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1954 CJ-3B Lakeland, FL $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/22/2016) The body has been repaired near the entry areas on both side of the body.

“1954 willys jeep 3b model awesome shape garage kept 18 years all original 6500.00 obo must see”

1954-cj3b-lakeland-fl04 1954-cj3b-lakeland-fl05

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2 1946 Hobart Generators Columbia City, IN $1000

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/22/2020) There could be value here.

“I have 2 hobart GP-258 generator welders for sale both complete the one on the trailer has the arc sense throttle linkage NEITHER OF THEM RUN but wouldn’t take much to get going both engines are free and have compression uses a Willys CJ2A engine parts are easy to find at any auto parts store just lost motivation. Trailer included sells as a set will not separate”

2-hobart-generators-welders-columbiacity-in1 2-hobart-generators-welders-columbiacity-in2

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1948 W-O Builds 5 Great Lines of Trucks Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This August 1, 1948, brochure extolls the five lines of trucks produced by Willys-Overland. This is one of the earliest Truck brochures, if not the earliest?

The problem I have with this brochure is that it doesn’t seem very clear on what constitutes the “five” truck lines. Are the wagons and jeeps considered trucks for the purposes of this brochure? Page 3 of the brochure suggests that could be the case. On the other hand, there’s no Universal ‘Jeep’ shown within the tri-fold main portion of the brochure (though a Universal jeep lands on the back of the brochure).

Based on the brochure, I would say the 5 TRUCK lines are 1) The 2WD ‘Jeep’ Pick-Up Truck; 2) The 4WD ‘Jeep’ Pick-Up Truck; 3) The ‘Jeep’ Platform Stake Truck; 4) The ‘Jeep’ Canopy Truck; and 5) The ‘Jeep’ Van Truck. I am likely incorrect about this …

1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks1-lores 1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks2-lores 1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks3-lores

Print date:



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1960 Photo of Jeep w/Odd Top

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images • TAGS: .

This August 21, 1960, article in the Ogden Standard Examiner out of Utah includes a photo of a CJ-2A with a home made, odd hardtop.

Clipping from The Ogden Standard-Examiner -

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1940 News Article — Fort Oglethorpe Receives Midget Autos

This December 22, 1940, article in the Birmingham News highlights the latest arrival of “midget automobiles” at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. I would imagine these are Bantam BRC-60s.

Clipping from The Birmingham News -

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1949? CJ-2A Bluffton, GA $10,000


This could possibly be a late 1948 or 1949 CJ-2A. Either that or it is a 3A with a replacement 2A body.

“Restored, complete and going perfectly. Licensed and insured, titled.
Mileage unsure. About 10k miles since restoration.
Restored to roadworthy condition.
One issue – it has a paint problem – that will require a repaint. A base coat is not adhering correctly.
Converted to 12V. ”

1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga0 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga1 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga2 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga3 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga4

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1967 Jeepster Convertible Fargo, ND $16,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Looks good.

“1967 jeep jeepster newer restoration runs great must see”

1967-Jeepster-Convertible-fargo-nd2 1967-Jeepster-Convertible-fargo-nd3 1967-Jeepster-Convertible-fargo-nd4

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1973 Eagle Eagle Indanola, NE $5000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

Never heard of the Eagle amphibious ATV. There might be a review of this in the August 1970 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.

“This is a very rare amphibious ATV. They competed for the military contract against Coot. Coot eventually won the contract so eagle went by the wayside. I have restored about 90% of this and have put in a well running Vanguard. It needs some work still to be completely finished but I have lost Interest in being the one to finish it. It would be cool to finish it and use it as a river rig or take it to the sand pits and you should be able to just drive out on the water with it, that was always my goal. One sold on eBay a few years ago it was completely restored for 7500. I have not seen one for sale since then, I see coots on there all the time but they’re much more common. Make me an offer or I’m open to trades. Motorcycles, four-door with a long box or anything that I can take to the lake. Let me know what you got.”

eagle-atv3 eagle-atv2 eagle-atv1 eagle-brochure-atv2 eagle-brochure-atv

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Dune CJ-5 Horton, MI $5800


Oddball rig.

“Custom Jeep/Scout tube buggy. 5 seater, v-8 international 304 engine, Torqueflite 727 automatic transmission. Titled and road drivable. Dual stick 4×4. Built for Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Runs great, ready to go.”

1978-oddball-horton-mi1 1978-oddball-horton-mi2 1978-oddball-horton-mi3 1978-oddball-horton-mi4

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CJ-5s & M-38A1s



  1. 1979 Cj-5 Junction City, OH $5000:
  2. 1974 CJ-5 Renegade Seneca, SC $5500:
  3. 1973 CJ-5 (with plow setup) Alexandria, VA $1500:
  4. 1956 CJ-5 Evansville, IN $3900:
  5. 1955 CJ-5 Irwinton, GA $1850:
  6. 1972 CJ-5 Greensboro, NC $1200:
  7. 1967 CJ-5 Knoxville, TN $500:
  8. 1961 CJ-5 Sutton, NH $1200:
  9. 1979 CJ-5 Macedonia, OH $3500:
  10. 1975 CJ-5 Pittsburgh, PA $4000:
  11. 1979 CJ-5 Columbus, OH $3500:
  12. 1976 CJ-5 Hebron, OH $5000:
  13. 1966 CJ-5 Muncie, IN $2555:
  14. 1977 CJ-5 South Chesterfield, VA $3000:
  15. 1966 CJ-5 Lynchburg, VA $975:
  16. 1967 CJ-5 Knoxville, TN $500:
  17. 1980 CJ-5 Athens, GA $4500:
  18. 1976 CJ-5 Thomson, GA $1600:
  19. 1956 CJ-5 Savannah, GA $3500:


  1. 1955 M-38A1 Stevens, PA $9500:
  2. 1962 M-38A1 Star, NC $4500:
  3. 1953 M-38A1 & Year? CJ-5 Virgie, KY $1200:
  4. 1955 M-38A1 Hodgdon, ME $4500:
  5. 1952 M-38A1 Nashville, TN $11,500:
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1953 CJ-3B Highland, NY Best Offer


Has some parts value at the very least. Has a sears/allstate hardtop.

“1953 Willy’s Jeep. Good for restoration and or parts. Engine, Transmission, good. Power take off works. Original parts. Will accept best offer.”

1953-cj3b-hv-ny1 1953-cj3b-hv-ny2 1953-cj3b-hv-ny3

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1941? MB Crawler Phelps, NY $10,000


Lots of mods on this crawler.

“Custom 1941 Jeep Willy’s crock crawler Engine 3054 cat Trans fj40 land cruiser 4 speed Axles 1975 fj40 land cruiser (locked front and rear)”

year-crawler-phelps-ny1 year-crawler-phelps-ny2 year-crawler-phelps-ny3 year-crawler-phelps-ny4

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1967 Toyota Landcruiser St. Paul, MN $7000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

I don’t see many of these 60s land cruiser projects for sale.

1967-toyota-landcruiser-stpaul-mn1 1967-toyota-landcruiser-stpaul-mn

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Cab Enclosure Hardtops

  1. CJ-5 Cab Enclosure Hardtop Shelburn, IN $500:
  2. CJ-2A Cab Enclosure Hardtop Cleveland, OH $500:
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Jeep Toys and Parts Middletown, CT

• CATEGORIES: Parts, toys

Gary’s got some jeep stuff for sale.

  1. Elden Powerride Jungle Jeep $40
  2. Green Pedal Jeep $350
  3. Chrome Bumper (jeep?) $40
  4. T-90/D-18/Bellhousing $250
  5. T-90/D-18 TC $200
  6. 2 Armstrong Norsemen Tires $25
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L-134 Kittery, ME **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Parts

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $375.

Seller will throw in the stand for $50.

“Have an early Willy’s Go Devil engine which turns freely, head bolts all turn nicely, no visible cracks but I have not had it scanned. Wilson Foundry W4 mold, cast number 838632. Serial number behind oil filter was grown down or never there, believe that is because the engine was overhauled at some point in its life. Not sure on that. It came as a package when I purchased my 46 CJ2A and I don’t need it. Toss in 50 bucks and you can have the stand. Hope the pictures add value. If the post is up, it is available. Cash only, pick up only.”


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Bantam T3C Trailer Fremont, NY $750

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Maybe someone can use this.

bantam-tc3-trailer-ny1 bantam-tc3-trailer-ny2

“Early 1950s Vintage Bantam Army-surplus light-weight Willy trailer. New tires. But needs plenty of refurbishing.
Original tag reads:
American Bantam Car Co.
Butler, Pa”


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1959 CJ-6 West Monroe, NY $8000


Maury shared this nice looking CJ-6.


“I am not here to troll or post and run, but I do have a very nice, clean, running, operational 1959 CJ-6 that I am looking to sell. THE ONLY reason I am selling is because I have expanded my business … It is all there, the metal is good, no real “rot” and has had some previous body work done. My goal was to give her a proper restoration and show it as well as drive it during the fair weather months. That said, she starts, runs, drives, turns, stops and shuts off properly. There may be a light bulb out, there may be a little oil leak here or there, there may be a squeak or rattle, the gages may not all operate every day of the week, but it is a very solid 6. It is currently NY registered, insured and inspected. I drive it at least weekly around town to keep her from getting ornery. The previous owner built the rear bumper, which is also an air tank. The front bumper is aluminum and also obviously not original. The seat brackets are fabricated to flip forward to access a compartment built into the floor. The rear seat bracket is also made to flip back for “tailgating” as he (previous owner) put it. He also installed some aftermarket gages. Aside from those items, everything else is original, or appears to be.

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1954 Article w/ the Longview Trailbreakers Jeep Club

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This October 09, 1954, article form the Longview Daily News puts the launch of the Trailerbreakers Jeep Club in April of 1954. That’s one view of Mount St. Helens that no longer exists!


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Vintage Jeep Parts at


Jim at tells me he has a variety of vintage jeep parts for sale. He has much more than is listed within the categories on the website. I suggest calling him to learn if he has what you need.


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Sotheby’s Willys Jeep Auctions

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

There are some jeeps coming up for auction through Sotheby’s, along with a Mule. Note Lot 322 1951 M-38 that sold for $61,600!


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1948 Wagon Delivery Sedan Braselton, GA $7500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500.

(01/07/2020) Drive as is or restore.

“PRICE LOWERED 1948 Jeep Willys Delivery. It is in overall good condition and is perfect candidate for restoration. It runs, rides and drives good. All original. New tires, brake system, battery and more. 3 speed transmission.”

1948-delivery-sedan-brasel-ga0 1948-delivery-sedan-brasel-ga1 1948-delivery-sedan-brasel-ga2 1948-delivery-sedan-brasel-ga3 1948-delivery-sedan-brasel-ga4

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1948 CJ-2A Meridian, ID $9850


UPDATE: Price dropped to $9850.

Looks nicely refurbed.

“1948 CJ 2A Willys Jeep Restored Original Motor (4 cylinder) Less than 6K miles on a rebuild New seats Dana 44 – R & 41 – F Warn Overdrive Warn Winch Heater LED break lights Converted to 12V Rebuilt radiator Soft top Full Top with doors After market steering stabilizer (can do 60mph) This jeep is in great condition, runs great, straight body and drives amazing”

1948-cj2a-meridian-ida1 1948-cj2a-meridian-ida2 1948-cj2a-meridian-ida3 1948-cj2a-meridian-ida4


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1978 CJ-7-Truck Baltimore, OH $13,000


Something a little different.

“CJ7 for sale. Converted to truck. Jeep has 350 chevy motor and runs good with automatic transmission. All new brakes, rotors, calipers, wheel bearings, hubs, etc. Has fairly new 37 inch tires and rims. The CJ still needs a little work. Please call [hidden information] for questions and interest. $13,000 ob”

1978-cj7-truck-baltimore-oh0 1978-cj7-truck-baltimore-oh1 1978-cj7-truck-baltimore-oh2 1978-cj7-truck-baltimore-oh3 1978-cj7-truck-baltimore-oh4

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1973 Mitsubishi Elkton, KY $6775

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, International • TAGS: .

The price seems good. Interesting that it was just shipped two the US last month.

“Here is Japanese Jeep that was built under license from Kaiser Jeep Corp. This was originally used by the Japanese Military. This is a 1973 Jeep with 44K miles. Very nice condition inside and out. Just shipped from Japan last month Just neat clean fun. Be the first in your neighborhood. Very similar US Jeep from the 50’s & 60’s. This has a 4 cylinder over head valve Mitsubishi engine. Starts easily and runs well.”

1973-mitsubishi-elkton-ky1 1973-mitsubishi-elkton-ky2 1973-mitsubishi-elkton-ky3 1973-mitsubishi-elkton-ky4