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1956 CJ-3B Arnold, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This one won’t last long.

“1956 cj3 willys, looking to possibly trade for a 4 wheeler”

1956-cj3b-arnold-mo1 1956-cj3b-arnold-mo2 1956-cj3b-arnold-mo3

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No Posts Monday


No posts for Monday. Updates will resume Tuesday morning.

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1944 WWII Home Video W/ Jeeps From Oosterbeek, Netherlands

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

This home video (stabilized and improved by Peerklota, the person that posted it) shows the Germans fleeing and the British arriving in Oosterbeek. Lots of jeeps are shown in the film. One commenter spotted her father in the video!

In this video, the same poster visited Oosterbeek and identified several locations from the video.

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Fort Lewis Motors Willys Jeep Good Luck Charm on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury spotted this unusual good luck charm from Fort Lewis Motors in Salem, Georgia.

View all the information on eBay

“You are bidding on an encased 1946 penny good luck charm.”



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1953 CJ-3B Depew, OK $6500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/18/2021) Tub seems pretty solid.

“Good shape, no rusted through body parts current tag and clean Oklahoma title, new tires and wheels”

1953-cj3b-depew-ok1 1953-cj3b-depew-ok2 1953-cj3b-depew-ok3 1953-cj3b-depew-ok4

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CJ-5s & M-38A1s



  1. 1981 CJ-5 Castle Rock, CO $5000:
  2. 1962 CJ-5 Ballinger, TX $3550:
  3. 1961 CJ-5 Flint, TX $3500:
  4. 1976 CJ-5 Plano, TX $3200:
  5. 1976 CJ-5 Coos Bay, OR $5000:
  6. 1964 CJ-5 Milville, MA $1000:
  7. 1966 CJ-5 Sweet Home, OR $3895:
  8. 1966 CJ-5 Great Falls, MT $4000:
  9. 1963 CJ-5 Canby, OR No Price:
  10. 1976 CJ-5 Everett, WA $1200:
  11. 1960 CJ-5 Kingman, AZ $1100:
  12. 1964 CJ-5 Paso Robles, CA $2700:
  13. 1966 CJ-5 Sweet Home, OR $3895:
  14. 1973 CJ-5 West Valley City, UT $1800:
  15. Year? CJ-5 Montgomery, TX $2000:


  1. 1953 M-38A1 Splendora, TX $7500:
  2. 1952 M-38A1 Ottawa, KS $8900:
  3. 1953 M-38A1 Inland Empire, CA $1000:
  4. 1953 M-38A1 Lynnwood, WA $1000:
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1952 CJ-3A Somerset, CO $14,500


Has mods.

“Full off frame restoration. Too much to list.”


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1960 DJ-3A Monte Vista, CO $2500


This DJ-3A has been modified with 4WD, along with other mods.

“1960 Jeep someone swapped a Ford 3.8 V6 in it. It should run and drive with very little work”

1960-dj3a-montevista-co1 1960-dj3a-montevista-co2 1960-dj3a-montevista-co3 1960-dj3a-montevista-co4

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1962 Tornado Engine Douglass, KS $2000

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Parts

UPDATE: Thanks to Mark for correcting me. I thought that was a head (black color), but it’s actually the standard exhaust.

“I have a 1962 230 OHC straight six tornado engine made by Kaiser it has 5000 miles and is broke in, replaced one oil pump drive gear. It is a good running engine for a willys jeep or other project also have the machine shop receipt”

1962-tornado-engine-douglass-ks1 1962-tornado-engine-douglass-ks2

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FC-150 Bed West Point, NE $399

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Parts

No pics provided.

“I bought this FC bed out in western Nebraska with the intent of using it behind a cj10 cab.
That project changed hands and directions several times, and now I have an FC bed with no home for it.

I do consider chopping it to make it a different size for some other Jeep based pickup project.

But if someone needs it for an actual FC, that would be best.

It’s not pristine, so modifying it wouldn’t be a huge sin. But it’s solid enough that a real enthusiast might want or need it. Not many folks can say they’ve ever owned any forward control Jeep parts at all, so maybe you want it for bragging rights or to build a trailer for your flatfender.

I paid 500 several years ago, so I guess we can start there. Just my luck it’ll be worth 3000 and I still let it go for 500…”

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Year? DJ-3A San Antonio, TX $600


Listed as a 1948, the body looks to be a DJ-3A.

“1948 Jeep Willys. Comes with another hood.”

year-dj3a-sanantonio-tx1 year-dj3a-sanantonio-tx2

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1959 Truck Drivetrain Rapid City, SD Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

There may be value here.

“1959 Willys Jeep drivetrain,engine turns over. Make offer on what you need or trade.”


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Year? CJ-2A Longmont, CO $2000


I’m not sure how much value there is in the CJ-2A. The seller also has a CJ-3B body for sale.

“Old Willy’s jeep project. Complete and appears to have some extra parts. Has the overhead valve 4 cylinder engine. Hasn’t ran in many years. Has been sitting. Owner is looking to get $2000. I think it has a title. The blue Jeep body is also for sale.”

cj3b-cj2a-longmont-co0 cj3b-cj2a-longmont-co1 cj3b-cj2a-longmont-co2 cj3b-cj2a-longmont-co3 cj3b-cj2a-longmont-co4

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1948 CJ-2A Schertz, TX $10,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,000

(02/14/2021) Appears solid.

“**Jeep now running** Selling my Dads 1948 Jeep Willys. Lots of work has been done all with documentation.”

1948-cj2a-schertz-tx1 1948-cj2a-schertz-tx2 1948-cj2a-schertz-tx3 1948-cj2a-schertz-tx4

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1954 Austin Champ Little Rock, AR $4000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Not sure how much value is here.

“Very old Austin champ, ran when parked, owner pass many years ago. Year n kind unknown”

1954-austin-champ-lr-ar1 1954-austin-champ-lr-ar4 1954-austin-champ-lr-ar3 1954-austin-champ-lr-ar2

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VEC CJ-2A and CJ-5 Parts Jeeps Memphis, TN $600


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/27/2021) Not sure how much value is here, but the body is a VEC CJ-2A.

“Willys Jeep parts cj2a mb No hood no fenders no grill not windshield frame no tailgate no steering colum CJ5.”

cj5-vec-cj2a-memphis-tn1 cj5-vec-cj2a-memphis-tn2

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1949? CJ-3A? Eucha, OK $1250


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/01/2021) Listed as a 1949, it may have a GPW/MB body and a mix of parts.

“Jeep willys 305 v8 motor If the listing is up it is still for sale No title”

1949-cj3a-eucha-ok2 1949-cj3a-eucha-ok3 1949-cj3a-eucha-ok4

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1951? Flattie Broken Arrow, OK $15,663


UPDATE: Still Available

(12/27/2020) This appears to be a WWII chassis with a hacked-up replacement tub. It includes the trailer. More information here:

“Wow! Check out this awesome 1951 Willy’s Jeep!!!!! … Willy’s M 38 A with Passenger Trailer”

1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok03 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok02 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok01 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok0

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1962? Mobile Motion Picture Unit Instruction Book

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features, Willys Wagons


This booklet started out last year on ebay with a price of $279. A lack of interest caused the price to plummet until it fell into my hands. This rare mobile motion picture unit sports a Tornado engine, which places the copyright date of the instruction booklet at 1962 or 1963.

Unfortunately, attempts to research this unit further using Google result in a bunch of results related to the “First Motion Picture Unit” during World War II or the associated government archives, which while interesting, isn’t helpful to our present query.

The booklet runs about 25 pages and is mostly focused on the operation of the generator. There aren’t enough photos for me to determine whether this is a modified 4WD sedan delivery wagon or a Traveller. Most of the pics have number references; the numbers are referenced to specific parts in the back of the book.

1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-01-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-02-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-03-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-04-lores

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1950 Photo of Soldiers and Jeep in Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This press photo appeared in multiple newspapers, including the July 20, 1950, edition of the Austin Statesman.

View all the information on ebay

“AMERICAN SOLDIERS In JEEP w .50 CAL MACHINE GUN In KOREA 1950 Press Photo. Size is approximately 7×9 to 8×10 inches. If significantly smaller or larger the specific size will be accurately described.”

1950-07-20-austin-statesmean-soldiers-jeep-50-cal-1 1950-07-20-austin-statesmean-soldiers-jeep-50-cal-2

Here’s the newspaper clipping:


While searching for this press photo I also spotted this photo of a unique gun mount. It was published in the August 04, 1950, issue of the Arizona Republic:

Clipping from Arizona Republic -

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1950 Photo of a Spokane-Based Air Police Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This August 28, 1950, photo from the Spokane Chronicle shows an Air Police MB Jeep. There might be enough there to recreate an Air Police themed jeep like this.


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1966 M-274a2 Oroville, CA $11,500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Looks in good shape.

“1966 BMY M274A2 Vietnam USMC Military Mule. Complete and original. Selective 2 wheel or 4 wheel steering and full time all wheel drive. New: government engine and engine accessories, clutch, muffler, correct NDCC military tires, seat cushions, data plate set, correct paint and factory USMC markings, electric start and battery, etc.. Includes original government issue tow bar”

1966-m274a2-oroville-ca3 1966-m274a2-oroville-ca4

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1966 Gladiator w/ Trench Kettle Falls, WA $2500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s • TAGS: .

Unclear if this still runs or not.

“4×4 Jeep Trencher. We used this to dig for power and water lines on our place, roughly 5 ft. deep. You can set it at what depth you want. $2,500 OBO”

1966-gladiator-trencher-kettlefalls-wa4 1966-gladiator-trencher-kettlefalls-wa3 1966-gladiator-trencher-kettlefalls-wa2

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1950 CJ-3A Trenary, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000. 

“1950 Willys Jeep!..Listing for a friend, message for more info….ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE!”

1950-cj3a-trenary-mi0 1950-cj3a-trenary-mi1 1950-cj3a-trenary-mi2

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1954 CJ-3B Roseburg, OR $16,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $16,500.

(02/28/2021) Has mods and looks in good shape.

“1954 willys high hood jeep”

1954-cj3b-roseburg-or42 1954-cj3b-roseburg-or43 1954-cj3b-roseburg-or4