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Year? MB Demotte, IL $1000


Could be worth a look.

“Selling my project WW2 Jeep Willy’s mb. Engine ran 4 years ago has sat since then needs a full restoration but is a good starting point”

year-mb-chicago2 year-mb-chicago3

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1950? CJ-3A Blanchard, OK $750


Maybe some value here?

I have a Jeep CJ-3a project for sale. It is a rolling frame and body. The body is in pretty good shape considering. I don’t see any major rust. I have a tailgate and I think I have the fenders & hood. This would be a cool rock crawler or mud truck project.”


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1948 CJ-2A Newcastle, OK $1000


Rough. Includes an extra tub.

“Selling a Jeep Willys CJ2A. As you can see from the pictures, it does not run. The motor does turn by hand and the transmission/transfer case seems to shift like it should. The body is mostly rusted. The grill is solid. With the Jeep comes 2 spare axles, 1 front with manual locking hubs and 1 rear. Also I have another steering box and quite a bit of other small parts. Selling as is, no title. Text for any more information. Thanks. Asking $1000 OBO. Make me an offer. I’m also throwing in another body tub. It does not have as much rust and the floor has been patched by a previous owner.”

1948-cj2a-newcastle-ok7 1948-cj2a-newcastle-ok8 1948-cj2a-newcastle-ok9

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2 DJ-3A Front Axles Marcellus, NY $300


This is a good price. It also includes 2 rims.

“2 dj front axels
Also 2 4 bolt wheels”

dj3a-front-axles1 dj3a-front-axles2

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1946 CJ-2A Marshfield, WI $11,000


Lots of new parts, but there’s a lot of work left for an $11,000 2A.

“This restoration is about 90% complete. The engine has been professionally rebuilt. It has new tub, complete new braking system. The frame has been sandblasted and painted. New radiator core, gas tank and gas lines, W.O. Carter carburetor, alternator, seat upholstery, windshield and glass, new wiring harness, gauges, clutch and pressure plate. The entire tub, grille, hood, fenders and tailgate are primed and ready for final paint. Engine is temporarily wired for demo running. Many other new parts included as well.”

1946-cj2a-marshfield-wi1 1946-cj2a-marshfield-wi2

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1946 CJ-2A + Parts Kalamazoo, MI $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/03/2017) A rare desert dog sighting!

“1946 willys jeep plus lots of extra parts for sale: tires, grill, fenders, gas tank …too many to list! $3500.00”

1946-cj2a-kalamazoo-mi99 1946-cj2a-kalamazoo-mi91 1946-cj2a-kalamazoo-mi92 1946-cj2a-kalamazoo-mi93 1946-cj2a-kalamazoo-mi94

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1955 M-38A1 Vail, AZ $9000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/21/2017) This jeep apparently has some history.

“1955 M38 A1 Jeep used at Camp Pendleton Marine Base as an Officer transport. All original, no rust, in very good condition, new tires, original dash plaques, seats redone in camo, has back seats that can easily be removed, runs great, great collector Jeep with history.”





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1957 CJ-3B Arcola, TX $1895


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1895.

(09/20/2017) Some odd mods to this one.

“Barn find! Been sitting for 15 years, needs total restoration. Has 289 V8 (needs rebuild)”

1957-cj3b-arcola-tx41 1957-cj3b-arcola-tx42 1957-cj3b-arcola-tx43 1957-cj3b-arcola-tx4

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1954 CJ-3B Portage, WI $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/18/2017) “1954 Willys Jeep in all original condition except for the paint job, which is his favorite color. This is my grandpas Jeep and he has owned it for 30+ years. Used primarily for getting some popcorn from the popcorn stand on sundays and taking a drive through town at about 25 mph. Also used for a parade each year as well. He has the original jump seat for the back and the original complete top for it as well. I believe it is a soft top.

He told me it has 11,000 miles on it. I thought it was more like 16,000, but I could be wrong… So it’s either around 11,000, but no more 16,000… And again, all original. Has been well kept and well maintained over the years. However, I don’t think he’s driven it for a few years now due to it getting a little difficult to get in and out of, so it may need to be freshened up a little bit. Always use to start as soon and as quick as you could push the button and always purred like a kitten. Feel free to contact me with questions and or offers and I will pass them on to my grandpa and communicate back to you that way.”

1954-cj3b-portage-wi2 1954-cj3b-portage-wi3 1954-cj3b-portage-wi4

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Jim Carter’s 100mph Plaque

• CATEGORIES: Features

jim-carter-sign1Scott Gilbert from Cincinnati called me last week. We talked about a few Alaska or Rust loose ends, then he asked if I’d seen a 100mph club plaque on eBay.

“No, I haven’t seen that,” I responded.
Scott explained, “It’s a cool plaque with a Willys speedometer on it. I thought it was an unusual piece, so I’ve been watching it ever since the seller listed it at $100. It’s now down to $20, plus $10 shipping.”
“Well, that’s definitely a better price,” I told him.
“The strange thing is, I’ve tried to find out more about the plaque, but can’t find anything. So, I figured I’d try you,” he said. Then he asked, “Have you ever heard of the Wandering Willys Jeep Club or the 100mph club?”
“Well, as a matter of fact I have …,” I paused for a moment, then added, “My parents co-founded the club in 1969. So, I know that club pretty well. In fact, it’s still around.”
At this point I stopped. If Scott was listening carefully, he probably heard the creaking sounds of the gears in my brain slowly grinding, triggered by our conversation. Wandering Willys + 100mph Club. That sounded familiar. Then, I realized he was still talking.
“… and the Wandering Willys name is on the plaque and there’s a person’s name on it, too …”
I stopped him, “Wait, I know the name! It says Jim Carter!”
He was genuinely shocked. “You are right, but how did you know?”
“Because I remember it. I was there the day Jim went 100mph in his jeep!”

Here’s the story ….

The Wandering Willys Jeep Club was founded in 1969 in Seattle’s Eastside area. Jim & Patti Carter were charter members as were my parents, Karl & Marge Eilers (there were seven other charter members). 

Karl had grown up with Jim in Salt Lake City and Marge had grown up with Patti in Seattle, so the couples were good friends by the time the jeep club was founded. 

In May of 1982, I was 16 years old. The Wandering Willys Jeep Club was on a jeep trip with about eight members traveling to an area above Cle Elum, a small town in the Cascade Mountains along I-90 east of Seattle. We expected to reach some snow that day and sure enough we did.

Jim was driving his modified fiberglass flattie named Otis (my all-time favorite jeep). He was crawling over some frozen snow on the trail when it gave way and he sunk enough to where he was high centered. Attempting to escape, he tried spinning his wheels, but he was too stuck. At that point he realized there was no friction on the tires, so he slowly pressed the gas pedal. He made it up to 100 mph on his speedometer, before backing off the gas. But, he backed off too quickly, breaking his front driveline. It was a silly thing to do and he, not usually prone to doing things like that, found himself getting teased by everyone. The plaque memorialized the event and was probably presented to him at a later club meeting.


Otis circa 1982 with Patti Carter (Jim’s wife) driving.

So, that might have been the end of it. I told Scott he was welcome to bid on it, as I didn’t want to pay $30 for it. However, subsequently the eBay auction ended with no bids. So, following the auction, I wrote to the seller, telling him where and how he probably acquired the plaque, the story behind it, and the fact that I didn’t think it was worth anything, but for me it had sentimental value. I wished him luck with the sale.

The seller responded, telling me he loved the story and wanting to give the object to me for free. I told him his offer was gracious, but I would only accept if I paid for shipping. He agreed, so I bought the plaque for a penny and paid shipping. It arrived a couple days ago.

jim-carter-sign2 jim-carter-sign3

So, for me it is a neat story and plaque, now with an even better history.

And, for a little Otis retrospective … Otis circa 1969 as a truer CJ-3A:

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1942 Photo of Ford GPA Test

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I don’t think I’ve seen this photo. That looks to be an early GPA to me.

“1942 Press Photo U.S Army Amphibious Jeep Proceeds into swollen Ohio River. This is an original press photo. Turning off the highway it proceeds into the swollen Ohio River between Fort Knox and Louisville. The Propeller is put in motion and its Ship Ahoy. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 04-10-1942.”

View all the information on eBay



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Jeep Willys Bar Little Rock, AR $1000

• CATEGORIES: Features

It’s different.

“I built this bar about 8 months ago out of an unrestorable 50s Jeep Willys Wagon. Thought that it would be a great center piece for the man cave I was going to build. It has working Edison Light Bulbs. My wife informed me after building it that my young children would not be allowed near it because it has rust on it. Oh well. It is up for sell. $1000 boo.”


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1950 CJ-3A Maple Grove, MN $9000


Appears in good shape.

“Completely rebuilt in 1990
Very clean.
Includes soft sided doors”

1950-cj3a-maplegrove-mn2 1950-cj3a-maplegrove-mn3 1950-cj3a-maplegrove-mn4

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Model 90 Empire Tractor Versailles, MO $7500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

This is the later model of Empire Tractor. Learn more about these here.

“For Sale: Rare 1948 Empire tractor. Serial # 6413. Restored. It has a Willys- 4 cyl CJ-2A engine with 134.6 cu in. horsepower is 40 at belt and 25 at drawbar. Transmission Warner Gear T-90, 3 sp forward, 1 reverse. This is 1/2 tractor and 1/2 jeep. Very”


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1955 CJ-5 Kirtland, NM $6000


Looks like it’s in good shape.







“This is my 1955 willys cj5. It has been my pride and joy for the last 12years, and I am ready to let someone else enjoy this wonderful vehicle.
It is a blast to drive, and great to look at! It was fully restored in 2006. It served me as my Daily driver all through high school and then some years after. It has been kept indoors for the last 10 years. The more kids we have the less it gets driven, and it is depressing to see it set and not get used. I would rather have someone enjoy it than have it set in my garage with the other “toys” I don’t use anymore.

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1954? CJ-3A El Reno, OK $8500


Has some minor updates.

“this is a 54 willys jeep. it an original 4cyl has a new all metal body & paint,new wheels & 31/10.50/15 mud king xt tires,new auto meter gauges-temp.,fuel,oil,volts,& speed roll bar & bikini top,new gas tank, a new wiper motor to be installed,new lights.seats are like new. it is 4wd.the body alone cost 4000 with no paint or interior.iam asking 8500 obo”

1954-cj3a-elreno-ok0 1954-cj3a-elreno-ok1 1954-cj3a-elreno-ok2 1954-cj3a-elreno-ok3 1954-cj3a-elreno-ok4

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1957 FC-150 Hot Springs, AR $4600

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Runs and drives.

“1957 Jeep fc150 runs good needs gas line cleaned from sitting can hear run call”

1957-fc150-hotsprings6 1957-fc150-hotsprings7 1957-fc150-hotsprings8 1957-fc150-hotsprings-ar9

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1946 CJ-2A Athens, TX $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(09/14/2017) Could be worth a look.

“It can be used as a recreational or farm/ranch vehicle currently. It would need more work to become street legal. The engine starts and runs nice. It has a new aluminum radiator and never gets close to overheating. I’ve also recently installed new gas tank, lines and fuel pump, along with a new five year battery. The tires have great tread for the mud. All the gauges and lights work, but recently cracked the back light covers, which is a cheep and easy fix.”

1946-cj2a-easttx1 1946-cj2a-easttx2 1946-cj2a-easttx3 1946-cj2a-easttx4

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1946 CJ-2A Brownsville, TX $6000


The VIN is listed at 179486, which would make it a ’48.

“V8 small block engine
good conditions
off road
very good”

1946-cj2a-brownsville-tx6 1946-cj2a-brownsville-tx7 1946-cj2a-brownsville-tx8 1946-cj2a-brownsville-tx9

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1946 CJ-2A Tucson, Az $10,000


This has rack and pinion steering? I’m curious to see how that was setup.

“1946 Willys Jeep. First year civilian model. Buick V-6, Rack and pinion steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, rhino lined tub, new gauges and distributor in 2010, reupholstered Camaro seats and new fuel tank in 2011. Also has front and rear hitches and front tow bar. Good Michelin tires.

No I don’t want to trade for anything. No I won’t take your fake check and hold it for a few days while your shipper arrives no matter how interested you are. The bottom line is I don’t need help selling it and scammers won’t get anywhere.”

1946-cj2a-tucson-az6 1946-cj2a-tucson-az7 1946-cj2a-tucson-az8 1946-cj2a-tucson-az99

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1946 CJ-2A Preston, ID $18,500


Give much of this looks nice, I’m surprised the front bumper is an angle iron.

“Original 1946 Willys Jeep 383 Stoker motor, heavy-duty transmission, Stiffened frame, power steering, custom battery box with new battery, custom aluminum gas tank, four-wheel-drive w low gear and overdrive. Heavy Duty running gear. Brand new $1000 set of tires.
This machine drives perfect on the road. It’s very fast very and dependable She comes with new soft top and doors. This could easily be a daily driver. ”

1946-cj2a-preston-id1 1946-cj2a-preston-id2


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• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons
  1. 1953 Wagon Murphy, ID $5000:×4-station-wagon/6348328845.html
  2. 1959 Wagon Tom’s River, NJ $7500:
  3. 1948 Wagon Newark, NJ $3700:
  4. 1954 Wagon Apple Valley, CA $2000:
  5. 1955 Wagon Orange County, CA $10,500:
  6. 1958 Wagon Hatch, UT $10,200:
  7. 1951 Wagon Tucson, AZ $3500: (has gov plate)
  8. Wagon Parts Somerset, TX:
  9. 1959 Wagon Jackson, MS $2700:
  10. 1947 Wagon Troy, KS $6000:
  11. 1954 Wagon Abilene, KS $4500:
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1947 CJ-2A Fargo, ND $2500


Could use some better pics, but it sounds like there’s potential here.

“Runs and drives, in fairly decent shape.”


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1961 CJ-3B Bentonville, AR $9000


Looks good, but still much work left.

“’61 CJ3B
90% completed project
Original frame, hood and grille, everything else is new/rebuilt.
Vortec 4.3 V6 from an ’02 Chevy Astro, 20K miles
NV4500 5 speed transmission from a ’94 GMC truck
FJ40 axles and transfer case, 4 wheel disk brakes, 4.10 gears
Warn hubs
Willy’s Overland Repli-tub, shipped to the paint booth.
’73 Corvette yellow
Brand new Interco Super Swamper radials, 32″
American Racing wheels
Tons more. Decent mechanic could finish this easily.”


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Meyer Hardtop Las Vega, NV $150


Looks like a CJ-5 top, but I can’t tell for sure.

“Hard top and doors is for 52 Willy in fair condition minor rust”