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1975 DJ-5 Tucson, AZ $3200


Looks in good shape.

“This is a 1975 postal jeep,right hand Drive . Made by AM General. As 232 6 cyc. By AMC. As A727trans. Just did breaks plugs wires ,plugs .All fluids done. Run good .Fun to drive. $3200. Please call no Text .Do not need help selling. Might trade for vw or motorcycle. If this ad is up it’s still for sale.””


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1952 M-38 Medford, OR $2850


Bill shared this one. It has an OD, a front PTO with a winch, and maybe the Hudson steering upgrade (can’t tell for sure).

“This Jeep is pretty cool
It’s a rebuilt Buick V6
And new brakes, new wheel cylinders, a new master cylinder, a new clutch and pressure plate…a new starter, locking rear hubs, O/D.. A power take-off wench, back bench seat, 2 front seats, and a tow bar..
It runs great, looks good.. Just needs the lights rewired.
Give me a call at a decent time in the day and I’ll let you check it out.”

1952-m38-medford-or81 1952-m38-medford-or82 1952-m38-medford-or83 1952-m38-medford-or84

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1951 M-38 Corsicana, TX $7000


No obvious rust.

“Nice running Jeep. Good for running around at the ranch or hunting lease.’

1951-m38-corsicana-tx1 1951-m38-corsicana-tx3 1951-m38-corsicana-tx4

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1948 CJ-2A & Trailer it is on Bracken, TX $1000


This looks like a good price. Jeep nor Trailer has a title.

“1948 Jeep Willys no title, used as a ranch truck. Perfect project vehicle. Double axle trailer included and ready to be driven off. No title on trailer.”


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1946 VEC? CJ-2A Beasley, TX $5000


This appears to have been a column shift at one point.

“46 Wyllis , runs and drives good. 4wheel drive works .I used it for hunting. Have title”

1946-cj2a-beasley-tx1 1946-cj2a-beasley-tx2 1946-cj2a-beasley-tx3

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1946 CJ-2A Lewistown, MT $3000


We might have seen this jeep before. A 3B hood has been added to the 2A and a funky grille mod was installed to make it work. This looks to have a rare aluminum Worman hardtop.

“1946 CJ2A Willys Jeep. Good running order. Has Studebaker Champion 6 cyl. flat head engine and full metal cab. Also have spare transmission and transfer case.”

1946-cj2a-lewistown-mt7 1946-cj2a-lewistown-mt8 1946-cj2a-lewistown-mt9

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1951 CJ-3A Short Creek, KY $2000


There could be some value here.

“Floor pans been replaced. All new wiring and all new brake lights. Have a driver seat frame. Motor does run. New fender brackets. Plugs and new points.”

1951-cj3a-owensboro-tn3 1951-cj3a-owensboro-tn4

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1955 Truck Trenton, ILL $35,000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks • TAGS: , .

Beautiful truck with a unique interior (which I would consider more southwestern-themed than western-themed).×4-pickup/6826644096.html

“Hard to find Rare Willys Jeep truck 4×4 body off restorated with all very straight body lines and fenders. The gorgeous custom aqua paint is done in high quality with a beautiful western theme interior. These were made for hard work so it is special to find one in this condition. The rebuilt motor is a 226.2cid rated at 115 HP and drives like a dream with its 3 speed transmission. Custom side rails done in high quality are removeable. The undercarriage is spotless. Mileage of 748 is undocumented. Options include: selective drive hubs, power take off, oil bath air cleaner, oil filter, and heater. This jeep also is equipped with blue tooth which was professionally installed for your music enjoyment. No disappointments here as you can drive or show it…a real looker done in high quality.”

1955-truck-stlouis-mo5 1955-truck-stlouis-mo6 1955-truck-stlouis-mo7 1955-truck-stlouis-mo8 1955-truck-stlouis-mo9

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Year? Trailer Frankfort, IN $750

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Could make a good utility trailer. No obvious rust.

“1960’s US army Jeep trailer, no title.”



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1946 CJ-2A Pembroke, KY $2500


Engine runs. Includes a variety of parts.

“1946 Jeep CJ2A
Runs good, lots of new mechanical parts. Unknown if drive able.
Needs restored, body is in rough shape
Tons of extra parts included in sale.
No title, bill of sale can be made”

1946-cj2a-pembroke-ky2 1946-cj2a-pembroke-ky3 1946-cj2a-pembroke-ky4

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2? MB/GPW Engines Grand Rapids, MI $400


Could be a good price.

“1940s Willys Jeep Motors and parts for sale
What you see in pictures is what you get.
send phone number for questions and/ or if you are interested
I was told that one motor ran.
I don’t know anything about the motors.
They both spin free.
I also have a crank shaft that appears to have been reconditioned.”

year-engine-grandrapids-mi1 year-engine-grandrapids-mi

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MB Chassis Mariposa, CA $1500


It’s listed as a 1952 chassis.

“1952 Willy’s jeep project but ran when I parked and stripped it down to frame and engine. 4 cylinder have everything but a new/used tub. Too many projects for this one”


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1946 CJ-2A Imperial, CA $600


There  could be $600 worth of parts here.

“1946 Jeep Willys
it comes with original engine (not sure if it runs)
original transmission,transfer and axles.
Both Front flat fenders are inside vehicle.
vehicle is rusted, perfect for a project.
tittle in hand. currently non-op.”

1946-cj2a-imperial-cali1 1946-cj2a-imperial-cali2

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1964 CJ-3B Prairieville, LA $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

(11/24/2018) Has a fiberglass low-hood body.

“1964 JEEP CJ3B 4×4 WITH FIBERGLASS BODY. Street legal. Has full enclosure. 1960’s Buick Endeavor v-6
three speed manual. Has high and low range, locking hubs”

1964-cj3b-prairieville-la2 1964-cj3b-prairieville-la3

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1946 CJ-2A Marcola, OR $1250


It’s a mix of parts.

“Old Jeep that has had some alterations. Someone put a 350 v8 in it with a turbo 350 trans behind it. They also removed the transfer case so it’s a 2wd. Also they put a Toyota axle on the rear. When I bought it I saw it running and driving. It’s not hooked up to fuel or has a battery but it shouldn’t take a lot for it to run. I was going to drop it and make a tire roasting rat Rod Jeep but I don’t have time or money to finish it. No low ballers cash only. Thanks!!”


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1942 GPW Peoria, AZ $3750


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/17/2019) Needs some work. Does not have the original engine.

1942-gpw-peoria-az7 1942-gpw-peoria-az8 1942-gpw-peoria-az9

“1942 Willy’s
Has a Chevy II 2.5. 4 cylinder with a T90 upgrade over the stock T84 with the stock twin stick Dana 18TC. Has new motor mounts,new aftermarket heavy duty alternator bracket,new water pump, new thermostat. I also have two new aluminum fuel filters, new Chrome air cleaner, new hard brake lines, new soft brake lines, new wheel cylinders. 33×10.50×15 BFG MT’s on black 15×8 wheels mounted and balanced and have never even been on the Jeep or ran. I also have a pair of suspension seats for the front. Is a project and needs some TLC. Gas tank need to be put back in with fuel lines and the exhaust downpipe needs to be refitted to the exhaust manifold. The carburetor could use to be rebuilt also.
Open to trades or trades plus cash. Trucks,2 door cars, baja,sand rail,car trailer,camping trailer,dump trailer,dump truck,service truck,flat bed truck,prerunner.
What do you have? Worst they can say is no or let’s work something out. I work nights so text our best or if you call and leave me a message I will get back to you.”

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1946 CJ-2A Baytown, TX $3900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/07/2019) It runs.

1946-cj2a-baytown-tex1 1946-cj2a-baytown-tex2 1946-cj2a-baytown-tex3 1946-cj2a-baytown-tex4

“46 Willys CJ2A. Old jeep been on the farm for 60 years I know of, needs some metalwork, but all there. Run, drives and stops. Recent work: New tune up. All lights work. 4 new jeep tires and 2 new rims(old wheels and tires in pictures), all new brakes(front axle has been converted to disc with new bearings). I have done the legwork, has a clear TX title and antique tags, needs no safety inspection. Drive it home or bring a trailer.
Price is FIRM, this ain’t Uncle Bud’s used car lot. Great for the beer lease or to restore.”


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1951 CJ-3A Wickenburg, AZ $1800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1800.

(12/09/2018) Has rear floating hubs. There might be some value.

“1951 cj3a no motor, transmission or t-case. Full float rear axle with matching front and rear hubs. Power loc in the front with 5.38 gears. Rear axle has lock-right with 5.38 gears. Has Saginaw power steering gear. Tow bar included.”

1951-cj3a-wickenburg-az1 1951-cj3a-wickenburg-az2

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1948 CJ-2A La Grange, CA No Price


This is part of an estate sale.

“1948 Willys Jeep, Runs, 4 Cylinder, New Tires, Wheels & Shocks. Price will be added after some research.”

1948-cj2a-lagrange-ca4 1948-cj2a-lagrange-ca43 1948-cj2a-lagrange-ca41

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Long Road Home

• CATEGORIES: Features

No updates Saturday. Ann made sure I got a few hours of sleep, but am back at it with Dad now, though he’s finally sleeping a little, when not grumbling “damnit” and quiet chants of “watch, watch, watch”  . . . 

This past Thursday morning Ann and I arrived in the hospital to find Dad ready to die. And, by that, I mean he was in a hurry to get home that day, because tomorrow (Friday) he had to die. There was little emotion to it; just certainty in a matter-of-fact way. As he stated his position, the nurses told me he’d had a bad night Wednesday night, and that they had had to drug him, which didn’t do much good they added, and have someone present to keep him calm.

At this point, the 85-year-old man (who from his face still looks like he is in his late-60s and who the staff took for someone who was full ambulatory and ready to return home to live, not die) is bed ridden. He has spent the last two months in either the hospital or rehab, the latter of which he hadn’t successfully completed. His former 210lb body has shrunk to a 158lb shadow. His heart is pumping about 20% of what it should, causing a number of issues.

He’s aware of all this; he feels like crap; he can’t sleep well; and he’s just done with it all.

So, all morning on Thursday we discussed his wishes and exactly when he planned to die. Eventually, perhaps clearly being understood, and knowing mom had a long planned “girls trip” over the coming weekend (with her friends from high school), a break my tired mother really needed, that just happened to start on Friday (the day he planned to die), he decided to switch his upcoming death to this coming Tuesday, the day after she returns from her trip. It was important to him that she go on the trip, so he was willing to wait to pass.

These are strange conversations to have. But, hey, if he can last through Tuesday, we’ll take another few days with him.

Following that meeting of the minds, on Thursday afternoon we met will palliative care to arrange hospice. Then, Dad was pulled off IVs, etc. He was happy as a clam, except for one issue. He wanted to go home NOW.

Appealing to his practical self, I told him in order for him to return home and have Medicare pay for it, and insure mom had help when he was home, we had to go through certain steps. That meant he couldn’t go home until Friday. This line of reasoning resonated with him and kept him calm.

But I was still concerned he would get agitated at night, so to help him, I reassured him that I would stay with him until he went home. That made him happy, which was strange as he was normally the stoic person who told us when it was time for us to leave the hospital when visiting him.

So, from Thursday morning through Friday evening, I spent time adjusting him, getting him a snack (because his diet restrictions were removed), getting him cocoa, and whatever else he needed. And, of course, I continuously had to answer why he couldn’t go home right away and appeal to his logical brain that certain hurdles had to be jumped (example, hospice had to delivery equipment to the house) in order for him to return home. During that time, he slept in mostly short stints of a few minutes here and there.

On Friday night, dad finally came home, arriving in the evening. I can’t tell you how close we were to not returning on Friday, as the hospital equipment had to arrive at the house before they would release him. And here I must thank the St. Francis Hospital staff in Federal Way, who organized everything we needed to insure that should the hospital equipment arrive by 5:30pm (our deadline was 5:30pm or he would have had to stay an extra 12 hours), that Dad would get released immediately. Literally, five minutes after I got the call that the equipment was finally arriving 4:45pm Friday afternoon, and after the doc and social services had already left for the weekend, the nurse had me signing the paperwork to let him go.

So, he arrived home in an ambulance and was wheeled inside the house on a gurney, happy as a clam. He asked and received some Chinese food. He was able to pet his dog again.

Now, his goal is to last until mom’s return on Monday, then go to sleep on Tuesday and not awaken, or as his stroke-altered speaking style puts it, “I will then be six-feet under, flat”. We don’t want to burst his bubble, was we suspect he still has at least a few weeks, but if he can will himself to pass on Tuesday, then we all support him.

Due to his stroke 17 years ago, it’s been a long road for him to this point. He’s tried lightly to recover. So, if he’s ready to go, so be it. He’s earned it.

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1944 Post-War Anecdote

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

In a column titled Underwater Puzzle: A  Post War Anecdote, an article shares the story (true?) about a lost jeep. This appeared in the December 1, 1944, issue of the Saturday Evening Post.



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1944 Article — The Jeep: A Mystery

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This article was published on June 29, 1944, in the Sotoyome Scimitar newspaper out of Healdsburg, California. Mario shared it on Facebook.


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WANTED: Renegade 1 Tail Lights

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Eric is doing a restoration of a Renegade 1 taillights. He is trying to locate a set of stock, OEM 1970-1971 tail lights. If you know where he can find a set, contact him


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1947 CJ-2A Stillwater, PA $10,500


Has some updates. Looks like a solid rig. 11″ brakes were original equipment?

“This is an exceptional 1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A. It is completely original with only 18,668 documented miles. It is painted it’s original colors of Normandy Blue with Luzon Red trim. It is equipped with WARN OVERDRIVE and lock out hubs. It is capable of 62 MPH and gets 31 MPG. Original equipment includes drawbar, 11 ” brakes, chrome package, turn signals and electric wipers. Recently installed new parts include shocks, springs, seals , bushings and steering stabilizer. The vinyl top is in very good condition. This show winner is also an excellent driver. It is being offered for sale by it’s second owner due to a need to downsize his vehicle collection. Valuable owner/service manuals and sales literature are included in this sale.”




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1942 Flattie Ellensburg, WA $3500

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Marty spotted this old school build with a Bobcat hood and some min-terra tires.

“42 willys with a 350 fiberglass front end, runs good, needs tinkering with finishing touches”


1942-flattie-ellensburg-wa4 1942-flattie-ellensburg-wa3 1942-flattie-ellensburg-wa2