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1948 CJ-2A Genoa, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

Not much room between the rear tires and the body.

“i am selling my 1948 willys jeep it has been a great little 4×4 but i dont use it that much anymore so time to let it go runs and looks great 3 speed 4×4 everything works is a great toy to have”

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1950s? CJ-5? Crivitz, Wi $500 w/PTO


This might have some value.  Does this have a rear PTO?  I can’t tell what’s on the back of this.

“1940’s; It did run and was gone through. It has a PTO and comes with a plow. (715) 923-6767.”

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1942? Parts Flattie Nassau, Ny $700


This looks pretty rough.  If it has no papers, than I’m not sure how the seller knows it is a ’42?

“It is a 1942 willys was used in ww|| powerful lil 4 cyl runs great new clutch needs work good for project or work horse has plow set up no plow call 631 745-5373 no papers”

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1953 M-38A1 & 1963 CJ-5 Coffeeville, Ms $1600


I don’t see too many of those angled tops.  This might be a good price.

“1953 Jeep Willys CJ5, F-Head 4-cylinder, yard driveable, white spoke wheels with Thornbird mudgrips, needs restoration, fair condition.

1963 Kaisen CJ5, good body, F-Head motor locked up. $1600. for both. Will sell separately. Call 662-457-4335”

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1967 Swamp Buggy Stuart, Fl **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $1700. **SOLD**

“’67 Jeep Willys Swamp Buggy. 40″ tires, T-90A 3-speed transmission, T-18 twin stick transfer case, 2-seater with bimini top. Needs battery & starter. Additional similar Willys Buggy included for spare parts. $1,700 OBO”

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1962 Wagon Northglenn, Co $1200

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

This is the first Willys I’ve sen that came with tire covers, so I had to list it.

“Has 283 chevey motor plus orginal motor. not running. Good solid body, chrome wheels, great builder. call Dick @ 303-452-6653.”

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1958 Truck New Carlisle, In $400

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

The body does look rough, but this runs and moves.  It’s too bad the body is rough, because from afar, the stenciled names looks nicely rustic.

“Runs and moves.Super hurricane six cylinder.Rough body.Make offer.Can deliver.(574)876-8326”

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1948 CJ-2A Parts Ft. Wayne, In $300

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

I was looking for something else and found these.  Looks like a pretty good price.

“I have 1948 jeep windshield frame,front fenders,hood,dash,seat frame, to sell —– I do not want to seperate — These parts have been stored in a barn over 30 years and have some minor surface rust,minor dents,dings,vibration cracks,but they ain’t bad for being over 60 years old. very repairable original jeep parts.”

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1964 CJ-3B South Burlington, VT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500

(07/25/2010) There is some rust on the driver’s side.

1964 Willys CJ3B , daily driver, some rust in drivers running board area, floor pans and corners are solid..Rebuilt 134 Hurricane Engine, 4 cyl. F- head, transmission and transfer case, new exhaust and gas tank, new Bestop and Bikini top. 2 Sets of tires ( 31 inch Mud tires with white spoke rims and radial  winter on 15 inch original rims. Rear seat and Jerry can with holder, Pintle hook and 2 inch ball hitch as well. OVERDRIVE works great, brakes are original 9 inch shoes but still stop it. A great classic flat fender legend of the Jeep family, no time to restore it so I ‘m selling it . Serious inquiries only. No swaps , trades, or scams please Certified Bank Check or Cash at time of pick up”

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1950 CJ-3A Farmersville, Tx **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200

(08/28/2010) Now that look like a giant Tonka toy!

“1950 Willys jeep with a Ford 289 engine, lift, 36in super swampers with alum wheels, dana 44 front and rear, warn lockouts, track bar, full roll cage, two new racing seats, headers, jeep runs good, 4×4 works good, not street legal.”

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1954 CJ-3B Colorado Springs, Co $13,995


UPDATE:  Scott notes they listed a price of $13,995 on their website (lots of good pics as well).

Looks nice.

From the website, “Willys has been totaly restored and looks and runs GREAT! This truck has a V6 Buick engine, front winch and rear power take off. You will not find a nicer Wilys with this many extras!  Call Gesick Motors @ 877-576-8441.”

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1946 CJ-2A Sauk City, WI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500

(08/07/2010) Check out the bump for the radiator … then check out the radiator!  Been in the family since new.

“1946 Willy s Jeep with PTO and PTO belt pulley. 283 V8 engine,12 volt system ,Roll bar,larger drum brakes and chrome wheels. Doors are not in pictures I do have them. This Jeep was bought new in 1946 by my dad and has been in family for 64 years. I will not sell pieces so do not ask to split it up”

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1944: Mayor Heine buys the first Jeep for Civilians

UPDATE 3: Cblynch posted an update to this information on site.  He notes that Randy Withrow in Alabama owns the below GP and also owns all the original photos.  Apparently, the woman driving the GP died a few years ago. (Thanks Simon).  Also, you can see an additional photo from Bergs yard in this thread. Finally, to GP1942 from G503, I’m glad you are enjoying the content, but please add a link saying you found the info at ewillys when copying and pasting it into other sites.

UPDATE 2: After further review, and based on Lindsay’s comments, I would say that the first BRC is a BRC-40.  The TWO jeeps in front of that are BRC-60s (made after the original BRC prototypes and before the BRC-40).

UPDATE:  A reader named Lindsay was kind enough to provide an update to this story:

Lindsay writes, “An interesting note about the article with the mayor that purchased the GP in 1944. That vehicle was tracked down by Ken Hake years ago and restored several years later. The 3 smaller photo’s at the bottom bottom right is a photo of Bergs Jeep parts in Chicago note the first one is a Bantam BRC 40 the one in the front of that is a very early “round nose” BRC of which only one still exists and belongs to the Smithsonian. This proves that round nose BRC’s were released and sold to the public. I sure would like to find one of those in a barn.”

The military started selling jeeps to civilians in 1944.  By all accounts, Mayor Heine, of Lucas Kansas, and his family were the very first purchasers of a Military jeep for civilian use.  Here is a Life Magazine Article about the Heines and the related images from the January 4, 1944, issue of Life Magazine (page 24 & 27).  I bet they wished the jeep came with a top and a heater!

NOTE:  The jeep below is a Ford GP

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PNW4WDA Playday and Races in 70s

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This is a post I have wanted to publish for a while and finally got to drafting it last night. I have a lot of good memories of Playdays.  One of my most powerful memories was a trip to Pendleton, Oregon, for Summer Convention 1975 (I think that was the year).  It was located in the middle of a clearing in a forest: no buildings, just dirt, grass and trees.  I was 10 and pal’d around with Tim and Steve Carter for most of the weekend. We were kids in a candy store, wandering around and through the various camp ‘cities’, made up of campers and tents and people and jeeps, meeting other kids and having a blast. There were an endless stream of club names and club stickers (on the side of the jeeps) that I’d never seen before.   It truly was a different world …

Most of the images below came from the WWJC Scrapbook I borrowed a couple weeks ago.  Because the book was too big to fit on my parent’s scanner, I had to snap photos of them, which explains some of the low quality.

It’s fair to call this a sampling of events, as I hardly went to all playdays.  Feel free to comment on any I’m forgetting and I’ll add them to the post.

We’ll start out with this article in a newspaper about Jeep Racing from the mid 70s. I have to say I was a little surprised at the ‘retarded’ comment, which just highlights how fast language can change.

Jeep Stuffing: For the first event, let’s highlight this this oddball contest.  Here’s Al “Ham” Hamilton in his old jeep Gypsy B.  He and his Wife Barb were founders and deeply involved in the WWJC and the PNW4WA for many years.  The remainder of the people piled on to this jeep appear to be WWJC members as well.

I couldn’t say how this was judged, but it reminds me of the Yipao events in Columbia where they stuff CJ-3Bs with just about everything.

Barrels: Here’s Al again.  This is a classic event that still endures.  Inspired by the barrel racing event you’d find at horse races,  barrels were positioned in a triangle.  The racer starts at a gate, circles around each as fast as they can, then heads back to the gate.

The Gypsy B was Ham’s road/race/trail jeep.  As you can see, Ham didn’t even bother to take off the winch. He even scored some trophies in his jeep (well, at least one big trophy according to the scrapbook).

Potato Stab: In the Potato Stab, a racer races around a track and stops at each box of potatoes to allow the passenger to stab a potato, put it in a sack, and race onward.  The fastest time won.  There were variations of this event. One variation involved popping balloons instead of picking up potatoes.

Balloon Throws: This was just for fun.  Two jeeps would pass each other and water balloons were thrown.  I *think* this picture was taken at the Beverly Sand Dunes in Washington (near Vantage).  In the CJ-5 is my mother driving and my sister riding shotgun, probably in the late 70s.  This is Dad’s post rollover Jeep, note the cage has 4 loops with two in the middle.  It’s the kind of cage you install in your jeep after you’ve rolled down a hill 5 times.

Balance Beam: The balance beam is pretty self explanatory.  Again, this is my mom and sister (which is kind of weird, because I do not remember my sister or mother ever doing any of this). The object was to balance as quickly as you could.  This had to be around 1973 — in other words, this is the pre-rollover jeep.  I’m not sure why the side of the body on this jeep is so beaten up.  I’ll have to ask Dad if he remembers why that is, though I suspect he might say something like “cuz your mom drove it” 🙂

Balloon Pop: In this event, a child drives a course and stops at a special spot.  Once stopped, the child jumps out, runs to the balloon, pops it, runs back to the jeep, and completes the course.  This jeep appears to sport a Bobcat fiberglass body, though it appears to be just a body shell.

Banana Course (no image): In the banana course, a driver drives the course with a passenger.  At a particular spot, the driver stops and the passenger hops out and runs through a little obstacle, consumes a part of a banana, hops back in the jeep and then the driver finishes the course.  There were probably variations of this as well.

Tire Pit: I suspect this is a precursor to the mud bog, but I couldn’t say.  I don’t remember ever seeing this event in person.  I suspect the object is to get out of the pit the fastest?

Obstacle Course: Still included in racing today, this course is a tight course, usually muddy, that racers try to get through as fast as possible. Below is an image of me after an obstacle course at the ORV Park Near Olympia during the 1985 Summer Convention.

Team Relay: This has been and continues to be a traditional end of the playday/summer convention race. It involves four teams of four jeeps and four drivers on one course. The object is to get all four drivers around the course one time. Each team is assigned a colored flag to make it easy to identify the teams while they are racing. The top two teams to finish a round advance to the next round. The team that wins the final round wins a trophy.

When I last raced, this event would take the entire day. There were many, many teams and people. It’s a fun event to participate in and watch.

The first time I ever ran this event (March 1985 on a cold weekend north of Everett), I broke the front driveline in my jeep in the first round, I broke the front driveline in Tim Carter’s race jeep Priority (version 1) in the second round, and I thought I had broke the front driveline of Jim Carter’s jeep Otis in the 3rd round (we lost, so we didn’t advance after that — and I was relieved!), but fortunately I didn’t break it. I have never broken a driveline since. Weird ….

Other events not shown:

Water Course: The object is to get around the course the quickest without spilling water held in a cup by a passenger.  It’s a slow, but comical race.  A derivation of this involves an egg; if I remember correctly, the passenger carries a spoon, on which they balance an egg through the course.  If the egg falls off, they have to stop and can’t start forward again until the egg is back on the spoon.

Tonka Course: Kids put strings on their Tonka vehicles and pull them as they run through a course.  There were other kid-specific courses that I don’t remember.

Backwards: The racer drives a course forward to a stopping point, then has to drive the course in reverse as fast as possible.

The Divorce Course: The driver is blindfolded.  The passenger must tell the driver how to drive the course.

Cross Country Course: This is still in racing today and is a faster, longer course designed for faster speeds.

Hill Climbs: Self Explanatory.  I haven’t seen one of these in a long time, but they got held occasionally.  A derivation, based on the newspaper article above, is the chain hill.  In this event, climbers put chains on their jeeps and try to climb hills.  However, these hill climbs do not compare to those crazy Finnish Hill Climbers.

Drags: Self Explanatory.

King and Queen: This race is still run today. I’m not exactly sure when this was first run. If I understand correctly, this is an elimination race where 2 racers compete against one another.  One racer starts on one half of the track and one on the other.  Each racer completes the entire track.  The first one to complete the race advances to the next round.   The man that wins the final round is King and the woman that wins her final round it Queen.

Sprints: You can still find this racing occasionally (Here are some pics from earlier this year).  This is head-to-head competition where a group of racers have to race a certain number of laps on a course.  I never saw this at a playday, but did watch the Yakima Mud Races with were sprints in mud.

Top Eliminator: Only the fastest winners in certain events (such as the fastest cumulative times in the obstacle, cross country and barrel races for example) race in this race.  There are no separate classes.  The winner is the top racer (male and female brackets) for the weekend.  The race track is usually a tighter version of a cross country course.

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Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum


Josue dropped by the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM) and snapped these photos. The museum is located in Hood River, Or (I’ve been through Hood River several times and didn’t know this was there — guess I should have slowed down a little going through there ..).  Thanks Josue!

The WAAAM has only existed a few years, having first opened its doors in September of 2007, and already house one of the largest collections of flying antique aircraft and drivable antique automobiles in the country.  The museum appears to house 5 Jeeps:  1 Slat Grille MB, 1 Red Cross(?) MB, 1 M-38, and a couple M-38A1s (one with a sizeable weapon for removing trees, rocks or buildings that happen to block your path).

According to their website, ” Our collections are housed in two giant hangars — which together total 95,000 square feet. In addition to our antique collections, these facilities house a reference library, classroom, meeting rooms, and a community events area. Three additional hangars, totaling 37,000 square feet, are set aside for restorations.”

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1953 CJ-3B Racer Palm Springs, Ca $7500

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Looks nice.

“1953 willy,title in hand $7500 obo serious buyers only call with question after 5pm 928 580 0150”

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1951 M-38 Jefferson, Or **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $975.

Needs help …

1951 army jeep,,,doesent run,,engine turns over,,,use for parts or restore.  have clean title”


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1953 CJ-3A Hudson Valley, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000

This looks in good shape.

With great remorse I am selling my 1953 Jeep Willy’s CJ-3A. This jeep run’s great and is in excellent condition. I am sad to see her go!  The Jeep has many new parts including: Body (new tub), windshield, brakes, lights, signal, wiper, horn, and tires.  If you are interested and would like additional pic’s please let me know. I am firm on the price and please serious inquiries only.”

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1953 M-38A1 Magnolia, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

This has the unusual window along with a rear PTO.  This might be an interesting find for the right military restorer.  I rarely see these windshields.

Make a great “RESTORE” project. Still have the original key. Price is firm. If interested or would like to see it,”

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1945 MB Port Orchard, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This appears to have a MB body, but it’s been modified:  A tailgate added and steps changed.

“Nice Project for Dad & Son to work on. Back injury keeps me from working on jeep.”

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1959 FC-170 Bonners Ferry, Id **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,500.

UPDATE:  Gordon points out that a “Crummy” is a term for a forest worker truck, typically a “six-pack” crew cab or a suburban or van type vehicle.

“Collector item 1959 Jeep w “Crummy Cab” Forward control original USFS rig. They only made about a 1000 of these. 86000 original miles. Great wood truck too. Needs work but runs.”

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A package of Jeeps for sale Illinois **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $25,000

Craig spotted this unusual package deal.  The FC and CJ-2A appear in great shape.

“For sale: All Jeeps
1979 CJ7 V8, Lockers, 4:89 gears, 4 inch lift, 33 inch Swampers, 66k original miles
1960 FC170 Jeep Forward control, restored, original drive train, 6 cyl 3 spd, dump bed
1948 CJ2A Jeep, all original, restored, PTO winch
1965 FC150 Jeep Forward control Pickup, needs completely rebuilt
1949 Willys Jeepster, body rebuilt, completely dissassembled, no drivetrain
2000? Car hauler trailer, tandem, dovetail
Misc parts, tires , wheels, axles, T18,
$25,000 for all”

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1952 Truck Honolulu, HI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

“1952 Willys Pickup truck. 20,000 Original miles. Solid truck. Starts, runs and drives good. Mostly original except for air filter. Everything works. 4-wheel drive with 2-speed transfer case. F-134 engine. New tires and brakes. New clutch. Vacuum wipers work great. New distributor. New fuel/ vacuum pump. New water pump and thermostat. Original 6-volt system with new wiring harness and voltage regulator works great. New plugs and wires
If you are thinking about putting a lift kit or shiny new low-profile rims on this don’t call me because I will not sell it to you. $7500.”

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1959 CJ-3B Albuquerque, NM **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

(08/03/2010) The engine runs — looks like a good price.

“1959 Willys jeep good condition ,cracked windshield but I have another wind shield to replace it with, Hard top and doors ( Aluminum ), a soft top came with Jeep when I bought it. Just started to sand and clean old paint and remove body tub for restore but like so many other things life got in the way. There are no rusted through areas and almost no surface rust . I just do not have enough time in the day to do everything . So, if your looking for a nice restore project here it is . The engine runs but has some smoke . I towed it home no unwanted noises or problems but I’m just starting a complete restore on it, not sure whats ahead . I know the value of this Jeep and the possibilities it holds. I’m willing to Barter or sell for cash Send me an e-mail and lets talk. Put ” 1959 ” in the subject in the line or the e-mail will be DELETED……….. THANK YOU”

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1947 CJ-2A Coeur D’ Alene, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $18,000. 

(07/20/2010) “one of the badest jeep stands next to the best in america… not a scratch… 350 chev.. all brand new… flawless in every way”