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1947 Truck Buffalo, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

Seems to have potential. Unclear what work it needs.

“1947 Willys Jeep Pickup. Would be a good project truck. Runs and drives. Chevy 283 motor with Chevy 4 speed transmission power steering and brakes. All works. Truck came from the west coast and has not been driven in the winter here. New tires with about 100 miles on them Drive it on nice days in the summer.”

1947-truck-buffalo-ny1 1947-truck-buffalo-ny2 1947-truck-buffalo-ny3 1947-truck-buffalo-ny4

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1951 CJ-3A Las Vegas, NV $6000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000.

(07/31/2019) Has a variety of mods.

“1951 Willy’s Jeep. Fresh motor, Camaro 305 and new clutch. New carpet, 4 seater, locker in the rear, hi and low transfer case. Runs and drives well. Tires are like new and a Big Warn winch. New gauges, radio and speakers have been ordered and will be installed when they arrive. Clean Nevada title.”

1951-cj3a-lasvegas-nev2 1951-cj3a-lasvegas-nev3 1951-cj3a-lasvegas-nev4

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A Couple Piles of Parts Tucson, AZ $900


Not sure how much value, but there’s a wide range of parts.

“Willys Jeep parts. Way too much to list. See pictures. $900 takes Everything!”

jeep-parts-az0 jeep-parts-az1 jeep-parts-az2 jeep-parts-az3

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1957 FC-150 Parker, CO $2000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

No pics provided.

“Moving and need sell off projects!
Selling a 1957 Willys Jeep Forward Control 150 Narrow Track PROJECT with NO Title.
Jeep is has been completely disassembled and needs metal work in the cab, fenders and bed. Comes with what’s left of a donor cab. Engine has been dissembled down to block and on stand, ready for blasting and rebuild. Stand included.

Chassis has been restored. Media blasted, painted, new pinions/rings, new brakes, new shocks & leaf springs, new shackles, steering wheel.”

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1948 Jeepster Long Beach, CA $2500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Could have a solid body.

“1948 jeepster willys project, no engine or transmission”


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Just A Few Updates For Thursday


Just a Few Updates for Thursday. You see, I got so busy puzzling with Ann that I forgot to do the rest of the post. It’s a good way to start the year!

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August 1954 Ad For Jeeps as Versatile Vehicles

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Magazine

This ad was published in the August 1954 issue of Fortune Magazine. When Kaiser bought Willys, one of the early advertising decisions was to use the KW logo on various marketing documents. I suspect this was an attempt to brand across the jeep and Willys Aero lines. This strategy was dropped by 1955, followed shortly with the dropping of the Aero vehicles.

View all the information on eBay



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1964 DJ-3A Ukiah, CA $3000?


Seller lists the price at “$3”. It could be a place holder or could be $3k. This is a mid-1964 model DJ-3A that looks pretty solid.

“1964 willy’s 2wd flat fender. I also have for sale a 1990 corvette suspension front and rear, engine and transmission for $1,500. I was gonna do a rat rod with the two cars but I have no time to work on the project”

1964-dj3a-ukiah-ca0jpg 1964-dj3a-ukiah-ca1 1964-dj3a-ukiah-ca2 1964-dj3a-ukiah-ca3 1964-dj3a-ukiah-ca4

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1953 Wagon “Tender” Redmond, OR $2400

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/13/2019) Has lots of mods.

“No title, project that I must sell for taxes. No negotiation, no trades. 1972 350 v8 2 bolt main to rebuild, 1978 turbo 350 tranny, np205 transfer-case. Motor has a grand in parts but needs a crank and one piston. Transmission and transfercase worked great when pulled but have set for two years. Not one single item will get sold separately. It’s all or none..”




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Happy New Year, 2020!!!

• CATEGORIES: Features

Happy New Year everyone!

The biggest event for me in 2019 was Dad’s passing; he had a good run. Last year at this time he was pretty sick; so, we knew what would happen, just not when. Now, this time, it’s Ann’s mother who is in that same situation. We know what’s going to happen, but not when. It’s just that time of life for us.


Dad in the foreground, a few days before his death. Me in the background grabbing some zzz’s. Yep, I was a big help!


I mentioned last year that eWillys, as we know it, might change in April of 2020. I have pushed that date back to January 2021. My goal with those changes is to free up more of my time for other projects. Moreover, during this last year, it feels like prices have really skyrocketed on 1940s-1960s jeeps of all types; the variety of jeeps feels like it has declined as well. Deals are less frequent, which means providing daily content has become more difficult.

On top of that, it’s getting more of a challenge to find new content for ‘feature’ posts. I’ve built a pretty substantial collection of brochures/magazines/books/misc and, from that, have been able to generate new content over the years. But, there are fewer and fewer items on eBay that I don’t already have, so locating rare items takes more time and money. For example, I know there are other mid-1950 Willys News magazines that remained undocumented and more than twelve mid-1950 Globetrotter magazines (maybe as many as twenty of them) that would be of interest to everyone. But, I’ll keep at it.


This excerpted pic is from the July/August 1955 issue of Globe-trotter magazine.

Currently, there are 53,726 posts on eWillys. While I will add approximately another 4000 posts this year, I also plan to be cutting much of the dead weight throughout the year; these are posts that provide no useful insights, modifications, or other aspects that might be interesting to me or readers.

2019 TRAVEL:

For the first time in seven years, we didn’t take an eWillys trip that lasted longer than a month. Dad’s illness (and frequent trips to Seattle) combined with tight finances kept us around home. On the positive side, the summer in Pasco was perfect temp wise––like Goldilocks porridge, not too hot and not too cold––so I spent a good deal of time pouring through Ernie Pyle’s old columns next to our garden-pond area (Ann’s flowers and plants were beautiful this year).


Summer 2019 Backyard courtesy of Ann (well, she selected the plants, while we dug).

I found Ernie’s account of pre-WWII America fascinating (he traveled all over the US between 1935-1941). Then, when he finally got the chance, he traveled with troops from the frontest of the front lines to the most removed troops far in the rear performing critical, but often forgotten, roles. I believe his columns provide a comprehensive, perhaps unequaled look at why the behind-the-scenes military operations are so important to fighting conflicts.

The one major two-week trip Ann and I did manage to accomplish was a fast trip to Pennsylvania and back during early July, to deliver Rusty the DJ-3A to its new owner. We were very lucky to leave after the rains finally subsided in the Midwest, but before the heat arrived on the East Coast. It was a wonderful to be on the road again, even if it only lasted two weeks.


Rusty the DJ-3A all ready for his trip east in July of 2019.

LOST BISCUIT: As for work on Biscuit, that’s come to a halt again. Time is proving difficult to find, and will so for at least the next year. So, I plan to sell Biscuit (and all the trimmings); I just hate to see it sit there. Meanwhile, I’ll keep Patterson and fix some of his small issues. Then, in two years, I’ll have the money to buy another flattie.   Continue reading

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100 Year-Old WWII Vet

• CATEGORIES: Features

Our own Joe-in-Mesa had a chance to drive a WWII vet to his 100th birthday party. I bet he enjoyed that! Great work Joe!

IMG_0621 IMG_0622

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1955 Willys/Jeep Catalog on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This twenty-three page catalog from 1955 is a good one. The buy-it-now price is only $15 plus $2.97 for shipping.

View all the information on eBay

MEASURES 8 1/2″ X 11”


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January 1961 ‘Need a Friend’ Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This hard-to-find brochure is currently on eBay (see the full brochure here).

View all the information on ebay



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This is Why I Don’t Connect My Phone to Vehicles

• CATEGORIES: Features


This year, 2020, it is estimated that 75 percent of new vehicles sold globally can be linked to the internet. I’ve discussed this issue before, but I thought this article does a good, short summation of how much data is downloaded by new vehicles when phones are connected to them (the full WP article is here).

Of course, even if you don’t pair your phone, your new vehicle still provides a variety of metrics to automakers. Why do automakers want that data? For a wide range of reasons, as this report points out: . Though automakers will shout “safety and convenience” every time when cornered on the topic, it seems much more about increasing revenue outside of vehicle sales.

Worse, some new vehicles are arriving to showrooms equipped with cameras to monitor driver behavior, such as warning drivers when they appear to be distracted or monitoring their eye-lids to detect fatigue:

My personal belief is that, in the end, it will become very difficult to avoid being monitored by both corporations and the government, the former possibly being even more insidious and impactful than the latter. Perhaps the best hope for anonymity is not to try to escape it, but try to make it worthless by flooding it with disinformation (for example, a disinformation app that produces false location geo tags). A simple example of this was how Miami police were falsely reporting their positions to Waze to prevent drivers from knowing their true locations.

Good luck out there in 2020!

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1952 M-38 Andrews, SC $8500


Includes extra parts. I like the vintage paint job.

“1952 Willy’s m38 I am the second owner the 1st bought it from military surplus in 1970 and painted it this way in 1973 no rust always garage kept since he purchase it and painted it all original sheet metal he put a ford 2300 engine in it from a pinto and bigger 10 in brakes everything military and original he took off Or changed I have in bags and boxes he saved everything over the years It has new brakes front to rear 4 new tires new top I have extra front ends rear ends transmissions and transfer cases and original flat head engine I really hate to sell but trying to then out some just testing the waters runs and drives and insured”

1952-m38-andrews-nc0 1952-m38-andrews-nc1 1952-m38-andrews-nc2 1952-m38-andrews-nc3 1952-m38-andrews-nc4

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1947 CJ-2A Anaheim, CA $16,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/02/2018) Nice looking build. May have a replacement body.

“1947 Jeep Cj2A with ford 289 with C4 automatic. Great condition.”

1947-cj2a-anaheim-ca5 1947-cj2a-anaheim-ca6 1947-cj2a-anaheim-ca7 1947-cj2a-anaheim-ca8 1947-cj2a-anaheim-ca9

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1946 CJ-2A San Clemente, CA $8550


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8550

(09/26/2019) Has updates included an Studebaker inline 6.

“This is an amazing example of a “REAL” 1946 CJ2A Willy’s Jeep. 1946 was the first production year for the civilian jeep. So this is a real piece of American history. The paint is perfect, all the seats have been recovered with new canvas and foam. new period correct tires with original wheels. The engine is a 1942 Studebaker Flathead six. I almost put the 4 back in, but this history of this motor is much better. I wish I could find out who swapped it and when, but it had to of been done in the 50’s-60’s. Also, it has much more HP and torque. This little Jeep drives awesome.”

1946-cj2a-sc-cal01 1946-cj2a-sc-cal0 1946-cj2a-sc-cal1 1946-cj2a-sc-cal2 1946-cj2a-sc-cal3 1946-cj2a-sc-cal4

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1946 CJ-2A Oakhurst, CA $7200


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/21/2019) Seller honestly notes that the paint looks better in the pics than it actually is.

“For Sale 1946 Willys Jeep Runs great, super fun to drive. Odd fire v6, 3speed manual with Warn overdrive It’s rougher than it looks it pics, paint looks good from a distance.”

1946-cj2a-oakhurst-ca1 1946-cj2a-oakhurst-ca2 1946-cj2a-oakhurst-ca3 1946-cj2a-oakhurst-ca4

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1964 CJ-3B Tustin, CA $7200


UPDATE: Price dropped to $7200.

(12/13/2019) Appears worth a look.

“This Willys is a survivor with many extras as a hurricane 134 engine overhead valve must see Jeep to appreciate”

1964-cj3b-tustin-ca1 1964-cj3b-tustin-ca2 1964-cj3b-tustin-ca3 1964-cj3b-tustin-ca4

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1948 CJ-2A Raleigh, NC $12,500


UPDATE: This was for sale in 2018.

“Restored Willys Jeep, 3 speed, 4 wheel drive. Lots of fun at beach and/or hunting.”

1948-cj2a-ral-nc2 1948-cj2a-ral-nc3 1948-cj2a-ral-nc4

Continue reading

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1948 CJ-2A Ferndale, CA $2000


Needs engine/tranny/tc installed at the very least.

“Cleaning out the barn / field. I’m helping my Uncle clean up his property. Here we have an 1948 Willie. He says to me “I just need to drop that engine in it and she’ll run”. Message me and I’ll get you his phone number. He will only do face to face deals in cash. He doesn’t text. And he doesn’t have additional pictures.”

1948-cj2a-fendale-ca1 1948-cj2a-fendale-ca2 1948-cj2a-fendale-ca3 1948-cj2a-fendale-ca4

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1948 CJ-2A Eugene, OR $1500


No pics provided.

“1948 Willys Jeep CJ2A. Been in the family since 1966. Reconstructed title from being struck on rear drivers side. Original engine and running gear. Significant engine work performed in 2001.”


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1952 M-38 Rustburg, VA $2500


It’s a project.

“1952 M-38 Jeep Willys. L head 4 cylinder engine. 4 speed tranny. For restoration interests. Asking $2500 or closest best offer.”

1952-m38-rustburg-va1 1952-m38-rustburg-va2 1952-m38-rustburg-va3 1952-m38-rustburg-va4

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1960 FC-150 Somerset, PA $3995

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Price dropped to $3995.

It’s a non-running project.

“This is a overall solid example from the South. Will need restored, but seems to have all the key FC parts. Powered by the versatile, and dependable,4 cyl F-head Willy’s motor. Truck rolls and steers easily. Have not tried to start. Will need to be trailered. Sold with Bill of Sale. Great vehicle to advertise your business or just to enjoy something different than the common generic!”

1960-fc150-somerset-pa1 1960-fc150-somerset-pa2 1960-fc150-somerset-pa3 1960-fc150-somerset-pa4

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Year? CJ-2A Winston-Salem, NC $5000


No title. New tub. It’s a project.

“Jeep Willys, New Tub Spotless No Rust, All Parts To Complete Come With It, Bought it as a project and It’s Just Been Sitting In The Shop For About 5-6 years, Unfortunately I Do Not Have The Title For It $5000 obo”

year-cj2a-ws-nc2 year-cj2a-ws-nc3 year-cj2a-ws-nc4