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1958 Truck Spokane, Wa $2500

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(06/03/2010) This looks like a good price. It includes a plow.

“I am putting up my 1958 Willys for sale. I bought this last year after searching for a truck for some time. I have a child and a stay at home wife now, so truck must go. It starts and runs every time. I has the original 226 super hurricane motor and running gear. It is 4 wheel drive. These are originally rated as a 1-ton truck. It does have a plow for the front. I do not know much about it, but bolts right up to the bumper brackets and has an electric winch on it. The past owner plowed his drive with it. I bought this truck as a hunting rig and it worked great. I was able to drive back and forth from freeman in rain or snow. I also have chains for all four tires. This truck would be a great start for a restore job, mud bogger, or a rat truck. Email or call, I will get back as soon as possible (509)280-2257 Ian.”

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1947 CJ-2A Nine Mile Falls, WA**SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

Dan forwarded this ad. I think ROUGH accurately describes this project.

“1947 Willys Jeep with clear title. Has original engine. Motor was running when last parked. But needs work. Great father & son project!  NO TRADES! NO TRADES! Not trying to be rude but I want to get rid of this not trade it for another…thanks.”

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Sand Drag Jeep, Southern California eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

(06/09/2010) Fun and fast.

“This is a very unique Willys CJ2 Jeep built to have fun in many different situations and is why its called 3 Dimensional. This Jeep is a very consistent multiple ASDA and NSDA sand drag event winner and runs in 4.0 to 4.20 second range to 300 feet at about 76 mph. However it also equally comfortable at the dunes and can run all day on a tank of gasoline. Lastly it is registered and licensed for the street and would be a bunch of fun with the proper tires. The Jeep sits on a 112″ wb Twisted Tubes Fab chassis and the body is by Mallet. This is a very well built, seldom seen example that was constructed with only the best parts.  I will try to detail the vehicle here as much as possible but if you have a question or would like a picture of something specific please feel free to ask.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A East Wenatchee, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3200

(05/19/2009) This jeep has got some updates, but is mostly updated stock.

“Like it says has the Flat head 4 engine new fuel pump, carburator, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, sending unit (12v.),master cylinder. tires are like new 31×10.50×15 mud tires one new chrome Crager wheel’s put fresh axles under it with 11″brake’s stock there 8″ with fresh brakes and bearings rear is a dana 44 front is a dana 30 has a Rancho 2 and 1/2″ lift all body parts have been sandblasted and repainted except the tub put a after market steering wheel in for easier climbing in and out has been converted to 12v. with a GM Alternator all new wiring has all three seats which is hard to find has a roll bar for the back not shown runs and drives great!good little Jeep just got me a new project so dont need this one anymore! $3200.obo ”

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Year CJ-3A Edgewood, Wa **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Was $4500 **Status Unknown**

(02/25/2010) Nice gearing, nice looking, old school slot rims, overdrive .. I’ve lovin’ it …

“Flat Fender Jeep. The jeep has Front and Rear posi-traction, 427 gears, disk brakes frnt, 33X1250X15 tires, Spring over, a 302 Ford with only 2000 miles, C4 automatic trans, Warn overdrive, On board air compressor, Full cage and much much more.  Great Offroad Jeep.”

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1946 CJ-2A Glendale, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(06/25/2010) This looks like a very good price.  This does not appear to be a VEC based on the gear shift lever that is just visible in the picture.

“1946 Jeep Willies. Runs. New seats. Flathead enjine. Original color is red.”

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1944 GPW + Trailer goes for $28,000 at Mecum’s

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Greg was watching the Mecum’s auction on TV when this unit popped up for sale.  It sold for a hefty price of $28,000.  Maybe it was the spotlight that sealed the deal?

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The ICON CJ-3B gets featured in the NY Times


A reader let me know that the ICON CJ-3B got featured in the NY Times this weekend in the collectible cars section.  It will likely be a great plug for the micro vehicle maker.  My one big quibble with the article is the headline “What Price Perfection? The $80,000 Army Jeep” … after all, it’s NOT an army jeep!

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1962 Wagon Rigby, ID **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200.

This appears in good shape.

“Drive or restore, super hurricane six some rust that is common with this model, Grabby front brake, some valve noise, hasn’t changed in the past 10 years, interior is decent 208 390 6553 verizion

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Year? CJ-2A Simsbury, Ct $500


There appears to be some usable parts on this.

“rough willys, not sure of year, good for parts or restore, does not run, roll, or steer. It has a small v8 in it and there are a couple of mice living in it. It is in my driveway and my wife wants it gone, I can’t understand why. If interested call 860-836-4994”

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1950 Jeepster Land O’ Lakes, Fl **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500.

This looks pretty good.

“95% restored runs good all original please”


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1943 MB Grand Junction, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“1943 willys jeep military. This is a really cool and rare willys. It is a barn yard find that i wanted to restore. It has very minimal rust for origional body and a great jeep all around. Im heading off to collage and unfortnatly theres no garage in the dorms so i have to get rid of it. This jeep runs and drives and has a clear title. I havent done anything with it so i dont know much about it, if it is a ford mb i dont know.  So if you know anything about it just let me know. It looks like the guy that i got it from welded something on the hood for an air cleaner as shown in pictures, and i dont think the tail gate thing is origional but is nice, or some welding it could be removed. Thanks for looking! and from the jeep guys any info would be great.”

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1955 M-38A1 Indianapolis, In $1250


It doesn’t run, but appears pretty complete.

“55 jeep . Needs restored. Has been in a barn fire some time in its life. has the two front seats and the rear bench. motor is free and i can get it to turn over. selling as is with bill of sale. email at or call 317-797-1985. $1250 or make me an offer.”

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1957 FC-150 Cedarville, Oh eBay

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UPDATE: After more than a year this is back on eBay with no reserve.

(06/30/2009) This FC comes with a warn overdrive.


View all the pics on eBay

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1967 Datsun Patrol Reno, NV **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

I know nothing about these.  However, a quick search seems to confirm the seller’s information.  Moreover, this appears to be a good price for a rather rare rig.

“Selling my 1967 Datsun/Nissan Patrol. If you do a little research on this only around 2,600 of these awesome 4×4’s were imported throughout the mid 1960’s and here is one of the rarest. Most of the Patrols brought into the U.S. were badged as Nissans, but this is badged as a Datsun. It is completely original with the original 6cyl and manual transmission. Has a folding windshield and a rare removable hardtop. It is a project vehicle but is mostly complete except for the front seats and rear window glass, I do know someone with the front seats I can connect you with. It is not running at this point but the motor does turn over. Truck needs some TLC and you would have a very unique 4×4 unlike any you see out on the trails.”

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1948 CJ-2A Chewelah, Wa $2000


UPDATE:  Still Available

(06/18/2010) Dan’s on a streak tonight.  This looks like a fine price that includes a hardtop and softtop.

“I can NOT take any trades for this Willys. 55,858 original miles. She was completely undercover in a carport for last 30 years with very little in town miles, as it was used as a snow plow only which now it is not. 2 Tops – Sears catalog hardtop with doors and soft top (needs some work) with doors.

Last summer this is what was replaced: Completely new brakes, starter solenoid, seats recovered with Marine grade vinyl so that they are waterproof. We hade a tune up performed 6/21/2010 to replace the coil, coil wire, distributor cap, rotor, condenser, points & spark plugs. This is still a 6 Volt system.

This really is a classic car and as much original as is possible for a 63 year old vehicle. She does have some rust holes in the floor boards but not very badly. There is also some rust on the side steps. We are forced to sell is the only reason we are selling so that is why I can NOT take any kind of trade. I can email you other pictures if you would like. Please call with any questions. 509-936-2006”

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1967 CJ-5 Bandera County, Tx **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900

(06/25/2010) That looks like a good Warn winch on the front.  This might be a great price because of that.

“Great project jeep, do not have time to get it back in shape, last running 5 years ago. Comes with soft top and doors, quail rack, warn hubs, tow bar and winch. dauntless V6 motor. First $900 takes it all!”

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Zen and the Art of Geometry


I blame my mother.

Had she not very kindly given me some cash to do ‘whatever’ I wanted for my birthday, I wouldn’t have gone to the Jungle Jims on my birthday.  I wouldn’t have pulled those springs off the truck.  I wouldn’t have installed the springs, that lead to the vibrations, that drove me crazy all month, that forced me to pull apart Biscuit’s entire rear end and redo everything – spring pads, shock mounts, and the transmission undercarriage.

So, a simple 1.5″ lift thoroughly disrupted my entire month. How’d this happen?

I blame the recent emergence of geometry.  You see, 20+ years ago geometry didn’t exist.  Or maybe it did, but somehow, in someway, my 1st jeep was enveloped in a geometrically-free zen-like zone where geometry didn’t apply, because I never had the problems I encountered this month, despite the fact I set up everything else nearly the same.

What am I rattling on about?  I’m talking driveline geometry 101.  Unfortunately, I was busy the day they held that class. So, I set up my driveline in the same manner I did my old one:  My driveline angled straight out from my pumpkin (with the pumpkin angled at the transfercase like the way it should be done when a CV joint is used), with the only angle at the transfercase.  I probably put 10,000 miles on my last jeep without issue.  So, why would I do anything different with the new jeep?

Well, everything worked on Biscuit, until I put the 1.5″ lift.  But, that little change caused the angles to change enough that the driveline was vibrating my socks off at certain speeds, which is a pretty good trick since I normally wear shoes while driving.   So, as I detailed a couple weeks ago, I thought I had solved the issue by using an angle shim to adjust the angle of the pumpkin.  However, after driving it a few times, i realized this wasn’t a fix at all.

So, last week I decided it was time to do it right, to tear off the old spring pads and start from scratch and change the angling of the transfercase output shaft and the input shaft of the pumpkin to make them the same. Here were the steps.

1) Remove rear end and remove old spring pads and shock mounts and then drink beer.
2) Build new spring pads.  More beer.
3) Connect everything back together to test the driveline angle.  Uh oh, I discovered the driveline angle was 30 degrees (ouch), which allowed for almost no flex — not a good thing.  Breathe.  And Breathe some more.
5) After hmmming and hawwing, I decided I needed to drop the transfercase/transmission just over an inch.  So, I removed the undercarriage.  Get energy drinks ….
6) Redo the tranny/tc undercarriage — I had to cutoff the angle piece and weld a new piece onto it. More Beer
7) Reattach the tranny/tc — this resulted in an improved angle, with the tc sloping down 7 degrees.  Skip beer and drink water.
8)Then, I rotated the pumpkin upwards 7 degrees. More water.
9)Next, I pulled everything apart so I could weld the pads. Margarita to celebrate  potential success.
10) Finally, I slipped the rear end underneath and connected everything back together. The result was the driveline now angled 24 degrees. While not ideal, I can live with this for the time being.  More beer …

Today, I finally got Biscuit back on the road.  I have to say, I wasn’t entirely sure that all this work would to solve the problem, but I am HAPPY to report that not only are all vibrations gone, but also the noise I was getting during deceleration has disappeared as well. So, next week I’ll be heading back into the hills.  The heat is finally here in Boise and all the snow should be gone from the trails.

Now, while I blame mom for a torturous month, it motivated me to fix everything correctly.  Thanks Mom!  And apologies to Robert Pirsig for the blatant theft of his book title .. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Here are a few pics (honestly, I was so mad about having to tear all this stuff apart that I didn’t document this too carefully).

Here is a pic of the rear end pulled. I’m about ready to remove the spring pads:

These are the new spring pads made from 3″ x 2.5″ tubing.

Here’s the undercarriage before I cut off the angles.  You can see the replacement angle sitting on top of the carriage.

Here I’ve cut off one side.

Here it is complete. The result is the undercarriage drops everything just over an inch.

And, here it is finally back together :-).  And the body leveled out just where I want it.  Who would have thought a simple lift would cause soooo much trouble!

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1947? M-38 Aloha, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Was $5250. **SOLD**

(06/19/2010) This looks like a good price on what appears to be a M-38.

“1947 CJ2A Jeep MB38 in GOOD CONDITION.”

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1949 Jeepster Lake Tapps, Wa $9,950

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UPDATE;  Price dropped to $9950

(02/05/2010) Here’s a nice looking Jeepster.

“1949 Willy’s Overland Jeepster, Runs great! Has a 289 V-8 engine, automatic transmission, CD Player (w/detachable face), power steering, power brakes, cloth top convertible w/side curtains. Extra grill and headlights come with it. Great start for a collector vehicle or addition to the ones you have! Is in very good condition but not perfect. Was asking $15,000.00, then reduced to $12,000.00 and now $9,950 OBO- we really need the space in our garage so our loss and your gain! Also open to trade for: toy hauler, trailer for hauling, snow blower, orv / atv Only serious inquiries please and if this posting is still up then it is still for sale! Call Tim @ (253) 405-6328”

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1946 CJ-2A Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

The grille suggests this is a later model CJ-2A.

“All 4 wheel cylinders have been rebuilt.the cluth slave cylinder has been rebuilt. Replace the cylinoids.has new battery. 4 wheel drive. 5.25 gear ratio in rear. Dana 22s under it.runs good, drives good.entire tub has been rhino lined. Just needs bikiin top.clean title.”


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1963 CJ-6 Vail, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

This looks like a great price.  It’s got a nice, old Meyere half top.  The body appears solid.

“1963 Jeep Willy’s CJ-6. 3 speed 4 cyl. Needs work and all offers will be considered.”

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1947 Truck Illinois **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This sold.

Here’s a nice looking truck.

“1947 willys pickup. New tires, fuel tank & sending unit, New fuel pump, New water pump & belt. Nice truck. $6500”

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1947 CJ-2A Marshalltown, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD*** Was $300

“Jeep is very rusty, has no title. Mostly drivetrain parts, axles, transmission, transfercase, engine is stuck. Asking $300.00 No e-mail or text,”

3UPDATE: **SOLD*** Was $0

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1949 CJ-3A Charleston, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

“1949 Willys Jeep project. Partially disassembled. Grandfather left it to me, but I have far too many projects right now. Has flat head four and twin lever transfer case. Has some patch panels and will need some body work, but how many 60 year old jeeps don’t? My grandfather had it running off a boat gas tank when he first bought it before he got cancer, but said that the carb needed rebuilding. Would make a good project. $1000 obo.”