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Wanted: WWII Jeeps and Parts Herald, Ca

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Here’s a buyer looking for WWII parts and jeeps.

“I am looking, WANTED, any and all parts for the old World War 2 JEEPS, either Ford or Willys. Anything you might have from say a generator/ starter all the way up to a basket case not running. Shoot me some pictures and a price you are looking to get. Have trailer with winch and cash. Thanks”

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1956 CJ-5 Sweet Home, Or $2000


This has a rebuilt engine.  It looks pretty stock and in good condition except for the paint.

“1956 Willys Jeep. Newly rebuilt engine, new tires and wheels spare to, drives and runs great. DO NOT respond via cragslist as this post is for a freind. Call Rob at 541-367-1346.”


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Wanted: 3A Parts and a complete 2A, 3A or 5 Portland, Or

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Here’s a buyer looking for both parts and a whole jeep.

“looking for transfer case, complete 3a L124 engine, and other misc parts. Also looking to buy a complete 3a, 4a, or cj5 in origional condition, suitabe for restoration.”

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1960 Willys Wagon Port Townsend, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $5000. **SOLD**

I just love the fact that this was the seller’s daily driver for years.

“My maroon Willys station wagon that has been around Port Townsend for the last eighteen years (parked in front of Hilltop Texaco for five of those) is now for sale for $5000. This was my daily driver until five years ago when I decided to make it 4 wheel drive. I have collected and built absolutely the best components to accomplish that but too many other projects have taken over my time. It currently has a tired but functional Chev 350 and a turbo 350 tranny with a Lokar shifter with e-brake and a positraction Dana 44 rear. I just installed the rechromed bumpers, the rest of the chrome is good. The wood runners in the back are in excellent condition also. It has the hard to find original seats that I reupholstered several years ago. Components that I have to go with it are; rebuilt 700R4 trans that was mated to a NP 205 (all gear, no chain) transfer case, Dana 44 front and rear differentials, new loaded calipers for the front, Advance adapters Saginaw power steering kit, an extra set of five original 16 inch wheels with old Michelin tires on them, a new tailgate hinge and tailgate lower repair section (which it really does not need) and a complete rear clip from a “barn door” (side opening doors) vehicle. I have collected boxes and boxes of spare things like speedometers, door handles, windows, steering wheels and so much other stuff that I can’t remember all of it. ”


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1953 Wagon Oakdale, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

This is sort of running.

“53 willys 350 motor runs 350 tranny b&m shifter need somee tlc like some windows are busted out seat covers and the stearing hooked up real easy i have bill of sale and can deliever if gas is covered will trade for another good runing car or bike or cash vw chevy ford pre 75 cars or a good cars”



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1959 DJ-3A Redlands, Fl $1175


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1175

(11/7/09) You can’t say this seller hasn’t tried to give you a complete overview of this jeep.  There is a total of 37 images.  It’s rough, but it is a column shift 2 wheel drive with a tailgate.  It’s supposed to run well.

“Willys Jeep dj3a Overland this is the 2 wheel drive model with L-134 engine with three speed on the column.  Not just a L-134 engine but a industrial L-134 engine.  This engine runs real good as you can see in the video plus the oil is super clean like someone went through this engine.  As you can see in the video I pulled the dipstick out and you can see how clean the oil is. And that was after a half an hour of running plus driving it in the yard….”


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Converto Airborne Dump Trailer Jeep WW2 **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This WW2 trailer was originally design for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to be used as both a general purpose cargo trailer much like the Willys MBT/ Bantam T3 and specifically for use beyond the capability of the MBT/T3’s; for moving and dumping material. It is estimated that there were about 6500 of these trailers produced during WW2 and is ideally pulled by a Ford GPW or Willys MB jeep or a dozer.









The Dump action is controlled by the middle lever which tilts the bed. The side lever directly under the data plate controls the tailgate itself. When the side lever is pulled the tailgate swings out from the bottom. It’s also possible to pull the top pins and fold it down from the top or remove the tailgate completely. The dump levers can actually operated from the drivers seat of a jeep by pulling on the rope which the end loop rests on the base of the shifter. So the load is not accidently dumped, both the bed tilt and the tailgate mechanism have safety pins. Also the tailgate has a small gate which exposes a circular hole to pour out smaller amounts of material or can be a port for a nozzle to distribute liquids in their own container. Another unique feature of the trailer is the bed itself can be detached by pulling the two large dump pins and driving away. *Notably the trailer did not come with fenders from the factory

“This particular trailer is very complete and has all the important components typically missing: -Original tailgate -pins and chains -Thick lunette -Reinforced combat rims
-landing leg -Both cast dump latches -Dump levers”

For a 60+ year old trailer the trailer is in truly amazing condition. It is incredibly straight and solid. There are literally only 3 or 4 dents or dings in the entire trailer and no bowed panels. This trailer is one of the finest examples of these trailers I have ever seen. Unlike the few other Converto dump trailers I have seen or owned. The the panels and pieces where lined up very well for assembly from the factory; the original welds are clean and almost uniform. Considerable effort was made to make this trailer as correct as possible with attention to the smallest details Including hand brushing the blue drab USA Number. The document pouch, data plate, custom rivets, pins, and chains where created or obtained to match the original. Body filler was not used in the preservation and there are only a few small flaws. The front (not the entire) of the bed is bit pitted (this can be seen in the pictures with the manual), there are three smaller than a pencil size holes by the tailgate round hole gate, there are a few small flaws in my paint job and as mentioned there are three small dents all smaller then a quarter one in each top rail and one in the bed. Again this is one is very solid and complete.

The trailer has recently received:  -A Very hard to find NOS US ARMY Corp of Engineers document pouch with custom rivets -original pointed tread Goodyear 6.00×16 NDT tires -three wire cloth inter-vehicular cable composed of NOS components -NOS BO light switch -CB taillights -All NOS lights -reflectors
-NEW Wiring Harness from Vintage wiring of Maine – a few new pins and chains -Reinforced combat rims -TM5-9084 with supplement -Data plate from Robert de Ruyter -New Paint -hand Brushed Markings in blue drab -Trailer Dump lever rope “

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1948 CJ-2A Project Meridian Ranch, Co $300


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $300

(12/01/09) Lots of work needed on this project.

“I bought this Jeep with the intention of restoring it, but due to the economy and the possibility of no longer having a job I need to sell it. I am asking for $300. At this point it is in pieces.”


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3 Flat Fender Projects Wenatchee, Wa


There’s a variety of parts and projects here with prices that vary.

“1st jeep has the most potential and while the picture does not show it, it has a grille and other parts that can be put together to make a good one. It has rear diamond plate for the corners and diamond plate for the sides. It does have a windshield that needs put together. No seats or titles on any of them. It has saginaw front end which is optional I will keep it if you want to dicker. If you plan to install a bigger engine I will keep the engine and transmission and transfer case too. Engine is a L head than turns over by hand but someone got the carb and starter. It has a roll bar of sorts. Price depends on if you want the saginaw and engine. $300 with out all that. $650 with all that.

2nd jeep is a basket case and frames front has cracked totally off. But it has a round cross bar that can be used on the first jeep that some idiot cut off the original and put L iron to fit the saginaw on it. Or you can weld it back together and start a rebuild of a second jeep. it has axles but no power plant or transmission or transfer case. $150 for it.

The third is just a body and hood. It was a rare long body that someone cut down to a CJ3A size. Welds need to be finished on that part. Body could be used on one of the other two if you wanted. Might have another windshield in need of repair for it too. $200 for it.

As I said no titles but they can be gotten. I believe data tags are on one at least. I have extrea transfer cases that may need rebuild for $100. And some other extra parts for those that buy all three of them. Including axles. Have other small parts that I will make deal on if you buy all. I just need parts to finish my 2A. Might consider trading for things I need for the 2A like seats or guns or other old interesting item. Especially jeep PTO’s for the front and back or an overdrive. Or Jeepster parts from 48 and 49. I am keeping the roll cage for the 3A for now. But with the right offer will sell it too. It is one that is done well with sides that fit the contour of the CJ2 and 3A frame. $450. These are projects as you can see. And as I said I have hundreds of various small parts too for sale. And for the right trade or take all I will think about a better deal. Also have a F head that needs gone through. It used to turn over by hand but now doesn’t. has a regular oil filter system on it for spinning oil filters and upgraded carb. Long story. $250. Had it in a flat fender and it ran then.


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1953 CJ-3B Northern Michigan $8900


This appears to be a very nice rebuild and update.  There’s lots to like here.

“This jeep will most likely not be your regular driver. I have rebuilt it from the frame up. Frame has rubberized paint. Set on a 3″ Rancho 9000 suspension. New 32″x11.5″Dayton A/T. Body parts are all origanal, again rubberized under coating. Tub has herculiner coating on inside. All new 12v Electrical system. Performance ignition. Power steering. Front shackle reversal kit. 12gl. custom rear gas tank. Rebuilt orig. 3speed. Dana 27 fr. Dana 44 rear.w/ 4:88 gears. Professional rebuilt buick 231ci.(3.8L) All performance parts B&B. Holley Demon Carb. Custom dual inner frame exhaust w/ coated headers. Also comes w/ 2 tops Soft vinyl and steel hard. Spent a lot of time and money on this machine and I am not going to do any leg work for the buyer to sell this. If you would like more info e-mail me ps. I am only trying to sell the jeep NO SPAM please”


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1953 M-38a1 Gilford, NH $3500

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This looks in good shape, though the seller’s camera appears to have a smudge right in the center of the lense.

Good running and not bad looking Antique jeep .Take it in to a parade like it is or do a complete restoration. It is a good solid start either way. New brakes & tune up. Ready to enjoy. Please call between 4 & 8 pm. I work early every day…. Thanks…Bill 603-293-0685″


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1958 Truck Albuquerque, Nm $900

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

No pics, but this is a strong running truck (according to the owner).

“1958 willys truck with title, 6 cylinder engine 3 speed transmission, engine was rebuilt some time ago, 4×4 works good use it this year at Mt. Taylor last year for me hunting getting to old , pretty much all original body need a little work, dark green paint is ok, brakes work good , just had the heater core replaced so it does have a good heater for the winter, bought tires brand new a year ago, will drive at 55mph all day long even the light work I change it over to 12 volt system, the old 6 volt was just to weak, need to sell, $900.00 or best offer. sorry no pictures at this time email for an appointment .”

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1948 CJ-2A Hudson Valley, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $300

Check out the front of this frame.  There’s been some strange changes to it.

“48 cj2a frame is broken in the front. the motor turns over, has complete drivetrain,tranny and transfercase. Has four orignal rims. good axles and springs.”


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1946 VEC CJ-2A Pueblo, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

It’s an unusual color scheme.  It looks in solid shape and will likely make a great restoration.

1946 Willys Jeep, all original. This Jeep has been in storage for many years and not started. It has also been owned by the same family for over 40 years.”


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1952 Wagon Flintville, AL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

“Great project vehicle, cool looking (reminds me of MASH) 1952 Willys 4×4 Station Wagon. Has adapter and mounts for SBC. Minimal rust for a ’52 model. Sold AS IS on a Bill of Sale. First $1000 or will trade for Ford powered vehicle: need work truck, Mustang, Fairlane, car trailer, mig welder, etc.”


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1963 CJ-3B Hurst, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3250

This appears to be in very original shape.




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Builds: 1951 M-38 in Santa Rosa


While trolling for some M-38 information I discovered this build.  The owner is slowly attempting to return this to original condition of some sort.  As you can see, in the first pic below, an early step was to tone down the paint color.

Learn what the owner has been doing to this jeep.




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1952 M-38 Waxahachie, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

I’m not sure if this is still for sale or not.  What caught my eye, was that strange item attached to the front of the bumper.  Anyone know what that is?

“VIN number 66800”





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Model T on ’59 Willys Running Gear Albq, Nm $2500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

I think this could make a very cool build.

“1926 Model-T Mounted on 59 4×4 Willys Chassis High Performance Small Block Chevy Motor (350 bored 60 over).  Over $3500 invested in motor alone.  Sell together or separate.  Model T Body $2500 or, with motor $4000. Please call Dean for more information and to arrange seeing/buying. Thank you for looking! 505-252-0458. ”


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1953 CJ-3B Racine, Wi $6500


The top is a little rumpled in the back, but otherwise this looks good.

“1953-cj3 jeep restored,lots of jeep parts,1946 willys jeep for parts only,2 new tops wht.& blk. w/doors,extra grill,hood,radiator,gas tank,more!has roll bar.all goes for $6500.00 has 12volt system. one wire alt.”


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Wanted: Manifold Set for L Head — South Dakota

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Here’s a buyer for some parts from Lake View, South Dakota:

“Looking for a Good manifold set (intake and exhaust) to put on my Willys jeep CJ2A that I am rebuilding. Must be crack free and no broken parts. I will pay reasonable price and shipping. Please phone Rich at, 712 657 2042 from 8 am to Thanks The engine is the “go Devil” 134 inline flathead,, NOT the overhead valve “F” head.”

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1949 Jeepster Poughkeepsie, Ny $2900

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This looks like a good restoration project.   I wonder if it starts and drives?

“good restoration project 845-452-4798”


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1950 Wagon Elk River, MN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This might make a good project.

“1950 Willys Wagon. 4×4 no engine or trans. Rust free AZ vehicle.”


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Another Tender Truck

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Or, from our Israeli Bureau, spotted another Tender Truck for sale.  I used Babelfish to translate the Hebrew, but it was only barely understandable.  So, we can just check out the pics.  Thanks Or!

You can see the original article here and here’s the main Tender page, though I will be creating a Tender section soon.




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1963 FJ-3A Fleet Van **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Mitch forwarded some pics he took.  **SOLD** Was $6500.

“1963 Willys?Jeep snow cone/ latte van with full health dept set up. This is the longer version(not the mail version). Very, Very COOL! Interior has been proffesionally converted and was used as a health department approved snowcone vender. I bought it because it looks sooooooo cool. Full 4 sinks, water etc. Engine runs like a sewing machine. I am a car collector and due to the economy I am selling my gems.”

jeep fleet van 005 (Small)

jeep fleet van 006 (Small)

jeep fleet van 003 (Small)

jeep fleet van 001 (Small)

jeep fleet van 004 (Small)