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1958 Cutlas Power-Lock Brochure

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This brochure is from 1958, which might make it one of the earliest brochures. It was posted to Facebook by Richard Harper, which came from Sam Higginbotham.


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1948 CJ-2A Seattle, WA $7000


This seems worth a look.

“1948 Willy’s jeep. All stock with good running engine. I drive this jeep all the time. It is very reliable. It does have some rust like under the tool box. It’s just a good old honest jeep.”

1948-cj2a-seattl-wa5 1948-cj2a-seattl-wa6 1948-cj2a-seattl-wa7 1948-cj2a-seattl-wa8 1948-cj2a-seattl-wa9

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1949 CJ-3A Liberty, NY $700


There see3ms to be value here.

“1949 jeep willys project motor was supposed to have been rebuilt previous owner No title but the brass tags are there located in liberty, ny”

year-cj2a-liberty-ny7 year-cj2a-liberty-ny8 year-cj2a-liberty-ny3 year-cj2a-liberty-ny9

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1952 M-38 Mount Vernon, WA $19,950


This may be unrestored, though the engine was rebuilt.





“4 Cylinder “Go Devil” Engine
Manual Transmission
24 Volt Military Electronics
Locking Hubs
15k Miles Since Army Engine Rebuild
Everything Works
Runs And Drives Super!
Ready For Work, Play, Or a Good Fight!
When Imitations Won’t Do!
Life Is Short – Have Fun!”

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Summer Hubs Hickory Corners, MI $600

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Tom shared this ad. It’s the dimpled version of the hubs (the earlier version is waffled).


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1959 DJ-3A Independence, KS Auction


The current bid is $2900. I think the auction goes until September 7, 2022.’s-DJ-Passenger_Vehicles-Passenger_Vehicle-Kansas




Miles: 92 on odometer
VIN: 5633715606
Cylinders: 4
Fuel type: Gas
Speed: 3
Size: 185/75R14
Odometer replaced
Non-operational windshield wipers

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1948 CJ-2A Yakima, WA $3500


Has an updated engine.

“1948 jeep willys runs but still needs work has new carb, fuel pump, water pump, break master cylinder. Has 200ci ford 6cly title from a 44 willys”

1948-cj2a-yakima-wash-98 1948-cj2a-yakima-washing-9

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T-98, T-Case, and Warn OD Spokane, WA $950

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This may be a good price.


“Jeep T-98 4 speed transmission
Spicer 18 transfer case
Warn overdrive
Was installed in an early CJ 5
Looks good on the inside.
All gears look good and no rust.”

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1948 CJ-2A Priest River, ID $2000


No pics provided. It has a custom cab and a truck bed on it. This might be some type of CJ-2L.

“1948 Willys Jeep needs some new rocks to crawl on and trees to climb up the side of. Running when it was parked 10 years ago at its present location Original flat 4 full custom cab and a pickup bed installed. Used as an all purpose vehicle on a Christmas tree farm. Low miles for many happy years. $1500 In rough condition”

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Soft Top Jacksonville, FL $850


I suspect someone could use this top.

“Complete with all brackets bows and windshield thumb screws you won’t need to buy anything to install. US made not china junk.”

soft-top-fl1 soft-top-fl2

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1952 M-38 Boring, OR $15,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/30/2022) This has a variety of updates.

1952-m38-boring-or5 1952-m38-boring-or6 1952-m38-boring-or7 1952-m38-boring-or8 1952-m38-boring-or9

“Super clean Jeep here! Nice leather seats, roll bar, soft top with doors and zip outs. It was upgraded to a 12 volt system with an alternator. Has power steering, heater, and nice sounding exhaust. No rust in the body. Comes with 5 brand new Yokohama MT’s and Aluminum Wheels. Has spare mounted on a receiver for back or front bumper. Has additional rear fuel tank. Has warn overdrive, and manual locking hubs, good brakes, and new windshield. Starts right up, the Buick V-6 runs great, plenty of power. It is a 3-speed manual and the clutch is in good shape, very positive and no slip. Comes with tow bar as well. Less than 60,000 miles. All the lights work, and it has a clean title. Price is OBO, so feel free to make a fair offer, but please consider how rare these are and especially in this condition.”

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1948 CJ-2A Akron, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $250.

There may be some parts value here.

1948-cj2a-akrpon-oh1 1948-cj2a-akrpon-oh2 1948-cj2a-akrpon-oh3

“For sale a very rough willys cj2a with NO TITLE. The engine was free as little as 5 years ago. Not sure its current state. The tranny shifted through all gears clutch was working. Obvoiusly this thing is pretty well roached. Not suw how many usable if any parts are on this thing. But id love to give someone a chance to grab it before it goes to the scrap pile”

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1942 MB Kelso, WA $3300


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/05/2022) Seller has a variety of new parts for this.

“I have a 1942 willys mb project
Has a clean title
Needs floors
Has a cj L134 engine
And has 1500 in new parts”

1942-mb-kelso-wa6 1942-mb-kelso-wa7 1942-mb-kelso-wa8 1942-mb-kelso-wa9

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1947 CJ-2A? Mica, WA $3500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500.

This continues to be relisted on Craigslist. One person commented that this seller isn’t responding. I asked my Mica friend about this and he thinks he may know the owner.

“1947 Willys Jeep, does not run, it’s been setting for about 22 years.
I have the title. Has a metal bolt on cab. $5000.00 or Best Offer.”


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Updates Later Today


It should hit about 100 degrees today here (which isn’t bad compared to elsewhere in the US), so I’m going to work outside this morning. I will do updates later today.

I read this book over the last two days. I highly recommend it (thanks to Bill for suggesting it). It’s a compelling read about the factors surrounding California’s Camp Fire in 2018, the one that tore through Paradise, California. The author approaches the story from the view of some of the folks who lived through the events, which makes the story that much more effective.



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Arizona Flatfender Run w/ Nicole Johnson

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Just a. few updates today. I got to get to painting this morning, as Ann is still suffering through migraines/auras (day 5), so is unable to paint (or do most anything).

Bill shared this video of Nicole Johnson tagging along on a stock flat fender run in Arizona. She does some of the driving, including a little rock climbing, which isn’t easy when you are driving someone else’s vehicle (so kudos to her).

There are a few comments along the way that aren’t quite correct. For example, the CJ-3A did not use the CJ-2A frame, but rather the frame switched near the end of the CJ-2A production into more of what would be a CJ-3A frame (no gussets, under mounted transmission crossmember).

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1947 CJ-2A Humble, TX $2500


Lubie is selling his 1947 CJ-2A. It’s got a clear title. Email him at lmartintwo @ (remove the spaces around the @ sign).

“I have a 47 CJ2A that is in very rough shape, hasn’t ran in years and needs a lot of work or is a parts donor.  I have a clean Texas title. 15” rims and tires (tires are not road/tow worthy_ Buyer will need a trailer / winch or wrecker to pick up – I’m not interested in shipping or trades. No warranty.”





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1965 CJ-5 Tux Park IV Jonesborough, TN $13,500


Tom shared this Tux Park. I thought the body looked in great shape (especially in the back), but then I noticed on the driver’s floor what looks like a floor patch.

“90%Restore 4 Cyl 4 Wheel Drive 3 on the tree Rare find . Serious inquiries only Have all receipts on parts bought . Rebuild engine OBO”

1965-cj5-tux-park-iv-tn2 1965-cj5-tux-park-iv-tn3 1965-cj5-tux-park-iv-tn4

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1964 CJ-5 Tux Park Waleska, GA $2300


This Tux Park is rough, but does have a hood badge.

1964-cj5-tux-park-ga42 1964-cj5-tux-park-ga43 1964-cj5-tux-park-ga4

“1964 jeep tuxedo park 4 with a 1995 4.3 and a turbo 350. 1995 jeep cherokee axles. 2.5 rough country lift kit. Project needs floor pans steering column steering box, 1964 Jeep CJ-5A, one of only 7394 built it represents 1% of total CJ production.The CJ-5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV has a prefix of “8322”, while the CJ-6A Tuxedo Park Mark IV has a prefix of “8422”. Unfortunately, this model never gained the popularity that was hoped for, and only approximately 460 of the CJ-6A models were ever produced!!!”

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1944 MB Chassis NJ $400


Maybe someone can use this chassis that Steve spotted?

“I have a 1944 MB frame with axles. The frame has bubba repairs in the front and some minor rust on the rail. I’ve seen worse repaired. The axles were fine the last time I drove it. I do not have a title.”


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Fall Color video from 2020 (Day 3)

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This video is from the 2020 Fall Color tour and is narrated by Rick Pewe.

“Day 3 – Colorado Flat Fender Fall Color Tour The group divides for 2 different trails today. Join us as we cruise the Willys Lane on the way to Marshall Pass and we send Liam on an epic shelf road adventure to over 13,000 feet above sea level on Mt. Antero.”

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Framed St. Thomas Island Jeep Gala Map **SOLD**

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This framed Jeep Gala Map brochure sold for $130 on an online auction (plus an additional $23% buyer premium and whatever shipping cost). I stopped at $50, as the map has a variety of ripples in it.



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Jeep 4-Wheel-Drive-Vehicles Lighter **SOLD**

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This Wellingon Jr. stamped lighter sold at auction for $45 on eBay the other day.



wellington-jr-jeep-lighter4 wellington-jr-jeep-lighter3

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1947 CJ-2A Paris, IL $2950


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/26/2022) This has a Beck half cab with the model plate and serial number.

“1947 Willys CJ-2a civilian Jeep. Titled Parts or restorable. 4×4 53,000 plus miles Half metal cab Appears to be complete. Engine turns over. 12v conversion but needs rewiring and a battery. Needs all glass except rear cab. Rear differential is locked up. Front wheels turn free. Drive shafts are disconnected but included. Previously listed with rear PTO. I’m retaining PTO (and drive shaft to PTO) and reducing the price accordingly. Gear box and shifter for PTO remains on the transmission. $2,950 cash only, as-is, you haul.”

1947-cj2a-paris-il02 1947-cj2a-paris-il01 1947-cj2a-paris-il0 1947-cj2a-paris-il1

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1949 CJ-3A Columbia Station, OH $19,500


The seller doesn’t mention it, but this appears to have a fiberglass body. Has a rear PTO and gearbox.

“1949 WILLYS JEEP CJ3A, restored, rebuilt. New body, seats, tires & wheels, brakes, battery. L134 flathead engine rebuilt. Very rare model with PTO & Hydraulic lift. Upgraded 12v electrical system. MUST SEE! appox. 29,000 miles.”

1949-cj3a-columbiastation-oh1 1949-cj3a-columbiastation-oh2 1949-cj3a-columbiastation-oh3 1949-cj3a-columbiastation-oh4