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1953 M-38A1 Pinehurst, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This doesn’t run, however it does have a rear PTO plus the rare windshield.

“M-38A1 Model Parts are still available on E-bay. Not running, Has not been used in a while. This would make a great project to “RESTORE”. Has a 24-volt battery system and the original key.”

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1950 Jeepster Project Ramona, Ca $1250

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

There might be some value here.  The body appears solid.

“’50 jeepster on late model chevy S10 chassis… has power steering and is set up to run small block chevy motor and trans. has original front seat and a rebuildable 283v8 and turbo350 as part of the deal. Body and floor pan are very solid and rust free. A really good start for a cool convertable street rod!!!! Call anytime for more info Thad Moore 619 417 0770 HAS CLEAR TITLE with no back fees due Thanx for looking, negotible”

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1945 MB Bend, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1975

“i am selling my 1945 willys mb militiary jeep. it is quite original and has over $3800 of work on the engine. have the receipt from jim stipes engine rebuilder in redmond. it runs very well and has the 3 speed transmission. it has the high low 4 wheel drive too. i also have an extra 4 tires that are the old military ones that they came with. it is not street worthy becasue it needs blinkers and stop does have head lights so you can drive at night. i used it on our ranch we had in lakeview and we sold it so i dont need it anymore. please email for more info. and pics , and put in the email 1945 mb jeep. thanks dave i want $1975 firm”

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1953 CJ-3B Covina, Ca **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Status Unknown. Was priced at $1800.

(11/19/2010) This might be worth a look. It doesn’t run at the moment.

“the Jeep is in the la area near the 10 and the 605 ok now about the jeep but it is a clean CJ3B Jeep, the year is a 1953 which is the first year , it has no rust and yellowish paint, it runs but isn’t road worthy yet, it needs some minor brake work, but over all not in bad shape, I am posting this for a friend so call him for more information what you just read is all I know about it but the owner of the Jeep is a “Jeep nut” so don’t be afraid to call and ask him questions.

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1951 CJ-3A Riverside, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500

This appears solid.  It looks like the old paint was covered with some gray spray paint.

“New top, New seats, Chevy 327 V8, Dana front and rear axles, 35″ Tires, Full Roll Cage, Runs Great,”


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1964 CJ-5ish Wesley Chapel, Fl $500


Strangely, the seller neglects to mention the gaping divide between the body and the front clip.  That aside, there’s plenty of value in the rims, tires and body parts.

“this is not a running jeep….it has a clean fram, nice tires and nice chrome rime. body is ok but floor pans need redone. has mounts in already for g motor. axles are clean as well. front is already converted to disc brakes. windshield is not cracked. NO MOTOR OR TRANNY OR TRASFER CASE. 813-965-3349”

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1947 CJ-2A Imperial Beach, Ca $599


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $599

(01/18/2011) No engine or tranny.

“WILLYS CJ3A. I think it is a 1947. No title. It is a rolling chassis. NO MOTOR or TRANSMISSION. Tub is straight but has rust. Windshield frame and front fenders are very good.  Sold as is where is. Bill of Sale only. $750.00 OBO Cash talks!! 619-977-4888 or 619-610-8661 Located in Imperial Beach.”

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1947? CJ-2A Linn Creek, Mo $3000


UPDATE:  Still available

(01/10/2011) The price is a bit high for a non-runner with no title, but the jeep looks in good shape.  This is the 2nd John Deere-themed flattie I have seen; another one is here (scroll to bottom).

“Old Willys for decoration or Advertising Neat old Vintage steel that does not run but complete.Sold as title”

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1946 CJ-2A Marysville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4500

(10/11/2010) This looks in good shape.

“CJ2A Jeep for sale, all original, stock, no rust, warn overdrive, 12 volt, turn signals, all 3 ID plates, title in hand, asking $4500.00 or OBO”

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1957 FC-150 Wallingford, CT **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay

(11/24/2011) There are a couple other Willys in the background of the photos.

“Offered is a very rare Willys FC150 Foward Control Pickup. Needs restoration. Very staight and solid. Rear glass is missing. Motor apart. This will make a great project to restore or street rod.”


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1953 CJ-3B Palatine, Il $9500

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UPDATE:  Now on Craigslist

(05/26/2010) Imagine my surprise when I looked at the last of the many images of this Jeep and learned this was a fiberglass tub!  You don’t see many CJ-3B Fiberglass Tubs.

Here are a few pics.

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1948 Truck Tacoma, Wa Make Offer

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(09/26/2010) The price needs adjustment, but it looks like it may be a solid project.

“OBO. Vehicle has been garaged for almost 20 years. It is now in our driveway because it came to us through inheritance and we do not have the money to restore it. Email for details on engine, etc.”

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Builds: Mark updates us on his Jeepster Project

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

During Mark’s last update, he got a steal on some Mitsubishi seats that fit perfectly into “Her Royal Highness”.  He’s made some additional progress since then.

Mark writes, “You may recall phase I consisted of making her safe, legal and roll down the road without leaking out all the  fluids. Phase II for me was to make it reliable and comfortable. Phase III is body & appearance and that one may take awhile. I’m rather fond of the aged patina look (alright I’m lazy).

After sitting in a barn for 18 years I’ve been leary of opening up the 265 on the highway because I was afraid the gaskets would fail so I replaced both diff. gaskets, the t-18 cover gasket and the oil pan gasket on the SBC. Once I got in there I was amazed at the pristine condition of the gears, they looked new. I installed a sound system and finished off with some sweet tan leather seats.  Replacing the orginal split bench with modern buckets changes the whole driving experience for the better.

One neat idea was to mount the seats with 1lb. rubber mallets cut and drilled to compensate for the uneven floor board. I’ve included some pictures.”

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1944 MB With Custom Body

• CATEGORIES: Features, Sedan-jeep, Unusual • TAGS: .

I stumbled upon this unusual Willys creature at this prewarcar website.  I guess Wally Cohn wasn’t the only person trying to create a unique body on top of the Willys platform.

“2 of these willys mb were bodied in germany in 1945. one was destroyed, ended in hamburg probably beeing rebodied to an original jeep, so when i got that survivor i did not do the same mistake and put it on the road again. now it is one of a kind with all the original chassis, drivetrain, axles etc. even with the original data plate date of delivery nov.11, 1944 (author Bussinger Kfz)”

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Tubing in a Tubeless World

• CATEGORIES: Biscuit, Features, Tires and Rims

I admit that sometimes I’m entirely clueless.  Today was a perfect example, for today I got my Desert Dogs mounted onto a 2nd set of Hurricane Rims that have been holding down the garage floor for more than two years.

The last time I got a set of offroad tires mounted on a set of rims was 27 years ago.  Those too were desert dogs. I had inner tubes added to the tires so that the air pressure could be dropped to 10 – 15 lbs when jeeping; using inner tubes was a very normal thing to do.

So, now you will understand that when I pulled up to Les Schwab Tires (btw, Les Schwab, the company founder, was an early fan and seller of the Desert Dogs) and told the guy at the counter what I wanted to do, I didn’t think much of it.  He walks out, looks at the rims, looks at the tires, and tells me he doesn’t think the tires will actually fit the rims.  Frankly, he was looking at me like I just dropped in from planet Mars.  Fortunately, I’m used to people looking at me like that.  I told him that Les himself would have mounted Dogs to rims similar to what I had.  He took it all in and seemed to think that maybe my request was possible.  So, I asked him for an estimate to mount the tires and add inner tubes.

He gave me an estimate ($91 to mount and balance them) and said he didn’t know if he could get some inner tubes, because running inner tubes on tires like that would cause them to heat up and explode (the inner tube explode that is).   Now it was my turn to look at him like he was from Mars.

However, to his credit, he was courteous the entire time and spent extra time attempting to locate inner tubes, finally finding four tubes at a cost of $38 …. that’s $38 a piece.  After some quick addition I concluded that would cost me almost $160 just for tubes!!  I told him thanks, I would see what else I could find for inner tubes.

So, I left, went home, and hopped on my beloved internet, hoping I could find a better price.  After a half our of searching the internet and finding nothing, I had an idea.  I would call Bucks, a local 4×4 shop, to see what they used.  They said they rarely use inner tubes.  The last time they used them, they got the tubes from Commercial Tire.

It turns out, in a world of tubeless tires, the use of tubes, once standard practice, has evaporated.  Worse, no one told me!

My next step was to call Commercial Tire and see what they could do.  The guy on the phone was helpful and said tubes would probably cost about $23 for my tire size, however I’d need to check the stem size of the rim as the tube price he was quoting was for a tube with a thick stem.

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I drove over to Commercial Tire and asked for some tubes.  They looked at my stem size and determined I needed a rare inner tube.  Several employees started making calls and one finally found four tubes at a warehouse somewhere and that was all they could find.  The price would be $35 a piece.

I still thought that was crazily high, so asked them to just give me a quote on mounting the tires.  They said they wouldn’t mount them because they were older than 6 years. So, my trip to Commercial Tire was a waste of time; and it confirmed that the world of tires had changed while I had been away from jeeps.

I left Commercial Tire and made the decision that I would mount the tires without tubes and give that a try.  Since Les Schwab was willing to mount the tires, I decided to just take the tires back to them and get them mounted.  Then, I took the mounted tires home and put them on the jeep.

So, maybe putting 18 year old shoes on Biscuit isn’t the smartest decision, but I couldn’t resist.  They probably have 5000 miles of road wear left, maybe a little more. However, I had to do this to complete my image of what Biscuit would be: a fiberglass flattie with an old school look.

Here are a couple images of the new, old tires.  I do prefer the pure aluminum color of the other rims, rather than having the black within the splines. So, I plan to polish the rims at some future point and take off that black.

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Rudolf finds more Willys: CJ-2A & CJ-3A in Bali

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, International

Check out the rims on the CJ-2A.  I’ve never seen rims quite like those.  I don’t have any specific information, other than the pics.



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Marx MB Toy Tonganoxie, KS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $100.

I wouldn’t qualify this as ‘very good’, but it’s in better condition than some jeeps I’ve seen.

“All metal Willys Jeep toy (even tires) about 1/20th scale, in very good condition. Willys & Jeep names in several places. steering wheel turns & windshield folds down”

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1958 CJ-3B Alpine, Tx $2200


This runs and drives.

“Need to sell a couple of my projects!! 58 Jeep Willys. Runs and drives (like a mule), high rise seat, huge winch, 4×4 works w/original drivetrain flat head 4 cylinder (rebuilt), flat fender, high rise hood. Took it hunting and worked great!! Let’s Make a Deal!! Lights work, no signal or brake lights. Thanks for your interest.”

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1958 CJ-3B Waddell, Az $5000


It appears solid.

“Runs good, starts, stops all seats fair, 12 volt , original 4cly OHV Hurricane engine,… 602-762-1894”

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1945 MB Orange County, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

This looks good for the price.

“Runs and drives, has original production identification plates on the dash. Ramsey winch.”

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1952 Truck Hartsel, Co $1900

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks • TAGS: .

This runs and might make a good restoration project.

“ALL ORIGINAL! 4 cylinder L-head, 6 volt electrical, Front PTO winch, It does run, and needs some work. A good project or restoration vehicle. Call with questions (719)395-5553”

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CJ-2A/3A/3B Half Cab Top Manitou Springs, Co $400


No description of the condition and no pics of the actual top.

“CJ2A, CJ3B, Half cab, comes with metal doors, roll up windows, been in storage for 40 + years.”

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1960 DJ-3A Cab Denver, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $200

“1960 Willys Dispatcher DJ3A metal cab”

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1946 CJ-2A Ice Racer Denver, Co $5000

• CATEGORIES: Racing • TAGS: .

No pics provided.

“1946 willys jeep built 350 chevy automatica, 3 sets of ice racing tires for more information call 720-937-3417 runs very strong”

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CJ-3B Project Fruita, Co $1500


It needs some axles and wheels at the very least.

“CJ3B body on a CJ5 frame has title with a 4V 289/C4 auto that both run and shift fine. I drove it to where I tore it apart, what you see is what you get. Nice 6 point roll cage. The engine/trans seats shifter and tail lights are all out of a 68 mustang. The trans has an advanced adapters bronco dana 20 adapter with 28 spline out put shaft jeep HAS NO TRANSFER CASE does have a belly skid on it. Has tilt column brake pedal and power brake booster out of an 86 cj7 all work great. Colum is hooked to a 4 bolt saginaw power steering box that works great off the ford ps pump that its hooked to. Front has YJ leaf springs shackle reversed with ford shock towers NO FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY. The rear is set up 3 link, links included and used wrangler rear coil springs NO REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY.

misc: Trans was proffesionally rebuilt in 05 when the AA stuff was installed does not slip. Still has the fuel tank in and hooked up. Has GM 1 wire alternator pretty new charges fine. Has northern two row aluminum radiator with electric fan always ran no hotter than 200 with this setup. Has a modified motorcraft 2100 2 bbl carburetor that runs pretty good even at high angles. Custom duraspark ignition. Engine was refreshed with new rods mains rings and gaskets in june of 2010, only has one trail run on refresh. Long tube equal length hooker headers specifically for an SBF swap in a flaty, they are a little dented but do not leak. Same with the chrome glass packs attached to them. Has dual oil filter adapter that is remote mounted in front under radiator. Spare tire carrier on back. All the lights turn signals and brake lights work. Has only lap belts front and rear, windshield is good no pits or cracks. only top I have is the bikini top.

Sold as is where is for $1500 The #21 heads on the HI-PO engine alone are worth that. If you want to hear it run I will put a battery in it and fire it up for you. Trans is empty from having the t-case removed. Has lots of dents from being my rock crawler for over ten years. Contact by phone 97zero three19 zerozero13 or email me. Ask about my other parts if interested in dana 44’s 4.88 gears lock rites shocks bead locks etc. I dont have time to put this back together.”