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1947 CJ-2A Apache Junction, AZ **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_apachejunctionUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5750.

This CJ-2A looks well built.  The chev 350 and radiator are neatly placed into the engine compartment without modifying the fenders. It’s got a good looking roll cage as well.

“47 Willys. 350 crate with a 350 turbo trans. 4.27 detroit locker with 33×12.5 BFG. Asking $5750.00 OBO”

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1957 FC-150 Rossiter, PA eBay

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

1957_fc150_rossiterThe outside this Forward Control looks good to me.  Certainly, it needs interior work though.

“You are bidding on a 1957 Jeep Willys FC150. It is a 4 cylinder with a 3 speed manual transmission. The odometer reads 38,000 miles. It was originally from Arizona and has been in Pa. for the past few years. Needs finished – would make a good project. Comes with an extra frame w/drivetrain, extra motor and other misc. parts. We are listing this for a friend, so please do not email questions. You may contact the owner directly at 814-938-0278 after 3pm.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Problems solved & site back on track


UPDATE: AHA!  Somehow, I had changed the file permissions on a single folder, which apparently caused some havoc with the ajax comments, maps, the contact form and more.   It took a while to hunt it down the problem (probably because I was half watching tv too). While messing around, I took the opportunity to do some general maintenance as well, which is always good.

So, I’ll pick back up Monday late afternoon with a story on the very rare MB half-tracks and information about more rare jeeps owned by Fred Smith of the UK.

– Dave

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Builds – Edgar Nave’s “zooped” up MB


edgar_mb_europeYeah, I know, the “zooped” part is a stretch, but the site has some cool WWII pics.  It appears the pages related to Edgar are part of a ‘Nave’ family album.  The part of the story I like is that fact that Edgar drove a jeep as a courier and personnel transport later in the war effort in France. His jeep was fixed up with an aluminum housing and a manifold heater, and he says it could outrun any jeep in the outfit. It was quite popular with officers who wanted transportation. They wouldn’t let the jeep go unless he went with it so he got to take a good many trips.  There’s some interesting pictures of stuff found laying  around France (shot down planes for example).

Now, I’m not sure exactly how those features made the jeep faster, if they did, but it’s a good story 🙂

Here’s the link to the Edgar Nave Pics

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2 Super Terra Mud/ Sand tires Scappoose, Or $325

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

tires_scappooseI’d say this is a pretty good price as I dont’ see many of these for sale.

“I have a pair of Goodyear Super Terra tires in great shape. They are 31 inches tall and 15 1/2 inches wide, they are mounted on a set of 15 inch by 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern steel wheels that were just powdercoated. These tires are the 4 ply version which means when the air pressuse is low the sidewalls will flex unlike the 8 ply industrial tires. These tires work great in mud or sand. These will bolt on to Jeeps, Broncos, Fords, Internationals and others that share the same bolt pattern. Thanks Robert 503-543-3644”

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1942 GPW Bloomington, Mn eBay


1942_gpw_bloomingtonHere’s a good looking GPW with plenty of Ford script parts.  It’s not all original as the author notes within the ad.

” …. Now I’m not a wrench turner, but this jeep runs great , I have owned it for about 3 years and have only put in a battery and changed the fuel filter. I have had no other problem with it besides the normal spotting of oil underneath it. Starts right up with choke pulled out and a tap of gas, no knocks or ticks or weird noises or smoke or any other  engine problems- runs great. I drove it about 4 times last summer and had no problems, i use non-oxygenated gas. everywhere i have stopped people stared in awww at it, and the old Vets love it! ….”

View lots of good pics here on eBay

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1941 Ford GP United Kingdom **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Unusual • TAGS: , .

1941_ford_gpUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $24,500.

This rare Ford GP is listed at £17,500, which currently converts to $24,500.  It was listed back in June of 2008 on the site, which is a UK based jeep site. I assume it’s still for sale as it’s still listed on their website for sale.  There are also a GPW, some MBs and some Hotchkiss jeeps for sale there as well.

“A very Rare Pre-Production Ford GP Jeep (1941). This is one of only a handfull that remain in the UK today. Restored to a high level. For more information, please call today on 01694 731373. This Ford GP, was imported to Europe some years ago, this Jeep was restored some years ago and has been recently freshened up and it has many nice original features and looks great. However certain detail parts are not original, e.g fitted with a more moderm carb/air filter. The Jeep can either be detailed or used as is. And is well priced to allow for final detailing/ finishing touches at £17,500 including full new beechwood canvas kit.”

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1947 CJ-2A Kemblesville, Pa $8600


UPDATE:  The price has risen to $8600.

The price is on the high side, but it appears in great shape.  Check out the original top.

“Thsi rust-free Jeep has a 4 cylinder engine and 3 speed transmission with overdrive; hi/lo range and 4 wheel drive with lockout hubs. It has 12 forward speeds with the overdrive and can cruise along at highway speeds.It has the original type top with removable doors; a back seat; dual windshield wipers; a radio, heater and defroster fan. In all- about $3000.00 worth of option”

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The Book: Rare WW2 Jeep Photo Archive 1940 to 1945


I found a link to this fascinating book from the Olive Drab SiteClick on this link so they’ll get credit for the purchase from Amazon and view some of the pages.  There are pics of early jeeps I’ve never seen before and I’ve been spending some time collecting pics for various histories I’m putting together.  I’m adding it to my list of books to purchase.


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The 1940 Buddy (a Ford Pygmy/Budd prototype)

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs • TAGS: , .

1940_budd_ford8In late 1940, after testing the Bantam prototype BRC (the Mark I) for one month,  the Quartermaster Corp Technical committee was impressed enough to ask Bantam for 70 additional pilot versions to test (these would be the BRC-60 or Mark IIs).  They also asked Willys and Ford to submit prototypes.  While Willys submitted a two wheel Quad for testing (they made another prototype: a 4 wheel steering Quad), Ford built 2 prototypes: one is the Pygmy (still exists) and the other was a Pygmy/Budd prototype called a Buddy. (Note that I attempt to use the same designations for pilot/prototype that Frederic Coldwell uses in his Preproduction Civilian Jeeps book.)

While the Ford Pygmy was submitted to the Quartermaster for testing, the Pygmy/Budd hybrid was not.  The history is hazy, but the original Budd disappeared into the California desert at some point. Miraculously, it was relocated by Jeff Polidoro in 1998.  The rumor is that is sold for $50,000 and was restored in 2005- 2006 by owner Fred Smith. There’s more about Fred Smith and his restoration of this vehicle.  The Buddy is now located in the UK.

The biggest difference between the Pygmy and Buddy, to the best of my information, was that the body was built by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing and looked fairly different from the Pygmy.  Below are pictures I’ve collected across the internet about the Budd. Apparently, Budd also designed the KubelWagon body prior to WWII.   And, apparently, Budd had a role in designing the M151.

Here’s before and after pics of the Pygmy/Budd that I’ve found across the net:

Before Restoration:

Pic below found here


Pic below found here on the CJ-3B site


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Builds — Jim’s 1949 CJ-3A (Potentially for sale now)


Except for those funky turn signals on the front grille, this is a great looking stock jeep.  Jim’s getting this running again and then will decide whether to sell it to someone who will love it.  Otherwise, he’ll keep it and decide what to do with it.

“I pulled this CJ3A (vin 3J28941) out of a little mining town called Silverton. Its bone stock, 6 volt and appears to have never been touched, never had a roll bar, has a rare dealer installed all aluminum hardtop and doors.  A little update on this rig:  I  rebuilt the carb, flushed the tank, blew the lines, new fuel pump etc and we got it started! Not bad for not being run for 10 years!  Motor sounds excellent, no smoke, oil pressure is 60 psi! Now for a complete brake overhaul and then it will be driven for the first time in more 10 years! Anybody want to buy a rare all aluminum hardtop and doors?”


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1948 CJ-2A Italy, Tx $3500


1948_cj2a_italySomething appears to have been done to the bumper, but otherwise this looks like it could make a great, pretty easy restoration project.

“This is a very collectable 1948 CJ2A Jeep Willys- I am firm on the price of this 60 year old vehicle. It runs good and has the original engine. I have done some restoration which includes:
New brakes and brake lines, new gas tank, new carberator and tune up, new muffler and tail pipe. This has all of the original frame an body matching numbers. This would be a great restoration vehicle and fun to drive in parades or around the farm or ranch. Serious inquiries only- 214-797-0911”

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1945 MB Bend, OR **SOLD**


1945_mb_bendUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“Rare 1945 Military Willys Jeep MB and M416  1/4T trailer built by Cemsco Div of ETS Hokin. The Jeep was built 1-30-1945 and delivered to the Navy, likely for California shore duty. It is very complete, with folding headlamps, blackout lights, hand grips and more. There is no structural or panel rust. The only rust is superficial. Good floors. A light sandblast would clean it all up. No panels need to be replaced. All are intact. No body damage. The vehicle is in original, unrestored condition. The only modifications are at the front bumper for the tow bar. I have had the engine running, and it all seems good. The brake cylinders are frozen…so it would need a full brake job, but after that, I would bet it could be driven as is….a bit of a time warp there.

There are (5) five restored wheels, powdercoated, with new military tires. There is no top or top bows, but all the mounting brackets are intact. There are miscellaneous extras, such as a windshield assembly, a cylinder head, flywheel and more.”

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Lack of Vitamin D a Warning Sign for Heart Disease? Cmon …


Ok, this has nothing to do with jeeps, but until I setup my nutrition blog, I will record this here as I need to get this off my chest.  It has to do with nutrition, critical thinking skills and causal relationships.

I saw a headline that declared “Lack of vitamin D linked to teen health problems“.  As a follower of nutritional information over past few years, when I see a headline like that, I can’t help but wonder what type of study was done to determine how the lack of a single vitamin could be responsible for all the health woes of a generation of people.  It seems to good to be true (the natural corollary is that adding vitamin D to the diet will solve the problem .. yeah, right).

So, I go to the link.  I read the article.  I wonder if anyone else is as confused as I am.

Let’s look at the logic.

  1. The study evaluates 3600 boys and girls 12 to 19.
  2. The researchers draw blood for blood tests.
  3. For some reason, not indicated, levels of vitamin D were measured (no other vitamin or mineral measurements or results were noted).
  4. Indicators for heart disease were measured (waist size, blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol)
  5. The sponsor of the research, not indicated (though one might suspect milk industry people given the focus on vitamin D — btw, I’m total fan of good quality, high fat milk, so no intentional swipe at milk producers is intended).  I searched for information on the study sponsor or original study information, but was unsuccessful.

Now, out of this data, the researchers discovered a pattern.  Teens with low levels of vitamin D had a statistically significant association with indicators of heart disease.  I have no qualms with that association (I’ve read studies a variety of studies indicating that large percentages of americans are vitamin poor.) and it makes logical sense based on what I know.

Importantly, a doctor in the article is quoted, “it’s likely that vitamin D deficiencies in teens stem from unhealthy diets and lack of exercise outdoors … If their diet includes chips and soft drinks, they’re probably not getting enough vitamin D.”  This makes total sense to me too.  I suspect this has less to do with exposure to the sun than ingestion of good quality products that contain fat soluable vitamin D.

So, I ask simply, is it the LACK of vitamin D that CAUSES the factors for heart disease to increase?  Or, is it the consumption of foods poor in vitamins and minerals across the board, that result in the low intake of vitamins and minerals in general WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY introducing high levels of sugars and carbohydrates (that are broken down into sugars) that result in increases in blood sugars in general (note that high blood sugars were also measured in the study).

Your body, in response to high blood sugars, produces insulin from the pancreas to lower blood sugars.  Of course, insulin also produces at least two byproducts: (1) weight gain due to the insulin secretion that causes the storage of fatty acids as tryglicerides within the adipose tissue of the body and (2) insulin which is excreted to deal with high levels of blood sugars causes increases in heart rates and constricts blood vessels which, over time, appears to raise the homeostasis of blood pressure.


Given the enormous amount of quality studies by quality people in this field, the stunning lack of reasonable conclusions here simply floor me. Let me simplify this further.  While different people have different tolerances for this formula, the basic formula applies:

Sugar (& flour and starches) >raise blood sugar levels > which causes a hormone called insulin secretion from the pancreas > which forces your body to burn sugar and save other products, including fats, for burning later.  This causes your body to operate in a manner you will not like!  One byproduct is weight gain: WEIGHT GAIN HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH OVEREATING AND CALORIES AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EATING POORLY NUTRITIOUS FOODS.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled jeep posts ….

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Fiberglass CJ-5 body and parts Fostoria, Oh Status Unknown


fiberglassbody_cj5_fostoriaUPDATE:  Was priced at $1000

And one more great find from Brian.  This is a brand new, never mounted CJ-5 fiberglass body along with enough parts to get a project started.  Of course, new, the body and front clip would cost a lot more, approx $3600 from one source before taxes and shipping.

“Cj5 fiberglass tub, cj5 fiberglass front end, 2 new black front seats, black rear seat it great condition, amc 304 engine hasn’t ran in a couple years, amc 20 and amc 30 axels, cj5 frame, window frame with new glass, 2 gas tanks, front and rear drive shafts, brake pedal, gas pedal, emergency brake, steering wheel and steering box, steering shaft for axel, dash with wiring needs new gauges and a couple other small odd parts.  Take it all for $1000 obo, will trade.

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Builds: Jim’s new project (or parts jeep)

• CATEGORIES: Builds • TAGS: .

miscstuff-268-2I can only imagine that Jim travels with a trailer everywhere he goes, just in case he sees a stray jeep on the side of the road.  Well, in this case, he went to buy some tires and bought the whole thing.  I can’t wait to see what he does with this.

“I just couldn’t say no. Was talking to an old rancher, told him Id buy the near new tires and stock 16” wheels off this “huntin Jeep” (sitting in his field) for $200. He said,”Hell, if ya dont need no title you can have the whole dern thing fer $300.” How could I resist????”

And just for kicks, Jim goes on to hypothesize about how the builders put this jeep together … “Well sir, me, Crazy Killer Carl and Billy Bob Jr. Jr. Jr. got that there big ass rebuilt V8 engine in her, had to move the grill forward and use a giant shoehorn, pry bar, elbow grease, moonshine and lots of beer. Then, we stuffed that there big ass radiator in her but couldn’t close the hood! Would have just left it off but didn’t want no rain to get into the carb. So, we made us a custom hood scoop and some custom “venterlation” ports at the back of the hood on each side which looks bad ass if we may say so our own bad selves! We also modified the dash for a rockin stereo and speaker which we’ll put in later as soon as we can afford one. Hell, we no longer use a rifle for huntin deer, just run em down with all that horsepower! Look out overhaulin, you have some serious down home engineering competition!”


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1948 CJ-2A Baytown, Tx **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_baytownUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $995.

Yeah, it’s a bit rough.  But, how can you not love the top?

“This is a 1948 Willys Jeep, ran until parked after last winter hunting season. Have a spare motor that goes with it for parts. The WINCH is not INCLUDED :o) The towing bar is included.
e-mail with any questions. $995.00 OBO”

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1949 CJ-2A Russellville, Al eBay


1949_cj2a_alabamaThis appears to be in pretty good condition. The seller is trying to claim mileage of only 5800, but I’m very sure that’s a replacement speedometer (as are several of the other gauges).  I suspect the front turn signals/pking lights are after market as well.

“What an amazing vehicle!  This jeep was given to a Tennessee Forrest Ranger as a retirement gift, and he held onto it unitl I bought it  3 months ago!  It runs out really well…has new tires…a working original WENCH and PTO GEARS underneath for FARM ATTACHMENTS… The engine is a HURRICANE 4 cyl with 3 speed transmission…4WD…5800 ORIGINAL miles and the ORIGINAL PAINT, as well…I’ve been through many jeeps, and I have to say that I’ve never seen another like this!  it’s truly ONE-OF-A-KIND! if you have questions, call me at my office TOLLFREE @ 888-331-5802, and ask for Keith- in reference to the ’49 Jeep”

View the pics on eBay

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4 Terra Tires, 2 kinds, Olympia, Wa $700

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

terra_tires_olympia2UPDATE:  Price dropped to $700

These look like they have not been used much.

“I have a full set of dune paddle tires. They came off of my cj5 jeep. Asking $1200 OBO. They have only been used 2-3 times, wheels are a 5-lug pattern. The wheels are painted orange to match my jeep. The tires are a 31×15.50 R15. Come as is shown in the pictures. No trades. Serious inquires only.”

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1946 CJ-2A CDA, Idaho eBay


1946_cj2a_cdaThere appears to be no reserve on this.  There’s been a good deal of work done on this rock crawler.  The grille and lights are a bit odd though.

“Body:     1946 Willys CJ2A, with a full custom built roll cage. Motor:     350 Chev. ( Came out of a 1979 Chev P/U), Trans:     4 speed  sm 420, Transfer Case:   Dana 20 Transfer Case, Rear Axle:     Dana 60 Rear axle with a welded spider gear, 6.17 ring and pinion, Front Axle:   Dana 60 with a lockright locker, Disc brakes, Chromoly shortside inner and outer shafts, 6.17 Ring and Pinion …”

View all the pics on eBay

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year? FC-170 Colville, Wa $1200

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

fc170_colvilleThe pics aren’t quite clear enough to get a good sense of the body.

“body in very good shape motor is shot and out of it. 1-509-675-7021”

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Mickey Thompson Baja Claws Tigard, Or $350

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

bajaclaws_tigardThey look in good condition.

“5 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tires for Sale. These are 31 x 10.50 R15 off my Jeep. They are Radials not Bias Ply. 4 of these tires have about 20k miles on them and are at about 60% tread. the 5th tire was my spare and has 100% tread.
There are no nicks or tears in the tread. The only off road these tires saw was sand. I have added more lift and went up to a bigger tire so these need a new home. If you are looking for a nice, quiet road tire, these are not for you. If you are looking for serious off road traction, these are the ticket. These tires will howl on the highway but won’t leave you stuck off road!”

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Aluminum Rims Portland, Or $100

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

aluminum_rims_portland2These look pretty nice for $100.

“this is a good set of aluminum mods 15in will fit jeep cj or ford pu bronco full size email any ? or call cell virgil 503-839-5316 or ralph 503-771-0157”

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Locating the F script on your GPW

• CATEGORIES: GPW (Ford MB), MB, Website

So, you think you have a GPW, but you have no idea where to find that F script?

You are in luck!  Ren Bernier has posted numerous images of how the F-script appears across all kinds of parts.  This is the first that I have run across a collection of F-script images so extensive.  It’s a great resource to bookmark.  He also has a variety of images from MB restorations as well.

Ren’s home page, Ren’s F-script pics

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1951 M-38 Fresno, CA **SOLD**


1951_m38_fresnoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200.

It appears a bit dirty, but this might be a pretty solid flattie.

“This Willys Jeep is in excellent condition for its age. Absoultely no rust on this jeep. The jeep has a small block 327 with a four bolt main. The strongest engine you will find. It has a 2″ suspenison lift and a 3″ body that were installed this past summer. The tires are pro comp X-terrians that measure 33×12.5. The rims are powder coated black and have no more than 500 miles on the tires. The jeep was painted this last summer when the lift was installed. It has a full custom roll cage and a new cb and antenna. The 12,000lbs. mile marker winch may or may not be inlcuded in the sale,depends on the negioated price. Many new summit parts. This jeep will climb with any toyota out there.”