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Wanted: CJ-3B Body and Fenders — Clark County, Wa

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, wanted

We have a buyer with CASH for a CJ-3B Body and Fenders.

“I need a 3b body tub and a set of front fenders, new or used. Have cash!!! Any help would be great. thanks (360)880-0205”

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Wanted: 15 x 12 Rims 5 x 5 1/2 bolt pattern

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims, wanted

We’ve got a reader (name?) in the 360 area code (south western washington state I believe) who is looking for some 15 x 12 rims with a 5 x 5 1/2 bolt pattern.

A quick search revealed at least two sets:

Spokane, Wa: ($450)
Salem, Or: ($220)

If you have any for sale, give the reader a call.

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Reader Builds — A Garage Full of CJ-2As in Wisconsin


garage_robertlangdonA reader named Robert in Wisconsin has provided some pictures of a CJ-2A collection he has put together.  For me, this brought back memories of living in Wisconsin.   In fact, the reason I sold my first jeep was to fund a move to Wisconsin back in 1992.  I knew I couldn’t haul it around and keep it maintained, so I figured it was time to let it go.  I called Wisconsin home for two years and have plenty of fond memories of the Dane County Farmer’s Market, Old World Wisconsin, 40 below temperatures (brrrrr) and the birth of my first son.

Robert has been kind enough to share a number of stories and pictures below.  Many Thanks!  BTW, to the right is the way a garage should look!

#1 – 1946 CJ2A (tan)

1946_cj2a_robertlangdonI got interested in CJ2As after buying a 1969 Series IIA Land Rover a couple years ago (ed note:  shown at the bottom of the post).  I had always wanted a Series 109 Rover and had convinced my wife that I needed one for my beekeeping hobby.  We had been hauling beehives and honey around in her mini van and she’d had enough of the sticky mess and ticked off bees that got stuck in her van.  With her blessing I located a Rover for sale in Minnesota and dragged it home.  I really enjoyed the Rover and put it to good use, but found it was way too big for the garage.  Also, it was right-hand-drive and it made me feel like I was driving in the ditch all the time.  After awhile, I started looking for something a bit smaller that I could still use for the bee hobby.  That’s when I noticed a nice looking 1946 CJ2A on ebay.  I bid on it and won.   The previous owner had done a really nice restoration and equipped it with a vintage Western snowplow.  I never thought I’d need a plow, but it actually ended up coming in handy with all the snow we got that winter.  I’m convinced the plow saved my back from shoveling.  This is the tan jeep with the soft top shown with my dog.

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1942 MB Woodlake, CA **SOLD**


1942_mb_woodlakeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

“Low hood flatfender willys,with mid 80’s chevy Iron Horse 4 cylinder engine and 3-speed manual transmission. Engine runs and is installed but is not hooked up. New radiator core, 2-1/2″ lift springs, body is pretty strait .Good tires and wheels,Has steering column but not installed.I have original transfer case (doesn’t fit new trans) but nothing installed.4 point cage, no windshield frame or top.”

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1953 CJ-3B Burney, CA **SOLD**


1953_cj3b_burneyUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

The body of this CJ has some dings, but otherwise looks pretty good.

“Flat fender, high hood, runs, 4×4 works well, brand new wild cat agressive tires, front tow bar, brand new Yukon bench seat for the back with seat belts (camo), brand new camo front seat covers. Great hunting rig!!! Wind sheild lays down.”

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1946 CJ-2A Dixon, CA **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_dixonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

Lots of mods have been done to this jeep.  Though it sits a little high, the outboarded springs in the back should help improve the road stability.

“This is a 1946 Willys body on a Chevy frame with Chevy 350 four speed and drive train as you can see in the pictures. We did not clean or candy coated anything so that you can see what you are buying. This vehicle was bought about 3 years ago for hunting, off road and to be driven when ever and where ever. It doesn’t smoke, knock, shake or make any kind of noise and will take you any where you want to go. We don’t know what the milage is the odometer never worked.”

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1947 CJ-2A Vallejo, CA **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_vallejoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

It looks like some remanents of bondo on the back driver’s quarter of the body.  Otherwise, the body doesnt’ look too bad for a parts jeep.

“Selling as a parts Jeep with no title pics show the status willing to trade for ? let me know what you have”

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1953 CJ-3A Arlington, Wa **Sold**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, stainless/jewels

1953_cj3a_arlingtonUPDATE:  The buyer of the jeep reported that these were Jewels fenders with the stickers still on them.

Here’s the deal for today.  The stainless steel fenders (Jewels?) and warn overdrive may be worth $1700 alone.  Also interesting, this might be a DJ-3A body, as I don’t see a tailgate; however, this might also just be some kind of mod as well.

“1953 Willy’s Jeep-work in progress- newer Ford 289, Warn overdrive, Dana 35 front/Dana 44 rear, Willy’s stamped hood, stainless fenders/grill, diamond plating in back of jeep, soft top with doors, second gas tank,and wiring harness. 1,700.”


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1951 CJ-3A Omaha, Ne $3000


1951_cj3a_omahaThis CJ-3A appears to be in pretty good shape.  I’m not a huge fan of the big bumpers, but not too bad otherwise.

“Engine updated to 289 V8, chrome wagon wheels with new tires, original seats 2 front and 1 rear bench, roll bar, red paint in fair condition. No vinyl top. Call 402-669-2675, leave a message if we don’t answer.”

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1951 M-38 Mt. Pleasant, PA **SOLD**


1951_m38_mtpleasantUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200..

“jeep needs finished but can be driven . have wind shield, hood, tailgate and most parts to finish.”


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1960 CJ-3B Elkin, NC eBay


1960_cj3b_elkinThere’s some rust on the body, but this looks like it’s a very stock, quite complete CJ-3B.  It might make a great restore project.  Note the other flattie to the right in the pic.

“This is a Willys cj3b jeep that I bought with the intention of restoring. I do not have a title for this vehicle. I will give a bill of sale. I believe this jeep could be restored. The running gear is complete. I have not tried to start the engine. I believe this jeep was used as a plow jeep. It does have rust mostly in the back sections. It has a factory hard top that is solid, and could be brought back to like new condition. It would make a great restore project.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A Buffalo, NY $7400


1947_cj2a_buffaloI’m pretty sure the seller won’t get the asking price on this jeep.   I like that the seller is pretty honest about the paint job and can relate to the two foot disclaimer  (I’ve got a three foot rule for my paint job, lol).

“I purchased the Jeep in August of 1997. It already had the small block Ford in it but was just sitting in outside storage here for years abandoned. Loved it at first sight. I tracked down the owner and made him an offer after I changed the oil, put a new battery in and fired it up. It just purred. I put in my garage until about 2000. That’s when my father in law gave me a nice place to work on it…. ”

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Wanted: CJ-3A Tub in Bend Or

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-3A

We’ve a got a jeeper looking for a tub.  Anyone have one near Bend?

“I’m looking for a CJ3A tub. Years 49-53 if possible. Would be willing to pay cash if it’s a good deal.”

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1942 MB Burlington, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $1500. **SOLD**

This MB comes with a brand new body.  The rest of the parts appear to be a bit rougher.

“Project jeep includes rolling frame, original 4 cylinder engine, extra front end. Engine ran when parked. This is a project! Please, serious buyers only. We are not willing to trade.”

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1957 FC-170 Apache Junction, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500

(10/01/09) It’s a bit rough.

1957 Willys Jeep forward control. has Ford v-8 runs needs plugs wires, rotor. body is rust free and fairly straight. $2500.00.”


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1961 DJ-3A Arvada, Co **SOLD**


1961_dj3a_arvadaUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000

“This Jeep has been 95% restored. All the mechanics was done by Edgewater Jeep and the paint was done by Sunshine Custom Paint. All the chrome was done by Collins Custom Plating (including the pot medal) and there is a lot of chrome including engine parts. This is a great Jeep to have. It is 2WD (not 4WD) drive. The Jeep has “3 on-the-tree”, left hand seating. This is NOT a postal Jeep. It has the “I” beam front axle, which is the old school Jeep”

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1952 CJ-3A Penn Valley, Ca $1600


1952_cj3a_pennvalleyThe paint job makes it difficult to tell, but it looks like the side panel on the driver’s side is a bit rough (rust?) at the bottom edge.  The top sure fits funkily …

“Great 4×4 vehicle! This Jeep has a v8 small block 283 2bbl carb. 1,600.00 obo for more info call(530)432-9277 (ask for steve) or e-mail”

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1948 CJ-2A Birmingham, Al $3500


1948_cj2a_birminghamThe body looks wee bit rough, but it sounds as if the drive train will get you where you want to go.

“Its a 48′ Willys CJ2A that has the following: Full roll cage, RCI 5 pt. harness with seats, and quick release steering wheel. The engine is a chevy V-6 4.3 with power steering and 3 speed tranny. The suspension is Rusty’s leafs and shocks, around 6″ of lift. Front axle is a Dana 30 with super lift hubs and rear axle is AMC 20 with 1 piece axle shaft. Both have 4.88 gears and lockers. It has 4 wheel disc breaks, steel braided lines, and custom drive shafts…”

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1964 CJ-3B Susanville, Ca $900


1964_cj3b_susanvilleHere’s a project CJ-3B.  The pics don’t really show enough to know if this is a good deal or not.

“Selling my project 1964 cj3b. All parts are there and its all original except seats and wheels. No body rot but needs some sheetmetal work.Contact Scott@ (530)257-3630. $900.00 OBO”

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1948 CJ-2A Lathrop, Mo $3000


1948_cj2a_lathropHere’s a good looking, fairly stock CJ-2A.


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MD JUAN — Jeep Restorations in the Phillipines

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, stainless/jewels

mdjuan_logoA reader sent me to a Craigslist-like website for the sale of all kinds of items in the Phillipines (I’ll save that discussion for a post tomorrow).  Along the journey, I came across the website for MD JUAN, a Phillipine based company that some of you are probably aware of that does jeep restorations and supplies parts to resellers all over the world, including North America.

So, it’s clear that at least some jeep body parts are being exported from the Phillipines into the United States through 5 different US Resellers.  Moreover, the company has been in business in some fashion since 1967, so it’s been doing it a while.  So, perhaps there is some way to work with those importers to bring in stainless body parts (for those interested in non-Jewels stainless)?

Also interesting, MD JUAN sells 1945 MBs.  No price is listed, however they do include an email address.


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1964 CJ-3B Ridge Farm, Ill eBay


1964_cj3b_ridgefarmThis looks like a nice straight, non-abused CJ-3B.

” 64 CJ3B with all factory stock drivetrain.  134 F-Head Engine.  Gears are 4:27 ratio.  WITH 31,013 ORIGINAL MILES.  Everything works with the exception of emergency brake and gas gauge.  There is no top with this Jeep.  The Jeep Runs and Drives EXCELLENT!  I have added a Rancho 2 1/2 inch lift with Ranch R-S 5000 Shocks.  Tires are Interco Super Swamper TRXUS radials mounted on what I believe are vintage Jackman 15X10 Wheels.  Alson has new factory style exhaust system.  This is a very quiet, very solid Jeep CJ.  The body has 2 small rust holes on the lower right body tub…”

View all the pics on eBay

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1950 CJ-3A Pilot Point, TX **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_pilotpointUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This CJ-3A appears to be in pretty good shape.  I think a good paint job and dumping the top would do wonders for it.

“Hunters, I have a 1950 willys jeep for you to go hunting in . It has a flathead willys 4cld . motor,it has a workin 4×4 ,and removable top. the doors are also removable with roll down glass windows. It can also be pulled behind a truck. It does need a new radiator and some minor work but not a lot. if you collect willys it a real find!!!!”

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1949 CJ-3A Mountain Grove, Mo **SOLD**


1949_cj3a_mountaingroveUPDATE:  This sold for $4,995 on 01/11/2009 on eBay.

This CJ-3A only reached a high bid of $3,550 during the last auction attempt. I was a little surprised by that, but it’s also not been restored to ‘original specs’.  It looks nice and is back on the auction block.

“1949 CJ3A in extremely good condition.  It has be in body off restoration for 13 years striped to the frame.  It had the usual rust in the floor pans, new steel was welded in these areas. Also new under body rails were welded in. The frame was in good shape and the floor and the rear fender well are in good shape.  After the body tub was completed and before installed on the frame it was completely undercoated with a rubbery undercoat. Both front and rear axles were completely disassembled and rebuilt….”

View the many pics on eBay

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1958 CJ-3B Uncasville, CT $3000


1958_cj3b_uncasvilleAll original CJ-3B with rebuilt engine. The body appears a bit rough in the pics and there appears to be rust along the passenger side.

“1958 CJ-3b Willys Jeep. Engine rebuilt Spring 2002. All original, what you see is what you get. Needs engine tune-up, ran when garaged. Body needs work. Tires are 33 x 12.5 BF Goodwrench MT’s- not new condition. Is a great trail vehicle, or a great restoration project. Serious inquiries only. Price negotiable. Must sell, moving soon. ”