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An old Willys in the Afghan Desert

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I happily received an email today from the eWillys Afghan bureau (I didn’t even know I had one).  Here’s what our intrepid ‘reporter’ Lt. Buck wanted to share with all of us.  Thanks Buck!

We were out on patrol outside of Pol-e-charki Afghanistan the other day when we came across a Soviet-era junkyard behind some hills. It was full of all kinds of random things including airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, tanks and Russian knock-offs of DUKWs and Ford SEEPs. In and amongst this was something I think you and your website viewers would love. A mid-1950s 2-door Willys 4wd Wagon with the data plates intact (which I unscrewed and put on my wall)! Not much left to save and needless to say it’s not for sale, unless you want to pay the Taliban.








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How to reseat a Tire == WD40 + flame

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UPDATE: Christopher found the YouTube link for us.  Thanks!

My Uncle Phil sent this to me.  You gotta see this video. It appears a driver has a tire that lost its bead on the rim.  To re-seat it, someone sprayed WD-40 (I think) onto the rim and then lighted it, which causes the tire to explode onto the rim.

Download the WMV version of the video

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1964 CJ-6 Sacramento, Ca $3500


1964_cj6_sacramentoThis is a good price for nice looking CJ-6.  They aren’t too easy to find.

“1964 Willys Jeep. Ford 302 runs good, new soft top and doors bought last year. adjustable seat, and title wheel, all lights work, wench works but not hooked up. $3,500.00 OBO
Serious enquirers only. You can email me or call 916-214-2839 please leave your name and number.No test drive because of no insurance and nono-op reg, can drive back and forth in the drive way.”

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1942 MB/GPW Tenino, Wa $1800


1942_mb_teninoI’m not sure if this runs?  It looks like there’s been some work on the body as one of the driver side cutouts is missing.

“Body Style ASM2D.  Need a project? Well here it is! It’s an oldie but could really be a goody!
LOCAL ONLY! CASH ONLY!! please contact me at please use ONLY “JEEP” or CRAIGSLIST” in SUBJECT LINE . Thank you.”

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Best Beer in America


I always love maps.  I even use them once in a while.  The maps at this blog, Strangemaps, are, well, all over the map in their purposes, usefulness, and creativity.

The other day I ran across this ‘Best Beer‘ map.  Having lived in Utah, and still fond of the state, I was sure it would rank as pretty dry state, but given it’s population, the map suggests it holds its own pretty well (though there are some good beers there, producers are limited to beers with 3.2% alcohol).  Despite this hurdle, companies like Wasatch Beers, with slogans like ‘bring some home to the wives’ and beers such as ‘Polygamy Porter‘ (Why just have one?), are popular around the Salt Lake Valley.

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Roll Cage Tubing in Northwest


bluejeep_inprogress_cageAnyone know any deals on roll cage tubing in the northwest (washington, oregon, idaho)?  I need to get cracking on my cage.  I’ll be up in Seattle for a week over the 4th for sure, though I could be up as soon this weekend if someone has a line on tubing.  Somewhere I’ve got the measurements for what I need, but I need enough for a cage similar to what I had for my last cage, shown to the right.

Thanks, Dave

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My Build — More progress


I made some more progress today, including hooking up the gas filler, attaching the rubber wheel well thingys, installing the choke and some other minor additions.  I’m just about ready to fire up the engine.


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1943 GPW Windham, ME **SOLD**


1943_gpw_windhamUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

Looks nice.


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1951 CJ-3A Princeton, NC **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_princetonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2799

It’s run and a bit rusty.

“This jeep has seen better days, but being a serious Jeep buff, you can see through the rust and multiple layers of Bondo and paint …. The jeep does run and was recently deemed roadworthy by North Carolina standards with the addition of electric turn signals. Apparently a seatbelt isnt required because it doesnt have one on either seat”


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1945 GPW Weatherford, TX **SOLD**


1945_gpw_weatherfordUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

“1945 Ford/Willys CJ2 4WD JEEP, original VIN and ID tag on dash, clean Texas title, no rust, John Deere green paint, starts first time EVERYTIME, tow ready, tagged as antique vehicle, original engine and transmission, great ranch, hunting, or deer lease rig. This cool old jeep is a lot cheaper than a new 4-wheeler, and will also carry 4 people with cooler ! She looks runs and drives great for being 64 years old and you will not be disappointed in her performance! $4500 OBO!  Please call me or e-mail me at work.”

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1953 CJ-3A Trimble, Mo $5500


1953_cj3a_trimbleThis looks in good shape, but sports a CJ-3B windshield.

“1953 willys jeep will trade for atv, buggy,zeroturn mower, boat ,send pic thanks.”

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1946 CJ-2A Fargo, ND **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_fargoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

It’s got the column shifter and a VIN of 30296 according to the seller.  The body looks rough along the edges.

“46 jeep CJ-2a Willys. Early 1946 (SN:30296) with column shift. L head engine in running condition. Needs new Starter. Body in restorable condition. JeeTop aluminum top. Needs brakes. Transmission/transfer case in good condition. Would be an excellent jeep to restore.”

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1942 MB/GPW Oregon Coast, Or $2650


1942_mb_oregoncoastNote the interesting modifications to the grille.

“This is a Jeep that I purchased a little while back. I was going to restore it to look like the old Military Jeeps. It features a one of a kind grill which has two half vents on each side, as well as 4 indicator lights, instead of just 2. This one has a tailgate, which I think may not be original. It has the flathead motor or the “Go Devil” motor. The other parts of the drivetrain, I believe are original. The body has a military style dash, with the military style glovebox….”

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1945 VEC CJ-2A Goffstown, NH $1500


1945_cj2a_goffstownUPDATE:  Now available for $1500. Mike has left some important notes about this CJ-2A.  Apparently, it’s more likely a ’46 than a ’45.  Thanks Mike!

There’s been some body work that has obscured one of the two driver-side indents.  It still has the column shifter. It’s sort of running.

“This is a 1945 Willys CJ2A with all the matching tags. It is serial number 11752 which means it was the 1752 CJ2A made in 1945 out of a total of 1824 for that year and it is the 1752 CJ ever built. This is a project but certainly can be put back into shape. There aren’t too many of these 1945 CJ’s left around. It has the 3 speed on the column which seems to work as it should. The head and valves were pulled by the previous owner because of a broken valve guide. He said that it ran fine before. It does turn over freely and seems to have good compression and no strange noises. I believe I have all the engine parts but you know how that goes, so please plan on something missing…..”

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1960 FC-170 Pittsfield, MA **SOLD**

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1960_fc170_pittsfieldUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

“1960 willys 170 cabover 4 cyl flathead. was a flatbed plow truck. rearend is rusted, needs body work. runs good and yard drives.

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1953 CJ-3B Austin, TX **SOLD**


1953_cj3b_austinUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

It appears someone got a good deal on a parts jeep or project.  This sold very quickly.

“The Good – 53 willys Jeep, late 60’s Olds V-6 motor – the motor and drivetrain seems tight and good. It is complete, was driven until 2000. Will need to be thoroughly checked out after being parked for so long. Rollbar is in good shape. Have the original owners Oregon Title, I got the vehicle from her son when I bought his house. The bad – no keys, the throttle pedal needs to be re-attached to floorboard, did I mention the brakes – need rebuild. Kids shot the windshield glass w/BB gun 2×3 times, tires are OLD, will probably need a distributor. It needs seats, the old seats are trashed. It has some cancer, but the diamond plate covers it well.”

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1952 M-38 Turlock, CA **SOLD**


1952_m38_turlockUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1700.


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1952 M-38 Lynden, Wa $6000


1952_m38_lyndenUPDATE:  Still available.  Better pics.

The bumper doesn’t look stock.  For the price, it’s a bit rough.

“1952 Willys Jeep M38. 4 Cylinder Flathead. Has top and doors, no windshield. Runs and drives great! $6000 obo.”

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1950 CJ-3A Steamboat Springs, Co ebay


1950_cj3a_steamboatUPDATE:  It’s now on eBay

“1950 Jeep Willys for sale. Runs great.New paint, top and seat covers.15,000 miles. Stored inside.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Brian’s new ‘free’ flattie


Brian just got this beauty in a direct trade for an old car he had planned to drop off at the junk yard.  Just check out the beautiful work done on the steering mechanism.  It’s one of a kind.  The body is fiberglass, though it has a couple features I don’t recognize, such as the angle cut from the dashboard down to the passenger door opening, the flaring, and the gap between the fenders and the cowl (which I suspect means there has been some cutting of the body there).

Brian writes:  “Here is the jeep the kid will trade me for a 98 Ford Contour straight across. Contour runs/drive needs brake and tires. It has rusted out rockers Anne and I were going to drive it down to the junk yard and leave it. (Not expecting any money for it.) Note the gap between fender and tub?? I like the how they dropped the pitman arm (yikes). Nice shackles, lol.   Looks like it has the D-18 and offset 44 & original engine and transmission. Does not run.




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1947 CJ-2A Natick, Ma $1800


1947_cj2a_natickIt appears to be a good price.  I kinda wonder why it’s been bought and sold on craigslist so often.

“Nice old jeep! Runs great! goes through all speeds high and low range 12v converted.
tub in original patched up shape flat head 4 cyl brakes work great. It’s been on craigslist a few times. each owner has put a little more work into it. I don’t have a title or vin tag. excelent for parts with bill of sale. ”

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1954 CJ-3B Durango, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Congrats Jim!

This is another nice makeover by Jim.  It’s been sold (see comments)

“… Extremely original factory stock drive train, 4 cylinder F head, 3 spd transmission, model 18 transfer case, 6 volt electrical. Starts right up, engine is quiet, smooth, no smoke, runs, drives, steers, stops great, everything works as it should. Originally from Arizona desert so no rust, none, zero, body, floorboards, frame etc. are all completely rust free.  New military canvas seats, 5 days old ….”

View all the pics on ebay


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1957 DJ-3A? Salt Lake City, Ut $2500


1957_dj3a_saltlakeIt looks like it has surface rust, but nothing indicates rust that’s too terrible.

“1957 Willys. 4X4 with original 4cyl. RUNS. Needs some TLC. 3spd std with Hi and Lo range. Serious buyers only.”

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1958 CJ-3B Chaplin, Ct $1250


1958_cj3b_chaplinUPDATE: Price dropped to $1250

“1958 Willys CJ3B. Runs. 32″ Coopers. Superlift suspension, lock out hubs. Needs a little TLC Email: Phone: 860-455-1013”

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My Build – Front brake brackets


Because the frame is about 8″ higher than stock and due to the frame changes, I had to reroute the brake lines underneath the frame rather than through the middle of the frame.  Another advantage of this system is that I can use standard CJ-5 flexible brake lines, which reduces my costs. I considered a variety of bracket ideas, but finally developed the following:

These two brackets were cut from flat steel,  drilled and then bent.


Next, I put it against the frame to figure out the exact position.


Next, I welded them to each side of the frame. You can’t see it from the pic, but I drilled a hole near the bottom of the bracket so I could fill in the hole and weld the bracket to the frame. I also welded the top of the bracket to the frame.



And here’s the passenger side with paint and everything tightened.