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1950 CJ-3A Poconos, Pa $15,000 (or obo)


UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,000

(12/13/2010) It looks nice.


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The Newlywed’s Willys Version 1.0

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Back in January of 2010, Dan contacted me saying he and his fiancee wanted to trade their Willys wagon for a flattie (wagon is to the left).  After patiently waiting four months, they finally found someone to make the trade.  Their goal was to do a low budget build with more modern running gear.  Even more ambitiously, they wanted to complete the project by the end of summer. Here is their story of creating version 1.  There is plenty of additional work left, but it runs and drives well, so congrats to the newlyweds (may you have many more great adventures together)! And, let me know when the second iteration is complete 🙂

Dan also notes he still has the complete 1946 Willys chassis and drivetrain available for sale if anybody wants it.  (He’s in central Idaho).

Dan writes, “My fiancée (at the time) and i decided to get ourselves a Willys since both of us had always wanted one ever since we were little…

We thought that we would spend our weekends working on it in the months preceding our wedding and then use it as our getaway car for the ceremony (I even suggested a 4×4 trail out into the hills for the wedding but that was pushing it a little bit too far 🙂
We found our specimen (see below)  on eWillys and traded our ’62 wagon for it. *sniff sniff*

The motor was shot, but that didn’t bother me as i was planning on putting a toyota chassis and running gear under it.  The original plan was to put all of our time into the chassis and suspension and engine to make it SOLID and drivable. Then, later, restore the body at our leisure. However, once i started stripping down the body it became apparent that the body wouldn’t hold together without immediate work; the floors had galvanized metal screwed over them to give them an appearance of -something- but underneath was just rust held together by an occasional shred of metal. So, diamond plate and 18g metal were quickly purchased to make new floorpans with and the welding and grinding started.

For 2 months of weekends all we did was cut, grind, weld, grind and assemble (see pics). As we wanted to keep the budget tight, we gathered a variety of parts, including:

1965 toyota 4runner chassis
1983 toyota pickup axles
Completely rebuilt 22r motor
1987 5sp tranny/t-case
Rear driveshaft shorted to 11″
Front driveshaft lenghtened aprox 14″
Bought an m38 arctic top from an ewillys user over the hill in montana

We were pushing the limits trying to get it done in time for our wedding in august of 2010, but then a week before our wedding K got in a serious car accident and all work on the Willys stopped (of course) as we attended to her broken bones.

We still got married the next week -her with her jaw wired shut and on pain meds but, sadly, the Willys wasn’t able to attend the wedding. The following months we focussed our energies on work ($$) and working on our house. After Christmas passed I again had some free time available and set about finishing the project which was mostly connecting the new engine, building a clutch/brake pedal assembly and creating a wiring harness.

Finally, after many long weekends, last week she ran! We took a weekend trip up to see the in-laws in it the very next day. Other than a clogged fuel filter (old tank) and the brakes being sticky from disuse, he did awesome! The power steering is nice; K says that he’s even easier for her to drive than my toyota pickup.

Today i built a rear bumper for him and put in some better (hopefully) seats. There is still much to do like a complete front bumper, custom fuel tank (today i spied an air-compressor tank that looks like it might be perfect to modify and bolt underneath the back end.) and create a new tailgate.  Sometime this summer we hope to get around to doing some body work but for now maybe we can just try our different colors with rattle cans to see what we like (hey, we could have a different color every week!)

Can’t wait ’til the warm weather comes and we can take off the hardtop!

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Want to Ditch that Mechanical Speedometer?

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UPDATE: Paul forwarded a pic of the parts for the speedometer:

I’ve included a pic of Paul’s topside dash as an illustration of Paul’s dilemma/solution. You can read all of Paul’s adventures here.


Paul writes, “I recently hit a bit of a snag with the speedometer sending unit and I thought other Willys modifiers might be interested in the problem and solution.  Since I repositioned the instrument panel above the windshield (the hard top will not be removed and the windshield is not a folding unit) I realized there would be a problem with the mechanical speedometer.

The speedometer drive cable would have to have many tight bends as it snaked it’s way from the rear of the speedometer, down the windshield post, behind the dash and under the body where it would screw into the drive unit on the transfercase.  Taking into account the numerous tight bends, the length of the drive cable and the space necessary for the drive cable routing I figured it would be much easier to use an electric speedometer.  This way I’d only have to string some wires from the speedometer to the sending unit (a hall effect device) attached to the drive gear in the transfercase.

Really rather simple but I discovered the original Willys speedo drive unit was made for a flanged drive cable and the electrical sending unit was made for a square drive cable.  The stub cable supplied with the electrical sending unit is only two inches long but both ends are square so this wouldn’t work with the original shaft in the transfercase.

A friend of mine suggested I talk with the local marine diesel parts guys because he remembered the Detroit diesel engines used similar adapters as tach drives and they might have something which would work.  Less than five minutes after I explained my adapter problem and showed the items I wanted to connect, Jim (the parts guy) found a two inch long flex shaft with a square drive on one end and a round, flanged end on the other.  Not only was this the exact part I needed, the right length, and the right ends, but it was also the right price …FREE!

I realize most of the eWillys folks are keeping their Jeeps closer to stock when it comes to the instrument location, but it’s something to keep in mind if you do decide to go with an electrical speedometer.  Jim sure saved me hours of work since I won’t have to build what I need; I believe a few dozen donuts delivered early in the morning are necessary as a special thanks.  THANKS JIM !!!”

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1957 FC-170 Drag Jeep Anderson, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $25,500.

This is pretty cool and unusual!

“its a 1957 jeep fc170 wheel standing p.u !
2×3 tube frame
funny car roll cage
3″ chopped top
all lexan windows
tilt steering column
removable steering wheel
single seat
10 lb fire suppression system
both side panels removable for engine access
dodge van vacuum brake system
independent front suspension ( no front brakes )
dana 60 rearend ( 4:88 gears)
dual rear brake system ( 1 set to stop 1 set to steer)
4 – 1968 corvette calipers
dune buggy dual master cylinders for steering
ladder bar rear suspension
trasfer case
turbo 400 trans with external filter system
dual drive line loops
dual batteries
headlights and tail lights
8 gallon fuel cell
runs on alcohol
bug catcher injection
6:71 blower with 11% over drive
427 ci motor
8:1 compression
10 quart oil pan
cam drive fuel pump
dual fans / electric water pump
82 % rear weight
has been certified but it has expired”

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1947 CJ-2A Crawler Livermore, Ca $13750


The rig is actually in idaho.

“Your are looking at my 1947 Willys CJ3A that has been turned into the ultimate trail/rock buggy with the ability to cruise safely at freeway speeds all day long. It started as a 47 CJ then we stretched the frame 6″ for stability, put a Y modified 4 link with limit straps in the rear, flipped brand new leafs in the front (this is how street ability was kept….no bouncing here!). We put in hydraulic ram steering to make turning those 39″ pitbull tires effortless. Dana’s front and rear (locked), twin stick Spicer 20 transfer case with Warn overdrive unit, rock crushers, allied bead locked wheels, new 39″ pitbull tires, disc bakes up front, NEW Vortec 4.3L fuel injected crate engine, headers, magnaflow exhaust, extreme built TH350 tranny, Ron Davis Twin cooling system, Fuel cell with Holley Red pump, all cases vented, under hood back up mechanical gauges, fully intregated roll structure etc. Way to much to list. This was built with the best of the best, you will not simply break anything on this rig. Price is somewhat firm. I will look at all trades. Reason for selling: Local State trooper is stalking me for no mud flaps!!! Rig is in Idaho, but I have family in the bay area and can get it there no problem…”

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Year? CJ-2A Denver, Co $500


No engine.

“This Willys Jeep will be Auctioned on Saturday, February 19th at 11:15 AM, to satisfy a storage lien. The year of the jeep is unknown. There is no engine, keys or title. The tires hold air, the top looks good with two extra doors, the transmission and rear-end are intact and newer shocks and springs were installed. It has a tow bar attached to the front and a rack on the rear that holds two jerry cans. Also for sale is a tandam axle junk trailer. Again, there is no title for this trailer. All items will be sold for CASH ONLY, AS IS / WHERE IS. NO WARRANTY IMPLIED OR GIVEN. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any property from the sale. Items to be removed the day of the sale unless arrangements have been made with the seller.”

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CJ-2A Vinyl Top Denver, Co $50


This appears to be a great price.  No pics provided.

“Vinyl Top for 1940s vintage Willys CJ2 jeep. Fair condition (some splitting on driver window film). Comes with all hardware (aluminum frame, etc.). Cash only.”

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Koenig Hardtop Denver, Co $300


Looks good.

“Authentic Koenig Iron Works steel hardtop for 1940s vintage CJ3 Willys Jeep. Good condition. Cash only.”

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Half Cab Hard Top Lake Elsinore, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $200.

Looks solid.

“Half Cab Willys Jeep top with doors. Designed for a CJ3A but came off of a 1952 M38 so it will fit your military jeep. I believe it will fit a CJ2A also, but I’m not sure. If your interested in early jeeps you will know what if will fit. All glass in in-tact, no cracks and clear. Rough in certain spots some dents and cracks, nothing a welder and some elbow grease can’t remedy. $200 ”


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Front 27 Powerloc / Rear 44 Lockrite Lake Tapps, Wa $150


This looks like a good price.

“Matching Front closed knuckle Dana 27 with powerloc and rear Early style rear DANA 44 with lockrite from jeep willys CJ3b with dana 18. 4.27 gears. 11″ drum brakes. Excellent swap into old cj wanting lower gearing and lockers. 150 OBO. 253-921-5809 Front Dana 27, Rear dana 44, 4.27, Lockrite”

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1942 MB? Vashon Island, Wa $5400


Appears solid and quite stock.  Likely an excellent restoration candidate.

“1942 WWII Jeep

This jeep is a great, vintage quality vehicle that gave us many years of hauling random things and was just fun to drive in general.

Brakes: Yes
Acceleration: Yes
Shifting: Yes
Seatbelts: No
Gas Meter: No
Speedometer: No ”

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1969 CJ-5 Idaho Falls, Id **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Looks like a good price. Has new engine.

“I am selling this 69 Cj-5 Jeep. It has new 31 inch tires on it and a brand new engine.”

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Puffer Engineering

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You can easily turn your CJ-2A into a Wagon!  Just follow the easy turn-my-cj2a-into-a-station-wagon-kit from Puffer Engineering. I spotted this image via a British site that linked me to Strangely, when I go to’s jeep area, I can’t locate the image.  The web works in mysterious ways!

I tried to learn more about the manufacturer, but searches on ‘Puffer Engineering’ revealed nothing, to me anyway, other than this image.

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PTO Monterey, Ca $400


“Spicer 18H PTO, Driveshaft & Gearbox removed from a 43 Willys $400/OBO
Email Kevin. All prices negotiable”

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1950 CJ-3A Spokane, Wa $8500


This flattie was featured in JP Magazine back in November, 2001. (I tried to find a link, but couldn’t)

“Humm, this 61 yr. old Jeep has worn out another owner. I’ve been foolin around with this flatfender for 20+ years. My how time flies when your having fun. This is a fun vehicle but it’s time for me to let it go.
This turn key 3a bodied JEEP has been trail proven, is simple, solid and reliable. Very capable of traversing some noteable Jeep trails as is. With four wheel hubs it is set up for flat towing, so no trailer needed. I have flat towed it thousands of miles. And it is light enough (under 3500#’s)to tow with a V6 car/SUV/truck. It was a featured vehicle in JP magazine back in Nov,’01. it’s still featured in their online website. It has been modified since in the magazine article. Many detail items changed, many CJ5 parts, a v6 motor, better axles and suspension plus more. Lot’s of information on the cardomain link below. Email me for even more info or photos. I know ever nut and bolt on this rig and have reciepts and a build sheet for reference. offered for sale @ $8500. More photos and information @

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1949 Truck New Auburn, Wi **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $850.

It runs, but needs work.

“1949 jeep pu. lock outs,stick,with a 350 GM engine. Does run,but needs work been setting 10 yrs. or so.have title $850.00 or my be trade.???”

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1946? MB Poway, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $4600. **SOLD**

“Original 4 cylinder, 3 speed standard transmission, 4 wheel drive”

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1958 Hillman Husky on CJ-5 Chassis Guilderland, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Nitrous included!

“What we have here is a 1958 Hillman Husky body mounted on a Jeep CJ5 chassis.  It has won awards at The Street Rod Nationals, Lead East, and The Adirondack Nationals.  It has been featured on “My Classic Car” with Dennis Gage on Speed Channel this past fall.  It is powered by a 231  CI  Buick “odd-Fire” V6.  It is equipped with headers, MSD Ignition, aluminum radiator, and electric fan.  It has a serious cam in it, and has been built to handle 150HP Nitrous shots.  No engine bay modifications where made…it was engineered to fit, and looks like it could have been factory.  It has a 3 speed manual transmission from the CJ.  With manual locking front hubs, the 4 wheel drive is functional.  A few other chassis features are, Dana 44 ‘s  differentials (rear has locker),  Rancho Suspension,  front disc brakes, rear drums, master cylinder and power booster mounted on the frame rail.  Everything under the car is painted and detailed.  Body was painted while completely apart with base coat/clear coat solid orange and white.  The interior is from the Hillman, and was custom stitched in black roll and pleat with orange piping and seatbelts.  All interior panels, carpets, headliner, dash, was all done as well.  It has a start button, directional lever on the dash in front of the tilt steering column, and am/fm/cd with remote.  The glass, seals, tail lights, and door rubber was all replaced.  Speedo does not work.  Everything else does.”

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Crofton Bug 1961 Pacific Beach, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

This looks in great condition. You can learn more about this 1100lb vehicle at Tom’s Crofton Bug website.

“A San Diego Classic, Made in National City for Commercial and recreational use. Only 250 made. 2 seater, New tires and rims (powder coated) New gas tank. runs well. needs a little TLC . Comes with extra spare parts. Super cute and Fun. A true head turner.”

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1948 Truck Brea, Ca Make Offer

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Looks sweet.

“350 chevy V8, 400 auto, 9 inch ford rear end w/ 3.08 gears, AMC pacer front end with rack and pinion, edlebrock 600 carb, tilt wheel, power steering, has a/c compressor and plumbed, just needs to be finished, custom flames, Runs excellent won’t last and priced to sell, make any offer. Bank financing available. HIGHLINE MOTORSPORTS,, 714-671-0800, BUY-SELL-TRADE-CONSIGN. Highline Motorsports is a Family Owned and Operated company for over 35 years. If we don’t have your dream car we can find it.”

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1959 Wagon Londonderry, Vt **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $11,500.

Looks nice.


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1947 CJ-2A Rockham County, NC $2500


No pics provided.

“OD Green Milliarty, 75% as been restored. Has extra motor, transmission, and numberous extra parts. PLEASE collectors only. call Ralph @ (336)427-3059, or (336)239-8411”

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I found this pic at and thought it was a nice image.  The color looks great, too.  I”m not sure whose jeep it or who took the photo.

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Why I Stay Off the Ice

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You’ll just have to watch this …


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1955 CJ-3B Mesa, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $6500.

Looks good.

“Completely rebuilt. Receipts available. Super clean. Low miles on rebuilt motor. Original F head 134ci engine. 2” Rancho Lift. 31×10 MT Baja MTZ, Rhino Lined tub. Great flat fendered Willys Jeep.”