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1964 CJ-3B Elwood, Ne $2200


1964_cj3b_elwoodIt’s a bit beat up on the outside, but otherwise sounds like a good deal.

“I have for sale 1964 Willys CJ3B “High Hood” It has had a inline straight six cylinder engine conversion done. It is an older conversion but was done nicely. Jeep has rancho lift springs, conferr shackles, roll cage, dana 44 rear, dana 27 front, 33×9.50×15 BFG mud terrains that are older tires and slightly faded (not weatherchecked much) with very deep like new tread. It has the original 3 speed T90 transmission with dana 18 transfeYor case. The jeep runs and drives good. The body is rusted pretty bad on the rear tub side panels but the floor pans and rear floor are very solid. The drivers side fender is also bent but a replacement fender that is perfectly straight goes with it. I will not trade for anything other than willys jeeps or parts as well as a 454 engine in very good condition. Cash only I will not ship across the country! Cash Only local delivery possible. You can call me at 308-325-2858″

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1948 CJ-2A Warrenton, OR **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_warrentonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

This is a project that sounds like it doesn’t run.

“In process of conversion to V6 engine and upgrades. Parts include: 2 V6 engines (225 & 231 Buick), 2 Transmissions (T90 & 3 speed top loader side shifter), new pressure plate and resurfaced flywheel, Spicer 18 Transmission, Dana 25 & 41 axles, new 11″ brake drums, Alum plate side panels for body, new leaf springs (extra arch), misc. parts and manuals. $1,200 or best offer.”

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1961 DJ-3A Gala Surrey Blenheim, Ontario, CA Auction


I have to say I find it frustrating when professional sellers make mistakes with the history of the jeep like RM Auctions.  You can read their interpretation of jeep history here.  This will be a no reserve auction on August 14, 2009.

“60 hp, 134 cu. in. inline L-head four-cylinder engine, three-speed synchromesh transmission with floor-mounted gearshift, Hypoid semi-floating rear axle, four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase: 80”

Visit RM Auctions to view more pics1956_dj3a_gala_ontario

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1948 CJ-2A Project Redfield, IA **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_redfieldUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Today it’s been all about parts!  Here’s another project or possible parts jeep.

“For sale is my 1948 CJ3A Jeep. 4WD. I began the restoration process four years ago and have been unable to continue due to family and job. The old rusted body was removed and a NEW steel body set on the frame (not attached yet) The engine has about 500 miles on a professional overhaul and runs perfect and was not removed from the frame. The entire drive train is still intact. The tires are military NDs and is very good shape. The fuel tank was new just prior to beginning the process. The spare is good the wheel is not. The glass is good. I also have a full metal tip with door (roll sown windows) which is bolted on in the winter. It too is in good shape and may be included for $200.00. If you are so inclined, I also have a full frame and drive train (intact) from a 1953 Jeep Overland Wagon. It has an overhead cam engine, the same transmission and change over case. I’ll throw it in for another $100.00!”

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1948 CJ-2A Cheyenne, WY **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_cheyenneUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200

This might be a good price.

“1948 Willys CJ2A. All original except wheels and 11 inch brakes. New tires. Runs and drives good but smokes a little. Selling because I have two other Jeep projects”

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1942 GPW/MB Big Pine, Ca $6950


1942_gpw_bigpineUPDATE: Price dropped to $6950

The title of the add suggested it was a GPW, but given the willys tub, I’d call it a mix.

“Have nice running and driving 42 jeep all ford except has willys tub and title , 5 ford tires ..rebuilt motor and clutch etc ,not a show jeep but a good dependable jeep with star set and repair manual,windshield cover ,skid plate ,calif title ..$7500 or OBO or trade for antique car …760-938-2250 ..thanks SWCARL”

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Parting out 1942 GPW Scotts Valley, Ca


“I still have a few parts left on this 1942 GPW jeep. The following parts are still available and are all original used parts.

1….Complete frame ready for media blasting and powder coating with serial # 71000
2….Front third member complete except for axels
3… Rear third member complete except for axels.
4… All four leaf springs
5… Hood
6… Front fenders
7… (5) combat rims with old tires mounted on them.
8… Windshield with frame and brackets, but rusted
9… Original small horn.

Call me at 408-499-6840. I am getting a lot of calls , so please leave me a message . ”

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Builds: Brian gets his CJ-3B started & tests it out


Oh, I’m positive Brian is feeling good today!  I can hear the relief a 1000 + miles away!

Brian reports: “At last, after 2 years of work, I powered up my CJ-3B project and drove it down the driveway, around the yard and over a rock, putting 4 miles on it. More than likely, I was also driving everyone in the neighborhood nuts with the 3b’s untamed exhaust manifolds pattering away.


The beginning of the powering up process began Sunday.  I spent the day going over the jeep with wrenches, sockets and a torque wench, checking everything I thought vital. While it took most of my time on Sunday I had available, it turned out to be a smart move, because I found a few items I hadn’t tightened.

During my investigation, I found a small oil leak on the SM420 transmission from a bolt on the PTO cover. To fix it I will drop the oil level and use some RTV on it (OF ALL PLACES). About a week previously, I found the rear output shaft leaking. I ordered a new seal thinking I botched the seal job.  However, after inspecting the situation more closely, I realized the oil was coming down the spines and leaking under the washer. I reviewed the rebuild procedure and found I did not RTV the washer when it was installed. Oil leaks drive me nuts! Fortunately, I have found my leak has slowed down to the point it might not exist.

Back to Sunday, after filling the radiator I found water on the floor. I thought it was coming from the upper hose connection on the block, but then determined it was coming from the intake manifold right behind the hose. Not good! With some effort, I was able to get a wrench on the two bolts that hold down the lifting bracket and re-torque them.  It appears to have stopped. At worst, I will have to pull the intake and reinstall it this winter when the tub is off.

brian_cj3b_firstday_2Yesterday, Monday, I sat the 3b on jack stands in the garage.  I thought to do this because all of the parts and assembly’s are engineered well, but not necessarily designed to be used with each other.

With the Jeep on jack stands, I climbed in and started it up.  Nothing.  A quick review revealed a loose coil wire.  I quickly reattached it.  So, I climbed back in and tried again.  Within seconds it fired off and ran cold. At that point, I let the clutch out and the tires spun with no gut wrenching crunching sounds.

Whew! What a relief ALL THE PARTS WORKED!

I let the jeep warm up, then started running though the gears. I tested HI-low and then the overdrive in all gears. The only problem I found is that it pops out of third gear. I did take the transmission apart and thought all the synchronizers were in good shape but maybe they weren’t. One thing I did do was instal a top cover from a much later transmission with the backup switch in it. Possibly, this could have some effect on it. I will call Novak to see if there could be an issue with doing the top cover swap. I hope the problem is simply that the tower isn’t letting the gear shift all the way to it’s proper position.

Next, I tested the Brakes on the stands.  They stopped the tires, so I took that as a positive.

Now, it was time to head down the driveway.

During my first drive down the driveway, I reached 10 MPH and hit the brakes. “OH Crap!!” I never have stopped so fast in a jeep. With disks in the front and 11″ in the back I nearly bounced off the steering wheel. I might even consider removing the booster, because they are touchy.

Ergonomically, I am very happy with the seating/steering wheel.  My leg angles feel good, though I am having a hard time keeping my heal on the floor when braking. This compounds the braking problem, because when the jeep stops, my size 14 foot slams into the pedal even more!

With a successful venture down the driveway and back, I decided to try playing on the garden boulders. The tires on it are a set of 20 year old 31’s from my Cj7 with little tread. My first object was a large rock and and I climbed right up on it. Next, I picked a rock 3/4 of my tire height. The front quadrant contacted the 90 degree rock face and began to climb. The motor hardly missed a beat. Wow! It really crawls! The tire had to climb 6″ of vertical face before going forward! [Editor’s note:  I can imagine this — the last tranny dad had in his CJ-5 was a one of the granny T-18s.  It was a great jeeping tranny]

While in the middle of my garden adventure, my wife appeared. I thought maybe I was in trouble for playing among the garden boulders; instead, she had the camera in her hand and shot some video and pic’s.

Overall, I am very happy with the progress. The 3rd gear skipping out is the biggest problem, but will not stop me from further testing into the late summer. My next step is to work on the exhaust and get it quiet enough so that I will better know when to shift. LOL. I also need some small parts like a windshield pivot bolt and the bottom latch/hook that mounts on the dash for the windshield. Then, I’ll be ready to drive it down the road!”

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1950 CJ-3A Sumner, WA **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_sumnerUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3200.

It appears in pretty good shape.

“no title, bought to be used on our farm. many extras, new springs, tires, wheels, bearings, gauges, ect,ect. Email any questions.”

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1946 CJ-2A Madison, Mi $4000


1946_cj2a_madisonIt does not appear to be a VEC CJ-2A.

“1946 Willys CJ2A runs and drives good, new fuel tank, new tires. 601-573-0123. Make me an offer. I will look at trade for camo polaris rzr + cash from me.”

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1947 CJ-2A Pro Tem, Mo $3000


1947_cj2a_protemUsual paint job.

“1947 Willys, runs great, new master and wheel cylinders, new steering gear, military tires, two gas cans and roll bar. listing for a friend, no e-mails, contact Dave 417-785-4338, cell 417-844-5790. Thanks for looking.”

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1947 CJ-2A Austin Tx $1500


1947_cj2a_austin3It appears to be a running CJ-2A for $1500.  I can’t tell what the condition is.

“Original engine, has heavy duty tow bar and skid plates needs a little tlc. Has the original hard top manufactured by Rawson industries very uncommon. $1500.00 negotiable. Call 512 669 3452 or reply to make arrangements to see”

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Builds: Tom’s CJ-3Bs


For the Beaufort, North Carolina, Fourth of July Parade, Tom decided to get out his green 1954 CJ-3B and join in the fun.  Also pictured is Tom’s tan 1961 CJ-3B.  Those are some great looking jeeps.  Tom’s got two more CJ-3Bs, but not enough hands to drive all of them at once!  Thanks for sharing!









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1951 CJ-3A Harmony Township, NJ **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_phillipsburgUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1900.

It looks like the top is melting.

“51 Willys CJ-3A. has a NY State regestration (no titles for cars that old) Converted to a 225 oddfire Buick V-6 used in CJ-5’s. Runs EXCELLENT. Lots of power. Starts right up. 3 speed manual from same CJ-5. Body is a aftermarket Willys body that is in great shape. the body only has slight surface rust and scraches. lots of new parts and tons of work done. Most of the conversion work is very well done, a few items need to be cleaned up (nothing bad). Needs finishing, eletric fan installed, seats bolted in and some electrical work. Top is not in great shape it’s only on to keep the inside dry. Call Steve at Lacey Williams Equipment from 8AM to 5PM.”


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1946 CJ-2A Avondale, Az $7000


1946_cj2a_avondaleI’m wondering if auto appraisers make their money as a percentage of an appraisal, because every appraisal I’ve seen has been way off of the market value. The one thing I really like about this jeep is the cool old top and doors; it looks in good condition. I’m not sure what a “one piece roll cage” is exactly; maybe it is made from one tube? This jeep has some good upgrades.

“For Sale, 1946 Willys Jeep, Custom built from the ground up. Full one piece roll cage, Warn overdrive (you can split every gear, including reverse). Buick V6, 4 core radiator, power brakes, power steering, tilt / telescoping steering wheel, HEI ignition, manual / electronic fuel pump.  This has been in my family for almost 40 years, and was normally ONLY driven to hunt or to get ice cream.”

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1946 CJ-2A Mahopac, Ny $4000


1946_cj2a_mahopacThis looks to be in good mechanical shape.  It does not appear to be a VEC.

“1946 CJ2A Jeep good shape artic hardtop and elec meyers plow runs good price is neg.”

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1968 M725 Ambulance Delanson, Ny eBay


m725_ambulance_delansonI thought this was kind of cool.

“This M725 Vietnam era military ambulance runs, stops, and is pretty much as complete as you will find in an original vehicle. It even includes the original stretchers, operating light, rear gas heater, footlocker and lots of extra miscellaneous parts and more for in the rear ambulance body.  Only 14,000 miles on this military truck! …”

View all the pics on eBay

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1953 CJ-3B Magadore, Oh $1150


1953_cj3b_mogadoreUPDATE:  A reader named Bob filed the following report: It was pretty beat but did run. Had an arctic hardtop on it and a few  rare things like the manual wiper and the rain gutter frame was ok … springs were broken. If it could be had for $700 of so it would be an ok deal. Thanks Bob!

“1953 Willys Jeep. I am not sure of the model, I have been told it is a CJ3B but there also is a tag on the firewall that says M-38. The jeep runs and drives and seems to be all original but the 4cyl engine knocks and the brakes don’t work. The transmission and transfer case seem to work great. The jeep also has an aluminum hardtop and has a West Virginia title. I am looking for $1150 OBO Call Mike (330) 607-3780 or Email Thanks”

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My Build – Replacing the Power Steering Pump


stu_olsonIt turns out my power steering pump had some bad bearings, as it squealed pretty good.  I called the local Schucks and the cost for a replacement was about $80.  So, I called the local junkyard and went shopping there.  After searching through four different rows, I found a pump from a ’90 Chevy Caprice that would work just fine.  The cost was only $25 and it came with a guarantee that it works.  For another $10 I also found a chrome extra deep TH350 pan which I had been thinking about getting..

Returning to the power steering pump, I had to figure out how to remove the pulley from the old pump and put it on the new pump.  So, I got online and found a great article from Stu Olson’s Jeep Site that described exactly what was needed.  To save you time, I have boiled it down to four basic steps:

  1. Go to your local Schucks or Autozone and ‘borrow’ a pulley remover and installer kit
  2. Remove the pulley with the puller
  3. Install the pulley with the installer
  4. Return the pulley to the store

Of course, being stubborn, I tried a variety of my other pullers, but couldn’t get that damn pulley to budge.  That’s when I finally went to set 1 above.

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1948 CJ-2A Bakersfield, CA **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_bakersfield2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

This jeep appears to have a MB body.  This might be a good price for $1000.

“1948 Jeep Willy’s. Has motor, 4×4 locking hubs. Needs right front ball joints for wheel assembly($130.00). Have everything for the wheel assembly plus new brakes all the way around. Great for someone who has time to put into this Jeep!!”

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1946 CJ-2A Walla Walla, Wa $8500


1946_cj2a_wallawallaThis CJ-2A looks well maintained. With some good updates.

“its a 1946 and it has a little over 5500 miles on it theres no rust and it has upgraded brakes and the original motor transmission and transfercase tow bar and full size spare corvet seats!!!. my name is chance-509-520-6628”

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1952 M-38 Kansas, Ok $2500


1952_m38_kansasUPDATE:  I’m really surprised this hasn’t sold yet.

This appears to be a very good price.


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1947 CJ-2A Carollton, VA **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_carolltonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.


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1951 CJ-3A Wichita, Ks $6500


1951_cj3a_witchitaUPDATE:  Price dropped to $6500

There’s been some investment into this jeep.  The Mickey Thompson tires appear in very good shape.

“This is a great driver,powerful jeep. We used this jeep on nice days to enjoy the weather,but we have a new baby and it will just sit.The jeep has a 383 chevy stoker,alum heads,intake,headers,msd ing,holley carb,muncie 4 speed,dana 44 rearend with arb locker and air comp,new wiring,gauges lights,turn signals work,paint is faded or just drive like is. You can not build this jeep for the price. Always starts and drives. call 316-210-7908 Brad”

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M-38 Pilot models from the CJ-3A info site

• CATEGORIES: Features, M-38 • TAGS: .

Bob Westerman has written a detailed overview of the M-38 pilot models.

From the website, Bob writes:  “NEW: 1/1/2009 In the time since this web-page was published some new photos of the Pilot Models have surfaced. The photos reveal that the pilot models were in a constant state of change as different features were implemented and tested. The new information shows that some previous assumptions are no longer valid. See the MVPA’s magazine Army Motors #126 for the latest information.

Visit the CJ-3A.Info website to learn more about the M-38 Pilot model history.