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1952 M-38 Kingman, AZ $4800


Appears worth a look.

“all original 52 Willy’s runs and drives”


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1950 Jeepster Pahrump, NV $6000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Includes a Hercules car hoist.

1950-jeepster-pahrump-nv1 1950-jeepster-pahrump-nv2 1950-jeepster-pahrump-nv3 1950-jeepster-pahrump-nv4

“1950 Willys Jeepster last ran 2 years ago fuel issues have all the parts some condensation rust see pictures. Body and Underside very solid all mechanical Parts work needs entire electrical. Comes with Hercules car hoist 24 in. See photos.”

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1961 Wagon Utica, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Back on eBay.

Mike spotted this chopped and modified wagon for sale.

View all the information on eBay




“Classic Custom ’61 Jeepster with MANY new parts:
Chopped Roof
GM Smallblock V8
Edelbrock Intake
Edelbrock Carb
Air Conditioning
Brake Booster
Electric Cooling Fan
Dual Exhaust
Aluminum Triple Core Radiator
Alloy Wheels
& More
Runs and drives, contact us for details”

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1960 CJ-5 Golden Valley, CA $1500


This might have the Hudson Steering upgrade.

“Complete CJ3-B Jeep. VIN indicates it is the first one to roll off of the assembly line in 1960 .. complete, very solid, sitting since 1973. This is a stock unmodified Jeep.”


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1949 CJ-3A? Kingman, AZ $3000


No pics provided.

“1949 willy run great body good 3000”

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Photo of Giant? Man Next to Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: Thanks to CJ2atlas for potentially identifying our ‘giant’ as 8’6″ Felipe Manzo Reyes, who was called, among other things, “El Gigante Mexicano (The Mexican Giant)”.  In the late 1940s he spent time as part of the Cole Bros Circus’ side show. The outfit appears to be the same. 

Given the signature on the back and the size and fancy dress of this gentleman, it appears this guy may have been someone famous, at least in Mexico? He also looks like he is REALLY tall.

View all the information on eBay

“Mexico Man in Sombrero Hat with Jeep Car Real Photo Vintage Postcard ”



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A Slat Grille Rebuild

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Kees’ nearly restored Slat Grille MB.

There was some debate on G503 back in 2016 about whether a modified jeep for sale was a slat grille MB or not. After seeing the jeep for sale in October of 2016 on eWillys, Kees took a chance that it was a slat grille and bought it.

He had it shipped to Rotterdam, only to learn it was in worse shape than he’d hoped. What happened next was several years of hard work to bring it back into drivable condition. Here’s his story:

Hi Jeepers,

In October 2016, I bought a Jeep that I saw for sale on Ewillys. I had hoped it the Slat Grille I had been seeking, but was it really a Slat Grille?? A lot of folks on G503 were not convinced. Nonetheless, I took the risk.

When it arrived in Rotterdam I was shocked. It was in VERY bad shape. The body was covered in a layer of bondo, up to one inch in places. The sidepanels were almost gone. The gas tank was a drum bolted onto the cargo bed and the body was bolted to the frame with pieces of scrapmetal. There was a giant dent in the dashboard and the front of the jeep was a mess, replaced by bubba modifications. No effort had been made to clean the jeep, so it was covered with rust and dirt.


Did I feel lucky? Not at all. But, it’s not like I could send it back! So, I started forward, one step at a time.

The first thing I did was bring it to our version of the DMV for inspection. The VIN in the title was 11358, but we could not find it on the frame. Fortunately, we did find a body number of 15160. With those two ID numbers the department did some investigation with their American collegues and found out the VIN is 111358. That was great, because they were able to determine that it was an original Slat.

Once that was settled, I sent a lot of detailed photos to an friend who is an expert on Slats. It was from him I learned I had a lot of rare Slat details like axles, body, frame and some engine parts.

The first year was no fun at all. None. Zip. Nada.


I spent month after month cleaning, sandblasting and torching bondo. Yet, under all that bondo, I found perfectly good, shiny metal in some places.
When the body was clean I brought it to a welding expert, a pensionado who liked to keep busy welding. Thankfully, he was not expensive because it took him many weeks to reshape the complete body. The only replacement he did where the 2 side panels and the fuel tank container. He was able to restore all the other parts. In the meantime I was busy cleaning the frame. Continue reading

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1953 CJ-3A Norco, CA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000

(06/12/2019) Could be a nice flattie. It has full floaters in the rear.

“1953 willy military type jeep, V6, 3spd, 8k, lb.winch, runs excellent, cb, very low miles.4×4, runs cool..$5000.obo.”
1953-cj3a-norco-ca0 1953-cj3a-norco-ca2 1953-cj3a-norco-ca3

1953-cj3a-norco-ca01 1953-cj3a-norco-ca4

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1948 CJ-2A Concord, CA $18,500


UPDATE: This is listed in a few different Craigslists. I’m not sure where is is actually located.

Is that a rear gas tank or a mount for an antenna (driver’s rear). Its so, it might be one of the wheel well tanks.

“Trade for class C
Prefer Bedroom in back Low Miles roughly same value.
Have extra cash for the right RV”





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1947 CJ-2A Marina Del Rey, CA $21,500


This looks good. It’s a small quibble, but given the work done, I don’t understand why the ignition switch wasn’t put back in it’s original place.

“Complete tub off restoration, using all factory parts, with overdrive 4×4, come with a very rare option extended bed section, ordered from the dealer that can be removed, drives like new, with under 500 miles , one finest examples available”

1947-cj2a-mdr-ca0 1947-cj2a-mdr-ca1 1947-cj2a-mdr-ca2 1947-cj2a-mdr-ca3 1947-cj2a-mdr-ca4

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1962 M-170 Santa Ynez, CA $5000


May be worth a look.

“1962 Willys Jeep M170 Military Ambulance 4 cylinder F Head stock engine”


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1948 CJ-2A Cambria, CA $17,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $17,000.

(08/22/2019) Looks solid.

1948-cj2a-cambria-ca1 1948-cj2a-cambria-ca2 1948-cj2a-cambria-ca3

“1948 WILLYS MILITARY JEEP Rust Free, Restored, 4- Wheel Drive, Stock components, Converted to 12 Volt Electrical, Recent Paint Complete under carriage Also, New Interior, Stock Go Devil 134/59 HP 4-CYL, Engine, 3-Speed Manual And 2-Speed Transfer Case, Recent Military Type Tires Installed. Runs Great, MUST SEE. CAR SHOW READY”


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1946 CJ-2A Ashland, OR $7300


Look like the step has been modified.

“Less than 300 miles on rebuilt engine. PTO winch and tow bar.”

1946-cj2a-ashland-or6 1946-cj2a-ashland-or7 1946-cj2a-ashland-or8 1946-cj2a-ashland-or9

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1959 FC-170 Acton, ID $3800

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Engine is locked.






“Fore Sale is a 1959 Willys Jeep FC170. The truck has a flathead Hurricane straight 6. The drivetrain is all there, but the engine is locked up and is not feasible to get running without a total rebuild. The truck would make a great engine swap candidate. There is some rust in the normal spots but is all very fixable. The frame is near perfect.
There is body damage, as shown in the pictures and the windshield needs to be replaced. It has a good title.

These trucks are getting hard to find. This is a project truck and a really solid starting point.”

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1953 CJ-3A Sand Jeep Anza, CA $5000


Needs some work.

“53 Cj 3a tub and frame. 350 , powerglide, needs some work. Ran when parked needs an intake manifold and carb to run. Aluminum radiator and an electric fan. Ford 9inch with spool. Tilt chevy column. Bucket seats. Fuel cell.

Cool project, tired of looking at it.
Make an offer.”


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DJ-3A Hardtop Ashford, AL $100


Thanks to Jordan for spotting this one. It needs some work, but looks repairable.

dj3a-ashford-al2 dj3a-ashford-al3 dj3a-ashford-al4

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1945 GPW San Diego, CA $5000


It’s a project.

“A project with a running engine. This is a project and will need some restoration to make it a driving vehicle”



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1951 CJ-3A? East Moriches, NY $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/18/2018) Looks good. Appears to have a reproduction body.

“1951 Willys Jeep, 4×4, great condition, modified with Buick 6 cylinder engine, power steering, 37000 on odometer (not sure if accurate) very well maintained,cool interior, excellent for the beach or snow. rubberized floor. You will not find a nicer one in N.Y. NO RUST.
If you see the ad the Jeep is still available”

1951-cj3a-eastmoriches-ny0 1951-cj3a-eastmoriches-ny1 1951-cj3a-eastmoriches-ny2 1951-cj3a-eastmoriches-ny3 1951-cj3a-eastmoriches-ny4

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1953 Wagon “Tender” Redmond, OR $3000

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Has lots of mods.

“No title, project that I must sell for taxes. No negotiation, no trades. 350 v8 to rebuild, turbo 350 tranny, np205 transfercase.”


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1947 CJ-2A Gold Country, CA $2000


It’s project with an f-head.





“1947 Willys jeep CJ2A project. I have no time to complete. Some rust on tub. See pictures. Comes with everything you see. Has Original Willys Overland vin Tags on firewall. I checked DMV, out of system. Bill of sale. F-head Hurricane 134 2.2L motor. Had it running last winter but needs a carburetor. I didn’t want to cut the hood so custom carburetor needed. Dana 41 rear Dana 25 front axle, T-90 manual, Dana 18 transfer case. had body off frame, is all cleaned up and painted. No rust on frame. Read Less”

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Year? DJ-3A Yucaipa, CA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(07/06/2019) It’s listed as a 1945, but that’s a DJ-3A body.

“Frame off restoration, 500 miles on marine V-6 engine, 600 CFM carb, new clutch, brakes, tires & seats with 4-point harness, Pantera exhaust, new aluminum radiator, 1988 rear-ends, custom rear storage, roll bar, off-road lights, lighted whip, car cover”


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1948 CJ-2A San Diego, CA $5000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/31/2019) Has an unusual front bumper design. Has lots of bolts/screws along the driver’s side.

“1948 WILLYS (Jeep). All original 4 cy. engine and drive train. Still runs!! Updated Rims, Tires, Gauges and Radio with CD Player. Has original Tailgate. $5000.
Also have a 283 Chev. Block, Powerglide trans and Chev Pos Rear End to upgrade Drive Train. $1000. for Chevy parts or $6000. for everything.”

1948-cj2a-sand-ca0 1948-cj2a-sand-ca1 1948-cj2a-sand-ca2 1948-cj2a-sand-ca3 1948-cj2a-sand-ca4

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1952 CJ-3A Project Yakima, WA $8000


UPDATE: Pics now provided.



“1952 Willys Jeep CJ3A project. New Throttle Down Customs stretched frame. Custom bumpers front and rear. Complete new body including windshield,hood,grill,fenders, and tailgate with Willys script.
New 325 hp Chevrolet 327 small block engine. Ram horn cast iron exhaust manifolds. Gear reduction starter. Dual battery tray wih Sure power isolator. 1 wire high output custom wound GM alternator. Continue reading

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1960 Stretched CJ-3B Vista, CA $12,500

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This unique CJ-3B is back up for sale.

“For sale or trade is my CJ3B Willys flat fender Jeep that is stretched to CJ6 length. Below is a lot of info, so please take the time to read it .
I call it a CJ6B (CJ3B body at CJ6 length). Provide your name and phone number in the e-mail or you will not get a response from me.
I don’t use it much anymore and I have other projects that could use the space and money.”

1960-cj3b-stretched-vista-ca7 1960-cj3b-stretched-vista-ca8

• Body, title, VIN, VIN plate, and original black California plates are from a 1960 Willys CJ3B. Clear title and current registration, both in my name. Tub is stretched behind the door openings; seats 4 adults. It sits on an early CJ6 frame. The wheel base is about 104″. Plenty of leg room & head room all around.
• Engine: Buick V6 225 odd-fire, about 8,000 miles on it since rebuild by previous owner; new battery, aluminum 2 core radiator, electric fan, heavy flywheel, known for allowing low rpms and good crawling,

1960-cj3b-stretched-vista-ca9 1960-cj3b-stretched-vista-ca1

Continue reading

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The Dowden Potato Digger Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This potato digger was featured in a late 1940s Special Equipment booklet. Probably not many of these left.