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A Willys Jeep modified to simulate a Gas Attack

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Here’s an interesting modification.  A Willys modifie to simulate a Gas Attack.  According to the details of the image, this image was taken at Geiger Field, Washington (which would be Spokane, Washington, if I’m not mistaken). “Officers and men are taught to be on the alert for a gas attack at any time. This jeep appears at unexpected places and sends out a charge of tear gas from the ingenious device attached to the muffler. Those in the vicinity, to protect themselves from the irritating gas, must be able to don their masks instantaneously.”

Library of Congress

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David Boyd, Jr.’s Willys Painting #2

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Here’s another painting by David Boyd.  You can see his other willys painting hereDavid Boyd, Jr,  is a high school art teacher and self-syndicated editorial cartoonist, but also describes himself as a painting addict.  Here is a gallery of his non-jeep paintings hosted at   You can email David @  Thanks once again David!

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1963 CJ-3B Putnam, Ct $5,500


This CJ-3B has some WOW factor to it.  If it is as nice as this picture indicates, I’d say this is a good price.  That sure looks like a Texaco insignia on the side.  There’s likely a story that goes with this Jeep.

“For Sale: 1963 Jeep CJ3b with original drive train , has 7K original miles. Jeep runs very good and 4wd components work well. Jeep has the original Hoenig half top and doors. I have the original plow and frame, which are currently off the vehicle. Vehicle is registered in Connecticut. Serious inquiries only please. Call evenings at 1-860-377-5375 or e-mail anytime”

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Truck with PTO Belt on back Pomfret, Ct **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

“Excellent Willys Jeep with Rear PTO Belt Drive thing for farm work! Just the Complete PTO setup is worth $2500 So I am tossing the rest in for free!!! As you can see it has been modified over the years. Looks like a willys truck nose, a Vauxall car cab, and a custom metal bed for cord wood. The only jeep stuff that looks original: PTO stuff, Frame, axels, engine, transmission. missing radiator.  I don’t want to part it out, that way somebody can mod their jeep with these parts and convert theirs over to a AG Jeep.  Engine looks complete with distributor, starter, and carb. I haven’t tried cleaning anything or try to turn anything over (The guy from Pawn Stars told me not to). ”

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Kayline 1/2 Cab Soft Top Olivehurst, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $250. **SOLD**

Here’s a very rare top.  This will be a great find for someone.  The seller does not want to ship.

“I will not ship. They don’t make these anymore. I have a white half cab soft top made by Kayline who went out of business years ago. I purchased this from mefford and hood out of tulare california a few years back and hade it stored ever since. This top only covers half a jeep. So you still actually have a bed to put stuff in when the top is on and zipped up. Windows look brand new and clear. Great for you hunters who use dogs. This way the cab stays warm, due to it being smaller and your smelly wet dogs are in the back, away from you and your cheetos. I have some of the hardware for the top, not sure what all is needed. There is a small box with the instructions and door handles, screws, and other small brackets. Not too sure on all the rods, the doors are correct, the skins just slide over the metal frame and snap into place. The bow and other rods not 100% sure on. Looks to be too many pieces. Any good mechanic / fabricator can figure it out and make a couple pieces if need be. Jeep not included. have more pics of top and parts/bows. Some staining on the top, should be able to clean up with a little elbow grease”

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1942 GPW Minden, Nv **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

It runs and drives.  That’s the good.  Unfortunately, the seller won’t find a ‘Ford’ logo on the back because the body has been modified with the back of a CJ-5 body.  I should have started tracking these, because I’ve seen around 10 of these modified flattie/cj-5 bodies.

“I purchased this jeep last year to restore. I’ve found that I don’t have the time and it has just sat. It runs and I drove it around the block. The starter was rebuilt by the past owner but I think the starter bendix is sticking?? This is a project at this point. It needs alot of TLC but is drivable. I have the title in hand. If you have any questions please email or call. I will be as helpful to you as I can but I don’t know that much about it. It does have the Ford plackard on the dash but no ford stamp on the rear of the tub? You ask the questions and I will look and try to answer.”

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1952 CJ-3A Lake Stevens, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.  Given it runs and drives, it sounds like a deal.

I can’t tell whether this is a CJ-3A or M-38.  I *think* it’s a CJ-3A with a M-38 Gauge Dash.

“$1500 Firm no trades, no checks. 1952 Willy’s. I am selling it for a friend. It has a ford 260 v8 in it. Runs great and drives… Collector plates.”

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1945 MB Concord, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $2000. **SOLD**

This doesn’t have an engine (and I don’t think a tranny or tc).  The body looks solid.

“This jeep have rolling chassis it is set up for a ford 302. It has a dana 44rear end and dana 30front end has YJ wrangler springs an revolver shackles.”

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Started in 1941, Jeep was the last successful car company launched


UPDATE: (01/29/09) I wanted to thank Gary Wolf, the writer of the article, for responding to my email to him.  He told me he has forwarded the correction to the editors of Wired.

Yes, I read the same thing and about choked on my dinner. That statement was published in Wired Magazine’s most recent issue, February of 2010 page 29. (and yes, the writer of the story got a note from me)

In his effort to defend his theory that the internet was pretty dead in terms of launching new, wildly successful companies, Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay-pal and the first investor in Face Book (yes, he’s done well financially, which in Silicon Valley turns you into a soothsayer — yes, I used to work there …  ) used the history of the automobile as an example of how all booming industries support fewer and fewer wildly successful startups over time.

Now, I’m not quibbling with his general argument, but he seriously undermines his credibility with one of the biggest inaccuracies regarding the Jeep that I think I’ve seen published.  To quote him accurately, he states “But the last successful car company started in the US was Jeep in 1941.” …. yeah … right.

I mean, it’s not like he’s off by a year or something; instead he’s wildly off the mark in multiple directions.  For starters, American Austin (called Bantam later) was launched in 1929, Willys Overland was originally called Overland and launched in 1903, and Ford was launched in 1903.  Secondly, no one company build the early jeeps.  In addition, no company was called Jeep until 1962 when Kaiser became Kaiser-Jeep.  We could even get picky, such as Bantam built the first jeep in 1940 rather than 1941.  And, I’m sure we could go on, but I think the point is made.

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Tim’s opens Jan 28th

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Tim wrote me the other day to tell me that he’ll be officially launching his website on January 28th, 2010.

He writes, ” I Just wanted to let all 4 wheelers know that will be coming on line in about a week. Its focus is on the advertising literature and manuals of the Willys Kaiser era, all in Hi-Res for downloading. It has many free resources geared to the Willys Jeep owner and the general forum is available to anyone who has an interest in 4 x 4’s. Free information, live chat, photo storage and blogging space are all there as well as many military manual downloads and Willys factory videos, etc. I have been involved with Jeeps for 47 years and it is now, in my retirement, that I can share my printed collection and passion with the world. Hope you have some members that can stop by.”

So join Tim (virtually) on the 28th for his official launch!  Best of Luck!

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In 2009 Brendan launched  His goal is to capture old jeeps pics, stories or both so that they don’t get lost.  He was spurred on by a post on G503.  In the post someone mentioned what a shame it was that a lot of photo albums were being torn apart and the photos were then separated, identities lost and a piece of history was erased.

Brendan decided he wanted to change that.  He decided to start placing photos he would purchase on ebay online. He feels it is a small drop in the ocean, but if he can gather enough, he’d like to think that he could put together some of th0se histories.

He’s still organizing and gathering information, so stop by and check out what he’s doing.

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The 1st Annual Rawhide Rumble Car Show & Swap Meet

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In December of 2009, the ‘town’ of Rawhide held its 1st annual Car Show & Swap Meet.  Now, I’d never heard of Rawhide, so, after a few quick searches, I found and took a look at their website.  It turns out it is a tourist town full of events, eateries and things to do for kids and adults.

I learned about this event from a blog entry by Mr Greenwrench, about whom I know nothing except that he takes good pics and lots of them!  So, thank Mr. Greenwrench for the 3 Jeep images below — all three outstanding Jeeps!

Here is a photo of Jesse Ybarra’s M-667.  You can learn more about it at the FC-Connection website.

According to Dennis, this FC-150 belongs to Bill Thomson.

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Jeep/Willys Brochures from Norway

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Gerald sent me a link to Hans Tore Tangerud’s website.  Living in Kristiansand, Norway, Hans is definitely a car lover, building a pretty sizeable site. He’s got a variety of old brochures and images, including a few Willys & Jeep Brochures.

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July 1972 Jeep Ad from Popular Mechanics

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I found this full page ad today while looking through an old Popular Mechanics Magazine online.

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1950s CJ-3B Milan, Mo $800


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $800

This might be a pretty good price.

“No title, flathead 4 cyl. Had running 3 years ago. No starter, windshield glass or bumper other than that it is complete. 800 obo. Would consider trade. Call Scott at 660-265-5741

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1948 CJ-2A Puyallup, Wa $2500 or OBO


This is a project.

“1948 cj2a willys, Very Original, Comes with everything. but complete wireing. Bolts broke but i have a book that lists all the types of bolts and what size they are. I Had A mehcanic look at it he said if i had more wiring on the motor it would fire up. Drove few years back. sat under cover sence i bought it.
Email me and i will send you more pics.And answer any questions you may have. WANT 2500 But Will Take The Best Offer.”

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1942 GPW Quincy, Ca $4500


I’d like to see some more pics.  It appears in good shape, but the color is a bit blurred.

“1942 gpw military jeep in real good condition new tires new seats 4500.00”

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1949 Jeepster Columbia, Ca eBay

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This is a beautiful restoration / customization.

“In addition to all of that, this JEEPSTER runs like a champ.  The seats are very comfortable.  The Dodge Dakota V6 engine runs smoothly, burns no oil, and is free of undercarriage drips.  Power steering and cruise control add to the enjoyment of driving.  It is more than capable of highway speeds and climbs the Nevada mountain ranges with ease.  All of the chrome trim is without blemish.  There is no underside rust.  There are no dents, dings, or gouges.  The top and side curtains are in good condition.  The tires are nearly new.

However, there are two things that need to be done if the buyer wants to put it into show condition.  While the paint photographs well, it is not flawless.  Close inspection reveals cracks in the finish.  The Spoke wheels need to be re-chromed.

I can no longer afford to keep my Jeepster and an airplane at the same time.  I love driving the Jeepster, but I put in hundreds of hours building the airplane, and it is the one I have decided to keep.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1956 Wagon Calhan, Co $1000

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I can hear Kevin already …. This sure looks like a solid wagon.  I think someone will get a great deal with this.

“I have a 1956 willys station wagon, it needs a new motor or rebuild, I lost the title so no title but I can write a bill of sale, it would make a good project, I am asking 1000 but am also up for trades, I am looking for a running vehicle to get my family around, if you have any questions feel free to contact Paul 719-360-3054”

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Post 1956 CJ-3B Golden, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

There might be some value here.  It’s got a PTO Winch. The body looks rough.

“Restoration potential. Body has usual rust spots but all could be restored. I was told the F134 has rebuild top. It runs but the gas tank was bad so it was started fro an external can. Standard 3-speed T90 shifts easily. Has PTO Ramsey winch. There is no top and the windshield goes onto another jeep, so thats not included. It has one seat as shown. The wheels are good and tires about a third left. There is an extra rolling frame that must go with the jeep. sorry but WILL NOT PART OUT & NO TRADES.”

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1950 CJ-3B Albia, Ia $1000


UPDATE:  This is/was listed as a CJ-3a, but is really a CJ-3B. Pics now listed also.

“I have a 1950 cj3a for sale or trade let me know what you have THE JEEP IS NOT RESTORED BUT DOES RUN AND DRIVE

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Escondido, Ca **STATUS?**


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1500

(01/12/10) It appears to have tool indents.  It looks like it runs.

“this 1946 willeys jeep cj2a .good roolling .bottom end no top.minor rust under seet..”


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1964 CJ-6 Owasso, OK **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3300

(01/23/10) “1964 cj-6 with 4 cylinder f-head, 3 speed and Dana 18 t-case. Runs and drives with an Oklahoma black tag. The engine has new plugs, wires, pertronix ignition to replace points, carberator, water pump, alternator, belts, voltage regulator, exhaust, fuel tank, sending unit and lines. It also has an AGM deep cycle battery (new). The drive train has new u-joints, pinion seals, brake system. The interior has been re-done in original pattern with a 60/40 front bench and standard rear seat. Electric wipers are included, but have not been installed at this point. A warn 8274 8,000 pound winch that has been rebuild and new cable, 150 feet, is also included as well as other parts I have forgotten about. I will take off $600 if you don’t want the winch and mount and price is negotiable with bartering for hunting supplies or other items possible. I am willing to deliver for $1 per loaded mile within a few hundred miles with payment up front.”

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1947 CJ-2A Kelowna, BC, Canada eBay


UPDATE:  This is back on eBay.  I’ve added a few more pics.

(11/03/09) This looks good.

“You are bidding on a 1947 WILLYS CJ2A. Frame off rebuild 10 years ago, garaged & summer driven only since. Original except for front hubs, tires,. top and added roll bar.”

View all the pics on eBay


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Old Car Rally Coventry to Birmingham 1946

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This was fun to watch.