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1946 CJ-2A Centralia, WA **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_centralia1UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

It looks like it’s got some good upgrades. It’s likely priced a bit high.

“1946 Willy’s Flat-Fender CJ2A 4×4 jeep.  This Jeep is very solid, straight, good yellow paint, green flames, Brand new TOYO M/D 33×13.50×15 OPEN COUNTRY Tires on American Racing Chrome wheels, Solid straight Black bumpers and Brand New Best Top, Brand New Bikini Top, Full Rollcage, Nice Racing fullback bucket seats, 225 Buick V-6, stickshift. “

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1954 CJ-3B Cambridge, OH **SOLD**


1954_cj3b_cambridgeUPDATE:  Was $2000. **SOLD**

“54 willys cj3b that is a great running jeep, drives great.”

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1954 CJ-3B Aurora, Co **SOLD**


1954_cj3b_auroraUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is nicely ‘restored’, but there is some customization.  The body is an aftermarket body and the builder added a few modern updates to the dash, including the radio.  It appears to have a nice PTO setup.

“I am listing this Jeep for a friend of mine. This Jeep was a maintenance vehicle at the Federal center in Colorado all of its life until the restoration. I assume this is a willies, but not sure. It has been in numerous car shows and always draws a crowd. This Jeep features: Frame off restoration, New Dual, Exhaust, New tires, New top, Chevy V6 motor, Power Take off, 8000lb winch, 4 wheel drive, runs like new… Please call Don with any questions.”

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1945 MB Morganton, Ga $2500


1945_mb_morgantonIt’s not in the greatest of shape, but it is a running MB that doesn’t look all that bad.  This seller has this CJ-2A and this M-38 for sale.

“1945 Willy’s MB Military Jeep, Complete Engine and Running Gear, Engine and 4 Wheel Drive Runs Good, $2500.00, Call Todd – Please Leave Message, 706.633.6072”

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1952 M-38 Morganton, Ga $1500


1952_m38_morgantonThis is a non runner.  This seller also has this MB for sale and this non-running  CJ-2A jeep for sale.

“1952 M-38 Military Jeep,Complete Engine and Running Gear, Body in Decent Shape, Runs But Not Currently Running, Good Restoration Project, $1500.00, Call Todd – Please Leave Message, 706.633.6072”

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1946 CJ-2A Morganton, Ga $550


1946_cj2a_morgantonYeah, that body looks like it might be shot.  This seller also has this MB for sale and this non-running M-38 for sale.

“1946 Willy’s Jeep CJ-2A. Complete and Original Running Gear. Great for Parts. $550.00. Call Todd – Please Leave Message. 706.633.6072”

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1948 CJ-2A Elk Rapids, Mi $6500


1948_cj2a_elkrapidsIt appears to have been restored.  I see no obvious issues.

“1948 Willys CJ2 Jeep. New Complete Top and New Tires & Rims. New Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate and Throw Out Bearing, New Generator & Voltage Regulator. New Gas Tank. The Vehicle Looks Great and Run Great. Mileage 35,000 (Approx) She’s a Beauty.”

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1946 CJ-2A Houston, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500

A variety of good quality images of this jeep here.  It appears to be a later model ’46.

“This is my 1946 Willy’s Jeep for sale in New Ulm Texas. It has a recent new engine replacement along with the radiator, fuel pump, brakes and gas tank. Cooling hoses and belts are also new. The generator and Battery are recently replaced. Tires are in great shape. The winch is not running but could be. There are some places with rust (see pics) but not significant. The mileage is not accurate as the odometer hasnt worked in years. The car basically hasnt been driven in 10 years until I had the above mentioned work performed over the last year. It runs like new now!”



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No Updates Tonight – Squashed Finger


UPDATE:  Well, my finger is better, though swollen and purple, but for some reason the internet is crawling very slowly tonight.  So, I’ve made a couple updates and will try again in the AM (5/25).  I’ll also include an update on finishing up my brakes today (yeah) and a cool video of how to re-seat a tire using WD-40 and a flame.

No updates tonight (5/23), except for the brief info below.  I was pulling off one of my shocks when it suddenly slipped off, catching my finger between the shock end and the brake backing plates.  It’s a nice rosy purple 🙂

The good news is that I got my custom front brake hose brackets cut and bent (pics tomorrow).  I also welded the brackets on to my front housing so that I can attach limit straps for racing.

Tomorrow I’ll weld on the brake hose brackets, reattach my proportioning valve, and hook up my brake lines.

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Builds — Brian Finishes His Drivelines


Brian’s been back to work on his CJ-3B.  After a bunch of body work and suspension work last fall, he’s got the axle housings where he wants them.  So, over the past month he has tackled the creation of some custom driveshafts.  Thanks for sharing Brian!

Brian writes: “I wanted a CV rear drive shaft so I bought a front drive shaft from a Grand Cherokee for $20.00 off craigslist.


The other pieces shown were removed from stock dive shafts.  I thought I would use them for the front. WRONG!

With the help of Mick C. and his lathe we cut the CV shaft down to the size needed. Before installing it I discarded the E-brake assembly and bought a new yoke from Deny’s Drive shaft
It turns out, the dust shield also needed to be removed when installing it onto the Dana 18.


The result, seen below, is one big beefy rear drive shaft with good travel and articulation.


Due to the spring reversal I installed,  I decided I needed 4-5 inches of travel, which meant the parts from the stock shafts would not work. I started searching and could not come up with any type of stock shaft I could modify for the travel.

So, I Googled ‘Spline Shafting’ and came up with Grob Inc. I selected the 1.185 Dia. 20 spline shafting to build my shaft. The diameters were close to stock but the spine depth is less on the Grob spine.


The rear yoke and tube of the shaft is part of the stock shaft that came with the jeep. Some where in my dealings I already had procured a CJ7 front shaft.  So, I took the front 1310 yoke off it to mate it with the Dana 30. Mike and I turned it down and shortened it.

The main body was supplied Mr. Smith, who did it at Chrysler before the shut down. The tube was dressed them reamed at 1.500 ID. Mick C. did the precision turning’s and the fits were a slight interference fit. The spline shafting is made of 1117.  I wanted this heat treated so I took it over to: Westside Flame Hardening Inc.
(A Mom and Pop shop just out side of Detroit trying to survive. They only had three pieces in the shop to work on. A lot of people think of the Big Three in the bailout, but there is far more people’s livelihoods disappearing as well.)


Because of the Sm420 I have installed, I had to replace the front yoke and run the small u-joint. I bought my transmission off Dave [ed note .. that would be me] with the adapter from Advanced Adapters. When the big 1310 u-joint did not fit I called AA and they told me I needed to run the small one.


Another problem I had was that the spines were exposed. So, I found a Rancho shock boot and it turned out to fit just right.

For both shafts I spent:
$20.00 for the Grand Cherokee stock shaft
$45.00 for the spine shafting.
$60.00 for having them welded.
$25.00 for Heat treating of the front spines.
The out standing machining on the shaft was done by “Mick” & Mr Smith” and was free.  Two custom Shafts for $150.00 Not bad.

I have been working on brakes and the radiator and other small things time permitting I think I can run it down the driveway by late June.

– Brian

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1950 CJ-3A Los Angeles, Ca $7500


UPDATE:  Still Available.  Price went up $300 to $7500. It’s been available for a year.

I like the engine (in terms of everything appears neatly organized) and the color, along with the fresh loooking body, but that 5.0 still looks to be backed by a t-90.  Given the apparent lack of additional major mods, I’d say this price will drop.  Paddle tires included.

” 1950 Jeep Willy, Rock Roller, off-road, 4×4, completely rust free, all new electrical, new 5.0 V-8, extra parts. Very reliable, orange color.  Very Light and cheaper than a Rhino. Will go anywhere: sand, dirt, mud. $7500.00 obo *Will consider any reasonable offer.  *Don’t buy a “rust bucket” for $3,000-4,000 when you can own this rust free jeep with a V-8, ready to play! If interested, please call Roy at 310-871-0430 or 818-920-2905 and leave a message or send an email. ”

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1946 CJ-2A Oakland, OR **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_oaklandUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2300.

No Motor, no windshield Glass.

“new paint,new top,rhino lined inside,clean engine bay,good tires.Needs a windshield and a motor.The jeep has lots of parts for a four cylinder.the jeep does have the t-90 trans with the dana 18/20 transfer case and i have a turbo 350 with a 203 transfer case to go with it incase somebody wanted to small block it.”

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1947 CJ-2A Iowa eBay +Girls of eBay


Jim zipped this ebay listing my direction, pondering whether this bikini-clad female fits the rough and tough jeep. I replied to him, suggesting that the picture might have been taken with the intent to land the ‘model’ on the GIRLS OF EBAY PAGE … and sure enough, she’s there. I have no idea how that automated search works functionality works …. Maybe I should get into motorbikes 🙂

“Here it is 1947 cj2a  willys overland jeep just like the military jeeps engine is strong runs great lots of new parts strong drivetrain looks great not many better some of the new parts include alternator, fuel tank, fuel pump, carburator, fuel lines , water pump, master cylnder , brk lines plus more this has a new best top purchased off ebay for 800.00…..”

View all the pics on eBay1947_cj2a_girlandjeep

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Here’s an interesting idea. I just ran across a website called postlets, which allows users to create an advertisement once and then have it syndicated to other ‘classified sites’ such as craigslist, facebook, google base, etc. What it doesn’t do, at this point, is list items on auction sites.

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1945 MB NAPA County, CA **SOLD**


1945_mb_napacounty1UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500

Lots of updates with this MB, but the shovel is still there.

“what we got here is a 1945 willys mb jeep , it has a buick 231 v6 , t-98 four speed trainey , dana 18 t-case with a warn overdirve, dana 30 front axle with cromoly axle shafts, warn outers, with warn hubs, wfo outer knuckles, high steer, disc brakes, dana 44 rear axle, with warn full floater kit, drum brakes , arb air lockers front and rear , 5.38 gear ratio front and rear”


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Willys Parts Jeep out of Forks, Wa $1500


willys_fifeUPDATE2: This jeep is in Forks, Washington.  Price dropped to $1500.

I’ve lightened up the pictures, so now I can at least tell it’s a Willys of some kind. I can’t tell much more than that. There’s no information in the ad about it, just a picture.

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3 FC 150s Package Deal Amberg, Wi **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

1957_fc150_amberg1UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2300.

The green FC looks like a FC-170?  Lots of parts here, but the bodies aren’t in great shape from what I can see.

1957 FC150 WILLY JEEP – Average condition for its age, 4 cylinder, 3 speed, 4×4. Good running field driver. Needs brake work. Needs master cylinder work and possible wheel cylinDer. Has plow and frame. Hydraulic lift, manual turn. Warranty as is W/TITLE
1962 FC150 WILLY JEEP – Parts Jeep/restorable? W/TITLE
1963 FC150 WILLY JEEP – Parts Jeep/restorable? W/TITLE”



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1951 M-38 Livermore, Co $3000


1951_m38_livermoreNote that the rollcage connects to the windshield rather than the floor of the body.  That said,

“LOWERED THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This 1951 M38 Jeep, is rare and in GREAT shape, (NO RUST, or Major body damage). $3,000.00 OBO- I have had it for several years stored in my shop, the only changes I have made to it are: new paint, different seats, air tank adaptor at rear bumper). I do have the head lights, a tow bar, rifle mount for the dash, CLEAR title, and a manual from the military dated for Jeep years 1950-55. The windshield does have a crack on the lower passenger side. If you would like to see more pictures please ask for them via e-mail. An;y questions call 970-224-5221. $3,000.00 OBOWell worth every dime…”

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1951 & 1950 CJ-3A San Jose, Ca $9000


1950_cj3a_sanjoseThis seller is selling all his jeep stuff, which includes a running 1951 CJ-3A and a project 1950 CJ-3a.  The project jeep was listed for $3000.

“Selling all my jeep stuff. Extra motors, gaskets, wheells & tires, altinators, bell housings, carbs, drivetrain, paddle tires, etc. More than 30 years of stuff. ”


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1953 Austin Champ Lawrenceburg, KY **SOLD**


1953_austinchamp_lawrenceburgUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3000

As I discussed in this post, the original jeep was possibly based on the Austin 7.  Here’s a later model Austin, of which I’ve only seen one other for sale in two years.  A spare Austin Champ is also available.

“1953 Austin Champ Runs and drives. Mechanically sound and ready for cosmetic restoration this is serial #10515. Does contain the Rolls-Royce engine. For those interested please look at for more info and specs. Also available for increased $$ is parts spare that is cosmetically better but not running.”

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1948 CJ-2A Lexington, Ky $4500


1948_cj2a_lexingtonThe fenders appear stretched nicely.  The hood didn’t work out so well…

“This is a 1948 Willys CJ2a body mounted on a 1976 CJ5 Frame. 304 V8 3 Spd. Here is what is new. New fuel tank, Steering wheel, Winshield, floor panel, L&R side panels, L&R rear quarters, L&R rear panels, new front & rear driveshaft, new universals all around, new shocks. new brake master cylinder, new carburator, new alternator, new Ford ignition, new bushings on suspension, new Ubolts, new steering box, new fan clutch, new Super Swamper Tires, new wiring for brake lights, head lights and turn signal. new timing chain, new water pump, new fuel pump….”

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1949 CJ-3A Brookfield, OH **SOLD**


1949_cj3a_brookfieldUPDATE: **SOLD* Was Best Offer.

It’s a parts jeep.  It’s not worth much.

“1949 willys. ran vehicle as a woods buggy. has a very solid frame and alot of good hard parts. got off a kid with broken leaf springs. i changed rear to cj springs and then engine locked up. driveline all seems to work. have willys jeep chains on crap tires for the back also. was running it in 2wd when it blew up. make me an offer.”

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The German Schwimmwagen

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On the heals of yesterday’s GPA, I thought I’d do a brief shout out to the Schwimmwagen.  You can read more and see more pics about the Schwimmwagen at Brian’s site. Here’s a pic (below) from July 12 1944 (from Brian’s site as well).  Here’s some youtube videos.


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1949 CJ-3A Fair Grove, Mo $4200


1949_cj3a_fairgroveThis looks nicely stock.  Only one pic.

“CJ-3A with rare ag. PTO for mower, etc. $4,200 818-3121”

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1950 CJ-3A Escondido, Ca $3900


1950_cj3a_escondidoThe rear compartment is covered in diamond plating, so it’s a little hard to verifty the no rust claim.

“Jeep is in good running condition. No Rust. Accept trade plus cash. Please call Angel