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1968 M-274A5 Danbury, Ct $4600


I don’t remember crossing paths with one of these.  Maybe it would make a good go-cart with some remodeling?

“1968 willys mechanical mule 2cyl 4×4 4speed excelant restored condition $4600 obo call Bruce 203 241 0142”

** The below image is NOT an image of the above item for sale — it’s only representative**


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1956 CJ-3B Bellevue, Ia eBay


Here’s a great looking CJ-3B.

“1956  Willy’s  CJ3B    it  has  a   231 Buick  V 6  Motor  with a 3 Speed  manual transmission Body is in very Nice shape It  has 31 X 11.50 X 15  LT  Goodyear Wrangler   Tires are  like Brand New Mounted on Eagle Alloy  wheels  Seats  are  by ARP    and have Racing  type  Seat Belts in it  Has  all New Gauges  Has New  CD player  in dash Wiring  has been redone at some  point.  You could not build this Jeep for what Reserved  price is .  This  Willy’s  turns  heads every time its  driven .  New Speedometer but need to check cable and drive  gear. See if  working or not.   If  you  have Questions   You can call me at   (563) – 542 – 2817 This Willy’s  came from  Florida.”

View all the pics on eBay


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1946 CJ-2A Ventura, CA **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_bemidjiUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

It appears rear lights have been added to the sides of this.

“for sale my 47 willys (runs good looks good). flat head 4 cly 3 seed trans high and low gears good runner starts right now converted to 12 volt $3000.00 is the price or trade for jeep wrangler that my wife can drive.”


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1952 CJ-3A Wingate, NC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This looks mostly stock.  So, the engine smokes like all old jeeps do, but the jeep is in great running condition?  Is there a tiny disconnect there?

“This is a 1952 Willy’s CJ3-B. This is a civilian jeep that was purchased from a farm in New Mexico. When we got the jeep it was all there. It had no rust and was running (poorly but running) and the breaks didn’t work at all. The jeep has been straightened and painted and it is all metal. There is no bondo on this jeep the body was straight except for a few dents that were removed by the body shop with out using filler with all the original sheet metal. It had the original paint on it when we got it. To prevent the paint on the inside from getting damaged we had them put a “spray on bed liner” type material down on the inside of the tub and inside the fender wells that is the same color as the paint. The head gasket on the original (to my knowledge) flat head motor was replaced. The head was machined smooth and the deck was prepped. Brakes were torn down and repaired and function as they did in 1952. The jeep is in great running condition and can be seen locally by appointment. It runs and drive fantastically. It smokes a little sometimes like all old jeeps do. We are located in Wingate just out side of Monroe North Carolina.”


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1948 CJ-2A El Reno, Ok **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_elrenoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1750

(04/24/09) It looks like a project, but apparently it’s driveable.

“283 Chevy motor, runs, needs tuning; new brakes, 11″ front; new bearings and seals in front end; new rear hubs; lock out front hubs; 4WD works; needs body work & electrical; Extra parts included.”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Lewisville, Tx $8900


It looks nice, but please, pretty please fix the side panels!

“Price: 8900, Mileage: 36000, Stock No: 1033B, Vin: 23117, Transmission: Manual
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty”



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1945 MB Reno, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000.

It looks like some money has been spent on this rebuild.

“This is a completely restore 1945 Willys , new everything no exspence was spared when building, Even the motor is brand new . It is only used to show and is hauled there on a car trailer, only 30 miles on everything. I also have a brand new full complete soft top that has never been installed and tons of extra parts mostly left over. I might consider partail trades. I have all the paper work and pictures of the jeep during its rebuild,Also a clean title.”


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1953 CJ-3B Vancouver, Wa $3500


This looks like a good foundation.  It’s a non-running vehicle.

“cj3b project,350, 202 heads, 4bolt block, roller rocker’s, moroso pan, msd dist,&box,   scater shield,center force,top loader 4sp,dana 20,new 44 front,12 bolt rear locker’s 488 gears great body&frame 360-263-2909”


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Year? CJ-5 York, Pa $1000


The 43k on the speedometer looks about right.  This might be a good price.

“Jeep Willys with custom top. This jeep sat in a dry garage since 1985 when the inspection ran out. No title, but I have the info to apply for it. Restoration project 4×4, 4 cylinder, Manual, Odometer reads 43k miles.  Asking $1,000 or make offer.  Serious inquiries only please.  If you are reading this than it is still available. Thanx Rob 577 8965.”


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Reader Builds: Paul’s Stainless M-38 Project

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highway_signUPDATE: See the second round of pics here

A reader named Paul contacted me today.  He mentioned he was working on a stainless jeep.  Would I like to see some pictures?

By now you know my response … of course I would!  Well,  was I in for a treat.  Paul has got that unique combination of patience, welding talents, and ingenuity (check out his shifter knobs made from $5 stainless cups from a chinese restaurant).  He also seems to be a victim of the dreaded Willys sickness, which seems to coincide and peak with the dark Alaskan Winters.  So, for the last 23 years, Paul has been treating his Willys sickness by following the beat of his own drum as he rebuilds his (and his father’s) 1952 M-38.  Here’s his story and pics (Thanks for sharing Paul!):


My father bought an all original 1952 Willys M 38 in 1964 from a local guy here in Anchorage who purchased three Jeeps as military surplus.  The M 38 my father bought came with a full aluminum top and doors (commonly but incorrectly called an Arctic Top), a 20,000 btu Southwind heater with all the heating ducts, a built in gas fired engine and battery heater, and a 24 volt waterproof electrical system all coated with numerous layers of olive drab paint.  This was my dads everyday driver for eight years until it was finally replaced by a new pickup truck in 1972 and the Willys passed into my ownership for the sum of ONE dollar.  I got screwed on this deal, here it is 37 years later and I’m still dumping money into this never ending project.  Boy, if you want to really mess with a kid give him a Jeep and he’ll be twisted for the rest of his life!


I drove the Jeep off and on (it broke alot and money was tight) until fall of 1985 when just about everything broke, quit working or caught fire but it did get me home one last time.  It was decision time, should I scrap it or perform a rebuild to end all rebuilds?   January 1st, 1986 was the day I decided to rebuild the Willys and make some much needed modifications so I could keep up with traffic and even have brakes that worked.  Geeze, this thing was so slow (5.38 axle gears and an anemic flathead engine) bus loads of Nuns were giving me the finger.  Everywhere I went it looked like I was leading a parade and I couldn’t take back roads because there aren’t any.  We’re lucky to have the limited road system right now and there are no extra roads planned in the future.

I’d been drooling over Acme Truck Parts advertisements showing Stainless Steel Jeep bodies (I still have the magazine) so I ordered the complete body (tub, windshield, front fenders, grille, tailgate and floorboards) for the gigantic sum of $5,000 dollars paid upfront.  Lots of delays, problems and denials later the body finally arrived along with a new steel frame for $500 bucks plus shipping.  To condense this story down I spent the first five years rebuilding the body so the parts would fit before I modified the windshield to a vertical mount to match the original aluminum top.

The more I inspected the top the more hidden damage I found so I cut the top apart and duplicated each 50 thousandth thick aluminum piece in 50 thousandth thick stainless steel keeping the outside appearance original but modifying the interior so I’d fit in it better.  Since I’d duplicated the top it made sense for me to duplicate the doors, window sliders, hinges and door handles from stainless also.  I’d purchased stainless seats but I made my own fuel tanks and I put one under the passenger side instead of the original storage compartment.  That’s why the Willys has a recessed fuel filler on each side.  I know, the original M38 had huge fuel caps but the only stainless caps I could find were normal sized ones so the filler neck is much smaller in diameter and the recessed fillers were built accordingly.

When I sit in the Jeep the top of the dash is below my knees so I moved the instrument panel above the windshield and fabricated an overhead center console filled with a CD player and lots of switches.  Between the seats is a pair of stainless cup holders (1/4″ thick so I don’t worry about them getting damaged), the ignition switch and a bunch of shift levers.  The normal three speed, Warn overdrive, four wheel drive and high/low range … I call it a four on the floor!  The engine was replaced with a Buick 225 odd fire V 6, 11 inch drum brakes with hanging clutch and brake pedals, a hydraulic clutch slave and master cylinder and of course a five position stainless steel tilt steering column complete with a leather wrapped stainless steering wheel custom made by Ididit in Michigan.  The steering column alone has a heck of a story about it but that will wait for another time.  I’m just trying to give you a brief overview covering the last 23 years.

I’m not done, I’m getting closer but there’s still lots of items left on my to do and to buy list but at least I’m closer to being done than I was 23 years ago!  Normally I don’t like to say anything bad about my mom but I have to admit it appears she raised an idiot.






[Editor’s Note:  Paul comments on the roof corners. The next four pics show the creation of a corner]   It took me four tries to make the first successful rear corner on the Willys top, the initial three attempts just irritated the metal and burned my fingers.  By the time I finally stumbled on the magic formula for making compound corners in stainless each successful corner took twenty hours to build.  The left rear corner (drivers side) is corner number four and the right rear corner (pass. side) is corner number five.  Naturally I had stupid people visit to see the progress on the Jeep, look at the corners and ask “What else have you done?”   I’m pretty sure it’s ok to kill the really stupid folks among us, don’t dumb people cause global warming or something?





[Editor’s Note:  Below is the stainless cup transformed into a shifter knob]

The Goddess (that’s my girlfriend, her name is Deborah but many years ago she told me to call her the Goddess so I do and she’s still here) wanted to go out for oriental food since she didn’t feel like cooking so we went to an All You Can Eat and Keep Down Chinese buffet.  Naturally she wanted tea but I had a Coke which I just about blew out my nose when I saw the waitress setting down double wall stainless steel tea cups on the table.  Not only were these tea cups the perfect size for gearshift knobs, the bottom of the cup had an embossed ring slightly larger than a nickel.  With a stainless nut welded to a stainless fender washer and this assembly welded to the teacup, the welds ground down and buffed, the new shift knob installed on the lever I finished this installation by attaching a Buffalo nickel in the embossed ring.  I really did buy these teacups from the buffet folks, it’s kind of difficult to steal four cups from a table with only two people sitting there but I only had to give them five bucks each!  What a deal !  The big knob on the transmission lever was some kind of float for a pump operating in caustic chemicals which another friend found and gave to me.


[Paul didn’t explain these, but this shows the transformation from stainless pieces into a door handle]



[Editor’s Note:  You can see the old aluminum doors (right) and new stainless doors (left)]

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1951 M-38 Tifton, Ga $7500

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This looks in good condition.

1951 WILLYS MODEL 38, 1951 Jeep M38 made by Willys. Desert sand, black canvas top with doors. Good military tread tires and canvas seat covers. Working wipers and military black out lights. Same owner for 11 years. For more information please call Roger or Bob at 229-382-4750″

View all the pics at AutoTrader


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1953 CJ-3B San Luis Obispo, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

The hood’s a bit bent up, but the rest of this appears pretty solid. No motor.

“1953 willys no motor $1000 OBO”


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Year? CJ-3B Phoenicia, Ny **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Lots of rust in this CJ-3B.

“Nice rare Willys Cj-3b jeep in great restorable shape or for parts. No papers but bill of sale, Serial #15370 . 4 cyl. F head Engine should run, turns over, but not attempted to start. Has original wheels, interior seats, and excellent and rare all aluminum aftermarket hardtop. Body is very nice for this vintage, SURFACE rust only all over, with repair work needed in the pass. floor and side panel. Was originally a municipal vehicle in Irvington NJ as a meter patrol. Hood and windshield have original stencils from the town. Very nice windshield frame and fenders. Has the often missing side steps in good shape.  Silly aluminum bolt on bumpers remove to expose original drawbar underneath. Excellent restoration candidate, please email with questions. Sold as is, no warranty express or implied. Buyer to pick up. Peeling paint and surface rust make it look really bad, but the body is really very solid.”


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1954 CJ-3B McMinnville, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

It looks great.

“1954 CJ3B Willys Jeep, The engine is a 134 F head with new pistons, rings and bearings, rebuilt carb, fuel pump, alternator and starter. The differentials has been overhauled along with the transfer case and transmission, rebuilt wheel cylinders, new brake lines, brake linings and fuel lines. The chassis has been stripped and painted, new leaf springs, shakles, U bolts and bushings. New soft top with doors and new heater. Original wheels and new military tires.”


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Parts Jeeps Kellogg, Id Make Offer


The seller has a variety of parts …

“For Size Willey’s Jeep Parts One is a M38 and the other is a CJ-2A Motor runs Have lots of misc parts. Too many to list. See the pictures below. I have the body and front clip for the frame pictured below. If there is something that you are interested in or have any questions, e-mail through craig’s list.”


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1953 Mitsubishi Wagon? Oklahoma eBay

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This is a right hand drive Mitsubishi.  The claim is that this is “This is an exceptionally clean & original vehicle“; however, it seems to me that front should look like a CJ-3B, not a CJ-5 (please correct me if I’m wrong about this!!).  I can’t help but think there’s a genuine effort to mislead people.

“This Jeep is equipped with aftermarket  all weather tires, aluminum mag wheels, original seats, headliner panels are in very good condition if not excellant, all original. Factory spare still has clear wrapping on it. Passengers visor still has factory protective plastic on it. Small tears in rear seat rear in cargo area, other wise interior is exceptional condition. This is an exceptionally clean & original vehicle. No restore yet, none needed other than paint is poor quality & it has a fiberglass hood, steel ones are available….”

View all the pics on eBay


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1946 CJ-2A Lincoln, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $7500. **SOLD**

This appears nicely updated.

‘1946 Jeep Willy.Very nice frame off restoration.Candy apple red.leather seats.roll cage and soft top.lockers all the way around.has very low gears.chevy 350 and 4 speed tranny with seperate overdrive plus granny gear.edelbrock intake and carb.headers w/ corvette ignition.Z28 steering colum.33″ bfg’s.winch,high lift jack spare tire.a really nice jeep for anything you can throw at it.”


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MB? Bakersfield, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.  I should have looked closer at this one.  It looks like an MB to me.  Note the MB fender, no drain holes at the steps, what appears to be a glove box in the dash, and the steering. This was listed as a ’51 CJ-3A.

(10/30/09) It appears mostly stock with a little bit of old and a little bit of new.

“1951 Willys jeep all orignal runs good needs some work on the body and paint it will need a new radiator and some tlc it has a new master cylinder ,it needs the wheel cylinders replaced all of the 4wheel drive in tact and working this would be a great hunting vehicle the tires are in good shape it is on a non op and I have the pink slip in hand it has a tow bar and the top and doors are there they will need some frame work put on the Jeep to install them, this thing has so much character”


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1946 CJ-2A Pollock Pines, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $4500. **SOLD**

(10/27/09) This is a Square Finder Willys Jeep; I’m don’t know what that means?  The jeep sounds well modified.

“New Starter, New seat in back, Buckets in front, Full role cage, 1967 Chev. 327 eng., New Power Steering Pump, Radiator rodded out, 15 x 10 Chrome Spocked Rims, Tires like new 33 x 12.5 x 15, Ten Thousand Lb. Warren Winch, Rebult Tranfer Case, SM-420 Transmission, Running gear from a 1973 CJ5, Model 30 Front end, Dana 60 rear end with Possi-Traction, 427 Gear Ratio, And a newly fully rebuilt Rodchester Spread Bore Carb.


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1950 CJ-3A Lincoln, Mt $5000


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $5000

(10/11/09) I’m not sure what’s on the hood.

“This jeep is in excellent condition. Has bucket seats, strong running four cylinder motor, three speed standard transmission and a great heater. Comes with four 600/16 studded snow tires, ice chains, and a full soft top with doors. Great winter work vehicle and tons of fun in the summer. Reasonably priced. Call 406-461-6894”


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1947 CJ-2A Pigeon Forge, Tn **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2350

“I have a 1947 jeep willys it has the 231 v6 in it and it is in great shape runs very good. it has a new master cyclinder needs to be put on. i put alot of work and time into it.”



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Windshield Glass Template for CJ-3A?


UPDATE: Jim gave me some good advice on going with some ‘flat glass’ shops rather that windshield specific shops.  I’ve asked for some quotes and will provide updates on my quest.  Thanks Jim!

I need to have a windshield cut and I don’t have the old windshield glass to use as a template.  I’ve gotten one quote for about $200 to have the glass templated, cut and installed (which seems a bit high to me).  I think if I had the template, I could get the price lowered. Anyone have such a template?

Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be useful to have a series of windshield glass templates for a variety of jeeps in PDF form that could be downloaded and printed (probably have to printed at a Kinkos).  If anyone knows of any existing templates online, please let me know.

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1950s CJ-3A? Kamiah, Wa Auction

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Unusual

I’m guessing this is a  CJ-3A.  It will be going up for auction.  Those are the most unusual doors I’ve ever seen.

“To be sold at Auction. If you would like more information email or call 208-503-0235 and place your bid.”


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1946 CJ-2A Federal Way, Wa $3750


1946_cj2a_federalwayNow that’s a big towbar.

1946 Willys CJ 2A • Everything stock but color, roll cage and custom bumpers  • Rebuilt 4 cyl GoDevil motor, generator, carb, radiator etc  • Rebuilt t90 transission and transf case  • New brakes and interior  • Front towbar  • White spoke wheels and street tires  • BestTop convertible top  • Currently licensed in WA state as an antique  • Runs great. I’ve owned this for over 20 years. Complete rebuild inside and out.  Done with this one. Looking for a new project. This one needs a good home for auto shows and offroading. All reasonable offers considered. Call Steve at 253-517-8747 to arrange a showing. Moving. Must sell. ”

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1957 DJ-3A Lancaster, Pa $2500


I’m not sure if this runs or not, but the body looks in reasonable shape.  This is a DJ with a Tailgate.

“1957 willys jeep, Need complete restoration. The body is not too bad, very little rust. The motor needs rebuilt too. call Ryan to see 717-393-7717.”