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Brian’s Warehouse Clearance


Brian’s, of Brian’s Military Jeeps Website, is clearing out his storage lockers and has a variety of things for sale.  Items include “ACCESSORIES FOR MOTORCYCLE, TRUCK, AMBULANCE, 1/2 TRACK, TANK GMC, DODGE, CHEVROLET, STUDEBAKER, WHITE, HARLEY, KAISER, AM GENERAL”.

You can view his list of items here

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1952 CJ-3A Windsor, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3200.

This jeep likely deserves a better description.  I suspect that along with tilt steering and a nice roll cage, this CJ-3A probably has a variety of other good mods.  On the downside, the large diamond plating suggests that the sides may not be in the best shape (not sure why you’d put such large pieces on the sides except for that reason).”

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Mods – Steering upgrade options for Early Jeeps


UPDATE: 08/12/2010: I’ve added a link and section regarding the rack and pinion mod implemented by Sam.

UPDATE 01/19/2010: Here is a link to the post about Lawrence Elliot’s nice little mod of the bell crank to eliminate sloppiness.  This is a simple way to improve steering sloppiness while keeping everything else stock.

UPDATE:  The picture below is how NOT to update your the steering in your jeep! I found a picture of this crazily creative solution for updating the steering mechanism on an early jeep at JP Magazine, so I’ve added it to a post I made about steering upgrades last April.  I’ve also updated this post with images from two different jeeps that installed a saginaw non-power unit within the engine compartment and can be found under section 3B.


Modifiying the steering system of early jeeps might be one of the most common upgrades around.  It often follows the upgrade of the engine to a V6 or V8, right after the jeep owner discovers how much work it is to turn the wheel while jeeping.  So, here’s my list of steering options:

1)  Keep the stock setup (but this is often impractical when upgrading to a v6 or v8).  This is a Ross worm/sector manual steering box and a drag link that connected to a frame-mounted bellcrank.

hudson_steering_wheel2)  Swap in a Hudson steering unit.  I exchanged emails with with a reader named Larry who had one of these in a CJ3B and loved it (calling it the sweetest driving jeep he’d ever owned — he planned to put one in a  1949 CJ-2A he just bought).  I’ve never tried the swap nor tried driving a jeep with the setup in place. I doubt these would work on a MB/GPW setup. (To the right is an image of a Hudson steering wheel in a jeep from Jp Magazine.)

These can still be found using craigslist and junkyards. Here’s a quote from the CJ-3B site.

“Forget the power steering and get a 1949-1954 Hudson steering set up. You can swap out the whole steering column or just machine the steering box to fit your original steering column. They both used Ross steering boxes, but the Hudson used a tapered roller bearing with a different gear ratio, making it feel just like power steering and gives you the tighter turning radius.”

saginaw_steering Continue reading

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Off Road Action — Old School Off Road Website

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For those of you who like old school offroad racing, Wes Kibble operates a site called Offroadaction, which he has recently revamped.  He’s got some interesting posts of his own as well as links out to some great offroad racing forums and websites.  Here’s an example of two interesting things I found:

Wes indirectly links to a very interesting article on Parnelli Jone’s buildup of his famous Oly Bronco Racer.  Here’s a before and after pic of it below as part of an interesting story on



From Wes’ site, I followed a link from a post of his to a forum at with a large number of old school racing truck photos.  One of the best was this one image of racing buggys parading down the middle of old downtown Vegas.


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1946 CJ-2A Miami, Fl $5,599


Here’s an early ’46 CJ-2A with a column shift and the driver indents.   This appears to be in excellent shape.  I don’t think it’s a bad price.  I’ve added a second pic below to show both the column shift and the state of the floor, which looks excellent.

“1946 WILLYS CJ2A, Restored 1946 Willys Jeep, new yellow paint, street legal, titled in Florida(Collector car), custom new bikiny top, new tires and tubes, fun to drive. ALL ORIGINAL. 3 speed manual, colum shift(DJ), used by mail courriers on WWll. Purchased from original owner in Colorado. Original papers to prove it. Included many NOS spare parts. Call me and check it, you will love it. I’m finishing an M38 1951 all military……”

View all the pics at Auto Trader



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1945 CJ-2A Huntington Beach, Ca **Sold**


UPDATE:  Lee just bought this Jeep. Congrats!

This restoration looks beautiful, though if this is really a ’45, then I think it should have the column shifter.  It’s beautiful and I rather like the burnt (?) orange.  The one element I don’t like is the ‘all wheel drive’ plaque on both sides of the hood.  It’s also missing the rear soft-top bars holder on the driver side.

“The vehicle IS titled as a 1943 though the serial number on the vehicle matches the code for a 1945. The transmission is a 4 speed.”


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1951 CJ-3A Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD*


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a beautiful, well done restoration of a CJ-3A.

1951 CJ3A Willys four wheel drive Jeep. Total body off restoreration. New NDT tires. New Beachwood 1/2 top, no doors, they can be added at any time you want  (This is Az). New full top, black vinyl Best Top with doors. Just get in and drive is all you have to do. Shipping is buyers responsibility…..”


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1951 CJ-3A Montrose, Co **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_montroseUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $995.

Get this while it lasts!  This is a RUNNING CJ-3A for $995.  The body looks pretty straight with no obvious issues.

“Hard to find, 4 cylinder (original engine), 3 speed, 4×4. Engine runs, drive train & 4 wheel drive good. Needs, battery, tires, some brake work.”

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1948 CJ-2A Orange City, Fl **Status Unknown**


1948_cj2a_orangecityUPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $3500.

Looks pretty good.

“1948 Willy’s Jeep, 4 Cyl, 3 Spd, 4 Wheel Drive, Mostly Original, Runs Great, Body Fair/Good. New items; Brakes, Wiring, Lights, Gauges, Fuel Pump, Carb. A Classic Jeep. $3900 O.B.O. Located in Orange City Florida (just south of Deland).”

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Reading about Beer Soup


world_of_caffeineOk, this has nothing to do with jeeps, but the recipe was unusual enough that I thought I’d write about it …..

One of the first things I do when I move to a new place (and I’ve moved a lot) is that I get myself a library card.  I love to read and pretty much exclusively checkout non-fiction books.  I try to read about 5 a month or 60 a year, which I suppose makes me a book worm compared with the national average of 4 books a year.  However, my reading pales in comparison to someone like Teddy Roosevelt (I highly recommend this book about TR), who even as president would read several books a day in multiple languages, reading 10s of thousands of books during his lifetime. Even more amazing, with his photographic memory, apparently he had an astounding ability to recall details of what he read even years later.

So, last night before going to sleep  I was reading a book called The World of Caffeine, a history of caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate).  As I read through the book, I came across this recipe for something I had never heard of before, Beer Soup, a popular breakfast dish up through the 18th century.  As a former chef, an interesting recipe always catches my eye.  This recipe was unusual enough, some might say gross enough,  that I thought I’d share this treat(?).

BEER SOUP RECIPE from rural Germany in the 18th century:

“Heat the beer in a saucepan; in a separate small pot beat a couple of eggs.  Add a chunk of butter to the hot beer.  Stir in some cold beer to cool it, then pour over the eggs.  Add a bit of salt, and finally mix all the ingredients together, whisking it well to keep it from curdling.  Finally, cut up a roll, white bread, or other good bread, and pour the soup over it.  You may also sweeten to taste with sugar.”

Now you know ….

Continue reading

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1952 CJ-3B Markham, IL $2500


1952_cj3b_chicagoUPDATE:  Still Available

A reader submitted this great find.  As the seller suggests, this looks pretty bone stock.  I can’t quite tell if the sides of the body are rusty or not.

“1952 willys jeep, runs and drives good, good heat, is bone stock,steel top and doors(military?)good title, very recently added plow works, use it to do the drive way and to go hunting. All guages work,nice seats, many new parts. $2850.00 firm cash only in person only no trades 708-675-0990 cell or e-mail”

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1964 CJ-3B San Diego, Ca **SOLD**


FINAL UPDATE:  Melanie has sold her Jeep.  Congratulations!

Melanie provided some interesting information she gleaned from the sale of her jeep.  Most notably, when comparing ebay, craigslist, and auto trader, Melanie felt like she got by far the most quality responses from the auto trader magazine.

She also reports:

“What I experienced while trying to sell the jeep may not be new to others, but was an eye opener for me!

I had one guy tell me that I had misrepresented the jeep and that I didn’t know what I was talking about.  He basically was trying to bully me into lowering my price.   I did a lot of research before I ran my ad to make sure that everything I stated was true and accurate.  Still, it was unpleasant being called a liar.

Another guy was a smooth/fast talker and very aggressively insisted that I had agreed in a previous phone conversation to sell him the jeep for way below my asking price.   While he was talking circles around me, I started thinking to myself “wow, this is what it’s like to be scammed!”  The conversation ended with me saying “uh, wait…” and him saying a check is in the mail *click*.  I returned his check via certified mail.

On a positive note, I’ve talked to a lot of great jeep enthusiasts from all over the United States.  The majority have been polite and pleasant to talk to.   The ad I ran in the Auto Trader Classics magazine generated a lot of serious inquiries.  It was much more productive than e-bay or craigslist. ”

Thanks for info Melanie!


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1953 CJ-3B Baton Rouge, LA $6800


1953_cj3b_louisianaExcept for some minor issues, such as the bend in the hood at the middle and missing items from the dashboard, this looks pretty good.

“1953 Willys Jeep. 4×4, PTO driven winch, 3 speed on the floor. Army green, new seats, recently restored. Runs good, but could use a carb adjustment(will die if left to idle for more than a few minutes). Carport kept. Paint is good except flaking on hood. Great for camp, or just to play. I am posting for my boss, he just has no time for it. call scott (225)975-7787”

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1943 MB Galt, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1300

It looks pretty good for a $1300 MB.  Maybe it really won’t take much to get it running …

“I have a 1943 Willys MB 4 wheel drive with a clean California title for sale. It has an overhead 4 cylinder with the heavier T90 transmission. Has small lift kit on it with wide chrome wheels and tires. Has top but needs repaired. Will not take must to get it running. “

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2 Willys Jeeps Naches, Wa **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $900.

This is a great deal.  The cages themselves are worth $150 a piece.  I’d be willing to bet that the white jeep has my fiberglass seats in it.  Get this while it lasts.

“1 jeep has a 302 Ford Transfer case needs work.  2 jeep has no Eng. or no Trans. $900 for both. Will separate or trade for CJ Parts.  ”

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1947 Drag Jeep Enumclaw, WA **SOLD**

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1947_dragjeep_enumclawUPDATE: Was $1500. **SOLD**

If the paddle tires are in good shape, this could be a good deal.

“willys, has small block currently full of water,moter may or may not be good i beleive its a stroker motor , sat outside for a year after i lost my storage 2wd s10 frame 4 linked kinda cool paid 5g for this 5 yrs ago has paddles roll cage powerglide line lock stall conv. tach dash is tinned w all toy need 1500 firm come get it.”

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1943 MB Bakersfield, Ca **SOLD**


1943_mb_bakersfieldUPDATE:  SOLD

$900 for a ’43 MB that turns over? This shouldn’t last long at all. I’m assuming it’s an MB, as it could be a GPW.

“1943 willys jeep. Motor turns over, it ran a few years ago when it was parked but I havnt tired to start it. It is an original military jeep that was used in a few movies in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It is out of the DMV system so a title wouldnt be a problem.

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1951 M-38 Elburn, IL $5200


1951_m38_elburnIt’s got a few dings and plenty of dust, but it appears sound, complete and stock.

“1951 M38 Jeep Willys. Korean war model. Runs good, many extra parts. As the pitcures shows does have the original accessories for the military. Very fun vehicle to drive and reliable. Call Dave at 630-333-2477”

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Working Jeeps from Offroad Adventures

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offroad_adventures_workingjeepsI’m not familiar with the “Offroad Adventures” publication.  Instead, as usual, I stumbled upon it while looking for something else.  It’s a compact 2 pages article with a variety of pics of cjs accompanied by different hydraulic implements.  I’m not a big fan of the myvirtualpaper’s interface, but the pics are still cool.

See the working jeeps article

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Reader’s Builds — Jeff’s Jewel’s Flat Fender

• CATEGORIES: Builds, CJ-3A, stainless/jewels

After seeing all the interest in stainless on the website, Jeff has kindly provided us with a couple of looks at his all Jewels Flattie.  It’s not just the stainless that makes this look nice, but also the accents, such as the execution of the rear bumper design. With a full cage on the inside and a winch, this jeep is quite capable of playing in the sand, the trail or wherever he wants to take it.

Jeff notes below:

“This is my Semi stainless / galvanized jewels body kit mounted on a 1952 cj3a chassis. Currently powered by a chev 153 4cyl. I also own another complete kit that I have been collecting for the last 15 years. It appears there is a lot of interest in these stainless jeeps these days.”



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1948 CJ-2A Boulder, MT **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_boulderUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2848.

That’s a big winch on the front of the jeep.  I’m not familiar with it.

“1948 Willys Jeep was a ground-up build about 7 years ago. Has a 302 Ford engine-runs very well,but could use a tuneup as I have changed oil-air filter every summer, but havent done anything else (didnt have to) all Jeep other than engine I have had this jeep about 5 years and have never had anything go wrong with it. This is one tight vehicle. no rattles tight tight..I have put less than 1000 miles on this in the last 3 years. I drive it around town in the summer. Has never been abused. Has been garaged. No rust. No dents. Pto wench worked when I got it 5 yrs ago,but have never used it. Tires are fare.50%.(they were new 7 years ago) fun rig.”

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1949 CJ-2A Vancouver, Wa $2500


UPDATE:  Price has dropped to $2500 which I think is a great price for this jeep.

It looks to be in pretty good shape.  There were only 2,182 CJ-2As built in 1949, so this might be a rare CJ-2A.

“1949 Jeep Willy CJ2A, RUNS WELL, flat head 4cyl, 3spd, Hi/Lo range, 4×4 with locking hubs,front tow bar, new top, tires are in nice shape, has been switch to a 12volt system, unsure on the gear ratio. been stored for two years – somewhat negotiable on price. Call 360-518-1567”

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MB restoration from Fowler Automotive

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1945_mb_fowlerautomotiveFowler Automotive appears to perform high quality restorations of mostly older vehicles.  As a side project the owner(?) did an MB restoration.  I don’t know anything about Fowler Automotive, other than I believe they are in the bay area (based on the telephone numbers).

Here’s a snippet from the webpage:

“A few years ago my son and I traded into a bunch of WWII jeeps and partial chassis. We kept the best three. He needed a summer project so I turned him loose with his buddys to build one jeep from all the available parts. That went pretty well and he ended up with this ’45 Ford GPW which we have taken on many trips over the last five years.”

Click here to see the entire story


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1944 MB Chatsworth, CA **SOLD**


1944_mb_chatsworthUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3400.  Additional pics.

Overall, this looks in pretty good condition.

“I have a 44 MB 90% origial tons of extra parts engine, transmission parts,fuel tanks, arctic top, 1950’s jeep cans, extra set of wheels, carburetors, lights, gauges, NOS distributors, spark plugs,gasket sets. All or part Wife lost job so its gonna go.”


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1948 CJ-2A Lakewood, Wa $4000


1948_cj2a_lakewood3UPDATE: The price has dropped to $4000

Lots of upgrades on this CJ-2A.  The ‘bad’ items don’t sound all that bad.

“1948 willy cj2a, 302 V-8, three speed, twin stick transfer case, rear dana 44 locked, front dana 27 locked, extra front and rear axles complete, new red paint, new front seats, brand new painless wiring, 33×11.50 super swampers, ready to go. The Bad: Needs new gauges soon and a new front right shock. $4000 O.B.O. Call Berry 253-861-1161 for questions ”