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1952 USMC M-38A1 Zuni, VA $3000


Marvin’s got this USMC M-38A1 project for sale.

“I have an 1952 M38A1 project that I’m trying to pass on to someone else. I’m told it was a Marine Corp. Spec Jeep. The photos show the heavy undercoating and shovel supports as well as the shackles points for lifting.

It does not have a motor. Transmission , Transfer case and remainder of drivetrain is included. All the pictures show the condition. The floors are good and it does roll. There are some F-Head parts with it. There are door frames and top supports and seats. A large Galvanized fuel tank that’s in good shape. Some gauges are missing. It has been changed to some 12 volt wiring. The battery box in is good shape. The cover has been modified and does not have the 8 screws.

I want 3000.00 dollars for the Jeep. I can deliver if needed within a reasonable distance to be negotiated.”







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Video: 1972 Darien Gap Adventure

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Over the weekend I had time to bend the side bars and create the initial mounting brackets for the side bars. But, my metal saw blade for my evolution chop saw (which has been great) gave out due to an unanticipated dust bag mount project–to help deter flies– for the cows.

I had planned to do updates last night, but, as seems to be a regular occurrence, life got in the way, again. But, thanks to Bill, I found this interesting adventure through the Darien Gap from 1972.

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Mysterious Hubcaps

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Grace Wiggins posted these hubcaps to Facebook hoping to get a lead on who made them.

Given the rather ‘sloppy’ serif element at the top of the “J” I’d say these weren’t factory. And, I would be shocked if they were made in the US given Willys Motors and Kaiser Motors’ trademarks.

If does look like they are large enough to fit over most 4WD hubs, which would suggest they weren’t for 2WD models, but I could be wrong.


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Dec 1969 Man’s World Magazine

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Here’s another Men’s magazine that depicts a jeep on its cover.

View all the information on eBay

“Man’s World Magazine 2nd Series Vol. 15 #6 VG 1969”


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1946 VEC CJ-2A Whiteville, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $775.

“Willys CJ2A 1946 Column shift REMOVED PTO AND SHAFT. $775.00
Bought from a hunting club in TN. The owner said the jeep has been at the club since middle 70s. Started replacing engine and front engine plate didn’t match and they stopped. Will need a total restoration. The original T-90 column shift tranny still in jeep but was converted to a stick. Has all data plates …use as a donor or restore.located near Whiteville, Tn.”





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1954 Warn Brochure

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I spotted this Warn hub brochure out of Canada on eBay. It’s not I have documented. Its 1954 date makes it a fairly early one for the locking and automatic hub models.

This is the front of the brochure:


The is the back of the brochure:


If you open from the back, it reveals this page:


The this page opens horizontally again to reveal the interior three pages (8.5″ x 11″)


This is the back of the fully opened brochure.


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Happy 11th Anniversary to us!


Friday was our 11th anniversary. We had planned to spend the morning at Art-in-the-Park, an annual event held in Richland, Washington, then, maybe, we’d take a drive over to Walla Walla to have lunch.

But no, instead we spent a romantic day setting up our portable corral panels and moving our squeeze (and fighting several wasp nests), so we could treat a calf that has pink eye. Naturally, it was a hot day, so we both got plenty of sun (and I sweated plenty). With the help of a neighbor, we got the calf into the chute and fixed her up as best as we could. We’ll see how it goes.

Readying the squeeze to be moved:


Our neighbor Rich helping us out:


Of course, we needed a few things, so we made a romantic trek to Tractor Supply (woo hoo!):


While in Sunnyside, we tried a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place (El Fogon); the yelpers were right. Food was great!


Thankfully, I have an awesome wife who appreciates an anniversary gone awry!


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Year? CJ-5 w/ BackHoe Bolivar, OH $5500


This package also includes a second backhoe unit. Thanks to Andy for sharing it.

year-cj5-backhoe-bolivar-oh6 year-cj5-backhoe-bolivar-oh7 year-cj5-backhoe-bolivar-oh8 year-cj5-backhoe-bolivar-oh9

“Do you want a Jeep? Do you want a backhoe? Do you want both? Do you dig car shows? Really Dig car shows?? Then you need this: A mid 60s Go For Digger factory backhoe built on a Jeep frame and body. The factory was in Toledo and continues today with a small self propelled backhoe made in West Virginia. These units were used by utility companies and municipalities and few survive today. The gentleman from whom I purchased used it for a water line business for 40 years until he retired in 2020.. The upshot is, this a fully functional, working machine, not barn find project. While it may not be pretty, you can get real work done with this. The original body rusted away and was replaced with the beauty you see here at some point long ago. F head motor. I did pull the head and had valves ground and new seals put in. This price Includes half a truck load of extra parts (most new) such as radiator, cylinders, valves, hoses, clutch, etc. Also includes a complete backhoe assembly which I found a year ago. Includes bill of sale. Cash. No trades. No Venmo. No Cash app. Thank you. Other stuff: Low geared rear end with top speed maybe 20 or so. I also have a handheld hydraulic breaker for this which I’ve never used.”

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1958 FC-150 New Hampshire $18,000

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Looks in very good shape.

1958-fc150-nh5 1958-fc150-nh6 1958-fc150-nh7 1958-fc150-nh8 1958-fc150-nh9

“Selling a 1958 Willys F150
All wheel drive
Narrow body
Been in storage a long time!
Runs works perfect
Settling a family estate
One owner
20,000 miles
Serious inquires only!! Calling works best!
Asking $18,000”

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1958 FC-170 Stake Bed Longmont, CO Auction

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Blaine shared this FC auction. The Curren price with 12 hours to go is $5000.

“This 1958 Willys Jeep FC170 4×4, originally a 1-ton pickup, has been extensively reimagined as a farm hauler with a new flatbed replacing the cargo box, side stakes, and a transplanted Ford V8 mated to the rest of its original powertrain. Previously used to haul hay on a Colorado horse farm, the FC170 reportedly “runs great” The Jeep is said to be “seldom driven,” its finish is reported to be new, and the seller says that “all rust issues have been remediated,” with new cab corners installed.”

“The original engine in this Jeep has been replaced by a Ford OHV V8 of unspecified vintage. The replacement engine, whose mileage is unknown, has been modified with chromed vertical exhaust stacks. The engine is reported to start easily and idle smoothly. The seller says that the original manual transmission sometimes jumps out of second gear under deceleration. A small weep from the transfer case is observed. The engine bay presents as generally clean.”


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1947 CJ-2A Manchester Center, VT $7500


I can’t tell if the floors have been repaired or not. It looks like it may have a body liner on the floor.

“47 Willys CJ2 Jeep. Mostly original. Minimal rust, non-military. Runs very well. Full canvas top. Roll bar. Needs new rubber soon. PTO option. Doubtful miles original. New brakes, rebuilt head.”

1947-cj2a-manchestercenter-vt5 1947-cj2a-manchestercenter-vt6 1947-cj2a-manchestercenter-vt7 1947-cj2a-manchestercenter-vt8 1947-cj2a-manchestercenter-vt9

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1962 Wagon Oakhurst, NJ $750

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Douglas saved this wagon from a crusher. He’s hoping someone can use the parts.×4-for-parts/7648562098.html

“i have on my trailer a 1962 willys wagon with a good title. it was saved from being scrapped. it does not run and the body is NOT restorable. the 6 cylinder engine spins free by hand . all the drivetrain is intact. complete truck can be delivered but you must get it off the trailer. it does not roll and had to be winched on to the trailer. must sell asap. make offers please. ask around. somebody could use this for lots of rare parts. 7 three 2 7 six 6 one 8 two 5.”

1962-wagon-oakhurst-n6 1962-wagon-oakhurst-n7 1962-wagon-oakhurst-n8 1962-wagon-oakhurst-nj9

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1950 Jeepster Barnstable, MA $3500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This may be worth a look.

“This is a basically sound Jeepster that needs work. I put in a rebuilt Jeepster Jim transmission, but it still needs to have the engine wired before it will run. I am including a new wiring harness for the entire vehicle. This is the four cylinder Jeepster and ran fine before the wiring deteriorated. This Jeepster will have to be towed.”

1950-jeepster-barnstable-ma 1950-jeepster-barnstable-ma9

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Years? 3 Wagons Finley, WA $6000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Unclear how much value is here.

“Posting for a friend. He has 3 willys wagons for sale with tons of extra parts. Located in Finley WA. Best to go look at them rather than ask me a ton of questions. Interested parties will receive a phone number to schedule a time to have a look.”

3-wagons-finley-wa7 3-wagons-finley-wa8 3-wagons-finley-wa9

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1948 CJ-2A Arlington, WA $3500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500.

(07/12/2023) This runs, but has an f-head.

“1948 CJ2A..runs and drives great, stops but not well, needs brakes. F head motor has been installed and purrs, no smoke. Other than that, this jeep is in original condition including the seats, gauges all work, paint, 3 speed and 4 wd all work. Tires match and are 90% full tread or more. Also includes a stock spare with a very old tire. Floorboards up front need repair. Windshield and frame are savable but rusty. Fuel tank is out for a flush and air filter, stock, is all there. Comes with the 1/2 top shown and a full hard top complete too! All body panels are still factory Willy’s embossed.”

1948-cj2a-arling-wa1 1948-cj2a-arling-wa4 1948-cj2a-arling-wa5 1948-cj2a-arling-wa6 1948-cj2a-arling-wa8 1948-cj2a-arling-wa9

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Next Updates Saturday


I’ve been busy this last week cleaning up, repairing wiring, and modest remodeling of our “lean-to” area (a series of lean-tos built off an old small one room building with a garage) to accommodate hay storage. With our current perfect weather (highs around 90) over the next two days, I want to get was much done as I can.

Our goal has been to have all the hay we need for the winter stored and ready for winter. Our next door neighbor grows enough hay for our winter needs (and gives us a great price, as we let him borrow our tractor), but last year we began buying it too late, so we found ourselves having to buy hay in the middle of winter from a half hour away. Moreover, we weren’t organized enough to store 400 plus bales. This year, we have the room to do that, but it has taken a couple dump runs and some reorganization to do it.

The next updates will be Saturday.

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Jeep on the Cover of Black Cat Comic

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Steve shared this image of a jeep on the xmas issue of Black Cat Comics. This is issue #27 published February 10, 1951. According to this collector site, an issue of this comic sold in 2015 for $1,161! It probably doesn’t hurt the value that this issue includes an interview with John Wayne.


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1945 MobilOil Ads w/Jeeps on eBay

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Here’s a second version of a 1945 Mobiloil ad featuring jeeps. This was part of a series of military-related ads buy Mobiloil in 1945 (see others here). I haven’t yet seen any other ones with jeeps in them.

View all the information on eBay

“Willys Jeep Mobiloil Vintage 1945 Ad Magazine Print Soldiers GI WWII
About 10.25 X 14 Inches. Carefully shipped flat.”



Here’s a second version of this ad campaign that included jeeps:

View all the information on eBay


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Cutlas Manufacturing History

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wUPDATE 3: Time to recycle this older post. 


Originally Posted April 28th, 2017:

UPDATE 2: Niels shared a photo of his rare Cutlas key that can be used to spin the screws of the Power-Lock Hub.

UPDATE: 1) Well, it seems I forgot to read through this and edit it (I murdered the title for example) 2) The ending of the post has changed, thanks to Paul spotting an ad in the 1976 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine.


This is a Cutlas brochure for the company’s first hub, the Power-Lock.

In January of 1958, James Russell Lloyd, who up to that point had been president of the Free-Lock Company in Denver, filed a patent for a new type of hub on behalf of a company called the Cutlas Tool and Manufacturing Company out of Lyons, Illinois. At the time, Lloyd was still based in Denver (according to the patent filing), so what his relationship was with the Cutlas and Free-Lock companies at that time isn’t clear.


Patent was awarded in January of 1962.

Unlike the Free-Lock hubs, which relied on a rotating center piece to engage and disengage the hubs, the Cutlas hub had two rotating screws that had to be spun to engage and disengage the hubs.

In May of 1958, Lloyd copyrighted the term Power-Lock Free Wheeling Hub, a name which the hubs would be known as from then onward. Here are some photos:



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Year? MB Berlin, WI $5000


This one looks like a beloved jeep. This is listed as a 1946, but it’s a modified MB with a custom top and suicide doors.

“Anyone have some land and trails to run on and hunt. 1946 Willy’s Jeep. Runs good. It needs some brake work. The wheel/ brake cylinders are sticky. It does have rust and some holes in places but the vehicle is 77 years old. lol, It’s dependable. It is what you will make of it. We love this old Jeep and had a lot of fun in it but just don’t have the storage anymore. The transmission is a three-speed with twin sticks for four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, high and low range.. We have a separate engine block and parts on a crate for another motor that was given to us by a friend years ago but we never used it or had a need for it. Make an offer. 5000 obo. Will sell the Jeep and engine together or separately.”

year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi93 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi94 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi5 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi96

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1946 CJ-2A Avon, MN $3000


This jeep includes a rear PT gear box plus shield and what might be an original hand crank (no pic of it).

“1946 Willy’s Jeep, “well-used”. Parked 20 years ago, has not been started or ran since. We have the Title. Stored inside for last 20 years. Frame in good condition, miscellaneous additional 1946 Willy’s parts also included, power take-off (farm model), hand-crank start option, great project for auto/Jeep enthusiast..”

1946-cj2a-avon-mn7 1946-cj2a-avon-mn8 1946-cj2a-avon-mn9

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1950 CJ-3A Brookings, SD $8000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8000.

(02/23/2023) “*4 CYL*, *3 SPEED MANUAL*, *4WD*. Here is a nice original Willy’s that you can go out and have some fun with and not worry about scratching it. MECHANICAL- It has the original drivetrain and a 6 volt electrical system. EXTERIOR- The body is original and not rusty but does have some dings and scratches. It has a vinyl top that goes with it. INTERIOR- The interior is very simple with front bucket seats. It also has a rear seat that is not mounted. TEST DRIVE- I have drove it a couple miles and drives nice and shifts well. Ask for the video of driving it. VALUE- We price our vehicles to market value and try to be one of the best prices of vehicles in comparable condition. Our goal is to give you a good buy on a vehicle you are going to have fun with and enjoy. LIKE IT OR RETURN IT- As being in business for 35 years we do not want to sell anybody a vehicle they do not want. As many of our vehicles are sold site unseen we will take the vehicle back and give a refund minus shipping and a restocking fee. You are responsible for the shipping both ways and a $1000 restocking fee. You have 3 days to notify us you are not happy with the vehicle and we will start the return process. Ask for more details”

1950-cj3a-brookings-sd4 1950-cj3a-brookings-sd5 1950-cj3a-brookings-sd6 1950-cj3a-brookings-sd8 1950-cj3a-brookings-sd9

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1959 FC-170 Hermon, NY $4500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

It runs and drives. Andy shared this one.

“Mileage unknown but runs and drive 4500$ firm…posting for my dad”

1959-fc170-hermon-ny6 1959-fc170-hermon-ny7 1959-fc170-hermon-ny8 1959-fc170-hermon-ny9

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1955 Wagon El Paso, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was at a Copart Auction

Bill shared this modified wagon. It’s got no bids with three days to go. According to the site, this runs and drives.

61214373_Image_1 61214373_Image_2 61214373_Image_3 61214373_Image_4

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1984 CJ-7 Zimmerman, MN $1200


Rusty body, but it runs and drives. Could be a good parts jeep at the very least.

“Here it is! The Jeep of your dreams. Could use a new frame and body. Runs and drives. Engine runs well. 4×4 works great. Heavy rust on frame and body. Original 6 cylinder engine. Cash only.”

1984-cj7-zimmerman-mn6 1984-cj7-zimmerman-mn7 81984-cj7-zimmerman-mn8 1984-cj7-zimmerman-mn9