 4 speed trans., dana 44 rear axle with 4.27 gears and mini spool, dana 30 close nuckle front axle open with 4.27 gears and disc brakes, duel electric fans, patronics electric ignition, bucket seats, 6 point cage, 4 point harnesses, and 35” tires. All lights and heater work great! Has full soft top with full soft doors and spare tire carrer. $3500.00 OBO may concider part trade for four stroke dirt bike!”

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1947 CJ-2A Deer Lodge, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(04/19/2010) It’s got a rough body, but runs.

“Runs great, 4wd runs good, racing bucket seats, roll bar, bikini top, herculined interior, good toyo tires, fire extinguisher. $2000. OBO.”

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Lettering and a Logo


Yesterday, I spent some time deciding how Lost Biscuit’s name should appear and where I might put an ewillys logo.

Building the Logo

The simpler of the two items to create was the eWillys logo ‘sticker’.  I took an EPS version of the eWillys logo, increased the size in photoshop and then applied it to the jeep.  You can see in the first image below, which is entirely a photoshop mockup, that it works pretty well.

However, when I increased the logo further, printed it out, and placed a paper version on the jeep, the logo appears washed out.  I think I need to embolden the eWillys name to give it a darker appearance when printed.  The actual sticker will be stuck to a thin plate (probably an aluminum plate made from a street sign which i can pick up cheaply at my local metal recycler).  That makes attaching the logo, and getting it positioned correctly, easier.

Finally, after staring at it over the last few minutes, I have decided to put some more white space above the logo itself — it feels too crowded at the top.  So, I’m going to center the logo a little more within the ellipse.

Creating Lost Biscuit’s name

Creating the Lost Biscuit name was more of a challenge, mostly because I needed to settle on a font.  I knew I did not want a pure san-serif font (think arial, helvetica fonts), because I felt that would be too angular and void of personality.  I didn’t want too much of a serif font (think Times or Garamond), as that would be too formal.

No, I needed something slightly modern and slightly whimsical, which is how I settled on an italicized Tekton Pro. After experimenting, I also decided to go with all capital letters (and increasing the size of the letters L and B) as it I thought it worked better visually.

In image 1, the photoshopped image, the size looks just about right.  I tried it in black, but decided white worked the best.  In the second image, I printed and cut out the letters, leaving small strips of paper to keep the letters connected.  Unfortunately, after all the work of cutting out the letters, I decided that 4″ tall letters were too tall.  So, I dropped the letters to 3 1/2″, which I think will work well (to be tested very soon). Once I finalize the design, I’ll head to a local graphics shop and have them made.

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Shed of Dreams

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A shed of dreams?  I came across the phrase while, as usual, searching for something else.

As best as I can put together, the shed was located in Greece and was full of old MBs, GPWs, Parts, and more. The Jeep Draw website has a large number of images showing rows of old jeeps. One pic shows at least 20 jeeps sitting 3 rows high.

According to Thomas Jacobson’s jeep website (which has some good jeep info), the  shed of dreams existed as late as 2001, as that is when Thomas visited the shed and took a whole bunch of pictures.

According to a discussion thread on the Steel Soldier’s website, the shed no longer exists as the jeeps have been sold.

Here is an example of one of Thomas’s images:

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1947 CJ-2A Hermiston, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500. 

“Runs and Drives. Top bows and early rear 2A seat included. Some rust through in tool box. $2500.”

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5 10×15 5×5.5 Rims Longview, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $100

Here’s a nice price on some rims.

“This is a full set of five, Chrome wheels with the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. That fits Willys, Jeep CJ5 CJ7, Ford Bronco, Ford F 150 and some Dodge trucks I believe as well. These are a 15 inch rim that is 10 inches wide with a 4 inch back space. The chrome is still good. I bought a set of BFG all terrain tires that where mounted on these wheels. I already had my own wheels, so I don’t need these. All five for 100 bucks. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.”

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1955 CJ-3B Cascade, Id **SOLD**


I called and spoke to Mark about this jeep.  He noted the driver’s side floorboards were especially bad.  He feels strongly that this CJ will start if it get’s some fresh gas and oil.  Apparently, this was used at the local airport for years.

“1955 Willys Jeep w/ tow bar and original motor. Serial #17544 This vehicle has not run in years, but should with some work. No battery. Lost title and keys. Call or e-mail for more info.”

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1945 MB Lockwood, Nv **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** was $2500

It kinda runs.  I’d like to see a few more pics.

“1945 willys mb jeep. Shape is rough. It’s 65 years old so it is what it is. Rust on everything. Frame is solid. Engine is the old flat head. Runs…kinda. No brakes, the original master cyl leaked. I have a replacement but never put it on. Running gear all original old jeep stuff. Comes with the plates, and the tag on the frame. NO TITLE bill of sale only! This thing has been around. Weird things been welded to it, cut off..and customised….This is a project.”

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1959 Wagon Snohomish, Wa $1000

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This appears to run.

“$1000 OBO. (206) 915-6537. Call for details.”

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CraigsPro iPhone App


And now for something completely different…

While I don’t own an iPhone, I just came across someone who posted a craigslist Ad using a $.99 iPhone App called CraigsPro.  Here are a few of the features:

1) MULTI-CITY search
2) search results with PHOTOS and DETAILS
3) FULL-SCREEN PHOTOS in landscape mode
4) wikipedia photo of your city
5) ALL Craigslist cities, states, countries and
6) POST a Craigslist ad directly from CraigsPro
8) take pictures with your CAMERA or use photos
from your PHOTO ALBUM

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1947 CJ-2A Great Falls, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1950.

(04/15/2010) “Have RUNNING 1947 Willies Jeep CJ2A (with title) for sale for $1950 or best offer. Has a large Tulsa PTO winch and 3 extra tires.  It’s gotta go. Located in Great Falls. I do have more photos too if you want them emailed.”

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1948 Jeepster Terry, Ms **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $6000. **SOLD**

(03/27/2010) Here’s a good price on a nice Jeepster.

“Jeepster with original drivetrain-4 cyl overdrive-older restoration-good top and side curtains-runs and drives great.”

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1960 CJ-3B Bakersfield, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3800

(03/20/2010) This looks very nice.  I’d like to see more pics.  This might be a very good price.

“3800 obo. has stock running gear… 4cyl engine, 3 speed manual trans, standard hi/low transfer case … I am listing this for a friend so information is limited… email me with any questions..”

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1943 GPW Elk Grove, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6850

(11/04/2010) “I have a 1943 Ford GPW fully registered and current! Small block chevy, SM465 tranny, NP205 T-Case, power steering, quick disconnect steering wheel, full cage, bucket seats, 5 point harnesses, all new wiring, new brakes, brake lines, all new axle seals, new exhaust, 37″ MTR’s, full size spare, new aluminum radiator, hoses, belts, 100amp ALT, new master cylinders, brake fluid control valve, total of 8 rock lights for night wheelin!  I am selling my rig because I took a huge paycut at work and need the cash however, I am not going to give it away! I have over 12K invested in the fab work alone. This rig is one of a kind. Let me know and I can send you more pics”

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1948 CJ-2A Centralia, Wa **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

This project needs finishing.

“For sale is a 1948 Willys Jeep. The Project has a 110HP 2.5L S10 motor partially installed, new top, and new seats. The body is in decent shape for its age with minimal rust. This is currently a non-runner, you must finish. I suggest that you drive down and take a look if your interested. Please ask for Loren when you call. ”

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1960 Wagon Ellwood, Pa $500

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $500

(04/19/2010) Bob spotted this wagon; it appears nicer than the seller’s description.

“2 wheel drive,no engine/trans. good rat rod body or restore. there is rust in the floor braces and parts of the floor. asking 650 obo possible trade 724-674-9648 thanks”

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Year M-170 Southern Indiana $275


UPDATE:  Still Available.  A new pic added.

(03/27/2010) It’s hard to tell much from this image.  The price is right.

“Please call 502-807-9947 for questions. I will email pictures if interested. I am parting this out. Please call or email for prices and parts. Good gas tank $275.00 Thanks for looking!