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1945 MB North Dakota eBay


Ok, I like the big gun.  Hard to find jeeps with big guns in them anymore.  I know it says replica, but maybe it actually shoots?

"1945 Willys MB.  This army jeep is ready for parades, shows, or just driving around. Comes with everything as shown, including .50 cal replica. With the exception of a later hood and T-90 transmission, this is a very complete (original) MB. The steering is tight, brakes are good, engine runs fine, and the tires are three years old. The four wheel drive is fully operational."

View more pics at eBay 

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1944 GPW Cincinnati, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000

“1944 ford willys jeep from world war II ,completly redone new top tire engine overhaul and more …original manuals ..runs great and good for parades or just to have if your a collector.miles are 23000 and to the best of our knowledge are to be correct as per the title states is in great shape and with the 4 wheel drive will go any where offroad ..more pictures available upon request . we are asking 7000.00 but are open to any reasonable offers.”

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Why a Roll Cage is a good idea

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Take one look at this photo and you can see why having a good roll cage is smart.  The driver of this jeep, 63 year old Alvin Baldwin, died in the rollover after being ejected.  The link to the original article no longer exists.  It occurred outside Virginia City.

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Drive Cycles and Emissions

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Well, I learned something new today:  Drive Cycles …. 

A couple days ago my 1997 BMW 540i failed an emissions test (for the second year in a row).  Last year I had shown enough money spent on the engine to get a waiver.  This year, I was a little nervous because I didn't know whether they'd give me a second waiver or not.  (This vehicle is a blast to drive and a PIA to take care of or work on!!)

Well, I just got done speaking with the head of the Air Quality Testing for ADA County, my new friend Roger (I have to say that it's nice to be able to talk to the head of the department — that's one nice thing about living in a small populated state).  What happened was not that I failed, but that they couldn't read my car's computer.  The reason was that I have not completed a drive cycle since the last time I reset my car's computer codes (Any time I work on it, I reset the codes to see if I have fixed the problem).  I figured anytime I got into the car and drove it that the computer would be on and recording normally.  However, until a drive cycle is complete, none of my monitors (which are really groups of codes) are actually capable of being read.  So, Roger, who said he consulted with the EPA back in 1992, said he had a good deal of insight into what constituted a drive cycle.

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My Build – Operation Fender Length .. cont

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I made a good deal of progress with the fenders yesterday.  I created a series of mini molds and fiberglassed several times in different sections to successfully capture the right angles.  So, step 1 is complete.

Today I'll be drilling and mounting the fenders so that they fit correctly.  One issue I have to surmount is that the slope on the fenders seems slightly different than the slope on the mount on the body, but I'm sure I can work around this issue.

Once fitted, then I'll have to create the cutouts for the headers and then create the new walls so that the headers are enclosed.  Unlike metal fenders, which wouldn't lose too much strength when cutout for headers, the fiberglass will benefit from having that extra strength.

After the final modifications are made, I will be to run a second coat of resin and cloth along the entire underside of the fenders.  This will create a smoother look and strengthen the fenders considerably.  

The final step will be to use some filler and gel coat to smooth off the top surfaces — then I'll be ready for paint. 

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Fixing a Dented Exhaust Header

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Have a dented header you want to fix?  While combing the internet for advice on making my headers work, I came across this interesting solution for fixing dented headers.  It involves water, a freezer, and some time.  Note: I have not tried this, so cannot speak for its effectiveness

Fixing a Dented Exhaust Header 

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My Build — Operation Fender Lengthen Started

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I've started the process of lengthening my fiberglass fenders. I've determined they need to be extended 4.5". 

My first task was to clean the fenders.  This yielded a surprise:  Business cards from the builder of the body were embeded into both fenders.  To the right a shot of one of them. The information suggests the seller was H.C. "Van" Wagner out of Puyallup, Washington.  He sold Custom fiberglass products including Bobcat products.  The name of the company has faded, but I have the address and phone info.

Once the fenders were cleaned, I cut them in half and I cut out the indent (traditionally for the battery) out of the passenger side.  Once they were cut, I tapered down the cut pieces.  To the left are the cut fenders.

The next step is to fiberglass them.  I'm going to try laying down a layer of gelcoat and then lay the fiberglass over the top of it.  I' haven't used gelcoat in my previous patching jobs, but am trying to gain experience so that I can use it when I do my custom hood project. 

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1953(?) Willys Denver, Co $5000 w/ trailer


I’m gonna guess this is a 1953 CJ-3A with a 2A windshield and a MB grille. It looks like it needs a few more details completed than the seller lists.

“1953 Willys Jeep with Trailer.  $5000 or Make me an offer… I have not run this jeep since I began restoration, but it ran well before I began. It does have overdrive. I am including all the parts to make it look like a 1945 Willy’s. It still needs the seat cushions and speedometer. It will need to have the gas tank hooked back up as well. Has a 6 volt system. Both Jeep and Trailer have been sand blasted and painted. Pintail hook and regular ball trailer adapter is included for the trailer. Trailer has a hill brake.”

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1946 CJ-2A Denver, Co $5500


There have been a few updates to this daily driver.  

"This old willys is a daily driver. It has had almost everything replaced or rebuilt. It runs great and is very dependable. It has the original 134 cu engine in it and gets great gas mileage. I can deliver to the front range for free. Call if you have any questions 785-821-1943" 

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1949 CJ-3A Culver, Or $3800


This jeep is a daily driver.  It looks well taken care of (except for needing new paint) and has a variety of upgrades.  If as good as advertised, the price isn't unreasonable.


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1942 MB/GPW Seattle $1500


A running MB/GPW with new tires for $1500?  This should go fast unless there the seller forgot something important.

"350 v8 buick power steering power brakes body ruff firm on price maybe trades has title thats hard to get 206 830-0635 calls good till 11 pm thanks dan new tires" 

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Fiberglass Body Sold — Update


Don came buy and purchased the fiberglass body I had for sale.  He said he just couldn't pass it up, though he didn't really need it, but thought one of his family members could use it.  I think he was most interested in creating a template from the grille to make other fiberglass grilles.  

Don belonged to the Bobtails Jeep Club.  When I was growing up, the Bobtails were a jeep club with members mostly in the Eastern Kent and Auburn area of Washington State.  I told him I thought they had dissolved, but he said there a few left, including his family members, but they are scattered (as are most other clubs).  He said all he and his family do is race, so their vehicles are exclusively race focused.  They had just been racing this past weekend down in Chehalis.  I guess about 30 jeeps showed up to race.  

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Craigslist — A study in honesty

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As a number of readers can attest, I've done a variety of craigslist deals (probably close to 40).  This time, I had a '73 CJ-5 radiator I wanted to sell, so naturally I listed it on Craiglist. A potential buyer contacted me and said he was very interested, but couldn't come look at the radiator until after I had left for Seattle.  So, I told him I would put the radiator outside and if he wanted it, to put the money into an envelope I pinned to the house.

Sure enough, two days later the radiator was gone and the money was inside the envelope. I was happier about the honesty than about the money 🙂

In fact, I've only had one deal where I didn't get all my money.  I swapped a dirty 350 Cadillac motor I really didn't want for some guages, competition coil and a few other parts.  The kids I swapped with was maybe 18 and didn't have a way to pickup the engine, so I said I'd charge him gas money to deliver it.  When I got there he said he didn't have the money yet, but would mail it.  Unfortunately, despite a couple reminders, I still haven't gotten the money. I plan to stop by his house next time I'm driving by (he's over an hour away) and remind him in person again.

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The Former Pittle Power

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I just got some pics from the owner (who shall remain nameless until he sends me his name 🙂 ) of the jeep formerly known as Pittle Power (I remember it as Piddle Power though).   I don't remember the history of the Jeep prior to Jim and Patty Carter purchasing it, but I believe they purchased it so their growing boys, Tim and Steve, wouldn't have to squish themselves into the back of Otis.  They purchased a stock CJ-3A, installed a chev 4cyl and attached desert dogs.   Otherwise (I'm told) they left everything else stock.  Pittle might not have had much power (hence the name), but it could go 99% of the places the modified WWJC jeeps could go.

The Carter's had a habit of naming all their vehicles.  There was Otis (the jeep), tote-us (the jeep trailer), Brutus (their first motorhome) and more.

Our To-Be-Named contributor writes:

"The Jeep I bought was owned by Jim Carter(original member of the WWJC). The race name was Pittle Power. Skip Baird helped me with my first swap with a V-6 and a top loader. Al Hamilton and I became very close infact I still have one of his pups Mandy she is a very stubborn German Shorthair."

Editor's note:  To the right is the only picture I have of Pittle Power from 1983 (and it's only the hind quarter) hidden behind Danny's CJ-5.  While the Pittle Power was never actually raced, I do remember a club trip to Liberty Trail one weekend.  After we made camp, Tim Carter decided he wanted to head down to the store and asked me to ride shotgun (somehow he knew there was a remote store at the bottom of the hill we were camped on). So, he drove me down that hill in Pittle Power, a ride I remember vividly because we were travelling sideways down the constantly turning gravel road for a good portion of it.    Come to think of it, one time Tim took me for a ride in his late 60's camaro and we travelled sideways heading onto the cloverleaf on ramp to I-405.  Maybe Tim always travelled sideways or I just brought it out of him.

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1949 CJ-3A Beuna Vista, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

“Very original Willy’s with new maroon paint a few years back. Been in storage for many years. New soft top and original Kelly hard top with good windows and doors also painted maroon. 4 cylinder flathead, six volt system.”

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1948 CJ-2A Snohomish, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

Hmm .. maybe there’s something here?

“Not Running, turns over with hand crank, all original, no modifications, have the title, good running gear and frame, needs work but could be restored to original condition, don’t have the time to start on it, make me a offer.  “

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1943 MB Seattle No Price


Someone's put time and money into this MB.

"This rare find is a 1943 Ford Military Jeep. Customized for four wheelin'. 4.3 Chevy V-6 motor, manual, lockers, on board air, stainless flat fenders, front and rear wenches, bead lock rims, finger throttle for those challenging spots. Lots more. Have more pics if interested. Thanks for looking." 

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Fiberglass Body and Grille

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Here's a few pictures of the Body and Grille I grabbed while down in Springfield, Oregon a couple of days ago. I need to get a few better pics of it.  I've got it listed for $450 on Craigslist.  

The outside of the body is in excellent shape and would make a great racing shell for PNW4WDA racing. The interior of the body is well designed and strong and could make a good jeeping/street body, however the plywood attached to the bottom is bad in spots, but could be fixed pretty easily.  Also, the firewall has an extra large opening that needs to be closed.  Otherwise, the body looks straight and is pretty light.

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1967 CJ-5 Pennsylvania eBay


This is an unusual CJ-5 package.

"You are bidding on a 1967 Jeep-A-Trench. This trencher is a bit unusual because it has a factory V/6 engine and 4 speed transmission. This Jeep is very complete and unmolested. It does however require a complete restoration. The engine turns over but I have never heard it run. The body has typical rust in the floors and tool box and there are dents and dings."

View all the pics on eBay 

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Year? CJ-3A Granite Falls, Wa $2800


The seller claims this is a 1941 Willys, but I don’t see much MB left in this jeep.  The rust looks more serious than suggested by the seller.  This jeep sports a Studebaker flathead 6, which I know nothing about, but sounds fun.

“Old military jeep. Runs, brakes may need adjusting from sitting. Body has some typical rust but nothing that can’t be fixed. Has Studabaker Champion flathead 6, T84J trans. Dash tags and clear title. Tag dated 12/31/41. This comes with lots of spare parts. Has an extra hood, fenders, grill, real nice tip down windshield, half cab with doors, roll bar, radiator, extra rims, new canvas top, spare Studabaker parts ( distributor, starter, etc )and a spare T-90 trans…”

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1960 FC-150 Coeur D’Alene, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

I bought this recently as a project but have found that I have too many home projects to work on it. I bought it from Schaffers Towing in Cd’A. They got it to fire up for a moment and when I brought it home I put a little gas down the carburator and got it to fire momentarily. It turns over nicely now but doesn’t seem to be getting spark…???
The brakes are disconnected and the fuel tank is there but the fuel line runnung up to it is disconnected.
I was told that the motor in it is called a “Hurricane Four” and it has a “Spicer” gear box.
It has some rust and is missing the bed. I have seen some of these with flatbeds.

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1958 CJ-5 Colorado Springs, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1100.

“This listing is for a 1958 Jeep Willys for $1100 OBO. This includes $500 worth of new brake parts (shoes, drums, line, master cylinder, cylinders, the Service Manual, a jeep restoration book and another jeep repair manual. For more specific details give”

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1946 CJ-2A Conway, Mass No Price

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The ad for this jeep is pretty funny.  Note the comment "No Rot".  Now, look at the pic — somewhere along the line there must have been some rot (unless that wooden box seat was a rare factory option)! 

"1946 willys jeep cj2a original 4 cylinder, twin stick transfer case, some sort of wood body from previous owner, runs strong, no rot call with any offer 413-231-4677" 

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Turbo 400 attached to Dana 20 — Tacoma, Wa $100

• CATEGORIES: Transmissions

This is a deal.  The Dana 20/Turbo 400 adapter is $537.  Heck, the cooler alone would cost $40 new.  If still available, I'll pick this up on Wednesday, use the cooler myself, and resell the rest.

"What we have here a Turbo 400 transmission attached to a Dana 20 transfer case. The Turbo 400 is the BOP style pattern. This set up was removed from a Jeep frame.Worked great, only issue with it was the gasket between the trans and transfer leaked. What you see in the pic is what you get.Will not seperate this. If you want just one piece of this set up, you will have to purchase the whole thing. Tried to show all parts in the pics. Located in Tacoma." 

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Turbine Rims 4 for $150

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

This is a good price for these rare rims.  On Tuesday I'll be driving through Kelso. If someone would like me to pic these up and deliver them to Seattle, I can do that. 

"Set of four 15×10 aluminum mag wheels. 5 on 5 and 1/2 bolt pattern. Fit Jeep cj5 cj7 and ford f 150. Great shape $150"