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Dec. 1945 Outdoor Life Magazine Story on the Jeep

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UPDATE: Originally Posted July 26, 2014. There is currently an issue for $7 on eBay.

The December 1945 Issue of Outdoor Life Magazine contained an article titled “A Jeep Will Get You There”. It is filled with photos of a VEC CJ-2A used for a fishing trip. The photos aren’t the best, but still an interesting article. Outdoor Life also featured the story on the front cover.


1945-12-outdoor-life-article1 1945-12-outdoor-life-article2 1945-12-outdoor-life-article3 1945-12-outdoor-life-article4 1945-12-outdoor-life-article5 1945-12-outdoor-life-article6 1945-12-outdoor-life-article7 1945-12-outdoor-life-article8

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1943 MB? Ellensburg, WA $3500


Has lots of mods.

“6 cylinder 1943 Willys Jeep 4wd New cover Good tires Great vehicle for hunting or to just go out in the mountains”

1943-mb-ellensburg-wa1 1943-mb-ellensburg-wa2 1943-mb-ellensburg-wa3 1943-mb-ellensburg-wa4

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1955 CJ-5 Tahuya, WA $2000


This has a ventilating windshield, early speedo (sometimes called a ‘silver face’.. up to serial # 49248 for the 5s, 1257 for the 6s), a PTO and other parts. It has doors (Koenig?), but I don’t see a top in the pics.

“All original, has extra fenders,hood, and some type of pto box? Has sat for a few years but ran before parked.”

1955-cj5-tahuya-wa01 1955-cj5-tahuya-wa0 1955-cj5-tahuya-wa1 1955-cj5-tahuya-wa2 1955-cj5-tahuya-wa3 1955-cj5-tahuya-wa4

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2 CJ-2As Daggett, CA $5500


The running one is a VEC. The parts jeep is a column shift.

“I have for sale 1 complete 1946-48 Willys Jeep and 1 parts Jeep, I also have some extra engine parts that i will throw in the deal. The complete Jeep runs and the engine was a brand new military crate motor that my father installed many years ago, the Jeep has been parked ever sense and only has a few miles on the new motor, $ 5,500 If you have any questions please PM, thanks.”

cj2as-daggett-ca0 cj2as-daggett-ca1 cj2as-daggett-ca2 cj2as-daggett-ca3

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1958 FC-170 Glenwood Springs, CO $17,000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/30/2020) Looks in good shape.

“1958 Willys FC170 Has a 59 Chevy 283 with a RARE T98 4 speed. Everything works and runs! Zero rust and bondo! Interior in progress. Have seen these going from $7k for a non running one up to $35k for a fully restored. MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER!”

1958-fc170-glenwoodsprings-co0 1958-fc170-glenwoodsprings-co1 1958-fc170-glenwoodsprings-co2 1958-fc170-glenwoodsprings-co3 1958-fc170-glenwoodsprings-co4

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1958 Wagon Hawthorne, CA $21,000

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This has a variety of updates.

“1958 Willy’s Wagon, 302 V8,two will drive, automatic transmission. Excellent condition”

1958-wagon-hawthorne-ca0 1958-wagon-hawthorne-ca4 1958-wagon-hawthorne-ca3 1958-wagon-hawthorne-ca2 1958-wagon-hawthorne-ca1

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Wagons & Trucks

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons


  1. 1961 Wagon Parkway Eatonville, WA $4800:
  2. 1953 Wagon Hull, MA $12,000:
  3. 1960 Wagon Virginia Beach, VA $2900:
  4. 2 Wagons White Haven, PA $1000:
  5. Early 1950s Sedan Delivery Shepherd, MT $3500: (listed as 1959)
  6. 1958 Wagon Lanoka Harbor, NJ $1900:
  7. 1954 Wagon Allentown, PA $10,500:
  8. 1950 Wagon Sacramento, CA $7250:
  9. 1959 Wagon Cloverdale, CA $3000:
  10. 1953 Wagon Gresham, OR $750:
  11. 1956 Wagon Orangevale, CA $5000:
  12. 1956 Wagon Los Angeles, CA $2200:
  13. 1963 Wagon Kingman, AZ $1500:
  14. 1962 Wagon Las Vegas, NV $38,000:


  1. 1949 Truck Waterloo, WI $18,500:
  2. 1962 Truck Rutland, VT $5500:
  3. 1950 Truck East Grand Forks, MN $3500: (nice bed setup)
  4. 1961 Truck Coos Bay, OR $8000:
  5. 1954 Truck Stayton, OR $12,500:
  6. 1951 Truck Boise, ID $4000:
  7. Year? Truck Tajique, NM $800:
  8. 1951 Truck Hailesboro, NY $800:
  9. 1954 Truck Roseburg, OR $13,000:
  10. 1955 Truck Burien, WA $10,000:
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1946 CJ-2A JeepRod Yuba City, CA $28,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Jeep Rods

Has anyone been following the sales of this type of hot rod jeep? Are buyers paying big bucks for them?


1946-cj2a-jeeprod-yubacity-ca1 1946-cj2a-jeeprod-yubacity-ca2

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1942 GPW Scio, OR $5500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/22/2020) TJ spotted this one. Has some mods.

“This is a 1942 Ford pu GPW Army Jeep. Runs and drives. Motor and tranny have been redone. Have all doors. Original top. Title in hand. This is a rare find. Only selling to put a new motor in my newer vehicle. Or we’d be keeping this gem. 5500 obo. Pm for questions. Please don’t tell me what I have or don’t have. I have the title and am going off what it says. You can come look just pm me to set up a time. Will consider offers and possible trades with cash”

1942-gpw-scio-or1 1942-gpw-scio-or2 1942-gpw-scio-or3 1942-gpw-scio-or4

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1946 CJ-2A West Sacramento, CA $3899


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/02/2020) Could be a good price.

“I’m selling a 1946 Jeep Willy’s Jeep. Registration expires 2021 No trades. Has a clean title”

1946-cj2a-sacramentoc-cali0 1946-cj2a-sacramentoc-cali1 1946-cj2a-sacramentoc-cali2 1946-cj2a-sacramentoc-cali3 1946-cj2a-sacramentoc-cali4

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Year? CJ-2A Dillon, MT For Street Bike


UPDATE: Price $6000 (no price originally).

(09/24/2020) Seller wants to trade for street bike. No info about the jeep provided.
1948-cj2a-dillon-mt-2 1948-cj2a-dillon-mt-1


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1955 JeepRod Rupert, ID $1000


This may have been a truck at one time.

“Custom built rat rod. Has been in various car shows. Had plans for it but dont have the time. Asking 1000 obo”

1955-jeeprod-rupert-id1 1955-jeeprod-rupert-id2

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1948 CJ-2A La Grande, OR $2500


I was surprised to see this still had an L-head engine. Between the running engine and tires, there may be value here.

“Obo, everything original obviously besides wheels and tires, it also runs and drives. The steering column is not in place but I have it that’s the only thing wrong with it p.m. me for more info or anything”


1948-cj2a-lagrande-or1 1948-cj2a-lagrande-or3


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1942 GPW Longmont, CO $6000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/13/2020) Seller is listing for a friend. Price negotiable. A P# is included on Facebook.

“Original Ford built Willies Jeep. All bolts have the “F” on them. I don’t see a motor and trans with it, the owner may have one somewhere. In rough shape but still restorable. Listing for a friend: Price is negotiable. For details call owner.”

1942-gpw-longmont-co1 1942-gpw-longmont-co2

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1944 Photo of Jeeps in Mud Advancing on Germany

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This photo of a couple jeep maneuvering through mud and over a series of logs was published in the  October 14, 1944, issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


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Western JEEP Toy Ads on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, toys

UPDATE: Here are three Western JEEP toy ads on eBay.

1. This ad appeared in the May 1946 issue of Toys and Novelties. It looks to be an early ad for the Western Jeep. I didn’t realize it was manufactured out of Seattle.

View all the information ebay


2. This ad appeared in the Playthings Magazine in September of 1946. It announced that the Western Jeep had proven too popular and was sold out. There was a kiddie ride called the Western Jeep that look like it used this style of jeep (see post below this one).

View all the information on eBay


3. This ad appeared most likely in a 1946 issue of Toys and Novelties. The seller of this ad is purposefully obscuring the date and magazine, so it isn’t clear whether when this ad was published.

View all the information on ebay



4. This ad appears in a 1947 magazine, probably Toys and Novelties. It announced a new low price (though the price of the ad on eBay is anything but low):

View all the information on eBay

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1951 CJ-3A Luverne, MN $6900


I can’t tell if the floors have thick paint or a little bit of fiberglassing/body liner under the paint. Overall looks solid.

1951-cj3a-luverne-mn01 1951-cj3a-luverne-mn0 1951-cj3a-luverne-mn1 1951-cj3a-luverne-mn2“I know this isn’t a Jeep Wrangler but I was not given the option of picking Willys. So, up for sale is a 1951 Willys CJ3A. I have owned this jeep since 2006 when I picked it up as a fixer upper project. I have completed 95% of the restoration and have used it some in the meantime. I have spend many hours on it and have replaced a lot of parts over the years. Continue reading

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1947 CJ-2A Trumbull, NE $7850


Has a variety of updates. Includes a trailer.

“1947 Jeep Willys, Chevy 4.3L V-6, 5.38:1 gears, Automatic, 35″ Baja tires, Dual exhaust, Winch, Windshield folds down, (2) 5′ LED Whip lights, Trailer included.”

1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne0 1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne1 1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne2 1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne3 1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne4 1947-cj2a-trumbull-ne5

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Three FC-170s Emporia, KS $7500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Seems worth a look. Unclear if any run.

“I have three Willys FC pickups one money takes all three trucks”

3-fc170s-emporia-ks1 3-fc170s-emporia-ks2 3-fc170s-emporia-ks3

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1949 Jeepster Emery, SD $13,900

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster • TAGS: .

Appears solid.

“1949 Willy’s Jeepster, 3 speed on the tree, runs good, licensed for SD. Car is in Emery SD.”

1949-jeepster-emery-sd1 1949-jeepster-emery-sd2 1949-jeepster-emery-sd3 1949-jeepster-emery-sd4

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1945 MB? Springfield, OR No Price


Lots of mods. I’d be surprised if this was “plated” as having served in Pearl Harbor during WWII (obviously wouldn’t have arrived until sometime in 1945 at the earliest if it is a 1945).

1945-mb-springfield-or-2 1945-mb-springfield-or-3 1945-mb-springfield-or-4

“One of a kind. 1945 Jeep. 6 inch lift. On 35s. Full arb air lockers in each axle. On board air compressor and air tank for tires also. Custom roll cage. CD player. Has soft top and doors all in good condition. I’ve owned this for over 10 years. My boys are beginning to out grow it. So thinking I may sell this. Or trade it. It runs great. Plenty of power. 4 speed manual. Dual transfer case. Warn winch. Everything works except the speedo but I just go with flow of traffic. Not sure how to put a price on such a rare unique piece of American history. Plated and documented it’s been in Pearl Harbor. World war 2. So I’m taking offers. I paid 8k for this and have put in a few grand over the years for suspension and tires are new. Mileage is unknown”


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General Supply Generator w/ Willys Engine Coquille, OR $350

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Blainse shared this General Supply Company generator. More on these here.

“Portable Air Compressor
General Supply Company 260 gasoline powered air compressor.
Jeep 4-cylinder engine.
Has not been started in a few years, so will require some TLC.”

general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or0 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or2 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or3 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or4

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1967 FJ-6 Fleet Van Denver, CO $12,500


UPDATE: Was priced at $12,500.

(10/30/2020) This isn’t running at the moment.

“I have a very cool and rare Jeep Willys Fleet Van for sale. These vehicles went into production in the sixties for the use by the USPS. The van was bought to fix up and then COVID. It did start and run, but it has been sitting for several months and does not start now. It has an airbag suspension system that works and raises and lowers the vehicle. This is van will turn heads everywhere you go. Just needs some love. Let me know if you have any questions.”

1967-fj6-denver-co1 1967-fj6-denver-co2 1967-fj6-denver-co3 1967-fj6-denver-co4

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1946 CJ-2A Murdock, NE $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000

(11/16/2020) Runs and drives, but has some floor patches.

1946-cj2a-murdock-ne1 1946-cj2a-murdock-ne2 1946-cj2a-murdock-ne3 1946-cj2a-murdock-ne4

“Willys CJ2A, 134 go devil, t90 & dana 18, new fuel system including new poly tank and carb, 2.5″ rancho lift kit, NEW set (4) 32 x 9.5 super swamper tsl’s on new wheels, new set (5) 31 x 10.5 good year wranglers on new wheels, new rear drive shaft, new aluminum radiator & electric fan, new oil pressure, water temp, voltage gages. Original grill guard installed. Big boy rear fender mod, moves seat back 5″ Needs re wired (bare minimum now), i have new speed way wiring kit, just needs installed Needs front drive shaft. Runs great, brakes work, steering is good, floors and tub really good shape. Clear title. Would trade for TJ. Very good runner. Less than 60″ wide so legal for most local ATV trails. $5k, OBO.”

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1951 CJ-3A Ponca City, OK $3800


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/21/2020) This appears to have the Gov data plate on the dash. I think those are Renegade rims?

“Ex Navy vehicle 85% stock Still has a navy id plate on it.”

1951-cj3a-poncacity-ok1 1951-cj3a-poncacity-ok2