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Ramsey Company & Brochures

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Claude Ramsey and his brother, Rayburn, originally founded Ramsey Winch Company as Ramsey Brothers Tool and Die in July 1944 to manufacture aircraft parts, tools and dies for Douglas Aircraft Company. Claude, realizing the need for a front-mounted winch for passenger cars and pickups, designed a crankshaft-operated winch (Model 101) to pull vehicles out of mud and snow. Demand for the Ramsey Winch increased to the point that the name of the company was changed to Ramsey Brothers Winch Manufacturing Company in 1947. In 1950, the company changed its name to Ramsey Winch Company when Claude bought out his brother’s share of the company.

Here’s a two-page brochure for the dual PTO units: DP-1 (for the Jeep Universal), DP-2 (for 4WD trucks and wagons), DP1-150 (for FC-150s), DP2-FY (for FC-170s).

ramsey-pto-dual-lever-brochure1 ramsey-pto-dual-lever-brochure2

This twelve-page Ramsey winch brochure from 1959 covers a variety of products. I have three of these brochures, so if you’d like to purchase one for $10, let me know.

1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure05 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure06 1959-ramsey-winch-pto-brochure07

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Willys Special Service Tools Brochure

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This Essential Special Service Tools brochure by the Miller Manufacturing Company appears to have been first published in late 1945 or early 1946 (I’m assuming this based on the Willys-Cars-Trucks-J sign on the cover). It was then updated with this second edition in December of 1948.

These aren’t best scans, so I’ve had to do repairs in Photoshop. I’ve actually had this digital brochure scan for several years, but finally had a chance to assembled the scans yesterday, after Maury noted that this has the Willys sign, which would make it the latest document we’ve found with the Willys-Cars-Trucks-J sign on it. There’s a companion brochure for Trucks in the post below.





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How Willys-Overland Changed Its Identity: 1941-1946

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NOTE: Though this is PART II of Maury and my research into the “J” logo, it mostly predates that article. This should be considered a working draft, as I’m sure we’ll learn new things and make editorial improvements to it. If you spot something in error, email me or comment below. 

willys-truck-car-logo-restoredWhen Maury Hurt and I were researching the short-lived “J” logo, we found ourselves looking back into Willys-Overland advertising during WWII. That, in turn, led to the development of the large Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s Magazine images showing all the ads Willys-Overland took out during the war so we could more easily compare how Willys-Overland marketing evolved. That work proved quite useful, showing us visually how the pre-war Willys-Overland company became, for all practical purposes, the post-war Willys ‘Jeep’ company.


fred-caldwell-selling-the-american-wonderAnyone who has read Fred Coldwell’s excellent book  “Selling The All-American Wonder” knows that studying the WWII ads that Willys-Overland published during the war isn’t ground breaking. However, Fred focused his book on the legal challenges Willys-Overland faced when trying to secure the rights to trademark the name JEEP so the company could sell jeeps to the post-war public.

As Fred explained in his book, Willys-Overland faced a huge hurdle to transform the generic word jeep into a Trademark. Prior to the introduction of the Bantam BRC in September of 1940, the term JEEP had been applied to a magical cartoon character in Popeye, to Army grunts, to a type of train, to another category of military vehicle(Dodge Command Car), the MM Tractor, and to a category of planes, as this 1939 Boy’s Life Magazine highlighted (the term would continue to be used for that category of planes in magazine articles and ads throughout WWII.)


Partial look at the 1939 article from Boy’s Life Magazine about the Jeep plane.

By mid-November of 1940, which was after the Bantam BRC and Willys Quad were introduced, both vehicles were already being referred to as jeeps. However, this was prior to the introduction of the Ford Pygmy in late November (which wasn’t being called a FORD GP at that point, nor even by early 1941).

Because of these complexities, Willys-Overland pushed to advertise in major publications during WWII to reinforce to the public the idea that the Jeep was a Willys product. To that end, Fred’s book highlights the type of WWII advertisements used to achieve that trademark goal (and Fred’s full-size reproductions of the ads are excellent and a much cheaper way of finding the ads then by purchasing magazines). Willys-Overland eventually secured the trademark JEEP in 1950.


Our review of the material differed in that we were trying to document how Willys-Overland arrived at the final the logo and text choices the company made.

Let’s not forget the state of the company prior to the war. In 1937, Willys-Overland produced 63,000 vehicles, but a recession wiped out sales the following year and Willys sales declined to a terrible 17,000 cars and trucks. Things were so bad that by 1940 earnings were a negative -$800,000 (read more here). In other words, Willys-Overland, as a car and truck company, wasn’t succeeding. And, like Bantam, Willys-Overland hoped a military contract would rescue the company.

Though Bantam lost out, Willys-Overland’s securing of the military contract for ‘scout cars’ in 1941 led to a significant financial turn-around. That year earnings bounced back, totaling $800,000 in the black. Things were looking up for the company.

With the new military contract and cash, coupled with an exciting new vehicle (the jeep), Willys started advertising more aggressively. Fred Coldwell notes that the earliest major advertisement, published in the December 13, 1941, issue of the Saturday Evening Post was titled The Jeep in Civvies. This ad promoted both the new army jeep and its connection to the 1942 Americar, Willys-Overland’s new creation led by former Chrysler Executive Joe Frazer.


Saturday Evening Post December 13, 1941, page 117.

Subsequent magazine ads from Willys-Overland in early 1942 also harnessed the Jeep in Civvies slogan, but added to the advertisements were illustrations of a Willys Americar and a Willys slat grille jeep; in-between the two illustrations was the WILLYS logo in bold and an image of the Go-Devil engine. Underneath the large WILLYS logo was the sub-line: MOTOR CARS [Engine Image] TRUCKS AND JEEPS.


The ad, HELL BENT FOR VICTORY,  was published in the June 27, 1942, issue of the Saturday Evening Post. The WILLYS brand is prominent. JEEP is mentioned, but it’s after MOTOR CARS, an engine, TRUCKS.

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The Whens and Whys of the Willys-Overland “J” Logo

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UPDATE IV: Branden found this 1945 Parts List booklet that includes a prominent “J” logo. This is the most prominent use of the logo that I’ve seen. It’s not clear to me whether this booklet was introduced with the jeep in August of ’45 or a little later in ’45.



UPDATE III (04/07/2019): Maury spotted the a “J” dealership sign example on this Miller Tools brochure:


UPDATE II: I’ve added two examples of ‘dark’ “J”s, dark (blue or black) background with white letters. Now that I think about it, I guess this is similar to the black and white newspaper versions.


CREDIT: Douglass, Neal. Harry Payne Motors, photograph, June 3, 1942; ( accessed April 7, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Austin History Center, Austin Public Library. … MY NOTES: The photo year is more likely late 1947 or 1948.


From Willys World March-April 1991 issue.

UPDATE: This is best described as a working draft that Maury Hurt and I have constructed in the hopes of understanding Willys-Overland’s “J” logo better …. If you have input, please email me or add it in a comment at the bottom of the post.

In January of this year, Maury emailed me about a Willys/Cars•Trucks/Jeep logo that he was hoping to reproduce, wondering if I had any better examples of it. That simple email turned into a mission: Find out the history behind the logo.

Willys Cars Trucks Jeep

I have one of these patches. Not sure who created them or when.

It turned out that we could find no articles or discussion about the evolution of the logo. So, we spent a month looking through old brochures and advertisements to develop a theory of what it should look like, when it was used, and why.

What’s the logo supposed to look like?

Our first challenge was to determine what the logo was supposed to look like. As these examples show, different fonts and slightly different looks were used in the printing of the logo.

Willys Cars Trucks Jeep 2

Another patch example.


This was from a January 1946 magazine ad.


or even this one …


Our suspicion is that this is from overseas, possibly Australia? We don’t have a time frame on this one.

And, the list would not be complete without some matchbook covers:


How should the “J” look?

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1965 JA3/JA2/JA-3BC Argentina Jeep Brochures

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UPDATE II: This brochure is reminiscent of the Argentina jeep pickup, though this one looks much more CJ-5ish. This is currently on eBay.


UPDATE: Maury found a couple related photos. That top looks kind of similar to one of the DJ-3A tops I’ve seen in pics. Nice half doors, too.

7ee05f388dcbd727df684dc51147919f afa667eb67fd0a3b7dbdfdcde9683380



(Original Post 02/02/2015) This is a single page unfolding brochure.

“original part color folder , 9.5 x 3.5 folded , 9.5 x 11.5 unfolded , Spanish text. Produced by Kaiser, Argentina .”




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Lift Gate off of a Willys Truck Allentown, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

Steve spotted this rare item. I can’t tell if it was made specifically for the Willys truck or if it is an adaptation. The Lift-O-Matic was the lift gate that Willys-Motors endorsed.



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Meyer Snow Plow on FC-150 Brochure

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I don’t think I’ve run across this brochure before.

“Equipment Brochure – Meyer Products Inc., Cleveland, Ohio – Snow Plows and the exclusive Electrolift for Jeep Vehicles – Fact Sheet / Model Recommendations for Jeep Vehicles – English language – 3 Colour – 4 pages – approx. 11 x 8.5 inch sized page – Code: Form No. 3-118; undated, likely dates to approx. 1960’s – Light wear, very good condition, 3-hole punched (no impairment of text).

Includes Black & White photos of various models of plows and angle dozer on Jeep Universal, 4WD Station Wagon, Truck and FC-170 Forward Control.”


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Jeep Truck Cargo-Personnel Carrier Brochures on eBay

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UPDATE II: It appears there were two models of the Cargo-Personnel Carrier. One brochure shows that the Willys-Overland Export Company was the only entity offering this no-door Cargo-Personnel Carrier internationally (no mention of “Willys Motors” on the end of the last page of the brochure, but the bottom brochure’s last page shows both names).  Here are the brochures’ cover pages side by side:


Both are currently listed on eBay. Here’s the first:

View all the information on eBay

year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure1 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure2 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure3


UPDATE:  This is a complete Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier brochure. 

View all the information on eBay

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1950? Parts Department Brochure on eBay

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This is an odd brochure. It’s titled, “Let’s Keep Them Running”. The front page has some of the poorer illustrated trucks and wagons. All the vehicles look a little off in terms of size and styling.

View all the information on eBay

“Original salesman’s part color catalog , 8.5 x 11 , 12 pages , 3 file holes at edge , shows and describes the parts dept. and including merchandising information with photos .”

1950-parts-department-brochure-5 1950-parts-department-brochure-6 1950-parts-department-brochure-7 1950-parts-department-brochure-8

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1958 Truck Brochure on eBay

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UPDATE: This is form D DM-5 for trucks.

“1958 Original Jeep Pickup Truck mailer sales brochure folder.
All of the pages are shown in the photographs. The photos are of the exact item you will receive.
Measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches and folds out to 2 times the cover size.
Print Code: Form No. D DM-5
I only charge shipping for one item on multiple item purchases. Please see my eBay store for additional items. Add all of the items to your shopping cart then click on combine shipping for the discount or request a total before paying and I will adjust the shipping charges and send you an invoice.”




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1955 Truck Soquel, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $24,950

(08/19/2018) Looks great. Will need a brake job soon. Not many of the Thermador coolers around. Here’s a video of a man talking about one and showing how it works.

1955-truck-soquel-ca1 1955-truck-soquel-ca2 1955-truck-soquel-ca3 1955-truck-soquel-ca4jpg

“I am listing my 55 for sale. It was originally purchased in Bakersfield CA by first owner, I am 3rd owner. I did an on body restoration over a 3 year period. Every nut, bolt, wire, washer, etc replaced or restored. Here’s a brief list of what was done

– engine and tranny rebuilt by prior owner (original 6 cylinder engine).
– chrome interior parts and bumper all re-chromed
– new speedo, gauges, wire harness throughout vehicle
– I replaced all 4 tires plus spare, there’s about 3-5k miles on the truck since I owned it
– customer fabricated sun visor
– swamp cooler (very rare)

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1959? Vehicles Doing World’s Work Brochure

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Thanks to Ted for letting me borrow and scan this brochure. It will be the basis of the next poster, though I will be making some changes to it. I *think* this is a 1959ish brochure, as the truck/wagon windshields are still two piece, yet there is no DJ-3A Surrey.

1959-vehicles-doing-worlds-work-brochure-lores1 1959-vehicles-doing-worlds-work-brochure-lores2 1959-vehicles-doing-worlds-work-brochure-lores3 1959-vehicles-doing-worlds-work-brochure-lores4 1959-vehicles-doing-worlds-work-brochure-lores5


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1976 DJ-5E Electruck Grove City, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: The seller stopped the auction. It may have sold locally.

Not many of these Electruck DJ-5E jeeps around. Seller indicates it is only 1 of 352. There are also two different brochures available on eBay for them. Brochure 1 and Brochure 2. Thanks to Ted for spotting this one.


“I will post better pictures. I am having trouble figuring how to do it.

This is a one of a kind right hand drive electric jeep. I bought this in 2011 and just “put it back” with my other collection of postal jeeps. It is now coming up for sale as I need room. It is showroom perfect, just drop in some new batteries.
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CJ-2A Fire Jeep Brochure

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This was on eBay a couple days ago. I was tempted to bid on it, but I figured the money is better spent elsewhere. It sold for $25 plus a $5 more for shipping. Neat brochure!


cj2a-firetruck-brochure1 cj2a-firetruck-brochure2 cj2a-firetruck-brochure3 cj2a-firetruck-brochure4

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1956 ish Willys Export Procurement Information Booklet **SOLD**

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I believe this document is pretty rare, given I’ve never seen another one. To help fund fund my jeep project I’ll be selling some of my brochures. This one is clean and in good shape. It came from Canada. It’s twenty-six pages. The models covered include the DJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, Wagon 4×4, L6-226, Wagon 4×4 F4-134, Delivery Wagon 4×4 F4-134, Truck 4×4 L6-226, Cargo Personnel Carrier, FC-150, and the FC-170. Each model is given two pages in a format similar to that shown below.

export-doc-jeep-cargo-4 export-doc-jeep-cargo-3 export-doc-jeep-cargo-2 export-doc-jeep-cargo-1

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Willys Motors Makes “Ranger” for US Navy

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A September 2, 1953, article in the Toledo Blade relayed the news that Willys Motors and Mobile Fire Apparatus, Inc., were planning to produce a Willys mobile fire jeep called the Ranger. According to Four Wheeler Magazine, the1952 truck shown below is an example of the Ranger. However, it’s a little puzzling that the truck is a 1952, when the announcement wasn’t made until late 1953? Maybe Mobile Fire Apparatus used an older chassis? Anyone have an insight on this?


A second article shared the news that Brede Products was planning to sell a snow plow, powered by its own jeep engine. Below is one of two photos from Four Wheeler you can view the front of the rotary snow plow here. Anyone have a brochure for this?


A third article announced an agreement between Mitsubishi and the Willys Overland Export, Inc.


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1963 ‘Jeep’ Panel Delivery Brochure on ebay

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Marc found this rare brochure. I’ve added pics of the panel delivery that was for sale a couple of months ago.

“This is one of several vintage Jeep promotional brochures that I’m selling and I will combine shipping multiple purchases, so please look at all my auctions. This is a Kaiser Jeep Panel Delivery Truck Brochure for the 1963 model year. Unfolded, it measures 8 1/2 4″ and it is in excellent condition as you can see by my photos.”

View all the information on eBay

1963-kaiser-panel-delivery-brochure1 1963-kaiser-panel-delivery-brochure2 1963-kaiser-panel-delivery-brochure3


Actual Panel Delivery jeep available

1963-panelwagon-spokanevalley-wa41 1963-panelwagon-spokanevalley-wa42 1963-panelwagon-spokanevalley-wa43 1963-panelwagon-spokanevalley-wa4

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1960? Jeep Trucks FCs Mailing Brochure

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UPDATE: This was likely published in 1959, 1960, or 1961. I can’t make out the form number to verify. This was sold on eBay in 2015.

Plus the brochure the seller will include a Scheneker Plow Ad.

“Up for auction no reserve! A Mailing Brochure for Willys Jeep trucks also the CJ-5 jeep Brochure folds out to a nice display sheet measuring 11 inches tall 17 across. please see pics condition is very good a little paper aging as expected for the age. Also a one sided brochure Ad for Schenecker Snow Plow Universal mount for Jeep. age stains light crease across middle small paper loss left center in pic”





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Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier Project

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A rare Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier is about to undergo a restoration by the Ione Parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West. This one is in pretty rough shape and sports the 6-226 Hurricane Motor. However, the running gear had already been gone through.

Information and specs beyond the brochure are difficult to find. Even good photos of them are rare. If anyone has any additional information on these, email Robert at

Below are some pics of the jeep:

Scan_20150203 (2) Willy1 Jpeg

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