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1953 CJ-3B Chandler, AZ $4000


It’s project, but the body appears sound.

“Have a 1953 CJ-3B, clean title. Has a small block (I think Chevy) in it mated to the original transmission. Axles are factory I believe. What you see is what you get”

1953-cj3b-chandler-az0 1953-cj3b-chandler-az1 1953-cj3b-chandler-az2 1953-cj3b-chandler-az3 1953-cj3b-chandler-az4

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1950 Jeepster Boulder City, NV $7999

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This seems like a good price, but this sounds like a dealer. Maybe the price isn’t serious? No engine or interior pics included in the ad.

1950-jeepster-bc-nv3 1950-jeepster-bc-nv4

“1950 Willys Jeepster Convertible 2 door wagon, 4 cylinder 3 speed. We understand that buying on the web could leave room for uncertainty of the quality/condition of the vehicle. We are happy to Facetime, Google Duo, or video anything you want to see specifically. We facilitate transportation to your front door, making it easy to enjoy your new soulmate with no worries. Give us a call and let us help you find that love of man and machine.”

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1950 CJ-3A Eugene, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Unclear how much value is here.

“1950 cj3a Runs drives, no brakes New carb and fuel pump.”

1950-cj3a-eugene--or8 1950-cj3a-eugene--or9

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1942 GPW Los Osos, CA $2000


This has some rare Desert Dog PCV tires (in poor shape). The GPW script body appears to be sitting on a CJ chassis, based on the location of the rear shock frame mounts.

“1942 Ford Gpw script jeep. Comes with Ford v8 and Bill of sale.. has transfercase and adapter to auto trans.. $2000.00 in Los osos”

1942-gpw-lososos-ca-0 1942-gpw-lososos-ca-1 1942-gpw-lososos-ca-2 1942-gpw-lososos-ca-3 1942-gpw-lososos-ca-4

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Early Jeepster Hard Top?

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This 1959 Jeepster project out of Lake Havasu City, AZ, has an unusual top. It looks like a hardtop of some type and seems to fit the Jeepster well. The large side window isn’t. very stylish, but the smaller one seems to fit the top. Anyone seen a top like this?

“Early jeepster and trailer. not running,trailer needs tires,not mine,listing for a friend, if add is up it’s available, bill of sale only will not respond to just is it available.”

jeepster-early-hardtop-az2 jeepster-early-hardtop-az

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1961 CJ-6 Bakersfield, CA $4500


This is a project.

“Up for sale is my CJ6 project. It runs and drives but needs lots of work and is rusty. Water pump leaks, the brakes don’t work and it has a broken leaf spring. It is currently on a non-op, so there are no back fees at the dmv. All original willys jeep that you don’t see everyday. Don’t ask if it’s available, I will remove post when it sells. I can prove that it runs to serious buyers”

1961-cj6-bakersfield-ca8 1961-cj6-bakersfield-ca9

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1947 CJ-2A Escondido, CA $1400


No description provided.

1947-cj2a-escondido-ca6 1947-cj2a-escondido-ca7 1947-cj2a-escondido-ca8 1947-cj2a-escondido-ca9

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1960 Mule M-274 Escondido, CA $1500

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A parts/project Mule is hard to find!

“M247 Army Mule. Two engines, one 2 cylinder, one 4 cylinder. Has all new bearings and boots. 2 cylinder engine runs, 4 cylinder engine needs push rods. ”

1960-m274-mule-ca1 1960-m274-mule-ca2

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1951 Truck Northern AZ $6500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

The replacement floor looks good.

“Rebuilt transmission and completely rebuilt the floor. Don’t have the time anymore”

1951-truck-n-az-2 1951-truck-n-az-3 1951-truck-n-az-4

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1962 M-422A Chine Valley, AZ $15,500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,500

Sri spotted this unusual M-422A with a hardtop.  I don’t remember seeing a hardtop on one of these. Was this something that was available for an M-422A through a third party the way the M-38 and M-38A1 hardtops were? This fit seems pretty good.

“1962 Mighty Mite 422A · Military small all aluminum jeep made for remote drop for the Vietnam war · Driven 12,345 miles Restored 1962 mighty mite. 422A. Everything in good shape. Lots of work to get it out to restored shape”

1962-m422a-chinovalley-az0 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az1 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az2 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az3 1962-m422a-chinovalley-az4

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MD Juan Virtual Tour

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mike shared this video of a brief MD Juan factory tour. The video, in part, demonstrates the scope of equipment necessary to make some of the parts. It’s not a trivial investment in stamps and computer equipment.

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1962 CJ-5 Tehachapi, CA $3000


No obvious rust along with an unusual winch.

“1962 Willys Jeep Does NOT run!! Willing to part. Clean CA Title”


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Kurland Hubs and Kurland Histories

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One of the rarest type of jeeps hubs are the Kurland hubs. I’ve only had one pic of these hubs (thanks to Ted Jordan) until yesterday when Richard Darr forwarded me a photo of a set of hubs he acquired. This led me to a quick dive into the internet, which yielded the following.

A variety of searches related to “Kurland” and “Kurland Motors” yielded results in both Los Angeles (a city whose name appears on the hub) and Denver. In fact, there were Kurland Motor companies in Los Angeles, Denver, and Grand Junction, Colorado (also known as Kurland Junction Motors).

The Denver location was opened as early as August 1946, as an ad in the Windsor Beacon out of Windsor, Colorado, mentioned the new Universal Jeep arriving for delivery (soon).


I couldn’t location much information about this Denver Willys distributor, other than Kurland Motors was instrumental in the launch of the Mile High Jeep Club in 1956 and that Kurland Motors, at least for a short time, marketed Kurland-branded bumpers about that same time.

Regarding Kurland Junction Motors, I was able to locate this ad from February 22, 1948, (The Daily Sentinel, GC, CO):


Now, were the Denver/Grand Junction Kurland dealers connected to the Kurland Motors of Los Angeles that also sold Willys-Overland vehicles? If they were related, I have yet to find a connection. But, at least I was able to unearth more information about the LA Kurland.


CREDIT: December 05, 1948, issue of the Los Angeles Times

As the article suggests, the Transport Motor Company lost some key personnel. Perhaps Transport Motors had decided to exit its Willys-Overland relationship?

At some juncture, it appears Kurland launched a line of free-wheeling hubs. These hubs were stamped with 1) KURLAND, 2) Los Angeles and 3) Patent Pending. Unfortunately, I could find no patents related to the hubs. In fact, the only information I could find related to the hubs was a reference to a CJ-2A being sold with a set of the hubs.


November 10, 1955, Independent News, Long Beach, CA.

Here are the only pics I have of the hubs:


CREDIT: Richard Darr


CREDIT: Ted Jordan

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1951 Wagon and Trailer Trip to Ensenada, Mexico

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In 1951, Kurland Motors provided the Los Angeles Times automobile editor, Lynn Rogers, a wagon for a journey down to Ensenada, Mexico. A description of the trip was printed in the October 21, 1951, issue of the Los Angeles Times.


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Reviving a 1959 CJ-3B

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Bill shared a video via that highlights the saving of a locked-up CJ-3B.

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Use of the “4-Purpose Jeep” Term in Newspaper Ads


Barry discovered that there was a variant of the “4-in-1 Jeep” campaign that used the term “4-Purpose Jeep”. It appears the term only appeared in newspaper ads (I have not extensively confirmed this). Here are some examples.

From the May 19, 1946, issue of the Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper (Beatrice, Nebraska):


From the June 12, 1946, Issue of the South Alabamian (Jackson, Alabama):


From the May 12, 1948, issue of the Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois):


From the May 03, 1951, issue of the Valentine Newspaper (Valentine, Nebraska):


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Video: Saving a 1946 CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Thanks to Chuck for sharing this video about saving a CJ-2A.

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1946 CJ-2A Port Townsend, WA $7900


This 2A seems worth a look.

1946-cj2a-pt-was1 1946-cj2a-pt-was2 1946-cj2a-pt-was3

“Solid old jeep runs, drives and brakes well. Clear title. Mechanical restoration 5 years ago. Body original and untouched, well earned patina and surface rust. A few rust spots but this is road legal and safe as possible (no doors no seat belts no turn signals as it came originally). Gauges, clutch, 4×4 and PTO work great. Switched to 12volt to crank the original Go Devil motor a bit easier. Start it regular and it starts easy. Wait a month or two and it’s grumpy. New carb- new starter -newer tires. This first year civilian 1946 jeep has special one year features. Very cool fold down windshield with safaris. Military front axle. Has frame for bed with the parts. No cover. Back seat needs redone. Reasonable cash offers considered. This was my dad’s first car. My great uncle was original owner. I know its full history. Parked inside almost all its life. Has enjoyed many adventures that added character but not damage.”

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1946 Race/Sand Jeep Vancouver, WA $21,000

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Looks fun.

1946-racejeep-vancouver-wa98 1946-racejeep-vancouver-wa99

“Very clean sand jeep for sale. This was built by Bolton’s Welding out of Placerville, Ca. Mike has built a number of quality sand jeeps through the years.

Motor is a 383c.i. that we ran in our dragster for years. It ran 3.60’s in the 100yds and won multiple championships. North of 650hp. Motor was freshened and sold to a friend who never used it, and I ended up buying it back. – AFR 227 Heads – AFR Titan Manifold – Bowtie Block – Yellow Terra shaft rockers – Wiseco pistons – Callies rods – Callies crank – QuickFuel 1000 carb

Brand new TCI Powerglide tranny w/ 5000 stall converter, Dana 60 rear. 20 gallon fuel cell. MSD ignition system.

Floorboard and firewall are polished aluminum. Paddles are essentially new.

Jeep ran 3.94 in 300′ in it’s first full pass and then was involved in an accident that twisted the wheelie bar up. Would need a new wheelie bar to use on the track. No other damage.

Bought the jeep to use at the track and dunes, but I moved to Seattle and we have four other race cars and not enough time or space currently for this one. This jeep is honestly immaculate, pictures don’t do it justice.

Will sell as a roller w/ tranny for $14k. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to keep the motor, it’s our favorite engine we’ve ever had.”

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1952 M-38 Graham, WA $7500

• CATEGORIES: M-38 • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/22/2018) “Willy’s jeep ready for some crawling with the low gearing. Saginaw steering power, 538 gears, motor is a 4.65 Chev toploader. This Jeep is ready for you to add your personal touches. It’s stored and has been stored in a garage”

1952-m38-puy-wa7 1952-m38-puy-wa8 1952-m38-puy-wa9

Older pics: Continue reading

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1956 CJ-5 Blanchard, ID $3500


This could be worth a look. No title, but it runs and drives. It’s got some nice features plus the Meyer hardtop.

1956-cj5-blanchard-id1 1956-cj5-blanchard-id2

“V6 t18 4 speed twin stick Dana 18 all lights work heater wipers horn runs great drives good I’ve put 1500 miles on it no problems Ebrake don’t work and hand throttle both froze up broke Speedo cable drivable as is no title so low price great trail ranch hunting rig-can be titled assembled vehicle has 56 tub fram 71 motor transmission tcase grill windshield frame top”


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1949 CJ-3A Wenatchee, WA $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(03/22/2022) This has a variety of updates. That’s a CJ-5 Sears/Meyers hardtop.

1949-cj3a-wenatchee-wa-5 1949-cj3a-wenatchee-wa-6 1949-cj3a-wenatchee-wa-7 1949-cj3a-wenatchee-wa-8 1949-cj3a-wenatchee-wa-9

“This is a 49 Willy’s Jeep CJ2a. Has been in the Ballard family for over 50 years! Has a 1979 Ford 2.3 engine. Original manual transmission and rear end. Chevy Impala tilt steering column. It does run but hasn’t been driven very much for a few years. Has a Western 6 foot 6 plo”

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1964 Wagoneer Vista, CA BaT Auction

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Sam spotted this Wagoneer survivor, with a more modern engine hidden inside, up for auction on BaT. The current bid with 2 days to go is $12,000/

“This 1964 Jeep Wagoneer was acquired by the seller in 2020 and has since been modified with a 6.0-liter GM Vortec V8, a 4L65E four-speed automatic transmission, a twin-stick Dana 300 transfer case, a PSI wiring harness, power-assisted front disc brakes, a 2″ suspension lift, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires on refurbished 15″ steel wheels, a custom exhaust system, a rooftop tent, remote power door locks, and a Bluetooth stereo. Fluid changes were carried out in December 2021. This modified Wagoneer is now offered with owner’s and service manuals, parts receipts, and a clean California title in the seller’s name.”

1964-wagonner-vista-ca6 1964-wagonner-vista-ca7 1964-wagonner-vista-ca9


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1959 CJ-5 Nampa, ID $3500


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the hub on the driver’s side. It includes a Koenig(?) hardtop and a pto winch.

“I have a 1959 Jeep for sale. The body is in good shape, I don’t see any rust anywhere. It’s a 4X4, with a manual transmission. It has an inline six-cylinder engine. It has a metal hard top that can be removed. It has been sitting for a while so it will need to be trailered or hauled, I don’t know when it ran last my uncle was going to get it running but passed away.”

1959-cj5-nampa-ida01 1959-cj5-nampa-ida0 1959-cj5-nampa-ida1 1959-cj5-nampa-ida2 Continue reading

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1945 MB Spokane, WA $1200


Looks like there is some parts value here.

“1945 MB Willys jeep parts for sale ”

1945-mb-spokane-wa86 1945-mb-spokane-wa87