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1951 CJ-3A Flat Rock, MI **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_flatrockUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $850.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this jeep, but it looks pretty good for only $850.

“Vintage Jeep 1951 in decent condition (rebuilt engine flathead 4-cylendar).  See attached picture. $850.00 Firm.  Email for any questions.”

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30 Epic Failures at

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This list of 30 images of epic failures from was funny.  I’m sure we could all add a pic or two to this list.

“We’ve seen some pretty crappy DIY craftsmanship before, but these examples take the cake. What’s amazing is these DIY’ers know how to post on the internet, but not how to research.”

Here’s a couple images:



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Builds — 1945 GPW spotted by


1945_gpw_alameda2I was playing around with a new internet toy called cooliris (I was using a plug-in version for the Firefox browser) and came across this 1945 GPW spotted and photographed in Alameda, California by

I scratched my head and stared at the hood.  Do I like the diamond plating on top or not … hmmm .. I figure it’s there for a reason, as the top of the hood is likely trashed.  After scratching my head at it a bit, I decided I liked it, not because it’s a work of art, but because it’s entirely practical.  With a strong roll cage, a winch, and other improvements, this 4×4 looks ready for a jeeping adventure.

You can view all the pics here





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1952 M-38 Grand Junction, CO **SOLD**


1952_m38_grandjunction2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300

This seems like a good price on a running M-38.

“Original L head, runs. It’s going to sit and rot with me so am selling. It’s in Grand Junction so easy to see. Yes title is good and in my name. Great Flatfender, military Korea timeframe with dana 44 rear T18 and T90. Trade for restoration work on my 1972 F-250 highboy, needs new wooden bed and various dent’s rust spots. May trade for trailer, or Jeep TJ parts, Dana 44’s, winches, bumpers”

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Old Willys Image Archive — Brian finds a treasure trove

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Our eWillys Michigan bureau, lead by Brian (and staffed only by Brian), uncovered a treasure trove of images, most I haven’t seen before, of early jeep demonstrations, publicity images and more.

Brian writes, “the source is the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and, best of all, it is free!!!   Here is the Search link  To Link to the library image collection explanation, go here  I think one of the best sets are the Farm Jeep trials in New Hudson Michigan..Wow”

Here is some of the searches he has done: (Willys jeeps) (willys workers) (Jeep automobiles) (farm Jeep) (Willys factory) (Military).

Here’s some of the images found using the search term “jeep” — note that the term search term jeep doesn’t yield other pictures that I saw while surfing this site this morning.

I’m not sure I’d want to be in the vehicle in the pic below….

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1951 CJ-3A Howard, NY **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_howardUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600.

Yeah, the body isn’t a pretty picture.  But, the drive train sounds like it might have potential.

“A 1951 Willys jeep no title runs like a champ comes with 3 sets of tires and wheels all kinds of spare parts including heads axle shafts axle housings engine block… actualy 1 or 2 enginges that were stripped down the frame is straight and it is solid!! the body on the other hand has seen better days as far as i know it was last on the road in 1972 and been sitting behind a barn until a few years ago when the guy i bought it from got it running and used it to plow his driveway…the jeep came with the house he bought”

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MB Grilles Sequim, Wa Varies

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mb_grilles_sequimThis seller thinks he’s got CJ-2A grilles, but they are really MB grilles.  I count 3 grilles, plus a fender and a tailgate.  Check out the ad for specific prices.  These are located way up on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

“I have several years worth of Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Mopar, Muscle Car and Jeep parts. Please don’t ask if I have something else if it is not pictured here. This is what I am willing to part with right now. All prices are OBO, but please do not insult me. …”

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1946 CJ-2A Albany, NY **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_albany2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Here’s a great price on a running CJ-2A with a working snow plow.  The top is rather funky.

“For Sale a used 1946 Willys-Overland Motors CJ2A Jeep with hydraulic snowplow. Runs great, solid engine and drivetrain. Needs minor exhaust work. 54,810 original miles on engine and drivetrain.”

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1963 CJ-6 Hanover, VA **SOLD**


1963_cj6_hanoverUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

It’s hard to find a running CJ-6 under $2k, let alone at $1k.  Of course, the ad doesn’t say it’s running, but I can always hope.”

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1952 M-38 Montour Falls, NY $15000


1952_m38_montourfallsThis M-38 looks great.  It seems to be missing the high beam switch(?), but appears very complete otherwise.

“You are looking at a “Ground Up Restoration” of a 1952 Willys M38 Jeep.This Vehicle is in Museum quality and Authentic (Period Correct) to the last possible detail.  Runs and looks flawless!  This is EASILY the most authentic, best running and best looking on eBay.
Original Fording Gear included but not pictured.  Production Date and Serial Number: 6/52 #71442  If you have any questions please call 607/594-3656 and ask for Steve.  Evenings are best. You may also email me at:”

View all the pics on eBay

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Bill Mauldin’s Willys Cartoons

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smithsonian_cover_1992As I mentioned in a post when I first launched eWillys, which appears to have disappeared in last year’s database disaster, one of my favorite Jeep Cartoons was drawn by Bill Mauldin and placed on the front of the November 1992 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine.  You can see that one to the right (or see a larger version here).  No doubt many of you have seen this before.  At the time I wrote the post, it never occurred to me to search for any other cartoons by Bill.

However, for mystical reasons that remain unclear, it occurred to me tonight to search for other ‘Willys’ cartoons by Bill.  Here’s the results of my search. (send me others or links to others if you know of more ….

billmauldin1Th’ hell with it, sir. Let’s go back to the front.


billmauldlin3Why ya lookin’ so sad? I got out of it okay.

billmaudlin4 I’ll never splash mud on a dogface again (999) … I’ll never splash mud on a dogface again (1000) … Now will ya help us push?

billmaudlin6It’s a habit Joe picked up in Rome.

Here’s more links about Bill

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1953 M-38a1 Zillah, Wa $1200 (wow)


1953_m38a1_zillahThis is a great price.

“1953 Willys M38A1,2300cc ford 4 clyinder engine, 35in. bucshot mudders, aluminum wheels,bikini top,needs battery but runs and drives good. Moved out of the country, must sell.”

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1948 CJ-2A Indiana eBay


1948_cj2a_indianaHere’s a militarized CJ-2A where the seller has gone all out with extras.  Why wait for the auction when you can purchase it now for only $19.9K.  Overall, the jeep appears in pretty good condition.

“.. Vehicle runs beautifully and drives straight. Everything is operational. This is noted ALL ORIGINAL 1948 Willys metal body and frame. Sandblasted and repaired with METAL as needed. Body is not perfect, I wanted to keep as much original parts as I could. I am a perfectionist with attention to detail, and though the jeep is not perfect, it is close. It is a great turn-key jeep that is ready for a collector or a special person to enjoy. This is a dependable vehicle that starts when you want it to, so you can enjoy it instead of having to work on it. Parts are still available for this vehicle if ever needed, part supply information will be provided ….”

View all the pics on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A Roanoke, Va **SOLD**


cj2a_mattUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“Item up for bid! The Willys “G.I.JOE JEEP”!  This is a production of Edmund Angelus Automotive In Roanoke Virginia. Accessories Sold Seperately. This unit comes ready to hit the trails and back country, it comes complete with removeable top and doors. Doors have roll up windows. Comes with working heater, Bikini Top,Snow Plow. Roll Bar,Back-Up light, Axe, Shovel, & Snatch Block Brackets. The engine has the factory Super Sonic head on it, which gives it very noticeable throttle response! For a Four cylinder, this little unit runs really strong. The floors were patched by a previous owner, yet are quite suitable for what the vehicles intended uses are. The brake were completely reworked, the lines were purged and re-serviced with Dot-5, Which is a Silicone  based fluid, way better than regular Dot -3, as it is not corrosive!…”

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1947 CJ-2A Salem, OR **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_salem2UPDATE:Was $3600. **SOLD**

This is a pretty fun looking jeep (maybe it’s the scoop?).  I’m wondering if it’s got floating hubs in the rear?  Something is sticking out.

“1947 lifted willys with a chevy small block 283 v8. standard 3 speed transmission, twin stick transfer case, 31 in. tires, roll bar. runs strong. also have soft top to go with it.”

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MudDuck Central — Axle Strengths


While surfing this weekend, I came across MudDuck Central that is full of various stats, some I’ve seen before and some I haven’t.  One of the more interesting stats was a table of axle strengths. You can see the graph here borrowed from this page.  The one thing that caught my eye was that the Dana 30 is actually stronger (due to it’s slightly larger axle size) than the front Dana 44. Anyone run across this before? And does anyone know if the front Dana 44 housing is stronger than the Dana 30 (in some measurable way)?

Axle Strength Based on Material and Size



Yield Torque

Axle Model

1.10-inch 1040 carbon steel 3,550 lbs-ft front D44, front GM 10-bolt
1.11-inch 1040 carbon steel 3,640 lbs-ft D30(27-spline), D35(27) rear,
8.25(27) rear
1.18-inch 1040 carbon steel 4,389 lbs-ft Ford 7.5-inch 28-spline
1.19-inch 1040 carbon steel 4,484 lbs-ft D60(30) full-float
1.20-inch 1040 carbon steel 4,643 lbs-ft Ford 9inch(28) rear, GM 7.63,
GM 8.5(28) (10 bolt)
1.21-inch 1040 carbon steel 4,706 lbs-ft AMC-20, Chrysler 8.25(29) rear
1.25-inch 1040 carbon steel 5,206 lbs-ft D60(30) front, D50(30) front,

D44(30) rear, GM 8.5 and 8.6(30)

1.29-inch 1040 carbon steel 5,707 lbs-ft Ford 8.8(31) rear, Ford 9inch(31),

Chrystler 9.25(31)

1.34-inch 1040 carbon steel 6,394 lbs-ft GM 10.5 (14 bolt) full float


1.36-inch 1040 carbon steel 6,699 lbs-ft Ford 10.25 and 10.50 rear

full float 35-spline

1.37-inch 1040 carbon steel 6,828 lbs-ft D60HD rear full float 35 spline,

D70 rear full float 35-spline

1.42-inch 1040 carbon steel 7,619 lbs-ft GM 9.5 (small 14 bolt) rear

semi-float 33-spline

1.45-inch 1040 carbon steel 8,097 lbs-ft D60 rear semi-float 35-spline
1.46-inch 1040 carbon steel 8,283 lbs-ft Ford 10.25 rear semi-float
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1943/45 MB Florence, OR **SOLD**


1945_mb_florenceUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500.

“1943 MB tub and frame, 1945 MB motor, transmission and transfer case. not a complete restoral, but well on the way. Runs well, looks good, needs finishing touches. No back seat or canvas top, but has top bows and hardware, original gas tank sealed with POR-15, 6 volt system, with original generator and regulator. New tires on 16″ rims (not combat rims) Oregon title ( had to title as 1947 willys, because that is what the Idaho title said when I bought the tub and frame in Coulee Wa. howevever, the frame and tub are original 1943, as well as the engine) Will consider straight across trade for motor home of same value”

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CJ-3B Evansville, In $1500


cj3b_evansvilleThe seller says this is a 1946 CJ-3, but clearly it’s a CJ-3B. It’s probably worth a look.

“its a 46 willys jeep cj3 sitting on a 68 cj5 frame and axles. its got the buick dauntless v6 with a th400 auto tranmission not for sure on what transfer case is on it. the body is in really GOOD shape for being a 46 it the body was restored 5 or 6 years ago has some dings and dent very little rust and 2 rust holes in the rocker panels has a brand new wireing harness.has full roll cage just needs to be welded in. just needs to be finished asking $1500 or best offer also take trade for 4wheeler or four wheel drive.. you can email me at and can get more pictures or info”

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1945 MB? Fenders New City, NY $225


1945_fenders_newcityHere’s a couple of MB? fenders. I’m not sure ‘great shape’ is how I would describe them.

“1945 jeep fenders. shed stored. great shape.”

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1962 CJ-3B Mansfield, Tx **SOLD**


1962_cj3b_mansfieldUPDATE:  This one is back.  Note the reference to the mileage has been left off, though there is a pic of the speedometer.  As Ed and Mitch both excellently point out, the speedometer does not appear to be original, so it’s likely that the mileage is under reported.

The owner has set the starting bid at $8,000.  This jeep comes with a pretty good story posted on the CJ-3B page.  The speedometer on this CJ-3B shows mileage of 7,150 miles.

“This auction is for a 1962 Kaiser Willys Jeep CJ-3B Jeep and trailer.  I spent three years getting this jeep; the story is on the link below.  The thrill of the chase was intense, but I’m selling it to conentrate on my business and my family.   It is a one-of-a-kind vehicle; probably one of the nicest old Willys flat fenders in the country.  It turns heads and makes thumbs go up!”

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Builds — 1945 MB Navy/Shore Patrol Resto from Argentina

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willys_argentina_logoI’m assuming this is a 1945 MB based on the title of the forum.  I found these pics from a spanish website I stumbled across called Willys Argentina.  I thought they had a pretty cool logo, so I’ve included a copy of that.  There’s plenty more pics and information about Flatties.

Here’s some 1945 MB pics I’ve linked to from the website.  You can see more pics on this forum page.

Continue reading

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1948 CJ-2A Marshall, WI **SOLD**



UPDATE: **SOLD*** Was $5500

“1948 Willy’s Jeep seats are reupolstured, solid body and frame. Purrs like a kitten. Our family has had a wonderful time with this Jeep now it’s time for a new family to enjoy it.25,700 miles. We have loved it now we hope you will.”

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1946 VEC Klamath Falls, Or SOLD


1946_cj2a_klamathfallsUPDATE 2: The seller and Robert agreed to a price, so Robert will be taking this nice VEC home 🙂

UPDATE: Robert provided a great link to a CJ-2A page post that discusses how bodies with driver side indents were mixed with non driver side indent bodies during assembly.

A reader named Randy pointed this jeep out to me.  This VEC has the serial #24076.  This CJ-2A has the column shift, as it should (up to #38221). However, I would expect it to also have the driver side indents (up to #29500)?

“This wonderful Very Early Civilian CJ2A is in great shape. See the pictures below. It is very solid for an unrestored 1946.  My father obtained this jeep in, I believe, 1956. I don’t know any of its history before this time. When we got it it was blue. (I’m sure it was originally forest green though, in places you can see green and the wheels were yellow. I understand that was an original color scheme.)…. A good mechanical refurbishing was done, in the late 1980s. The motor and transfer case were rebuilt. It was converted to 12v. The charging system was upgraded to 12v but the original starter was kept (it really turns over but you don’t want to crank it for a long period). A voltage reduction was used to retain the original instruments. It was again re-painted blue…..”

View the ad and all the pics here

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1946 CJ-2A Clinton, Ma eBay (stainless parts)


1946_cj2a_clintonUPDATE:  This is back on eBay

Here’s a fiberglass CJ-2A that also has a stainless steel grille and windshield.  This has a variety of updates.

“You are bidding on (1) 1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A.  I am the second owner of this vehicle.  The original owner worked on this jeep for 2 1/2 years. He has built many Willys Jeeps in the past. the entire chassis was disassembled Media blasted, boxed and repaired.  All welds are 100% pentrated TIG. The front of the chassis was removed and built up with a donor chassis from a jeep CJ5 donor. and 2″x2″ bar Stock.  The chassis was then painted with 2 coats of POR-15 and chassis coat.  A Rancho 2-1/2″ lift kit was installed along with an additional 1/2″ lift and greasable zirks for a total of 3″ lift.  This will easily clear 33″x12.5 tires.  The rear axle is a 1959 CJ5 Dana 44 that was rebuilt and in the front is the stock dana 27 that was rebuilt.  the gear ratio’s are 5:38.  the T-90 tranny and model 18 transfer case along with bearings, seals, and clutch were also rebuilt.  All new brakes front and rear as well as custom bent brake lines, rubbers, and a dual master cylinder kit.  It has the L-138 Flat head motor in it that was rebuilt and bored .040 over. it runs beautifullly.  It has also an aftermarket Solex carb and custom air intake kit.  it has been converted to a 12 volt system with a brand new alternator.  the body is all fiberglass built by AJ’s Body….”

To Top Website — Some Great Pics

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I believe the author of this bilingual (french/spanish) site ( about a 1942 MB is from Europe, though I didn’t get a sense of exactly where they were located.  Neither my French nor my Spanish will save me in an emergency, let alone let me navigate a site about jeeps.

Fortunately, the excellent pictures make the site worth visiting even for the most linguistically challenged of us.  I especially liked the pic below (there are other pics that provide similar comprehensive views of parts).  If anyone knows who operates the site, I’d gladly add their name here so i can properly credit them.