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Bill Mauldin Stamp

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Randy forwarded me an announcement that Bill Mauldin has been honored with a stamp, shown below.

According to the email Randy sent me, “Mauldin, and his work,  meant much to the millions of Americans who fought in World War II, and  to those who had waited for them to come home. He was a kid cartoonist for  Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper; Mauldin’s drawings of his muddy,  exhausted, whisker-stubbled infantrymen Willie and Joe were the voice of  truth about what it was like on the front lines.”

Click on this link to see the Mauldin Cartoons I gathered from the web with jeeps in them for a previous post.

Here is a pic of the stamp, followed by Mauldin in a jeep.

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Parker, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2750.  It includes a top.  Looks like a great price.  Brett noted that the seller updated the listing because the overdrive was incorrectly listed as a PTO.

(11/14/09) “1946 Willy CJ-2A Jeep, Strong 289 V8, 3-Speed transmission with Overdrive, extra Transmission & Transfer case, Rancho Shocks, 32” x 11.5 x 15 w/ Chrome Rims, Full soft top with doors, Bimi top, Front bumber tow mount, Back seat, rear rack with two 5 gal. gas cans. Lots of extra parts and accessories. $2750.”


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1946 CJ-2A Clovis, Ca $1300


This might be a good restoration candidate.

“1946 Willys Jeep Complete, needs to be restored! Asking $1,300.00 or Best Offer!!!! If you have any questions or want to see please call 559-307-3349.”

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Wanted: Fenderwell Headers Federal Way, Wa

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Here’s a buyer for some CJ-5 fenderwell headers.

‘I am looking for some fenderwell headers for a small block chevy 283 that are made for an early CJ5 Willys Jeep. I am doing a conversion and need some soon. The exhaust needs to run outside the frame rail. I need some that fit CJ’s from 1953-1971, I’m not sure if the later years are the same or not. If you know whether the conversion headers from 1972-1986 Jeeps will fit the earlier models, please let me know. Let me know what you have via email.”

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1942 GPW Dallas, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $850.

There’s some work needed here.

“1942 Jeep by Ford rare example of this ex-military 4 wheel drive vehicle. Needs total restoration, clear Texas title in hand, $850.”

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1949 CJ-3A Rancho Cucamongo, Ca $6500


This looks in good shape.

“Very original, runs good, fresh military style paint, new interior, new top. Good solid running jeep. Call Alex- (909) 292-7375”

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1951 Jeepster Geauga, Oh $3250

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The engine needs a head gasket replaced.

“Selling a nice project car to make way for another. It’s a rare 1951 Willys Jeepster that is reported to be one of the last off the assembly line. It has a 6 cylinder f-head 161 cubic inch engine in it that runs but needs work (head gasket). Also has an overdrive transmission for good fuel economy. Odometer shows 80K miles. Has radio and heater … The Jeepster is in overall good condition. I bought it a few years ago from a fellow in West Virginia with the intent to restore to original. Another car’s caught my eye so this has to go … The front floors have been patched, the rears are good as-is. The body has minor rust but is very workable. The frame and suspension are in great shape with just the average surface scale. All lights work.”

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1962 FC-170 Lexington, KY **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $5000.

“Willys Jeep FC170 1962 Cab-Over 1 Ton Pick-up. 8 ½’ x 4’ Service Bed with Exterior Cabinets.  Original engine – Willys Super Hurricane 6 (226 L-Head Continental). Complete rebuild about 1987. Top end rebuild about 1993. Stored since 2003. Locking Hubs. Sunroof Cedar Bed Rails. Bed Cover with Ribs that fit into Bed Rails. 2 Tire Chocks. Gate/Holder for Spare Tire. Crane ½ Ton Attached on Back Driver’s side. Spotlight. Gas Can. Tool Box. Cover for Bed with Removable Ribs. (Fit in slots on bed rails). Needs brake work. Clear Title.”

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Stretched CJ-2A body and more Springs, Nv $250


UPDATE:  Still all available

(08/26/09)  I don’t know where “sp. springs” is exactly.

“i have a cj2a body with good windshield frame, willys tailgate, and good grill, stretched 12 inches and frame set up for wagoneer springs and stretched 20 inches $250 obocall 750 9477”

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1951 CJ-3A Albuquerque, Nm $3500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $3500

(03/09/2010) This looks in good shape and stock.

“1951 Willys Jeep, Used as a snow plow for at least 20 years. We have chains for it all the way around. Engine was rebuilt, has all new brake system. This vehicle can sit a long time and always start. Very little rust, no speedometer, transmission works good. We thought about restoring it, but have no time. Reasonable Offers will be accepted. 505 239-7127”

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1948 CJ-2A Orange, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

(05/28/2010) The seller of this notes it is unmolested, but after seeing the paint job, I remain unconvinced 🙂

“1948 Willys CJ2A. Very nice restorable condition. I was going to restore but I have way too many projects. Has original engine and wheels. Nice unmolested jeep for a project. seats are not original. I was told it ran great before being parked a few years ago but I can not varify that. The picture is before power washing. The red color is mostly old paint showing. I has been painted a few times. Good Title!!”

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Builds: Brian Wires His CJ-3B


Brian has provided a very thorough look at his approach to wiring his CJ-3B. My only wish is that he had written this BEFORE I had wired my Jeep, because I would have created a mockup dash like he did.  Many thanks Brian!

Brian writes, I had a major setback in my 3b project when I damaged the valve train on my CPI engine, stopping oil from getting to the lifters. So, I had to swap engines before I could really start my test-drive shake-down period. As part of my swap, I chose to go with the TBI 4.3L V6.   What really hurt was that I almost had the wiring complete for a CPI engine, but I knew what worked for the CPI would not work for the TBI engine. This meant a major layout change was in order.

If I had to label this part of my build I would have to call it “The things Painless does not want you to know”, because I feel I was able to save well over $1000.00 by utilizing a free wiring harness I pulled from a Blazer I junked.  By working with the stock harness, I was able to use fuel pump relays and other items that help me avoid the nickel and dime effect that can add up to big bucks. I also learned some sort-cuts and where to get OEM parts to help complete the job correctly.  So, here’s my adventure ….


Because the limited amount of space under the dash of my 3b, I had to move things around from the stock location in the Blazer. Fortunately, the harness I salvaged had enough wire to do this. However, trying to rewire and do everything I needed to do underneath the dash wasn’t an option.  So, I made a mockup of the dash out of wood that allowed me to easily organize, size and create a well designed electrical layout.

Fuse box firewall bulkhead connector assembly used for mockup.

The harness enters the engine space in the same place as the Blazer.Note the valve covers, anyone seeing a nice set of center bolt aluminum valve covers for a 4.3 let me know.


One important goal of mine was to shorten some of the wires and avoid some bird nests of stock wire under the dash.  Doing some research I discovered GM uses Packard 56, 58 ,59 and Delphi Metri-pack connectors/terminals that you can buy at PCS Connectors. The advantage to using connectors and terminals “to shorten” is pretty obvious: you eliminate the potential of a splice failure; also, it looks much cleaner.

Having the right tool for wire splicing and terminal connectors is a key. I contacted a small company I was an engineer for and borrowed a ratcheting-crimping tool that you can see below. It took only three tries to get the crimping technique mastered, making my wiring appear professional. (crimping tools from PCS)

Read the entire post by clicking on the link below:

Continue reading

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Shore Patrol Jeeps

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I was quite surprised yesterday, as I noted in my post related to the Waikiki VJ Day Video, that I spotted a mustard yellow MB with the words “SHORE PATROL” emblazoned across the windshield frame.  Also interesting is the top on this jeep.  See how it appears to go up before it heads back.  I’m wondering if that’s a hard top of some kind?

That lead me on a trek to find any other shore patrol jeep with a color scheme that was NOT a light blue color.  A quick google search of the term “Shore Patrol Jeeps” reveals an endless slew of light blue Jeeps evoking, in my mind, a Navy theme. However, despite my searches, I couldn’t locate anything other than Navy themed or Army Green Shore Patrol Jeeps.

So, to the upper right is the best snapshot I could get of the Waikiki Shore Patrol Jeep, followed by some other Shore Patrols I found around the web.

Here’s the closest example I found to the yellow one. This one has the unusual top:

From Brian’s WWII site we have this one (google says it should be at this link, but I couldn’t find it):

Here’s one from Flickr

Here’s a different angle of the same one from Fotki:

Here’s one from the CJ-3B Page — this time a complete M-38:

Here’s a ‘Shore Patrol’ jeep that’s likely a M-38 with some other parts  (unsure if this was ever a shore patrol jeep):

Here’s another ‘mutt’ of a Shore Jeep:

Here’s a nicely restored MB Shore Patrol vehicle from Argentina that I featured a while ago:

Here’s a shore patrol motor cycle from the G503 page:

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Wanted: Here is a buyer for a Jeepster near Spokane

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“Looking for a willy’s jeepster to buy,must be in good running condition and stock.

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1957 CJ-3B Chico, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $6900. **SOLD**

“4 Wheel drive, new electrical wiring, 36inch tires, new drive line, 4 speed, 350 chev motor. New paint and new interior. Is a very powerful running jeep.”

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1945 VEC CJ-2A Fort Worth, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Here’s a running VEC CJ-2A.

“1945 Willys Jeep CJ-2A 4X4, runs, drives, and stops great. Great vehicle for a deer lease or mountain elk hunts. • 4WD works good, Hi or Lo range transfer case • Original flat head motor runs excellent. • New 1-wire alternator (no troublesome external voltage regulator) • New complete exhaust system • New master cylinder  • New distributor, rotor, and cap • Front steering stabilizer • Tow bar • Four military tires • Includes spare tire • $2500”

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1947 CJ-2A New Meadows, Me $7995


It’s not completely stock, but appears in good condition.

“To view more photos of this vehicle visit us at or call 207-443-1442 and ask Tony to schedule a test drive. 1947 Jeep Willys…..pinch the key and go this one is in beautiful running condition……the flat head 4 cyl has been replaced perfectly with a buick 225……check out the pics”

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1959 Wagon Palouse, Wa $8000

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $8000

(02/09/2010) Here’s a nice a Wagon.

“1959 Willys just turned 100 thousand miles. 4-Wheel without overdrive. Third owner. Purchased new in Denver then lived in Moscow for twenty something years before being sold to second owner some eight miles away. First owner changed the generator over to an alternator. Other than that no foolish “improvements.” Second owner had it also for twenty or so years and I have had it since. None of us have abused this marvelous machine in any way. Original engine and drivetrain and just about everything else but the battery and tires. Second owner rebuilt the engine about thirty thousand miles ago. No oil use. Performs as new. Cruises at sixty without any unstability or wander or excess rpm demand. NOT restored to show car condition but finished quite nicely for use with no ugly surprises. I installed a new gas gauge sender a year or so ago and it works just fine until yesterday when I put some gas in and the gauge dropped to zero. I care not to take the time now to troubleshoot it. This Willys is about as close in appearance and original working condition to when it was new as one is likely to find outside of a museum. No, the paint is not original but done about two years ago by a show car body shop. The body is not flawless as I elected to preserve the car with its history of only the fewest of dings yet if it were flawless it would most surely not be driven for fear of scratching it. This is a user and cruiser. Solid throughout. I am pleased to answer any questions or send additional photos though do not waste my time if you are not seriously prepared to buy and I will not waste yours. Located in downtown Palouse adjacent to St. Elmos Hotel on Main Street directly across from the tavern. Available for viewing just about any time or day though please do not just stop by to do anything other than hands-off looking without an appointment. Please email with any questions or to set a viewing appointment as I am not usually near a phone.”

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1949 CJ-3A Dually Granite Falls, NC eBay


I think the pics say it all!  Here are a couple pics of the matching Bantam Trailer.

“Awesome Old Willys!!!!!!  It has Willys dealership ad ons including: 3 POINT HITCH, DUAL REAR WHEELS, and POWER TAKE OFF. ONLY 78k ORIGINAL MILES. Ready for the Show!!  Featured in September 2001 4 Wheel and Off road magazine. WON 2000 Four Wheeler Magazines “BEST CLASSIC 4×4″ Award. Meet super low reserve price and I will throw in a classic matching Bantam Trailer for the Jeep!!!! You won’t ever have to worry about anyone in the neighborhood having the same vehicle as you for sure.

This old jeep is lots of fun, runs great and is an awesome deal.  10’s of thousands $$$$$$$$$$$$$ invested to make this Jeep the best it can be.  Buy it for a fraction.
Frame off NOS body with all stainless hardware.  No expense spared. I am ready for something else, so my loss is your gain.  Please ask any questions you have and anything else you need to know I will try to provide.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A West Bath, Me $3500

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(04/17/2010) There are front and rear PTOs on this CJ-2A.  What is the piece of equipment hooked to the rear PTO?  Is that a rear winch?  It looks like there might be some interesting history with this as well.

“To view more photos of this vehicle visit us at or call 207-443-1442 and ask Tony to schedule a test drive. RUNS, DRIVES…NOT ROAD WORTHY……PLOW WORKS ……WINCH WORKS……CHAINS FOR THE TIRES. AMAZING PIECE OF AMERICAN HISTORY”

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Amazing Video from VJ Day in Hawaii

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Thanks to Randy for forwarding this  amazing footage from a color 16mm camera that captures Waikiki on VJ Day.  Look at the number of people standing on vehicles — they are nuts!  Also, check out the yellow Shore Patrol Jeep.  I hadn’t seen a yellow one before.

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

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1951 Wagon Warrenton, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1050.

“One of a kind Willys wagon, would make a great restoration project, has a winch and extra parts, also front bumper. no motor, needs total restoration. Have title in hand and two different catalogues for ordering Willys parts. Serious buyers only please, call any time:”

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1948 Wagon Rhode Island **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,900

This looks like a very nice wagon, but the hood doesn’t look like it quite fits right in the front (or maybe it’s an optical illusion).

“New brakes, battery, tires like new, RUST FREE BODY.”

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1948 CJ-2A Lancaster, Oh $2500


This needs some work.


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1962 CJ-3B Saint Joseph, Mo eBay


This is pretty rough, but is a no reserve auction.

“1962 Willy Jeep for restoration. I believe it is a CJ3B flat finder, high hood. It has a clear title and ran before it was put in storage. The transmision and four wheel drive were all working how ever the motor is now stuck. Body has rust and a few holes but the mount and frame are good. The floor board has only a few small holes but the bottom of the bed is gone. The top is good and it has doors as well. Most of the glass is bad or gone. I put lub in the cyclinders and I’m sure you can get the motor to run.There is no reserve and must be paid for at end of sale and pick up with in 30 days Thanks.”

View all the pics on eBay