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1961 CJ-6 College Station, TX **SOLD**


1961_cj6_collegestationUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(11/25/09) This is still a project, however it runs, but doesn’t drive yet.  Only one pic, but it sounds like work has been done since the pic was taken.  Check out the Ad for a full list of new parts.

“For sale is my 1961 Willy’s CJ-6. It has a longer wheel base then the CJ-5(110” vs. 97” wheel base). It is an unfinished project that will make a great jeep someday. The engine is running and the jeep rolls but the drive shafts and steering are not hooked up. I have put a lot of time into this but have no more time these days with school to finish it. It has many new parts but is mostly original. Lots of rust on the body. All body parts are there. Most parts that are missing can most likely be found in a junk yard. If you were going to fix the rust, it would be easy sheet metal work. I will try to list everything, but email me if you have questions. The only picture I have is from when I was working on it last, email for more pics …”

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1956 CJ-3B Jefferson, Ga **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3900

(10/09/09) “Up for auction is this 1956 Willys CJ3B. This Jeep is in great shape with nearly no rust and mechanically sound. It does have its typically willys seal leaks, but very little. This Jeep was bought about a year ago and, have been working on it little by little to get it to where it is today. I run around town locally in it, take the kids around and use it as a great conversation piece at car shows. If I go to one next time it may win. I have gone as far as I want to go in the restore, it’s time for someone else look after this piece of American history.  This Jeep has many new parts and all steering, brakes, transmission, 4X4 and engine work very, very well. This jeep will only run at about 45 miles an hour, but this little one will climb anything. I am selling this Jeep locally and have the right to stop the auction at anytime. I accept cash, PayPal or check, but I will have to go to a local bank with you to verify funds. This Jeep does not have a title as it is not required in Georgia for older vehicles.”


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1946 CJ-2A Brownsville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300

(12/17/09) It’s still a project.

“new paint diamond plate on the corners and rockers bed liner inside willys 6 cylinder runs good pto winch the carburator needs rebuilt clutch adjusted some wiring done windshield mounted seats bolted down call jesse”


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1947 CJ-2A in Parts, Vancouver Island, Canada No Price

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, Parts

UPDATE: Price no longer listed.  Seller can deliver.  Price was around $5k

“Lots of VINTAGE Willys Jeep Parts HOODS, GRILLS, FENDERS, AXLES ect ect.  Can deliver if required. Call 250 266 1365

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1945 MB Gilbert, Az **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500. 

(10/1/09) Needs work.

“1945 Willys MB. Data Plate #427057. Title in hand. Engine ran when i bought it in august but needs new wiring harness. Frame and suspention in excellent condition. Have the title in hand and a Willys MB matinence manual. Have the seats, hood and fender. Started working on it so its in a couple minor parts. Make an off and it’s yours. Willing to trade for a Dirt Bike in decent condition. Make me an offer and come get it and its yours.”


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Jeep Graveyard Videos

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Somewhere, I think I have posted the pics from this place.  But, I can’t find them.

Here’s some videos of what would best be called a Jeep Graveyard, located somewhere near Virginia I believe.  There are four videos total.  Obviously, not the best video, but still interesting. You can see still pics here:

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Book Review: Michael Pollan’s ‘Food Rules’


I’m sure, if I stretch and twist, I can make this post about Willys, but, frankly, it really has nothing to do with them.  So, fair warning….


As I’ve mentioned occasionally in posts, I like cooking and studying food related issues.  While I’ve thought about creating a 2nd blog related to these issues, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

About four years ago I asked myself a simple question, for reasons too long winded that I won’t go into them here, exactly what am I supposed to eat?  Along the way, I’ve read as many studies, books and articles as I could find that seemed reasonably interested in finding grounded answers, versus sources attempting to champion some superior form of eating.  Michael Pollan’s books were some that I felt met those standards (well, until his latest book anyway).

Michael Pollan

A few years ago, a journalist named Michael Pollan jumped square into the middle of the food discussion with a book called Ominvores Dilemma, which I felt was a very good first attempt at exploring the food system within which American’s operate and the viability of those systems.

In his second book on the topic, In Defense of Food, was less memorable, though still an interesting read.  This cemented his stature in the “what in the hell should we eat” consciousness of those interested in the topic.

In his third book, Food Rules, which I read last night, his journalistic senses went rogue (in my opinion), creating a book of food rules that I think, while generally helping most people,  are supported by a framework of vegetarianism that undermines the research credibility he gained in his first two books.  More to the point, the book ticked me off enough to write a review on Amazon.

I’ve published my review of the book below because, I suppose, I can; And, maybe, because some of you, maybe one of you, might find it interesting?


My Book Review of Food Rules:

I found this book disappointing.  After reading this book, I had to ask myself whether the person who wrote the Ominvore’s Dilemma, which I felt was a well done piece of journalism, was the same person who wrote this book.  While Omnivore’s dilemma reflected an earnest attempt at investigation and analysis, this book appears void of many of the lessons learned from that book. While Mr. Pollan notes that much of the ‘science’ for Food Rules comes from In Defense of Food, I can’t say that the conclusions I reached from In Defense were the same as the conclusions Mr. Pollan spells out in this new book (which means I need to re-read In Defense I suppose).

Now, let me note that most of his rules make good sense and will likely help many average Americans improve their health. However, I cannot ignore the glaring faults of this book.

There are two major concerns I have with Food Rules, the initial supposition and the conclusion.  The first concern, his definition of a Western Diet, one of two core facts he simply states are generally accepted facts in the world of nutrition, seems more to serve his conclusion (eat lots of vegetables) than to be a real attempt at definition. If we truly don’t understand the problem, how can we develop a rational conclusion?  I believe his hypothesis provides zero insight, when in fact it could provide a great deal of insight into the specific problems with most of the food that ‘Westerners’, or more specifically Americans, consume.  Based on the studies, literature and lay materials I have read, I see nothing to indicate that his interpretation of the ‘western diet’ is an accurate reflection of any kind of generally accepted wisdom.

The second, and bigger concern I have is Mr. Pollan’s perpetuation, without a shred of discussion, on page 51, of the argument that “Vegetarians are noticeably healthier than carnivores and live longer.”  One of the problems with this statement as fact (there are several problems here, but I won’t get into them all) is that most people aren’t carnivores; they are omnivores.  For a writer who wrote a book with the word OMNIVORE in the title, I expect him, if anyone, to understand this is not a minor issue.

In fact, this vegetarian vs. carnivore perception exists throughout this book.  For example, his rule number 19 states:  If it came from a plant eat it; if made at a plant, don’t.  To put it bluntly, where’s the beef here?  There are problems with the way beef is created!  So, I’d change #19 to:  If it came from a plant or dined on plants, eat it.  If it was made at a plant or grown at a plant (aka CAFO), don’t.  The point here is that a large portion of ‘carnivore products’, such as meat and dairy products, that are sold in most stores are nutritionally deficient (in Omnivore’s Dilemma, he made some fantastic points about this) because they are as manufactured as some vegetarian products (processed cereals come to mind).

Moreover, going back to my omnivore point, most people in the US consume nutritionally poor starches (french fries, baked potatoes, etc) or refined foods (burger buns, rolls, etc) along with their poor quality meats which likely undermines some of the potential value of meat/fat consumption.  In sum, we have a huge portion of the American population trying to be omnivores, eating a federally encouraged ‘balanced diet’, but, instead, can only consume low quality meats, dairy products, vegetables and refined foods that represent the mainstream foods (in most stores and restaurants) available to most Americans. To classify these people as carnivores misleads people who are truly trying to figure out what they should eat, along with muddling omnivore and carnivore research undeservedly together.

Mr. Pollan can do better and has done better.  Hopefully, his next book will be better.

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Rusting Jeeps in Okinawa, Japan, and Puson, Korea

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UPDATE: I added this post in January of last year with just the single image (the first one below).  Today, David pointed me to the website that has a few more images, which follow the first image.  You can learn more about these pics at that site.

(01/31/09) Robert pointed me to a collection of Life Magazine photos of old jeeps hosted at Google.  Click on the photo and then click on it again to see all kinds of details.


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Published in the U.S. for 96 years, under a few different names, Argosy was a sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly Men’s literary magazine with topics and purposes that varied over its existence.  Always literary, sometimes totally fiction and sometimes part fiction, part fact and, near the end, soft porn.  I’ve never personally read the magazine, but Bob found the issue with the cover below and  forwarded me the link to the image shown below.  Wikipedia notes that at one point, Argosy was associated with “the men’s adventure pulp genre of “true” stories of conflict with wild animals or wartime combat”.  In the case of the issue below, I think it managed to combine ‘wartime’, ‘conflict’ and ‘wild animals’.


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1947 Truck Belen, NM **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

It looks pretty stock and doesn’t look all the bad.  I can’t tell if it runs or not.

“My dad has this cool Willy’s pickup. It is complete and an ideal restoration project.”

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1946 CJ-2A Jay, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This runs.  It might be a good price, given it runs.  Note the wood slat seats.

“Post world war II Willys Jeep. Runs good. Not a show truck but good farm or hunting camp ride. $1500 obo. Possible Trade for farm equipment”

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1948 CJ-2A Kernersville, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

Oh yeah .. it’s a project.

“i have a 1948 jeep willys that has a clean title and is all original except the old gm engine in it. it had good frame and drive train need a tub really that it. would make a cool little toy for the woods or street $650 obo”

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Snow Plow Sherrill, NY $350


Here’s a plow.

Meyer plow set up off my 63 Willy’s Jeep, may fit others. Plow has an electric winch assembly that was working when I removed from my jeep. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.”

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1950 Jeep Rod Truck Largo, Fl $3500


This seems a bit pricey given the condition of the project.

“1950 willy’s truck cab that is chopped with custom built box frame. Speed way drop front axle kit. Rear semi elliptical springs and original willys axle. Needs steering set up has reverse corvair mount and steering link. May consider trade for Amc car or jeep wagoneer, fox body, some ford or a built sbchevy engine. Want to get something equal value. I have a title but it needs to have an id plate made for it. Email if interested, thanks shawn”

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1963 CJ-5 Wyckoff, Nj $1500


This is a running CJ-5 with an old school top (very hard to find), nice rims, new fenders, v8 and sm465.  This might have some good value.

“This is my 1963 Jeep CJ-5. It has a Chevy 350 v8 engine with a Chevy sm465 four speed with granny low manual transmission, Dana 18 transfer case connected by an Advance Adapter conversion adapter. It have custom made driveshafts, a 4 inch trailmaster lift and shocks with Conferr 1.25 inch lift shackles. It has stock rears with 5.38s in them and a dana 44 out back. The transfercase was lowered using a Rancho lowering kit. The steering has been updated but needs to be finished to use a saginaw box and a gm column. The engline and trans were rebuilt with low miles years ago but its been sitting for ten years and needs some going over. The clutch is brand new and doesnt have a mile on it. All the brake and fuel lines have been re run and are new. It has headman headers with glasspacks. Exhaust needs to be finished. it will need the clutch to be hooked up to the pedal and a radiator. There is no grill in the pick but I have one with no rot. The floors have been replaced and there is no rot on the body. The body was off of a 75 I believe. The fenders were new replacements . It has a poly replacement gas tank. It will need a master cylinder and booster. It has custom skid plates under the ubolts. Mustang Seats. A very rare bestop fastback top in very good condition. I have a dash with all the gauges in it that goes with it. The tailgate was replaced but has some minimal surface rust. Diamond plate rockers are included. She is sitting on 35 inch bfg mud terrains on American racing Outlaw Rims. Tires are dry and will need replaceing. This Jeep is near completion and will make somebody a great project. I just dont have the time to finish it right now. Feel free to ask any questions. Matt Wrangler not included lol”

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1960 Wagon Arlington, Ma Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

The seller has attempted to be honest in noting that while it might look similar to a Maverick Wagon, that look was not original.  That said, the suggestion of using NADA as a guide for pricing this suggests the seller may have an unrealistic price in mind.

“1960 Willy’s Jeep Rear Wheel Drive Station Wagon / 83,000 Original Miles / MUST SELL BEFORE 1-20-10 FOR BRO

• 83,000 original miles
• Original 4 Cylinder Flat Head Engine
• Three speed manual w. overdrive [original 60’s Jeep transmission, not original to this car]
• Custom ‘Maverick’ paint and side trim package [‘period’ but not original]
• Chrome grill and hood ornament
• Excellent heater/defroster
• High quality contemporary AM/FM radio w. cassette and four speakers

Third owner, in excellent restored condition until stored outside on dry asphalt for four years. He now needs a new home where he can have the following:

• Valve job
• Repair of a leaking brake line and a new battery
• Replacement of lower door panels, rocker panels, the hinge and skirt for the lower tail-gate, the body mounts … all readily available at reasonable cost
• A fresh repaint

In the last picture you will see Willy as he appeared prior to going into storage … and to return him to that condition … the above is all he needs to keep his next family smiling for another 20+ years.

Look at Willy’s low original mileage, his excellent condition above the rocker panels, and the NADA values and other Jeeps on the internet … then make a reasonable offer … and Willy can be yours!”

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1956 DJ-3A, 1950 Wagon, 1947 Truck Bethlehem, Ct **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons


This seller has several vehicles for sale.  No pics yet with the DJ-3A

1956 Willys Dispatcher DJ3A for sale. Has a 340 buick Engine and has a 400 T. H. Trans. Asking 5000.00 or best offer.”


1950 Willys Jeep Sedan Delivery. 4-Wheel Drie. Buick V-6 Engine. Asking 6000. 00″


1947 Willy’s Jeep Pick up for sale. Chevy Drive Train. Was Rebuilt around 1970. Asking 5000.00 or best offer. Any questions please call 203-266-5050.  Ask for Bernie.”

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1964 CJ-5 Enosburg, Vt $695


This is one of several automobiles the seller has for sale.

“1964 willeys jeep. steel top &doors. real nice frame. runs and moves . 4cyl. has plow with hydrolic lift and manual angle. this jeep had been sitting and needs work. $695. money talks.  Call the owner Ray @ 802-933-2830 leave a message if not home.”

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Nice Passenger Fender Concord, NH $100

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Here’s a good price on a never-installed passenger fender.

46-52 CJ2A, CJ3A, M38 passenger side fender. Reproduction solid never installed.  603-783-1209″

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1958 CJ-3B Statesville, NC $3000

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UPDATE:  The seller has added a trailer into the deal

(01/09/09) It looks like there might be some rust on the driver’s side, but hard to tell for sure from the pic.

1958 Willys CJ3B, original engine, runs good, new gas tank, steering wheel, speedometer, wiper motor, wheels seat belts, roll bar…everything is mecanically good and everything works…I drive it on the road…it has some body rust but otherwise is solid. 704-902-0121, 704-878-9661

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Images from the Mid East?

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I think at least some of these images are from Israel?  If not, I believe they are from that general area.

The first one might be the newest.  I’m not sure if the grilles and fenders are armored or not, but most certainly appear heavy duty.

Note how thin and tall the tires are on this jeep.

Now, that seat below can’t be comfortable for long drives!

In the two pics below, the people look like they are from ‘Rat Patrol, The Reality Series’.  I think either the jeep in this first pic is a 1948 or the image was taken in 1948?


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Chris’ DJ-3A

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Searching for something else, I discovered Chris Kelley’s blog and his new Willys: a 1956 DJ-3A with 4wd.  I’ve seen enough DJ-3As with 4wd that I asked Bruce if he knew whether any DJ-3As came with a 4wd package, but to the best of his knowledge (which is the best I know of) he said there was no 4wd option of which he was aware.

Chris writes on his website about new purchase (sept 7 09) “Yep, you’re looking at a 1956 (sort of) CJ3a (sort of) Willy’s Overland Jeep (completely!).  Its sort of a 56 since that’s what the tub plate says.  Its also only sort of a CJ3A since the tub plate also says its a DJ3a, which was a 2 wheel drive version made for the postal service and other delivery trucks.  However, my best guess is that someone replaced the original tub with the one it has now, since this does have 4WD.”

It’s a good looking jeep, though there’s a small ding in the passenger rear, and here some pics from his site:

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1951 CJ-3A Alvin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200

This is a blend of CJ-3A and CJ-5.

“i have for sale a 1974 cj5 frame and running gear with a 232 straight 6 motor t90 3 speed trans, and a dana20 transfer case it has a 1951 cj3a body on it its an all steel reproduction body with almost no rust. only rust on it is on front of one fender. it has a new wiring harness from painless that has not been fully hooked up, rear lights and gauges are all thats left to hook up, all wires are there coiled up in front floor. only needs minor fixes to be a great jeep. runs and drives great 4×4 works fine high and low work fine. brakes work fine. has a springe over lift with new 36″ tires got this in a trade and just have no time to finish, my loss your gain. im asking 4200 but will consider trades and reasonable offers”


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1950 CJ-3A St. Louis, Mo $1500


This is completely disassembled.  It just needs ‘alot of love’ according to the seller.

“i have a completely disassembled 1950cj3a willys it has a completely rebuilt f head motor that is stuck it was rebuilt never started and left sitting never to be turned over that was years ago but it still has alot of perfect parts that can be used it has the dana 25/27 axles the dana18 tranfer case and the double stick setup all still in good useable shape it will need new springs they are bad but i have them the tub has some rust but could be used now it does need gauges and of course alot of love but i’m selling it as a parts unit even though it does have a good title and the tags that go on it $1500 is cheap for all the parts that are here hell i even have all 4 steel wheels with it i don’t want to sell a part here or a part there i want it all or nothing so please keep that in mind and also the pictures are of it together it is now completely apart and i mean completely also the pto unit and that stupid tin roof are gone thank you.”


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1948 CJ-2A? Sedalia, Mo $2000


No pics.  The motor is out.

“This is a STEAL!! We currently have the motor out of it but with it in, it is worth $6000. It would be a great investment and hobby. Email me if you have any questions.”