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1946 CJ-2A Rogue River, OR $5000


No pics provided.

“Willys Jeep does not run 100% complete and original except for seats 1946 Flat fender”

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1953 CJ-3B Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $18,000.

(02/26/2021) Lots of ‘shiny’ on this cleaned up 3B.

“I have owned this jeep for 2 years, fixed a few minor issues and now I am looking to make room for another vehicle. The vehicle is a total rebuild which if you come over and check it out, listen to the engine and take it for a spin, you’ll see it is in great shape, all around. Asking $20,000 OBO”

1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az4 1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az5 1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az6 1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az7 1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az8 1953-cj3a-scottsdale-az9

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1943 MB Morro Bay, CA $2000


Has an f-head. Not sure how much value is here.

“1943 willys mb. Body is rough, chassis is solid and complete. Has F head swapped in. Was told it was rebuilt. Have not fired it yet. That’s what the run gauges under hood were for. P O had it hooked to small tank and wiring just to start it. Has new fuel tank and tank pan included, driver f stamped seat frame etc”

1943-mb-morrobay-ca1 1943-mb-morrobay-ca2 1943-mb-morrobay-ca3 1943-mb-morrobay-ca4

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1955 Truck Apple Valley, CA $15,000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks • TAGS: .

This is a former AAA tow truck.

“1955 Former AAA Tow Truck. 4.2 Jeep engine. Can get to 70 for passing on freeway. Better to stay at 60-65. Runs, drives, fully registered. Ran it to Las Vegas and back. I’m working on replacing the rear main seal and starter. Replace different parts around the truck. Rewired the whole truck. Have other parts. Will look at offers.”





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1953 CJ-3A? San Gabriel, CA $5600


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/18/2021) Has updates.

“It’s 1953 willys. Engine runs no major issues. I have a new pair of bucket seat for you. It’s none op and no back fee.”

1953-cj3a-sang-ca1 1953-cj3a-sang-ca2 1953-cj3a-sang-ca3 1953-cj3a-sang-ca4

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1970 M-718A2 Upland, CA $15,000

• CATEGORIES: Features, M-151

UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/12/2021) “Selling a rare military AM General M718a1 Ambulance. Same as M151a2 just setup in the ambulance configuration. Clean Ca title on planned non-op. Pre-smog. Runs and drives great. New nos carburetor and fuel lines. Clean tub never been cut, wrecked, or rolled. Soft top is in decent shape, no rips or tears. tires all have decent tread. Extremely rare Jeep in this configuration and condition. Asking $15,000 no trades.”
1970-m718a1-upland-ca0 1970-m718a1-upland-ca1 1970-m718a1-upland-ca2


1970-m718a1-upland-ca3 1970-m718a1-upland-ca4

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1947 CJ-2A w/ Lift Baldwinsville, NY $9200


Stan spotted this CJ-2A with a Monroe Lift and some attachments. It runs, but needs some work.

1947-cj2a-syracuse-ny3 1947-cj2a-syracuse-ny8 1947-cj2a-syracuse-ny9

“I am listing this 1947 Willys Overland Jeep CJ2A for a friend of mine. This Jeep has been in the same family for approximately 71 years and has never been licensed for the road. It was used exclusively for field maintenance and general farming related duties. Has the very rare and desirable 3-point hitch with rear PTO, along with an aluminum winter cab.

Also comes with extras, some of which include:
: A 6′ Detroit Harvester Cutter Bar ( Model MDL-MM-6, ser. # 241)
: Extension arms for the hydraulic lift
: 8″ Belt pulley
: Extra engine governors
: Chains
: Two extra rims
: Additional windshield
: Universal & Farm Jeep Mechanics Manual

Needs restoration, but in running condition with only superficial light rust on some exterior body panels, where paint has degraded over the years, and at the corner step at the left door. In fact, if you look closely underneath, where it really matters – at the frame, the suspension, the floors, etc. – there is virtually no rust, thanks to a salt-free life on the farm and the occasional metal-preserving hydraulic leak that this Jeep experienced over the years.

Asking $9,200 or R/O”


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2021 Willys Rally in Moab Pics

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Steve Elkins shared these pics he took at this year’s Willys Rally. He and Blaine attended the Rally for the first time. He counted over 40 Willys and a few more modern iron participating in the event, but didn’t have a head count.

He felt the Red Cliffs Lodge was the perfect venue for such large event. He wrote that the beautiful setting on the Colorado River was an oasis in the desert. The facilities were well maintained and the staff was awesome! He plans to “definitely return to this destination in the future”.

Steve noted that just about every Willys was represented, including Flatfenders, Pickups, Stations Wagons, a Parkway, and one FC. Non-Willys included wranglers and one Jeepster Commando. There was mostly modified Jeeps in attendance, but still there were an impressive representation of Jeeps equipped with an original Power Train. Those with beautiful paint jobs aren’t afraid of getting them dirty.

IMG_6310-2021-willys-rally IMG_6301-2021-willys-rally IMG_6305-2021-willys-rally IMG_6307-2021-willys-rally IMG_6308-2021-willys-rally

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1952 “Jeeplechase” Video

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This video include Ridge Runner footage we’ve seen before, but I’ve never seen it called their exploits a “Jeeplechase”.

“Yakima, Washington, United States of America.

Various shots of Jeeps climbing a steep hill.

Various shots of Jeeps going over rough ground.

SV. Jeep leaping off ground as it breast hillock.

MV. Jeep emerging from brush.

SV. Jeeps going through line of fire.

Shots of Jeeps going through muddy pool – one jeep splashes driver of broken down vehicle.

LV. Three jeeps going through pool together.

SCU. Mud spattered drivers. They take off caps, centre one reveals white bald patch.

N.B. This is some kind of driver training exercise for part of the American defence plan. The drivers are know as Ridge Runners.”

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1951 “Jeep Chasing Is New Sport” Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Here’s another Yakima Ridge Runner’s video with narration that murders the name of “Yakima”.

“LV. Jeeps racing over rough country. CU. Jeeps flashing past camera. SV. Jeeps racing around tight corner. CU. Jeeps flashing past camera. SV. Angle shot, jeeps climbing steep hill against skyline, & LV. SCU. Jeeps bumping over rough country. SV. Jeep bumping in air, & SV. SV. Towards, jeep jumping through air. SV. Jeep jumping through air. Tarpaulin falls off back. Jeeps bucking – several shots. Passenger nearly loses seat. MV. Jeep racing past camera. MV. Line of jeeps going down hill. SV. Jeeps racing through water. MV. Jeeps driving through mud splashing over drivers, & SV. & MV.”

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1957 CJ-3B Key Chain on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures

UPDATE: Claus confirmed this is from San Salvador (and no South Africa as I thought it might be).

View all the information on ebay



“WILLYS MB Ford Jeep – vintage keyring / keychain – El Salvador 1957

vintage keyring / keychain of a WILLYS MB Ford Jeep
standardized design for the United States and other Allied forces in World War II from 1941 to 1945

from a dealer in El Salvador: Salva Jeep Omnimotores SA – San Salvador
made in 1957”

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1955 M-170 Garfield, KS No Price


Seller must sell.

“Own a very rare piece of History. Only 4000 made, some didn’t come back from Vietnam. This is a 1955 M170 Jeep Ambulance 🚑 in very good condition, this is rare, will absolutely turn heads
Must sell moving, would consider trading for a side by side”


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1953 M-38A1 Maryland Heights, MO $12,995


Looks solid.


1953-m38a1-washingtonheights-mo1 1953-m38a1-washingtonheights-mo4 1953-m38a1-washingtonheights-mo3 1953-m38a1-washingtonheights-mo2

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1959 CJ-6 Mancos, CO **Sold**


UPDATE: **SOLD** was $11,000.

This CJ-6 was updates with a V-6. This has a Meyer hardtop.

“Very Rare! 1959 Willy’s CJ6.
Runs great. Same owner for over 40 years. It has a small block, Buick V6 motor. 4wd hi/low, 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive. New master and wheel cylinders. It was fully restored about 10 years ago. Some minor things are needed to bring it back to it’s full finished look.
It’s wheel base is 20 inches longer than the CJ5 or CJ7. A true classic!
Cashier’s check only. I am not interested in any trades or exchanges.”

1959-cj6-mancos-co1 1959-cj6-mancos-co4 1959-cj6-mancos-co3 1959-cj6-mancos-co2

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1948 CJ-2A Craig, CO 8400


Has some updates.

“Restored 1948 Willys Jeep with powerful Buick V6 engine”

1948-cj2a-craig-co41 1948-cj2a-craig-co42 1948-cj2a-craig-co43 1948-cj2a-craig-co4

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1948 & 1949? CJ-2A San Antonio, TX


UPDATE: The seller needs to sell just one jeep.

1. 1948 CJ-2A 1948 CJ2A 90% restored 134L head , runs and drives good , new body, 12v converted $11000.00 clean Tx title

1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx-1 1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx-2 1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx-3 1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx-92. 1949? CJ2A great project $2400.00 motor 134 L head , started 6 months ago , additional frame and transmission/ transfer case. No title , bill of sale



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1954 & 1960 CJ-3Bs Littleton, CO $5800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5800.

(04/19/2021) No pics of the 1960 part 3B provided.

1) Willys Jeep 1954 CJ3B
This ran when it was parked. Now it needs work. SOLD AS-IS. Has a tow bar and will be easy to move. The tires look good. Floor board has a little rust where it attaches to frame. Was told this happens because the used wood between frame and body. Owner added 11″ brakes. Odometer Reads 34774.


2) In addition to this one there is another one for parts or the potential two have two Willys both have titles.
Additional Parts
Two – Four Cylinder Engines
One – Six Cylinder Jeep Engine
Willys Hard Top and Two Doors
I don’t have pictures yet but was told they started on chassis work. Added larger drum brakes and differential work. They are call it a rolling chassis. Also has the engine.”


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1951 M-38 Camp Verde, AZ $8300


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8300.

(03/19/2021) This is supposed to include a lot of parts, but not many pictured.

“This listing is for this M38 Jeep posted in the pictures, along with MANY extra parts and an additional COMPLETE and CORRECT Army M38 engine and drive train from fan to trans spline. (There still is a model M38A1 motor in the jeep that was in it when I got it). Please SEND CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. We can discuss details and more information.”

1951-m38-campeverde-az1 1951-m38-campeverde-az2 1951-m38-campeverde-az3 1951-m38-campeverde-az4

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1951 “Jeeps While You Wait” Video

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This is another example of a “jeep-assembly” demonstration.

“Jeeps While You Wait (1951)
Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

LV. Elevated, officers watching demonstration in jeep assembly, four men with RCEME SCHOOL written on backs ready to assemble jeep. CU. Officer firing gun to start demonstration. SV. Demonstration team jack up frame and fit in engine. CU. Jack being put onto chassis. CU. Soldiers putting on wheels. CU. Soldier doing up wheel nuts. CU. One of demonstration team. SV. Two members of team putting back axle into position. SV. Team fixing on back axle. LV. Elevated body being put on completed chassis. CU. Body being put into position. CU. Clock. SV. Team fixing on bonnet. CU. Soldier looking on . LV. Team piling into jeep. SV. They drive off.”

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1967 Article on Fruit Harvester Mounted to a CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Features • TAGS: .

An article from February 10, 1967, in the Fort Myers’ News Press highlighted the creation of a Fruit Harvester by local inventor Robert Wehr. The device could be mounted to a variety of vehicles, but in this case is pictured mounted on a CJ-5. I was unable to find another other articles about this invention.

1967-02-10-news-press-fort-meyers-fruit-harvester-lores 1967-02-10-news-press-fort-meyers-fruit-harvester-pic

Here’s in the related patent:


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1954 Photo of Women Marine Reservists

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Women & Jeeps

This photo from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science shows Denver’s female Marine Reservists piled onto an M-38. The women were in their second week of training in San Diego.


PHOTO CREDIT: Denver Museum of Nature and Science, July 16, 1954.

“A jeep load of Denver’s Woman Marine Reservists arrive at a San Diego beach to enjoy some swimmin’ and sunnin’ as a part of their two weeks of summer training here at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. They represent the Woman Marine Disbursing Platoon, 1st 155 Millimeter Gun Battalion of Denver. The unit has just begun their second week.”

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Jeep Toy Collection Westland, MI


Seller is selling these toys at price levels of $10, $25, and $35. The seller is also selling the cabinet.

“25 year collection of jeep toys,many different sizes,pictures show a lot of them,the willys are banks ,the back door opens up,the glass ones are carved of a jeep,prices are $10.00,$25.00,and $35.00,cash only,located in westland,mi,cabinet is for sale in another ad,”


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1951 CJ-3A Barnes, MN $9500


Looks like a solid jeep.

“1951 Jeep Willys with a newer stock motor, overdrive, lock outs, new shocks, and like new tires. The wiring has been updated. Also comes with tow bar. It runs ”






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3 CJ-2As and Parts Phillips, WI No Price


This seller is selling 3 CJ-2As and some parts.


“I have a bunch of Willys and Kaiser era Jeep parts. Some of this will work on later AMC era CJs too, but do not assume they will. Many things changed from 71 to 72 and then even more from 75 to 76. I have frames and tubs and axles and transmissions and cases and a bunch of other small parts. Email me and lemme know what you need.

I also have complete 46, 47, and 48 CJ2As. All are for sale. I have tons of random other parts as well – frames, axles, etc. Plenty to kick start a good project.”

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1947? VEC CJ-2A Marietta, GA $12,500


Listed as a 1947, this militarized CJ-2A may be a 1946 VEC.

“1947 Military Willy’s Jeep CJ2A. Jeep is in excellent, original condition (Garage Kept) and runs strong. It has a canvas roof, seats, body, and tires that are all in great condition.”