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1943 MB Sacramento, Ca $2000


1943_mb_sacramentoThis might be a good price.

“Tow bar and winch included, 4×4, 4 wheel drive, 283 Chevy. 916-927-4999”

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1950 CJ-3A Mt. Vernon, IL **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_mtvernonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7900

This looks very nice.

“Frame off restored 10 years ago,very nice condition, runs and drives good,b”


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1946/1966 flattie Berlin Heights, Oh $5600


1946_1966_cj2a_berlinheightsThe builder put a good collection of parts together for this flattie.

“1966 custom Willys jeep, with 1946 body./body off restored / 350 chevy v8 motor with avenger holly carb/ munci 465 trans/ dana300 transfer case/ dana 44 rear end/ dana 30 with disc brakes front end/ 33″ like new thornbird tires/ power steering/ only thing it needs is for the brakes to be pressure bled. $5600 call Mike at 440-225-2421”


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1950 CJ-3A Glencoe, Al **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_glencoeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

This is a project, but it’s hard to tell how much ‘project’ is left to do.

“1950 Jeep CJ-3B Willis.  All metal in good condition, 4 cylinder L-134, 3 speed transmission, needs windshield and engine rebuilt, great project vehicle. $1,000”


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1946 Lefty CJ-2A Portage, Wi **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_portageUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

“I bought this about 15 years ago and it has been a blast. I have a large farm and we used it to cruise around here and taught my kids how to drive on it. It runs excellant and has the original Hurricane 4 cyl. Red Devil engine with a 3 spd. Trans. The tires are great, but as you can see they are not original equip. Recently installed entire brake system. We would use this to ride around at hunting season and the occassional trip down to the local watering hole. It has been great to us and has always started and never left us stranded. It truly is a great piece of history that would make an excellant canidate for restoration or use as is. We have had our fun with it but just don’t use it much anymore so it is time for it to go to a new owner.”

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1948 CJ-2A Denton, TX **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_dentonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1850

“great jeep mechanically……cosmeticly challanged……… runs and drives and stops! no smoke or grinds etc. was fully rebuilt as a hunting rig about 8000 miles ago ….springs,engine, tranny ,transfer,etc…..and thats about 15 years. kept outside. pretty solid body,orig seats speedo and gauges work .2 new tires original type wheels. wrong steering wheel. brand new starter and carb work done. the old jeep is about farm ready today”

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1959 CJ-3B Three Rivers, MI **SOLD**



UPDATE: Was $5600. **SOLD**

“I’m moving in a couple of months and am looking to sell my 1959 Willy’s Jeep, model CJ3B. Rust free, with a four inch lift, new Ground Hawg 6 ply tires (14/35/15). The engine is a 231 Buick V6 with Heddman Headers. The Jeep comes with a vinyl top and original seat frames that have been re-upholstered, the tool box is also in excellent shape.”

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1955 CJ-3B West Plains, MO **SOLD**


1955_cj3b_westplainsUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This look solid and pretty stock.

“Unrestored, original 26K miles, 1955 Willy’s CJ3B Jeep.  The original owner was a doctor who bought the jeep as a hunting rig in 1955. The second owner purchased it for the same purpose, hunting. He had his mechanic look it over prior to each season. 3-4 years ago he stopped hunting and parked it. As a precaution, I oiled the cylinders and it turned freely. I bought it intending to restore it, but find I do not have the time. I was told it needed brakes. It has 16″ military tires on it which are in good condition. Tow bar is included. I am asking 3,000.00 O.B.O. No e-mails.”

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1952 M-38 Davison, MI **SOLD**


1952_m38_davidsonUPDATE: This was purchased by a reader.  He has changed the color and removed the crap.  It looks much better now.

I had 3 ‘what was someone thinking’ moments while looking this jeep over.  Moment 1, what’s with the diamond plating under the bumper?  Moment 2, did someone paint the data plates on the dash?  Moment 3, what’s going on with the metal tubing that goes up from one step, around the windshield, and down to the other step?

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Last Ride: 194? MB/GPW Mailbox — Secaucas, NJ

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1943_mb_secaucus2UPDATE:  I suspect this jeep is on it’s last ride. It’s now a mailbox.

A reader submitted this unusual find.  Yes, the seller of this old jeep somehow used it as a mailbox (I think the mailbox is on the back of the jeep), though technically I’d argue the jeep is more of a mailbox pole. While I firmly believe that the jeep has earned the reputation as one of the most modified vehicles in history, the use of a jeep as a mailbox pole is particularly rare.

“Willys jeep. Military, of about 1944. No engine, no trans, no papers, but lots of rust. For a long time I used this old jeep as a mail box; if you buy it, I won’t be getting bills anymore. For $400., you can be sure that your bills will find their way to your door.”

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1946 CJ-2A VEC San Jose, Ca $4000


1946_cj2a_sanjose3UPDATE:  During the math portion of my analysis below, I forgot the serial numbers started at 10,000, so there was more like 28,000 column shift CJ-2As.  Thanks for spotting this Lee!

Here’s a VEC with a serial number of 15777.  According to the CJ-2A page, the number of column shifting CJ-2As was more like 28,000 jeeps  38,000 rather than 15,000 mentioned by the seller.

“Serial number 15777, CJ2A with 3-on the tree. Very rare as only about 15,000 produced with the gear shifter on the column. Great for rock crawling as you can keep both hands on the steering wheel while shifting gears. Runs good, has good tires. I use it in the mountains near Lake Tahoe during the summer months and store it at my house in San Jose during the winter months. I also used it to pull floats in parades, but no longer retain current DNV registration. I put new Ford/Chevy large brakes on the front axle, replaced brake shoes on the rear. I also replaced the oil bath air filter and old filter systems. I have all original older parts plus some spare stuff.  Email me for more info and pictures.  Mike”

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1952 M-38 Fresno, CA **SOLD**


1952_m38_fresnoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800

“Willy’s 1952 jeep, low Hood Flat Fender Jeep.  Buick small block V8 300 cub, power steering and full roll cage”

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1950 CJ-3A Portland, Or $4000


1950_cj3a_portland2This is a non-running CJ-3A, so the price will undoubtedly drop.

“1950 Willy’s Jeep. Civilian version. Needs…new paint job, some rust restoration, engine work (Not currently running). A few spare parts. Please Email: or call 503-891-6098 with any questions.”

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1942 GPW Spokane, Wa $2500


1942_gpw_spokaneIt’s not running.  However, I don’t see much rust either.  This might be a pretty good deal.

“Mostly Original 4 cylinder flat head. Includes extra parts. Jeep ran when parked 5 years ago. $ 2500. Ask for Dan. 623-8334”

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1948 CJ-2A Bakersfield, Ca **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_bakersfieldUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

Here’s trail ready jeep with a very low crawl ratio (sm420 + dana 300/teralow +4.56 gears).


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Jim’s Camo Seat Cushions


Jim sent out a some images of his Camo Seat Cushions this evening.

He writes, ” They fit CJ2A CJ3A CJ3B M38 M38A1 M606 Early CJ5 CJ6.   Note:The set of seat cushions in the picture are not screwed in place, just set up to show you what they’ll look like installed. Once screwed into the seat back, fit will be tight and correct”




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My Build: A Center Console


console_finalI made more progress this weekend on the jeep.  Most importantly, I planned and excecuted a design for my center console.

My center console stands between the front seats.  It’s purpose was two-fold:  1, provide a place for me to put power and ignition/kills switches, along with a start button, and, 2, provide a more accessible location for plugging  in my cell phone (which will sit, along with a few other items, in a compact water proof bike bag that I can easily remove).

Now you ask, and reasonably so, why install a start button and switches when you have a perfectly good key switch on the steering column?

Well, that’s a good question.  There’s only one answer. I always wanted a jeep that started with a simple push button.  So, I just had to get that urge out of my system.  Trust that the key solution would have been easier, as my wiring harness was all set up for a GM column.  This meant I had to remove the GM plugs from the harness, decode the wiring, and rewire the critical wires to the correct points in the center column.

With that said, here’s my console:

After considering a variety of designs, I came up with this simple post and console design.

Below are the steps for cutting out the back of the console.  I had an old hood that I have been using for some spare sheet metal.  Below is the paper template on the hood.  Also on the hood is the bent and drilled console.


Next, I cut out the metal using a grinder with a cutting wheel.  Then I used a paint remover on my grinder to remove the paint.


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1948 CJ-2A Brownsville, OH **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_brownsville2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

“Hello, I buy,sell,repair,and restore willys jeeps. Flat fenders are my favorite which I have owned one for over 35 years. This is a great jeep for parades, car shows and just criusing around. A previous owner has done a nice job restoring it. It has a lot of unique EXTRAS with it. …  This is a nice jeep and is a very unique head turner. Rubber is very good too.

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1952 M38 McQueen, Az $1800


1952_m38_mcqueenThis might be a pretty good price.

“This is a 1952 Willy Jeep 4×4. It runs and has an 8000 lb warn wench on the front and a 4″lift and 35″tires with new rims. It also has a new gas tank and battery and new brakes put in by Big O tires. The lift, brakes and gas tank were all worked on by Big O tires and I have the receipts. 602-549-0844.”

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Willys/Jeep Boat Motor Tekoa, Wa $950


willys_flathead_boat_motorHere’s a boat motor that’s labeled with both Willys and Jeep markings. So far, I have found Willys motors in tractors, generators, and now boats.

“4 cylinder Jeep Willys inboard motor with attached Paragon reverse reduction gear transmission/drive. Rebuilt in 1961 (see placard below), so pretty safe to assume it’s a 1950’s or older motor….”

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Year? CJ-3A Thompson, Ct $600


1950s_cj3a_thompsonThis is a running jeep for only $600.  It looks to be a CJ-3A to me.

“i own an early 1940s jeep willys. it runs, the frame is in good condition, original RUNNING motor, 4×4 hi and low both work. the body needs work if you are intrested call glenn at 860-420-7629”

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1950 CJ-3A Raleigh, NC **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_raleighUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000. 

“Selling 1950 CJ-3A. Everything should be original except wiring was redone 30 + years ago and a new top bought about 25 or so years ago. All in all seems to be in good shape. Has been garage/shed/storage kept since ’83. A little work should get her running. Serial number is 51990. Would like $3k w/ the top or $2500 w/o it. Open to some negotiation. Jeep is located in Raleigh, NC (actually about 5 miles south in Garner). Buyer would be responsible for transporting it. I can also take more specific pics for anyone interested.”

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1948 Station Wagon 3 door Chesterland, Oh $1600

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1948_stationwagon_3dr_chesterlandHere’s one of the rare 3 door Willys Station Wagons.  David highlights these on this his Willys Country website.

“Selling a rare three door Willys four wheel drive Station Wagon. Built to haul people and sold new in 1948 in Pennsylvania, this four wheel drive wagon was constructed on the truck frame and has a non-running f-head 134 engine. There is no tailgate on this one…they used the rear panel from a pickup to build the back of the body. Has the usual lower body rust, however, the frame and floors are solid. The front floors will need minor attention, however, they are not rotted like most. Needs completely restored, but is almost 100% complete…including keys and title. Does roll but will need winched onto your method of transport. A very rare piece of Willys history, from what I’ve learned only 2 like this were built and this is the sole survivor. Listing it here first but if it doesn’t sell, it will go to ebay with a higher reserve. I’d rather sell it locally and avoid the headaches that ebay always brings when selling a vehicle! I’m asking $1600 or very near offer, no trades, no checks, money orders, wire transfers, shares of your dead uncle’s estate…you get the idea! More pictures available…just ask.”

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1953 Navy CJ-3B Amesville, Tn $3250


1953_cj3b_amesvilleThe images are a bit tiny to tell much.  I’m not a big fan of the paint job, but other than that this might not be a bad price.

“1953 CJ3B Navy Jeep. Still has Navy ID and information tag on the dash. Jeep is in fantastic mechanical condition. It is currently titled & licensed and I drive it daily. Does not use oil or smoke. Motor and drive train work flawlessly except for 2nd gear. Like 75% of old jeeps, it pops out of 2nd gear when decellerating. Odometer only shows 2870 miles and it works, but I can not verify that those are the correct miles. Brakes stop it straight and fast. All turn signals and lights work. Has been converted to 12volts. Has 4 new military type non directional tires on 16″ stock rims. The spare is a newer 16″ rough tread on a split rim wheel. All guages work. Has lock out hubs & a tow bar. Call 740-448-2600 if you have any questions. Thank you.”

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1946 CJ-2A Vinton, Ia $12000


1946_cj2a_vintonThis jeep is ‘almost’ completely restored.  For example, there’s no emergency brake.

“for sale — 1946 willys jeep completely restored. 260 miles on rebuilt motor, new body , tires– excellent condition. PLEASE do not offer some ridiculous amount, I won’t respond . Selling for another party.”