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1963 FC-170 Bonney Lake, WA $12,500

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This has a tilt bed and some power train updates along with a dump bed. Daryl’s the seller and deals in vintage jeep parts (I’ve bought a few things from him).

“1963 Jeep FC-170
Has a 4.3 v6 and 4l60E out of a 2000 GMC Jimmy with 30k miles when swapped.
All brand new 11″ Bendix brakes, brake lines and dual pot master cylinder.
Both axles just serviced.
Just did tune up, hoses and belts.
Has hydraulic dump bed.
This truck will drive across the country and get 20 mpg doing it.
Any trades would be Cummins swapped Chevy square body, Willys CJ flatfender Jeeps
Clean Washington title in my name.”

1963-fc170-bonneylake-wa0 1963-fc170-bonneylake-wa1 1963-fc170-bonneylake-wa2 1963-fc170-bonneylake-wa3 1963-fc170-bonneylake-wa4

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1953 CJ-3A Napa County, CA $5500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5500.

(05/24/2020) This has a variety of mods.

1953-cj3a-napa-ca1 1953-cj3a-napa-ca4 1953-cj3a-napa-ca3 1953-cj3a-napa-ca2

“1953 Willy’s Jeep Flat Fender
Clean title and registration
289 V8 Conversion
3 speed manual transmission with overdrive
Dual exhaust
Power steering
Locking front hubs
Dual fuel tanks
Carb rebuilt within last year
Front tow bar
Spare set of stainless steel front fenders included

Runs strong. Used primarily for hunting. Only parting with it due to lack of time.”

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1942 MB? Boise, ID $3500


Running when parked project.

“Great project for the winter. This Willy’s has a straight 6 engine that I’m told was running when it was parked. I’m selling this for my mother in law as it was a future project for my late father in law. Not sure on the mileage. Have title in hand.”

1942-mb-boise-ida6 1942-mb-boise-ida7 1942-mb-boise-ida8 1942-mb-boise-ida9

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CJ-2A and Parts Saxonburg, PA


Unclear how much value is here.

“Willys Jeep and other Jeep transmissions for sale in an estate sale.”

willys-jeep-parts-estate-sale-pa1 willys-jeep-parts-estate-sale-pa2 willys-jeep-parts-estate-sale-pa3 willys-jeep-parts-estate-sale-pa4

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Willys Jeep Parts Cheswick, PA


There are a variety of jeep parts here:

“Lot of willys jeep parts see pictures. Will sell all as a lot text w any pictures and see pictures for overview of parts. These parts where removed from various willys jeep pickup trucks station wagons forward controls over 25 years ago by myself and have been in storage since.”

jeep-parts-pa1 jeep-parts-pa2 jeep-parts-pa3 jeep-parts-pa4

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Engine Parts Smithton, PA $600


All for $600:


“Willys parts inventory from 2A/3A project, lots of stuff, see pics
4 cylinder block
4 cylinder heads(3)
4 cylinder cranks (3)
Hood, fender
Lots of carbs, starters, generators, water pumps
See pics, $600 for all
More items included not in pics”

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CJ-2A/3A/3B Parts Louisville, KY


No pics provided.

“Willys Jeep Parts CJ2A New wiring harness from Walcks with fender mounted turn signals $250. New reproduction tailgate with Willys script $150, CJ3B windshield no glass, light surface rust, good shape $250. New water pump $45 Many other parts also”

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1946 CJ-2A Rocklin, CA $1100


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1100.

At least some value is here, but I can’t tell how good the body is.

“I have a 1946 CJ2A project. Mostly complete including a free turning engine. T90 trans, Dana 18 transfer case. Seats in excellent condition. I bought it to restore, but it turns out to be too much for me. This is a major project or great parts vehicle. Very little body rust. Floors and tailgate solid. No title or numbers”

1946-cj2a-rocklin-cal1 1946-cj2a-rocklin-cal2 1946-cj2a-rocklin-cal3 1946-cj2a-rocklin-cal4

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1948 CJ-2A Reno, NV $7500


Seller has removed some parts. Dash wiring all removed, so likely doesn’t start.

1948-cj2a-reno-nev6 1948-cj2a-reno-nev7 1948-cj2a-reno-nev8 1948-cj2a-reno-nev9

“Bought this a few months ago it ran and drove. It is an absolute blast to drive, like a cross between a tractor and a gokart… I took it around the neighborhood and to the grocery store a few times down the street, then started to prep to remove the tub to fix some body rust and a few other issues. Steering box was loose and brakes worked but felt weak.

I didn’t get very far, removed some body bolts, undid the dash wiring (all clearly labeled for easy re-assembly)

I got into garage today to start working on it again after a few weeks and realized how many other things I need to get done around the house, etc etc…

I figured I would put it up for sale. If i can get $7500 for I would sell it. I would really rather finish it as it isn’t a huge project, but I need to prioritize things a little more first.

Its extremely easy to work on, parts are plentiful. I have some new parts I bought that will go with it.
Headlights, tail lights, 4wd, etc all worked great. 4low is a blast as it just barely crawls around.
I have the passenger seat, it was just removed to get ready to remove tub.
It has a tow bar so you can flat tow it easily with a standard 2″ ball.”

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Monday’s Updates Will Return as Normal


Well, this past week got away from me. So what happened?


Betty Page (right), Zollie (middle), and Lizzy (lower right) makes three …

We have an 11 year old Shitzu-Pomeranian mix (aka Sheranians) named Zollie who is my wife’s service-PTSD dog, one she got when she lived in Nebraska. He’s been a great, well-behaved, obedient small dog, but has heart issues and appears to be pretty close to the end. In our search last winter for a replacement PTSD dog, we learned that finding another Sheranian in the Western US is very difficult. But. thanks to a Sheranian Facebook page, we located one in Minneapolis. You might remember that last March we made a quick trip to Minneapolis to pick up Ms. Betty Page.

That’s when things went a bit awry, as Page ended up bonding to ME rather than my wife. Moreover, as Zollie’s health worsened, Page’s enthusiasm to play grew. Unfortunately, Zollie had been unable to keep up (his heart wants to play, but his heart just can’t do it). Page also seems to be much more needful of canine social interaction than Zollie ever was, as he is pretty independent.

Late last week the person from whom we got Page had another litter of pups. After considering the situation (the coming winter, the widening pandemic, Ann’s mother’s health, and Ann’s health), we decided that getting a full-sister for Page was a good idea. The problem was that a cold front had descended across the northern plains, making a ‘quick’ trip to Minneapolis across the northern route unpractical. But, there appeared to be a 5-day window of opportunity to make it taking the I-80 route (2000 miles almost exactly one way), which added a minimum of 6 hours (28 hours one way instead of 22 hours along the northern route) to the trip.

Additionally, Ann’s mother had been doing a little better (though still tethered to oxygen), at least well enough to allow us to make the trip. So, on Monday afternoon, we planned to begin our trek.

But, it being 2020, nothing could go as planned. For example, just a few hours before we were supposed to leave, Ann’s mother had to go back to the hospital for breathing issues (COPD, not COVID or Pneumonia related).

That meant I had to go on my own, along with Page, whom I hoped would help sooth the puppy on the way home. Now Page, who hasn’t travel too much with us yet, but is closely bonded to me, wasn’t altogether to happy about being in the Jeep after a couple hours of driving. Worse, she was never very settled at night in the motel rooms. We eventually concluded that disrupting “her pack”, meaning she missed Zollie and Ann, was more difficult for her than we expected. So, throughout the journey I was having to stop every hour and a half for potty breaks, food breaks, and general play. Worse, Page wasn’t settling or sleeping well in the jeep.


Betty Page and I early in the trip. You might notice my hair and beard are longer. With our lives pretty much shut down for the foreseeable future, I want to see if I can grow my hair long enough to donate it for a child’s wig. Why? Just for something different.

Meanwhile, after I left Tuesday, Ann’s mother’s doctor prescribed a 5-day stay at the hospital in hopes of getting Rose’s breathing under control. So, at the start of day three, Ann could hear the exhaustion in my voice and decided to fly to Minneapolis (one upside of the pandemic is cheap flights!). So, she got a same-day flight that landed just after I was expected to arrive in Minneapolis on Wednesday night.

Just minutes before Ann was supposed to fly out of Pasco, Ann learned the docs were releasing her mother. We believe they needed hospital beds for incoming COVID patients and, given Rose’s stage of life, they made the decision that she should just go home with meds and God speed to her (basically, that she’s expendable over younger patients at this point — I don’t envy the decisions that hospitals have and will be making over the coming months). So, our neighbor was drafted to pick up Rose at the hospital and bring her home.

Ann’s flight landed without a hitch. When she got into the jeep she still had on her mask and goggles (there’s evidence to suggest that the virus can be picked up through the eyes, though no studies have confirmed it).

We returned to our Minneapolis hotel room on Wed night around 10:00 pm, only to learn from the breeder that a big storm was expected to arrive Thursday morning. Crap! So, at 10:30pm, after I’d been driving since 3am, we made a mad dash north to go pick up the puppy. Thankfully, at that point, it was only raining.

We made it back to our hotel at 1am.

We knew we had to leave early Thursday morning to avoid the advancing storm (cold front coming from the north, wet and snow from the West, and rain from the south were all converging to dump nasty weather on Southern Minnesota). Despite grogginess, no food, and no coffee, we left Minneapolis at 8am just as freezing rain was dropping around us. That first hour driving south was a mix of freezing rain, snow, and vehicles. There were enough wrecks along the highway to keep driving speeds slow, so that was very much a relief. The snow finally shifted fully to rain an hour later at about Albert Pea, Minnesota.

Perhaps the best news is that Page and her sister, named “Lizzy” (Betty Paige had a younger sister named Elizabeth, hence “Lizzy”), bonded instantly and played/slept next to one another. That made the drive home much better.


Betty Page and Lizzy

For the most part, the weather was good. The drive out of Cheyenne on I-80 was a little dicey, as there was fog, ice, snow, and 10 degree temps. Also, our drive over Oregon’s Blue Mountains was full of blowing snow, but there was no ice and was sticking just yet. Given we did 4000 miles in 6 days with two dogs under the age of 1 year, the actual driving went pretty smoothly.

And, a tip. If you have a dog and need to stop near Rock Springs, Wyoming, check out their dog park (search Rock Springs dog park). It’s a nice, two paddock park.

2020-10-24-trip-to-minneapolis-Lizzy5 copy-lores

Me on the motel floor. These two Sheranians aren’t much help with the computer …

I’d hoped to do posts after returning home last night, but I was too exhausted to formulate sentences very well (not that any of my posts are Pulitzer Prize entries anyway).  This morning, I’ve already started on posts for Monday morning, so some sense of normality should resume (like anything has been normal in 2020 …).

Stay safe out there!

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1945 Article About Americans Out of Luck on Buying Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This article appeared in the June 19, 1945, issue of the Tucson Citizen out of Arizona. One bit of info mentions that a Chicago junk dealer bought “a small mountain” of smashed jeeps. Could that have been the King of Jeeps himself Hyrum Berg?


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Jeeps in Japan Given Facelifts

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

An article from January 4, 1947, in the Honolulu Advertiser (and other publications) shared the news that the Japanese were customizing jeeps for civilian use.


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Kristi KT-4G Snow Cat Salem, OR $20,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $20,000.

(08/12/2020) Marty spotted this rare (only one of two according to the seller) Krisit Company KT-4G Snow Cat. It uses a CJ-5 body with a Meyer hardtop.

“This is 1 of 2 ever produced KT-4G units

Perfect item for a snowcat collector who’s looking for a unique snowcat or a very rare Kristi cat, and Yes… this is a Jeep CJ cab on it, which makes it all that better and more rare – fitting in with your Jeep collection as well.

Running engine when parked few years ago, tracks still got life in them if one wanted to simply get it started and run it for a season or more. Some rust on floor pans, but nothing that cant be quickly fixed/repaired for upcoming seasons use, or put this machine through a proper restoration and make it a museum peace for everyone to envy.

Its very complete with all of the original parts, rest can be easily purchased at most auto-part stores.

Unit is not oversized, thus making it easy to transport and deliver”

kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-1 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-2 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-3 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-4

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1946 Ad in Alabama for the new ‘Jeep’

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles

This June 27, 1946, ad by the Little Motor Company in Alabama’s The Baldwin Times Bay  newspaper is one of the better full-page adds that I’ve seen.


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1946 Article About Buying a Jeep in Europe

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

It’s not clear to me who the author of this article is, but he describes the “red tape” he and other must overcome to purchase jeep in Europe.  His story appeared in the May 30, 1946, issue of the Tipton Daily Tribune out of Tipton, Indiana.

1946-05-30-tipton-tribune-indiana-buying-jeep-in europe-tough-lores

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1947 Photo and Caption About Search For American Graves

• CATEGORIES: Old Images

This photo shows a search party from the First Cavalry Division in Tokyo heading out to find graves of American soldiers and POWs. It appeared December 07, 1947, in the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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1946 Opening of Carl’s Motor Company in Wilmington, CA

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

UPDATE: Well, clearly the exhaustion got the best of me on this post. I thought this was a North Carolina story, when in fact it was a California story.

This November 11, 1946, article in the Wilmington Daily Press Journal highlights the opening of Carl’s Motor Company. I’d love to see an original of that photo.



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1946 Article on Jeeps (& etc) Keeping Docs Busy

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This article in the April 14, 1946, issue of the Daily Oklahoman, highlighted jeeps, among other issues, with causing injuries in Tokyo.


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June 1946 Surplus Jeep Sales w/ Serial Numbers

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features, Old News Articles

UPDATE: I’ve added high-resolution examples of each of these articles. You can download the zipped file here:

This is a cool find. It announces the first sale of jeeps to veterans in Hawaii for personal use (as well as business). There have got to be a few jeeps still around that originated at this surplus sale. This was published in the June 01, 1946, issue of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald (page 4). I’ve divided up the list into multiple images. At the bottom of this post is a link for the entire clipping.


First of three lists:1946-06-01-hawaii-tribune-herald-surplus-jeep-serial-number1

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FC-150 Outside Bar & Grill in Rawlins, WY

• CATEGORIES: Features

No Updates today, but Ann flew into MN and will accompany me back, so there should be some updates in a day or two.

While trying to locate a place for Betty Page to pee on the way to MN, I ran across this FC-150 outside Big City Bar & Grille in Rawlins, Wyoming.



And from this angle …


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Just a Few Updates Wed


I’m pretty sure there won’t be many updates between Wed and Sunday the way things are going. There’s lots of driving and lots of pup management.


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Jack & Doreen’s 1958 Wagon Trip from Australia to England

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Gil’s hoping to reconnect with he Shakespeare family, so I’m reposting this in the hopes some family member might see it.

Original Post January 18, 2017 — Bill shared the video below from Jack and Doreen Shakespeare. Together, the couple recount their 1958 journey in a late 40’s wagon from Australia to England. The trip took them 114 days. Fortunately for us, they filmed much of the trip. It’s a great story.

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1969 Jeep Wagoneer **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features

This 1969 Jeep Wagoneer was spotted by Dan. It’s already sold, but still worth a look:


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1952 M-38 Pittsburgh, PA $21,500

• CATEGORIES: M-38 • TAGS: , .

Bob asked me to list his M-38 that’s for sale. He’s got more pics, but I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to download them. You can contact him at 412 576 3325

“1952 M38 (MC35123). Frame off restoration. 24v (12v ignition). Includes locking hubs, directionals, rifle rack, 24v distributor, wires and spark plugs.”


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1954? CJ-5 Truck East Dorset, VT $12,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/12/2020) Here’s an unusual creation.

“Toyota 22R drive train, 4 link with coil overs, power steering , power brakes, leather interior, pro built. 5 speed, all new parts.”

1954-cj5-dorest-vt1 1954-cj5-dorest-vt2 1954-cj5-dorest-vt3