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1941 Ford GP Boise, ID eBay

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Josh is selling his Ford GP.

“You are bidding on a 1941 Ford GP military jeep Serial Number 9512 & DOD 4/30/41. This jeep is a 1st series GP and was part of the first 1500 contracted from Ford by the military for testing. This jeep is of course is a project and does not run or drive currently. Both Frame stamping and dash data plate do match. Much more info on eBay”

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Friday in Hudson Ohio: Day 1 of the Midwest Willys Reunion

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Friday morning we woke in Hudson, OH, to a beautiful sunny day. I spent the morning honing the presentation I’ll be giving on Saturday. I will be sharing with the audience (assuming more than just Ann shows up) why I run eWillys, how I do it, the challenges, and what the future holds.

On Friday afternoon we made our way to the Clarion Hotel where the 2013 Midwest Willys Reunion is being held. After a quick practice run through the presentation with the slide projector, Ann and I went out to look at all the jeeps.

It seemed every few steps we took someone approached us to share how much they enjoyed eWillys. It’s great to know the site is enjoyed by so many. I had fun putting names to faces and shaking hands.

As you can see from the pictures, there were plenty of jeeps to browse today. More are expected tomorrow.

2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion8 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion7 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion6

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1952 CJ-3A ‘Budweiser’ Waukee, Ia No Price

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UPDATE:  This is now on Craigslist. No price listed.

(06/04/2011) This looks well done.

“This jeep in good condition. Has a removeable top. This jeep runs and drives, is stock except for the engine. The engine is v-6 Buick. It is red, has new tires on white rims. This jeep was donated to Waukee VFW and we are going to sell it. Please call 515-490-8506 if you have an interest.”

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Year? MB? Missoula, MT $2000


This looks military based on the rear floating hubs and the lack of drain holes. The half cab doors look unusually big.

“1943-1947 ? Not real sure on the year but has the flathead 4 and the 3 speed. As far as i know the drive train is all original , the body is rough. The jeep runs and drives well. Have been using it for a hunting rig for years and it will go where you probably shouldn’t and will run for a long assed time on a tank of fuel. Has good rubberon all 4. Will make an excellent restoration donor or continue to use it for hunting.”

year-mb-missoula-mt1 year-mb-missoula-mt2

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1948 CJ-2A San Antonio, TX $3500


This runs, but needs some work.

“I am selling a 1948 willy’s jeep. This jeep is running but is in need of a restoration. It is a great project. It has a Chevy 350 small block in it now with a 3 speed manual trans. I don’t have time to take on the project so I’m letting it go. Please no emails or adds. Call or text me at 626 298 9021.”

1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx01 1948-cj2a-sanantonio-tx02

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1947 CJ-2A Cornelius, NC $1000


There may be value here.

“1947 Jeep. CJ2A
Complete, correct parts, without body tub.
Original rust free fenders, hood, tailgate, refurbished seats, and refurbished windshield, new wheels and tires, shocks and stainless brake lines. Refurbished transmission.
Tons of parts, papers, books. Just rebuild motor and add body tub for a complete jeep.

Paid $2,000 5 years ago and have invested another 2,500 in work done.
moving and must sacrifice. First $1,000 gets it all.
$1,000 FIRM”


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1943 Coverto TR6 Trailer Boise, ID $1400

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Josh has this trailer for sale.

“For sale 1943 converto t6 trailer. This is trailer is basically the same the Willys MBT or Bantam t3 but a little rarer. The trailer could be used as is or would be an easy restoration. I will include a set of the two piece combat rims as well as the post war wheels/tires currently on the trailer. 208 eight three zero 22twentysix”


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1945 MB Haymarket, VA $1100 (or with top $2100)


No pics provided. Phone number is provided in ad.

“World War 2 combat jeep with very rare Post War (1945-1950) Arctic top as an accessary. $1100 for the jeep. $2100 for both. Will sell separately.

Jeep is rough but restorable. Mostly original. Arctic Top is all aluminum very restorable perfectly fits the MB/GPW which it was designed to be used on. Arctic Top includes doors, correct windshield and spare parts.
Real WW 2 combat jeep and all combat jeep features like combat split rims
Late 1945 Willys MB with mid 1944 GPW engine, stuck valve. Needs complete restoration.
Willys Scout Car chassis tag with Serial Number still on chassis.
Clear VA title.
Priced to move quickly.”

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1950 CJ-3A Ellensburg, WA $2500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500. Better pics in new ad.

This looks solid. Obviously has the hood bump.

“1950 willys cj3a jeep
lifted on new 33 12.50 15 hercules trail diggers
Interior floor is bed lined
hid head lights
cb radio with antenna
4 cylinder runs good with duel exhaust
3 speed trans
4×4 low and high, both work great
newer 10 gallon gas tank and fuel pump
jeep has a soft top, with doors, and has collector vehicle plates.
might be willing to trade, text pics or email
call or text 509 899 0817″


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Greenville to Hudson, OH: Mixers, Foodies & Heavy Equipment

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We spent all of Wednesday at Ann’s Great Aunt Alice’s place in Greenville, Ohio. It felt good not to drive at all. This morning we were back on the road. Our ultimate destination was Hudson, but our initial objective was the Kitchen Aide Experience.

I knew nothing about the Kitchen Aide Experience, so I didn’t know what to expect. I pictured it as part tour and part museum in the Kitchen Aide factory itself. Instead, it’s giant Kitchen Aide store where you can buy new or used Kitchen Aide products of every color and kind. Downstairs there are some beautiful refurbed mixers and blenders. Those ‘in the know’ tell us the refurbs are actually better than the new ones. They certainly were better prices.

Next to all the refurb machines was a mini-museum. Since my wife assured me we didn’t have room to bring a refurbed 6 quart 575KW mixer with a glass bowl home, I had to make due with the mini-museum. What amazed me most about the museum was how little some of the attachments had changed. Here are a few pics from the museum:

2013-05-16-kitchenaide-experience1 2013-05-16-kitchenaide-experience22013-05-16-kitchenaide-experience4

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Ed’s Old photos

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Ed wanted to share these pictures. As you can see, he was in quite a pickle with that jeep. The last picture shows his son.

“Thought you might be able to use these. Couple of old photos from the late 60′s. The couple of me standing in front of the jeep in a creek were taken in Turnback Creek outside of Halltown Mo. on our family farm. The one of the jeep in a pond was also from the farm. The one of my son was taken at our home in Ormond Beach Fl. He is learning what a match book cover is properly used for. Yep, you guessed it, setting ignition points on his 67 CJ-5.”

Ed and Jeep in Turnback Creek 2

Ed and Jeep in Turnback Creek

Ed trying to unstuck  jeep

Jeep 017

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Carolana Flat Fender Club Raffle for M-100 Trailer


The Carolana Flat Fender Club is pleased to announce that near the end of June tickets, at $20.00 apiece, will go on sale for a raffle for an M-100 Trailer with a Clean 1960 Title. Hillbilly will post pictures soon. The drawing will be held at the Second Annual Get-Together and Swap Meet in Laurel Springs, NC. Follow the link for all pertinent information on this gathering of Jeeps of all models.

Read more here:….topic28290.html

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Tuesday May 14th: Crust, Raisins, and Smoked Pork

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That’s the former Willys Overland Smokestack behind me. As you can see, there isn’t much left of the old Willys plant.

Note . . . On Tuesday we had a very busy day. This is a huge post.

We started the morning bidding a fond farewell to Brian, who’d opened his home to us for several days (Thanks!).


Brian and I posing behind his beautiful 1923 Buick. Unfortunately, it was so cold, we couldn’t take it out for a ride.


One of the places Brian recommended we visit before we left was a bakery in Fenton, MI, called CRUST. As soon as I looked up the website and examined their menu, I was hooked. Most of their breads are made with starters rather than commercial baking yeast.  So, I HAD to visit the place. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. Everything looked so good, we walked out of there $37 poorer. I can’t recommend the place highly enough.

After the bakery we’d planned to head for the Ford Museum. But, at the last minute, we changed our minds. I knew we had to be down in Ohio by dinner time, so I was concerned we’d have to rush through museum. Instead, we had the opportunity to take our time to drive south. It proved to be the right decision.

As we drove south, Ann’s cousin recommended we visit the River Raisin Battlefield National Park in Monroe, MI, from which the War of 1812′s “Remember the Raisin” call-to-action originated. At the battle of River Raisin the Americans thought they’d won, but then the Brits & Indians regrouped and beat the US troops. American’s were shocked by the loss, hence the rallying cry of Remember the Raisin. Ann’s cousin claims that one of the men captured was a distant relative of Ann’s. To capture the feeling of Ann’s relative, I put her behind bars.


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Hugh’s Fiberglass Bodied CJ-2A

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Congrats to Hugh for completing his fiberglass build. Just in time for summer! Next on his plate is a M-151 Mutt project.

Hugh wrote, “Just got my fiberglass bodied cj2a back from my cousin who painted it.  Chose olive drab because we figured if we scratched it off road it wouldnt break our hearts like a shiny paintjob would.   Well i consider this jeep done  so now we can start on the 48 cj2a with the m151 mutt drivetrain.  That jeep is going to be an interesting project.”

hugh-cj2a1 hugh-cj2a2 hugh-cj2a3 hugh-cj2a4

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Out of the Rat Trap by Max Reisch


This sounds interesting. It includes free shipping.

“For the Austrian Max Reisch, pioneer international motorist and writer of the 1930s, World War II offers yet more opportunities for adventure. Here is his lively account of his time with a vehicle maintenance unit of the Afrikakorps in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. On forays into the desert at the wheel of a captured Jeep, searching out wrecked vehicles for spare parts, he visits the fabulous oasis of Siwa and digs his way out of the sinister minefield at Minquar Quim. Seeing German defeat as inevitable, he hatches several escape plans and finally, with no experience of the sea, acquires a dilapidated fishing boat and some rudimentary navigation skills. He avoids capture at Tunis and, despite damage to the boat, sets sail for Sicily together with seven comrades (and one small dog). Running the blockade of Allied warships and weathering a sudden storm, his motley crew succeeds against the odds.”

View all the information on eBay