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1962 FC-170 New Jersey eBay

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That’s a great looking FC-170.

“Take a good look at the pics !! I encourage any serious buyer to come and inspect in Person ! This is a very solid FC 170 it has some rust,but nothing compared to what most of these look like at this age. Cab is very sold as is the frame. There is a alum.plate patch under the carpet on the drivers side. Pass. side is solid with some pin holes. Battery box compartment very solid. Under carriage and frame very solid with just minor surface rust. All doors open and close very straight,they do not drop on there hinges.”

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1951 CJ-3A Newcastle, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4500.

This sounds like a very capable trail jeep.  It’s worth a closer look.

“1951 Jeep willys $4,500. 327 cid, dana 44 low gears lockers front and rear full floater rear axle this jeep is a awesome trail Jeep”

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1952 CJ-3A Aloha, Or No Price


Looks like the engine has been rebuilt recently.

“1952 Willys jeep,260 ford v-8 tow bar,elec winch,runs great, ready to hunt,aloha,clear title call for info 503 936-9073 steve”

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One owner, 5 mechanics & 45 flatfenders …

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A gentleman named Vivek contacted me last night.  He ran across ewillys while searching for some jeep parts.  He’s from India and owns a CJ-3B that he restored.  He’s currently working in California for a few months, before heading back to India, so he’s looking to locate a few parts he can take back with him (there’s enough jeeping in India that maybe I ought to head there and work for a few months — can I get a job with my MBA Vivek?).  I’ll be highlighting him and his efforts in a post I’ll write in the next few days.

For now, I want to thank Vivek for opening up the interesting world of jeeping in India to me.  After a few email exchanges, he pointed me to a gentleman named Mr. Uday Bhan Singh.  Mr. Uday, it turns out, owns 45 flatfenders that he has collected over the span of 40 years.  This month, autocarindia did an article on him, which has been copied and posted to the Jeep Thrills website, which is also Vivek’s jeep club.

Here are links to the article pages which is worth reading (once open, click on the page to zoom into it):

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

To say Mr. Uday is passionate about jeeps likely understates things; The article’s description of him as a Jeep Junkie is likely more accurate.  One look at the images of his “great arc” jeep and you’ll see he not only knows jeeps, but uses and jeeps with them.  Last year in his MB he navigated the length of the great arc, the 78th meridian that bisects India.  The meridian itself stretches about 583 miles as the crow flies, however the actual driving mileage was just under 1200 miles.

To complete this drive, Mr. Uday went prepared.  This jeep carries a few extra parts, such as 2 sets of springs mounted to the underside and a special contraption made of poles for helping winch out of difficult places that are strapped to the driver’s side.  I highly recommend reviewing the pictures.  Even the paint job is nicely unique (reminds me a bit of the follow-me jeep paint jobs).


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My Build — More on the hood

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There are several important lessons I learned from web and software development:  1)  Real artists ship, meaning that sometimes you can’t have everything you planned or wanted in a project if you want to get it out the door; and 2) there’s always a 2.0 version.

With those lessons in mind, after several days of fiberglass filler and sanding, fiberglass filler and sanding, I’ve finally got a roughed out shape I can live with.  The reality is, more sanding is necessary to get the slopes on the bump smooth, but I can live with its imperfectness (like anything else is perfect).

I have a little final trimming on the hood edges.  After that, it’s time to pull it all apart, prepare the body for sanding/paint, drill the gauge holes in the dash, fix my brake line, and complete some odds and ends in preparation of permanently putting the body on the frame.  Oh yeah, and clean up the garage — it’s looking pretty messy in the pictures!

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1947 CJ-2A Rochester, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2100

“This is a 1947 CJ2A Willys jeep that does not run but comes with a rebuilt engine that’s been converted to 12 VDC. The rebuilt engine requires installation. The front hubs are lockouts. Have a clear Mich title”

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1946 CJ-2A Huntsville, Texas **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. 

“I am selling my much loved 46 Willys Texas Hunter. I need to get a second camp vehicle and decided to get two matching new Polaris Rangers. I have enjoyed several great seasons with this Jeep. Every off season it was stored inside my factory and whatever was needed was done and made ready for the next season.

Never intending to ever sell it I had both front and rear axels rebuilt last year and added new leaf springs to the rear. Prior to last season I had the brakes and shocks replaced. The brakes have never been that good and they need adjusting or bleeding again before next season. A new starter and battery were added last year.”

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1953 CJ-3B Tustin, Ca $3500


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“1953 CJ3B Navy jeep. runs great everything works! Has front tow bar, original military soft top That I never put on. Jeep is very functional and a conversation piece”

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1949 CJ? Montgomery, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $500. **SOLD**

Check out the rear end on this jeep. If that’s a modification, then when it was done, it was done nicely (now it’s a bit beat up). If that’s original, then it is rare!  I’ve done some searches, but they haven’t yielded any suggestion that this is a production length….

“I am selling a 1949 willys jeep it was running last yaer and I was going to overhaul the moter just never got around to it this jeep is in great shape.

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1953 CJ-3B Arvada, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500

“4WD, 302 Mustang motor, new tires, new paint, all new electrical, new steering box, new glass, new tailgate, new bikini top, auto trans, needs new radiator.”

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Fiberglass tub and front clip, St. Maries, ID **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550

It says it’s never been used, but it looks like the front clip was ready to be installed.  If it is in as good as shape as advertised, then this is a great price.

“Willy’s Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A, or MB Fiberglass Tub with Steel Fenders, grill, & tailgate. It’s never been used, no cracks – good shape! Also has a fiberglass tailgate included. There is a frame included if you want it.”

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1947 CJ-2A Yakima, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500

“’47 Willys CJ2A, 2300 Pinto engine, T-90 3 speed, 8.75 Chrysler rear end, Warn Overdrive, Arctic hard top, 11″ Brakes, 16 gallon fuel tank $3,500.00 OBO”

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1949 CJ-2A Tacoma, Wa $5500


It looks like a nice jeep.  If it is really a 1949 CJ-2A (rather than a CJ-3A), than it’s one of only 2182 produced that year.

“1949 willys jeep cj2a 4wd 231 buick v6 3spd warn overdrive and twin stick transfer
35″ mickey thompsons dana 44 rear 27 front was fully restored 10 years ago still very nice , runs good no smoke needs clutch slave cyl to be a good driver 30$part.  No rust, rhino lined inside, full cage, new seats,
gm column, nice top, (253) 208-3095”

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1946 CJ-2A Seattle, Wa $4500


There’s been a number of changes to this CJ.

“1946 jeep willys buick 231 V-6 W/hei advanced adapters bell housing adapter t-90 transmision 3 speed modle 18 transfer case new 3 and 1/4th inch super lift kit new shackles half inch supper swampers 32×11.5 R15 new black widow rims please call 253-929-9489 Robert”

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1949 CJ-3A Eugene, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Is this that barn find you were hoping to run across?  31 years in the barn — no mention if it stills runs.

“49 willys all original,it has been stored in our barn since 1987 and I need the space, priced accordingly, $2000.”


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1946 CJ-2A Newburg, Or $3500 obo


This jeep’s body looks pretty straight.  It looks like there is a muffler on the driver side, but none on the passenger side?

“I have a 1946 jeep willy’s. I bought it to restore and got too busy with work and family, I would like to sell it, great for hunting or wheeling. 231 Buick motor almost new top, runs great. fairly new tires power steering but needs new hose, has a new aluminum radiator has a few dents and dings. has aluminum fender well covers with rear seat attached. I am asking $3500 obo. Call Frank at 503 896 4773 leave message
or e mail”

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Race Jeep Yelm, Wa $1200


UPDATE:  The price is now $1200

This is a jeep designed for PNW4WDA racing.  This jeep has Formula desert dogs on the rear, but I can’t tell what tires are on the front.  The front shackles are reversed.  The front clip is all one piece (likely fiberglass).  It looks like the body is just a partial metal shell.  This jeep should also have a scattershield bellhousing (a requirement for racing).  This also appears to have chrome tie rods and a chrome front housing cover.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the rear was either locked or welded, perhaps the front as well.  This is actually a pretty good price if you want to get started racing in the PNW.

“Race Jeep. Buick V-6. T-14 Tranny. Spicer 18 44 Rear 27 Front. Needs some work. Runs and drives. $1200.00 OBO. Contact Kris @ (253) 219-2208.”

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My Build — The hood vs. the air cleaner

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One of the issue’s I’ve put off until now has been the air cleaner.  I knew fitting an air cleaner between the hood and carb would be tight, a consequence of the tall Kenne Bell intake manifold.  However, I thought I might sneak it in there, but after finally fitting the hood onto the front clip, I discovered that even a low profile air cleaner won’t fit.  Unfortunately, the engine can’t drop much more (not that I want to drop and reweld the engine mounts for an extra 1 1/2 inches).  The only solution left (that I could think of) was to put a bump into the hood.  I REALLY didn’t want to do it.  But, I need to keep moving forward on this project, so I decided it was the most expedient solution.

Once decided, I then had to decide the type of bump.  After mulling it over, I chose to do a simple bump that follows the lines of the hood.  The first step was cutting the hole in the hood.  Next, I created a form out of a 2×4, putting a 20 degree edge, the same degree, but opposite, of the angle of the stripe on the body.  I laid two coats of fiberglass and resin and let it setup.  The good news is that the results are even and the angles correct.  The bad news is that I’m not thrilled with the results.  I’ve thought about adding some angles to the front to make the bump more interesting, but I think I’ll keep it simple and save the details for version 2 of the hood.

Here’s the hood precut

Here’s the hood with 3 sides cut.  I used a cutting wheel to do the cuts and a flat piece of steel as a guide to create a straight line.

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1953 M-38A1 San Mateo, Ca $1500


Here's a labor day weekend deal. If the only problems really are a water pump making noise and brakes that need attention, then this is a great price.  It's worth a look if you are looking for a m-38a1.

" For Sale: 1953 Willys Military Jeep M38A1/CJ2A: This is a Labor Day Week End Sale! And just in time for deer season. The price is: $1500.00 dollars. This is a great deal for someone who is looking for an older reliable jeep and a part of history. All drive train in good shape, Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, rear end and front wheel drive. Clear California title, and is currently registered. Warn hubs on front wheel drive. Thor PTO Winch with about 100’ feet of 3/8” cable (works great).  Jeep Cons: needs a water pump (Water pump bearing is starting to make noise) and brakes will need attention (Leak in master cylinder). Jeep runs very well, fun to drive, and starts right up. If you are interested in this jeep please call (650) 347-8434 (home) or (650) 504-0920 (cell) Thanks, Phil."

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1942 MB Smith River, Ca eBay


This jeep is located on the Oregon/Cali border near highway 101, so the drive alone is worth getting the jeep.  This doesn't look in too bad of shape.  The seller describes the body as fair to poor, but I've seen many worse bodies than this one.

"Body: Fair to poor condition, areas of rust.Engine: Has not run in 5 years.Tires: 5 in good condition.Other: Fenders & gas tank in good condition.Many usable parts if full restoration is not your thing.Shipping/Transportation will be the buyers responsibilityI'm located in California two miles south of the Oregon border on highway 101. I can be reached at (707)487-5808"

View all the pics on eBay 

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1950 CJV-35U Stewartville, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay..


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1953 CJ-3B Durango, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: SOLD, but not picked up yet …

I think there is lots of life left in this CJ-3B, as much of it looks straight and in good condition. However, I would like a closer look at the front bumper area, as that bumper angles a little bit too much.

“I’m selling this 1953 Willys Jeep CJ3B for a friend and neighbor of mine. He’s drove it for as is for a long time. In December last year he pulled the stock T90 transmission to rebuild it as it sometimes popped out of third gear when accelerating. A huge storm hit, dumping so much snow it crushed his garage barely missing the Jeep. Would be a very good, inexpensive project for the right person. I will try to be as detailed and candid as possible but feel free to ask questions and I will answer as quickly as I can. Has a 289 Ford small block under the hood, add a battery, antifreeze and its a runner again. Has been converted to Saginaw steering, with column, box etc. steers easy. Stock running gear behind the engine, T90, spicer 18, stock axles etc. Still has good brakes, has only been sitting since Christmas rather than years in a back field like so many out there…”


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1948 CJ-2A Eugene, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1599

Given this is a non-running project that has had some mods done to it, the price is a little high.  I don’t see any obvious rust on the body and the back looks pretty straight, but I can’t see much more from these pics.

“1948 Willys cj2a project needs a new home. Not running. Needs starter. Painless wiring kit partially installed. New gauges. New ignition switch. Do not have time to complete. Must sell”

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1953 CJ-3A Chico, Ca $1750 OBO


There are three pictures of this jeep.  Two I *think* are before it was torn down and the third looks like it is an in-progress rebuild.  In the third picture, shown to the right, you'll note newer rims and how the body is sitting higher than before (could be a new SOA mod or different springs).

"1953 Willys Jeep CJ3B Project 231 buick V6 stock axles trany been gone thru tube frame vary clean 1 1/2 Body left missing some parts great potential. fairly clean body. call 530-228-1763 Mark / 530-877-1663 1750– OBO e-mail" 

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My Build — Hood Mounted

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Last night i got the hood mounted, trimmed and latched. Once I determine where to mount the blocks (not sure what I'm going to make those out of yet), then it will be ready to patch, sand and paint.