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1946 CJ-2A Albuquerque, NM $2000


There seems to be some parts value at the very least.

“PROJECT 46 willy’s motor cranks freely just don’t have the money to fix it up at this”


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1962? DJ-3A Surrey Queen Creek, AZ $3150


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3150. 

Has some body rust; seems to me this could have been a Surrey. It’s missing the top portion of the dry gauze air filter.

“Real Pink Surrey Edition DJ3A. 2 wheel drive. L134, column shift. Clean title. Will need some TLC. Body has some rust, needs carb rebuilt, and factory tank repaired and put back in(temporary fuel tank in back right now). Brakes work and steers great. Has factory bumpers, hub caps, and some original pink fabric on seats. Was driving around a few months ago. Motor has some smoke. Currently not running. Hard top also available. Bring a trailer. Located in Queen Creek, Az. Can help with transport and possible delivery within reason. Don’t have to sell, just making room for current projects.”

1962-dj3a-surrey-san-tan-valley-az1 1962-dj3a-surrey-san-tan-valley-az2 1962-dj3a-surrey-san-tan-valley-az3 1962-dj3a-surrey-san-tan-valley-az4

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1951? Flattie Broken Arrow, OK $15,663


This appears to be a WWII chassis with a hacked-up replacement tub. It includes the trailer. More information here:

“Wow! Check out this awesome 1951 Willy’s Jeep!!!!! … Willy’s M 38 A with Passenger Trailer”

1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok03 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok02 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok01 1951-flattie-brokenarrow-ok0

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1951 CJ-3A/M-38/CJ-2A Gloster, LA $15,000


This is a mix of parts. The body is M-38, but the chassis is CJ, probably CJ-3A given the engine and radiator. The Windshield is obviously CJ-2A.

“1951 willis jeep dont know much about it, try n to sell it for my neighbor. He has all the paperwork jeep is clean.”

1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la01 1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la0 1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la1 1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la2 1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la3 1951-m38-cj3a-gloster-la4

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1946 CJ-2A Springdale, AR $5500


Has some updates.

“My father in law has asked me to sell his 1946 Willys. It has a 350 under the hood and is a 3 speed transmission. Runs and drives good just needs a new battery (which we will provide for a serious buyer). Pick up in Springdale. 5500 firm. Wanting to sell for a livescope.”

1946-cj2a-springdale-ar2 1946-cj2a-springdale-ar4 1946-cj2a-springdale-ar3

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Year? M-38 Lockhart, TX $2000


Engine is locked. Unclear how much value is here. It’s listed as a 1949, but clearly is an M-38.

“Just got. Motor seems locked but not too bad. All original”


year-m38-lockhart-tx2 year-m38-lockhart-tx3

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1946 CJ-2A Belton, TX $500


Not much value in this CJ-2A #41885 (I think that’s the number). The serial number data plate might just be the most valuable item.

“1946 willys cj2a in rough condition”

1946-cj2a-belton-tx-6 1946-cj2a-belton-tx-7 1946-cj2a-belton-tx-8 1946-cj2a-belton-tx-9

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1947 CJ-2A Gulfport, MS $9000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $9000.

The CJ-2A was the SECOND model sold to civilians? What was the first? Maybe seller meant the second year of sales?

“This is a REAL Jeep; it is the SECOND model Jeep sold for/to civilians after WWII. It was rebuilt by the previous owner and has a 4-cylinder, Go-Devil engine, 4-leaf suspension, 3-speed manual transmission, transfer case shifter, and range shifter, military-style tires (in excellent condition), 5-gallon external/spare fuel can (w/spout), and a canvas “summer top” (no sides) w/frame (not pictured). Also has an A-frame tow-bar which bolts to the front bumper. Maximum (street) speed is 45 MPH. Four wheel drive works and has front-axle locking hubs. It is a definite attention-getter, and crowd-pleaser. Would make anyone’s Christmas the BEST EVER! Price is FIRM”

1947-cj2a-gulfport-ms1 1947-cj2a-gulfport-ms2 1947-cj2a-gulfport-ms3 1947-cj2a-gulfport-ms4

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No updates Saturday


No updates today. Next updates Sunday.

Well, we raised the bar this Christmas. Last Christmas we took my mother-in-law to the ER on Christmas morning. For 2020, we visited the Pet ER at 2am and returned at 4am, then took my m-i-l to the ER in the afternoon (just as I finished cooking a prime rib). Who knows what Christmas 2021 will bring!!??!!

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Super Hurricane w/ T90 and Dana 18 West Michigan **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

“Prime candidate for rebuild, disassembled and fully cleaned. Standard bore and crank. Including oil pan and all pictured parts . T90,Dana18 .$650.00”






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1957 Photo of M-38A1; Merry Christmas!

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This old Christmas photo featuring a decorated M-38A1 and trailer is for sale on eBay. It’s a pretty faded photo, but just seemed perfect for this year’ s pandemic Christmas … things are just a bit off this year!

View all the information on ebay

“Vintage 1957 Christmas Photograph Santa Merry Christmas Jeep Reindeer Funny.”


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Jeeps For Georgie

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bill shared this story about a 1000 jeeps and drivers in Martinsburg, West Virginia, giving a young cancer patient home for Christmas a parade to remember. The event was called “Jeeps for Georgie”. Read more here:

2020-12-23-christmas-parade-cancer-survivor2 2020-12-23-christmas-parade-cancer-survivor

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Neil Young & His 1951 Jeepster

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

UPDATE: Mark found this photo which seems like it could have been taken at the same time the video was shot:


Mike spotted this video of Neil Young driving his 1951 Jeepster. Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video, so a screenshot will have to make do. You can see the video snippet of the Jeepster at the start of a video with Neil Young playing “Old Man”. It appears the old man rancher that inspired the song can also be seen.

I believe this is the same Jeepster that Vernon (and his aliases) have mentioned over the years. Neil’s Jeepster has the Lightning (inline 6) engine. It also has the JEEP brass tag and a 673 has the emblem, plug Vernon’s overdrive solenoid.

Per Vernon, “noted rock star NEIL YOUNG opted for the 51 — in 69 he drove it from LA to his new ranch in LA HONDA , guitars in the back , gold records , the TURTLES drummer JOHNNY BARBATA rode shotgun — he had to get out of LA and hide in the wilderness , people were picking him apart”
… and …
“NEIL YOUNG wont drive his fossil fueled classic cars anymore — he’s went utterly , completely GREEN ( listen to his GREENDALE album ) — his 1951 WILLYS OVERLAND JEEPSTER PHAETON is now a ” museum piece ” gathering dust”.


Neil Young in his 1951 Jeepster. Standing next to it looks like David Crosby to me.


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Willys MA Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Old Images

Here’s a photo of a Willys MA in action.

View all the information eBay

“Offered is an original WWII time period photograph. It belonged Lt. Salvador Joseph Cuttitta who was enlisted with the 6th Armored Infantry and trained with 1st Armored Division. He was then transferred to serve with the 5th Armored Division. There is some tape on the corners as seen. Picture measures approximately 3 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ inches.”


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Customized WWII Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Sedan-jeep • TAGS: , .

This photo is part of a collection of photos of the 333rd Engineers. No date is given. It looks like this jeep was nicely updated until a wreck or something else caused damage.

View all the information on eBay


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Year? CJ-2A Mesa, AZ $1250


This has a variety of updates. There might be value here if the engine spins.

‘I ended up purchasing this jeep from my Dads friend. I dont have all the details yet I will have more when I get them dug out of the jungle which is his yard. I am asking $1250 for the complete jeep Has the l head engine I also have hard top for sale that came off a 1960 CJ5. I also have a P.T.O winch for sale.”


1946-cj2a-az year-cj2a-mesa-az2 year-cj2a-mesa-az3 year-cj2a-mesa-az4

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1942 MB? Fort Mohave, AZ $17,820


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/31/2020) Has a GPW-like bumper with the holes in front of the frame rails.

‘Jeep with 50 cal mounted on it. Excellent condition everything works the way it did in 1942.”

1942-mb-fortmohave-az1 1942-mb-fortmohave-az2 1942-mb-fortmohave-az3

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1985 CJ-7/Flattie Body Project Hudson, NH $2500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/22/2020) This has a fiberglass body. I’m not sure how much value is here.

“This is a PROJECT it’s a 1985 cj7 frame and 4 cyl running gear 4 speed trans. The body is a used cj2a fiberglass tub steel frt end. This is a project and needs to be completed”




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Year? CJ-3A East Stroudsburg, PA $2500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/22/2020) Looks to be a CJ-3A.

“Willys for sale or trade , comes with plow , was running. Not sure of year and not actual miles.”

1947-cj2a-eaststroudsburg-pa0 1947-cj2a-eaststroudsburg-pa1 1947-cj2a-eaststroudsburg-pa2 1947-cj2a-eaststroudsburg-pa3 1947-cj2a-eaststroudsburg-pa4

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Jeepsters and the Sunkist Lady

UPDATE: This article provides more information about this stunt Jeepster and plane. It was published in the March 20, 1949, issue of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

1949-03-20-fort-worth-star-telegram-jeep-jockey-endurance-jeepster-plane1-lores 1949-03-20-fort-worth-star-telegram-jeep-jockey-endurance-jeepster-plane2-lores


Originally Published Dec 8, 2012:

The Sunkist Lady was an Aeronca 15AC Sedan airplane flown by Dick Riedel and Bill Barris used to set a world-record for endurance flight.  They spent a total of 1008 hours and 2 minutes aboard the airplane, ending their flight in April of 1949. Unfortunately for them, their record was broken six months later.

What makes this relevant for jeep fans was that to keep the plan in the air, the crew used Jeepsters borrowed from local dealers to race down the airport runway so the crew could hand fuel and food to the two pilots.

Thanks to Colin for forwarding the story!

Here is a link to a story and a video about the flight (124 MB):

Here is a second article: The picture below is from that article.

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1946 Ralph McGill Column: Jeep Jockey in Germany

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

I’d be very interested to know if the driver’s kidney issues improved once he his jeep driving days in the military were over. This article appeared in the February 21, 1946, issue of the Atlanta Constitution.


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Knox Trailers

• CATEGORIES: Features, trailer

UPDATE: Scott recently refurbed his Knox, making it capable and durable for modern activities. He’s had a hard time finding information on these trailers. Does anyone know more about them? Here are a couple pics of his trailer:

131919487_10208151388098103_104456223371701708_n 131910509_10208151375017776_4928515296349644830_n


Here are two Knox trailers that were listed on eBay back in 2013:

1) This Knox trailer was on eBay and has a serial number of 15.

“This is soooo rare there is barely ANYTHING on Google except this listing now..
From what I can gather from old guys in the military vehicle circles, these were made by Knox company who also made utility bodies and truck tool boxes. These were optional equipment for international trucks and some Jeeps. Serial #15, Rated at 1500 pounds”

$(KGrHqN,!o0FHiwcFTZYBSB(5BE-r!~~60_3 $T2eC16N,!)!E9s2f!qCMBSB(3t45Jg~~60_3 $T2eC16Z,!w0E9szNZtl6BSB(2JF(RQ~~60_3

2) This one is from the Inland Empire in California and was priced at $800

“Rare! It is an Old School Truck frame and 4’x6′ bed, converted into a trailer. Wood bed floor needs work but Im using ply wood right now. Hi clearance,very heavy duty used for Hualing Quad,offroading and camping. Comes with a Metal storage box on front. It has a Heavy Duty Dexter 6000lb mobile home axle with 3” tube,big spindles, narrowed to fit frame. It still has electric brake backing plates but not complete, You can buy the e-brake Hub/drum kit to fit backplates in future? Use it for parts to restore your Old truck or Rat Rod or As a Wagon for your Willys / Jeep or Offroad Truck. I would like to sell $800 or trade/Barter for A Low milage Jeep/Dodge 4.0L-4.6 Stroker or 5.9 v8.


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1942 Santa w/ Kids in a jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles • TAGS: .

This 1944 newspaper photo of Santa in a jeep shows a military jeep with a taller-than-normal windshield, almost 2A like. This was published in the December 28, 1942, in the Bull Horn out of Norman, Oklahoma.


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1947 Press Photo of Japanese Kids in Toy Jeeps on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This press photo was taken March 30, 1947, at a Japanese department story where kids got to test out riding jeeps from a Japanese manufacturer who added “Kiroy was Here” to the dash. I don’t think these models of riding jeeps have been documented.

View all the information on ebay

“1947 Press Photo Children playing with toy jeeps at a department store in Japan. This is an original press photo. Japan (General). Japanese children, visiting a Tokyo department store, try out toy jeeps bearing the slogan “Kilroy was here,” placed on them by the Japanese manufacturer.Photo measures 7 x 8.75inches. Photo is dated 3-30-1947. ”

1947-03-31-kilroys-here-japanese-kids-jeep1 1947-03-31-kilroys-here-japanese-kids-jeep

I was able to locate a corresponding photo in a newspaper. This one appeared in the March 31, 1947, issue of the Des Moines Tribune out of Iowa:


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Flat Fender Project Eatonville, WA $1500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1500. Includes a Bobcat hood and modified windshield.

(10/28/2020) “1942 Jeep mb wheeler no engine or trans. Got it but decided not enough time in my schedule. Clear title from prior owner. Needs lots of work but a good base!”

1942-mb-eatonville-wa0 1942-mb-eatonville-wa1 1942-mb-eatonville-wa2