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1948 CJ-2A Whittier, CA **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_whittier2UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $5500

I can’t tell much from this photo.

“1948 Willys flatfender Jeep. Bowtie Willys V8, Winch, BFGoodrich 31″ mud terrain w/ matching spare tire, 2″ receiver towbar, Hate to sell it, just had a baby…. you know the story… $5,500 OBO”


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Builds: Randy shares his Jeeps, Family & Animals

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Randy emailed me this morning with some great family pics.  Here’s a little bit about Randy and a variety of pics.  He says we can expect a few irregular reports from the Austin area as he often spots flatfenders around there.

I learned how to drive in a ’48 CJ2A when I was 12 years old and thus started my “addiction” to Willys.  I’m now 54 and still love ’em.  I moved to the Austin TX area a few years back and have a small ranch; So, of course, I knew what I needed in terms of utility vehicles.  I have a ’48 CJ2A that is all original and records for it since 1967.  The hardtop and extended bed are from a company in Houston, both are Koenig. I’ve not seen another Willys with the extended bed
[ED NOTE:  Here’s some info about extended beds from the CJ-3B Page]. I use the ’48 to go to the feed store and drive around town.

My other jeep is a ’54 CJ3B which is non licensed.  It’s a bit rough, but starts and drives great.

I have attached a picture of the Eifel Tower I took a couple years ago in the Crown Room in Paris.  It’s a picture of a picture.

As I was deciding what pics to send I discovered I have MANY pics of different family members, friends, animals and more with a Willys in them.  It seems I just realized my Jeeps are indeed a part of the family. The jeeps earn their keep and are always a hit.  I’ve taught a number of young folks how to drive a standard in these, and hope in some way I have started a passion for Willys as it did for me some 42 years ago!

Here’s Randy’s pic of a pic from Paris:


Here’s Randy and his jeeps:





View more pics — click the link below —

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Builds: Jim finds a Mouse & More

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Jim, take it away … (thanks for sharing!)

Got a call today.  Guy says,”I hear you like willys jeeps?” Yep, that sounds like me I thought. He said,”I have one here with flat fenders, all original, hasn’t been started in a while, will probably need a battery, some tires, gas.” Sounds like my kinda deal I thought, then I asked the fatal question,”when was it last run running?” “Oh, maybe 30-35 years ago when I was a kid,” he said.

Wow, it had been sitting in the same spot in a field on a fence line for so long that the diffs were touching the ground and part of all 4 rims and tires were 6-8 inches under ground. The 8000 lb warn winch on my trailer wound up pretty damn tight for a few seconds and then the whole jeep “popped” up and out of the ground as if it had sat on a tack!

2 trash bags of old carpet, wood, leaves, clumps of moss (yes, moss) rotted tools, a rusty hunting knife, 3 hornets nest and one poor little very unhappy wet field mouse later [ed note: see last pic]  I found some very decent floor boards, perfect hat channels underneath, factory paint still on the frame, a surprisingly straight body, all stock everything and a super trashed windshield frame, but I have a spare here at the cabin.

The owner said they parked it originally cause it needed a fuel pump; so, what do you want to bet I will be driving this old rig in a few weeks? A lot of fun for an afternoon of flat fender hunting!  Cocktail time to celebrate!

PS. my sincere apologies to the owners of the carwash I spent $10 at to remove the worst of the goo; sorry bout the mess …… serial number CJ2A 211636





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1947 Truck Portland, Or $1500 — Pristine?

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This truck is in PRISTINE CONDITION?  Maybe I’m confused about what “pristine” means? Nope, I’m not wrong. Stock & Raw might be a better description.  The price looks good.

“1947 Willy’s PU Truck. 90% Original, runable. 265 Chevrolet 6 cylinder engin runs. 4 wheel drive. H-Lo Range. Body Complete, Extra Doors, Tailgate (original). Vehicle is in pristine condition. Ready for customizing or restoration.”


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1942 MB Queensbury, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,500.

“1942 willys MB “army jeep”. Completely restored 6 years ago. ONLY only 500 miles since rebuild.
steel tub, fenders, w/shield frame, hood, grill, seat pads, tires, gages, wire harnes, breaks, gas tank, all lines, master cyl, inner and outer tie rods etc etc etc.  REBUILT: 1946 cj-2 engine top to bottom, block line bored, turned crank, new pistones/rings, valves, carb, cam. Radiator recored used oe tanks.
Front and rear end completely gone though w/new seals and bearings.  Starter. both front and rear drive shaft(propeller shafts). Transmission and tranfer case.  spring rebuilt.  FRAME: straightened, frame hornes correctly repaired, rear x-member replaced. EVERY THING IS EITHER NEW OR REBUILT BUMPER TO BUMPER, TIRES TO WINDSHIELD AND STEERING.  IF IT IS NOT MENTIONS I JUST FOR GOT TO LIST IT. ANY ONE LOOKING TO BUILD ONE KNOW HOW MUCH TIME AND MONEY GOES INTO A FULL RESTO.  there are a decent amount of gpw parts on the engine  *********************************** PLEASE : NO TIRE KICKERS, NO LOW BALLERS, I DO NOT “NEED THE MONEY”.  ORIGINALLY BUILT THE JEEP FOR MY DAD(WWII VET), HE IS GETTING A LITTLE OLDER TO ENJOY IT ANY MORE.”


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1949 Truck Ashburnham, Ma $1000

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This comes with a snow plow, but I was curious if this is a tow truck as well?

“Willys jeep 1 ton pickup , flat 6 3speed. turns over but have not got it running. comes with a plow. Would have to be trailered. Asking a $1,000 dollars for it or best offer.”


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1950 Jeepster Carlsbad, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“You are looking at an absolute classic 1950 Willy’s Jeepster that has been beautifully restored. The Willy’s has been completely gone through from top to bottom. Please take a look at the album that I have created on Flickr.”





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1951 Wagon Vacaville, Ca $3600

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Lots of pics of this wagon.

“This is the Willys Jeep that we have for sale. It is a 1951 2WD wagon & it still has it’s original L-Head (Flat head) engine. It has a new hwad gasket & ARP head studs. It also has a slightly more modern carburator. The transmission is the original 3-speed & it is equipped with the optional factory overdrive. The tires are new. The paint looks nice from a reasonable distance (I painted it & I am not a professional by any means) The seats have been redone & so has the headliner. If you are looking for a runnig classic to really turn some heads (& tinker with a bit) – this is it! now keep in mind it’s 57 years old & requires a bit of attention. :)”



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1947 CJ-2A Tyler, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

“Reconditioned in 2006. Runs good and is in good condition. Was sand blasted , primed, and painted. The jeep has new tires, new brakes all around, new master cylinder, new muffler, replaced all gauges, recover seats, installed seat belts, rhino lined interior, new gas tank, new carberator, new fuel pump, new distributor, new coil, rebuilt starter, replaced battery, has a bikini top, and new radiator. Great for the deer lease or ranch.”1947_cj2a_tyler

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1947 CJ-2A Southwest Montana $2000


1947_cj2a_montanaI can’t tell if this is running or not.

“Great little project, runs & drives same family for years stored inside & use to pull the boat up. Notarized bill of sale $2000 406-660-0115”

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1943 CJ-3A (?) Rawlins, Wy $600


1948_cj2a_rawlinsUPDATE:  The price has dropped to $600.  This is looks like a good price.  It even runs (if you hook up the gas tank).

Either the year or the model is wrong.  I’m gonna guess this is either a highly mashed jeep (maybe a 43 frame with CJ-3a body parts and a CJ-2A windshield) or a 1948-9 CJ-2A.

“1943 cj3a with the orignal 4 cyl f head engine. gas tank is unhooked but it runs if you hook it up again. most mechanical work has been taken care of and it has several new parts. everything other than the suspention is original as far as i can tell.the body needs work and so does the interior, but if your looking for a cool old jeep and a great project this is the jeep for you. if you have any questions feel free to call me at 307-321-0612 I can deliver, but it will cost gas and milage.

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1959 DJ-3A Miami, Fl $950


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $950.

(10/10/09) Here’s a DJ-3A stick shift with a tailgate that doesn’t have 4 wheel drive.  Frankly, I’m not sure what’s stock and what’s not here.  If it is all stock, it’s an interesting find.

“1959 Jeep Willys Overland DJ3A, 4X2, stickshift in the column, new carburetor, needs a gas tank, has some rust but can be fixed. Was running recently with a plastic tank. 786-556-3668.”


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Tender Discussion

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UPDATE 3: The eWillys Israel bureau is hot on the trail of the ‘Tender’.  Another set of pics was accompanied by the following update.

Here’s what he Googled in Hebrew: “A man named Efraim Eilin had a vision of an Israeli car industry. In 1950 he made partnership with Kaizer Enterprises and in 1951 he opened the Kaizer-Eilin  assembly plant. The plant[S] made more then 100,000 cars [Kaiser Frazer, Dofin Renolt, kontesa , Lark Studibaker…] and at some point the plant export was 28% of all the Israeli exports! I couldn’t  find info on the Willys  except that they made the panel, the wagon and the pick-up [we say: ‘Tender’].  All the body parts were made in Israel in another plant in Israel; so, I guess that the trucks  used the low part of the panel/wagon + special design for the back as an original Kaiser-Eilin. The Willys had 2 engines: 2199 cc 4 cylinder  and 3770 cc 6 c‘”




And here’s a special Willys Police Wagon (here’s the page for our Hebrew readers):


As I note in the comments to this post, a couple days ago I did a number of searches (and found some interesting truck sites that I will include in upcoming posts), but I found no references to the ‘Tender’ or ‘high back’ trucks.  If anyone knows anything about them, please let me know.

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Flatfender Everglades City, Fl $3200

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This is unusual.  I can’t say I’ve seen a grille like that.  the light placement is a bit odd, too.

“willys jeep. street legal. title in hand. brand new super swamper tires. 304 amc v8 in it. very strong motor. need to sale. 3200 cash or trade for motorcycle. some rust to body and frame. call 239-910-1075 or email for additional info or pics”


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PTO Upton, Ma $375


Need a PTO?

Complete Power Take Off unit originally designed for 80″ wheelbase jeeps (CJ2A, CJ3A, and CJ3B). Bolts right up to Spicer/Dana 18 transfer case. Includes shifter assembly, driveshaft, and bumper assembly with safety guard. Also includes homemade extension to install on 81″ wheelbase jeeps like CJ5 and FC-150 (CJ5s from 1955-1971. Rubber boots on driveshaft are in good condition. Data plate says “Spicer Mfg Co. Model 18H Serial 67237″. All parts move free and are in good condition. Located in Upton, MA.  Mark.  cell 603-498-6516.”


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1948 Jeepster Phoenix, Az $2000

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I’m not seeing the top, but otherwise this might be a good price.

Excellent shape. All Original. Body is totally straight and no rust. Floor pans in good shape. 602-434-1404.”


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1964 CJ-5 Santa Ana, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

Apparently, the Transfer Case could use some work.  Otherwise, this looks like a good price for this CJ.

“1964 jeep cj5 , 4 cil ,4 spd trans,engine is in top condition starts right up,but it does need transfer case work.”


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Fiberglass Front Clip Cle Elum, Wa Make Offer

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It looks brand new.

fiberglass front end for flatfender.  robert 509-260-1130″


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1947 CJ-2A Pekin, Il eBay


Here’s a nicely restored CJ-2A.

“This is a 1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A; I purchased this jeep from an individual in 2003 and spent until 2006 restoring it; I stripped it down to the bare frame and started all over from the beginning; it has the original frame, but has been beefed up in the spots that were rusted; all new springs, shocks, brakes, brake cylinders, brake lines, master cylinder, rebuilt entire steering system, steering is nice and tight; original rims with new tires and a spare; front and rear axle are original, but completely rebuilt; engine has been completely overhauled and runs perfect; new exhaust system;  ….”

View all the pics on eBay



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1947 CJ-2A … Now living in NJ


1947_cj2a_monroeUPDATE: Rick found this in Sultan via ewillys and had it shipped to NJ.  It’s a gret looking flattie.

“Very clean flat fender! NO RUST! 4.1 liter Buick v6, t18 4spd, Dana 18tc, warn overdrive, 5.38 with lockers front and rear, Dana 44 rear and 30 front, GM power steering, 10k warn upright winch, both tops, full and half doors, GM tilt column, full roll cage, painless wiring harness, updated gauges, boxed frame, reinforced tub, like new radial swampers, on board air with tank in rear bumper, WORKING heater, aluminum radiator, line lock, 11″ brake conversion”


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1 truck & 2 parts trucks Rockland, ME **SOLD**

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1955_3trucks_rocklandUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was Free

Here’s a seller who wants all this to go to a single buyer.  There’s an entire plow setup.  If there’s an overdrive in all this, then this might be a deal worth investigating.  Besides, it’s got a cool flashy light.

“Okay, I haven’t been able to sell them, so I’m willing to give them to some who will take them all. The green ’55 was running till a few years ago, but it really needs a complete restoration now.”

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t-90 with OD Vashon, Wa $250

• CATEGORIES: OD Borg Warner/Rancho

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $250

Overdrive’s don’t appear too often.  Here’s a chance to snag a rare Borg Warner overdrive.  Most of the overdrives that appear for sale are the Warn/Saturn style overdrive, which mount behind the input shaft of the transfercase.  The Borg Warner overdrive mounts along the output shaft (or better put, intercepts the output shaft).  Learn more about overdrives here.

“willys transmission transfer case and electric o.d. and adapter plate to bolt a ford 302cid or a 289cid bell housing too transmission is a t-90 3speed and the transfercase is a t-18 300.00 206-948-3213”

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1958 CJ-3B Lamar, Mo eBay


UPDATE:  A reader noted that it’s got a L-Head engine for some strange reason.

This is a nice, solid looking CJ-3B.

“This is a 1958 Jeep Willys High Hood, it’s my grandpa’s jeep, and it is in very good condition.  Starts right up, and the engine runs good.  Tires are in great condition, tred is all there.  The interior isnt very old, maybe 6 years or so. This jeep has been kept in storage the whole time he’s had it.  Unless you count the occasional 4 mile trip to another garage.  Please call my grandpa for questions, he will know more about it.  His number is 417-682-6578, please only call after 5 pm central time.”

View all the pics on eBay



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Glass Jeep North Ft Myers, Fl $15


UPDATE:  price dropped to $15

I’ve never seen one of these.  It looks sort of like a flattie …

“-4 1/2” long
-“willys” is embossed in hood
-“Jeep” is embossed on sides
-bottom has- J.H. Millstein Co.
Jeannette, PA
-I think these glass collectibles had candy in them originally
-left rear tire is broken off at the body line
-driver sits in the center of the seat
-cool jeep collectible item
-To see our other items for sale click here
-call (239) 218-1320 for appointment -see picture below


To Top – It’s a Jeep Thing “only bigger”

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I’m attempting to find a website that discusses this Willys/Jeep Truck/Van thingy.  My guess, based on our reader from Israel, is that this is an international vehicle.

So far, I have had no luck finding information about it.  However, in the process of my search, I did stumble upon a great website about Trucks:  There are features, trucks and parts for sale, a comprehensive links page, and more.