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1966 M-274 Mule Ione, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

This does not run at the moment.

“Selling a 1966 military mule. This is a fun thing to have. And it is titled as an atv in the state of Oregon and I do have a clean title and all the paper work that goes with it also have manuals for it as well. It’s rated as a half ton. Has articulating steering and is 4×4. It did run but sat with gas in the tank and it gummed up the carb. Asking 5500 obo”

1966-m274-mule-ioen-or6 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or7 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or8 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or9

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9″ Drum & Reconditioned Leaf Spring Menasha, WI $35 each


Tim’s selling these two parts. He is willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping. You can contact Tim at willysjeep @ (remove spaces from around the @).

“I have a very good reconditioned leaf spring ( 34 1/2″ centers relaxed) and nice 9″ drum (never been turned). Looking for $35 for either plus shipping”

The drum is the early riveted version:


And, this is the 34.5″ spring:IMG_1878

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1956 CJ-6 Austin, TX $6500


Greg is selling this CJ-6.

“4 cylinder (4-134 F head) runs well. 4×4 works great. Most of the body and frame are in good shape. The bed has some rust – you can see in photos. Comes with tow bar, original steering wheel and a few other parts.”

1956-cj6-austim-tx7 1956-cj6-austim-tx8 1956-cj6-austim-tx9

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Bantam Trailer Rehoboth, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $200.

David’s selling this parts trailer. It has the data tag.

“Bantam Trailer for sale – 1945 I received the trailer as you see it in the pictures, used the trailer around the property but do not need it any more. Tires hold air, wheel axle turns ok, no bottom (as you can see in the pictures) and no tail gate. Not road worthy, I have made no modifications, hitch is the way I received the trailer, paint is peeling. Hopefully someone can use the trailer for parts or restore? $200 obo Thanks”

bantam-trailer-sc-ma7 bantam-trailer-sc-ma8 bantam-trailer-sc-ma9

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Plastic Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: I’ve added a pic of my toy collection at the bottom per John’s request.  As for the next updates, our hectic spring property schedule and some 16 hours days seem to have taken a toll on me, so I’m needing to rest (Apparently, 57yo is not the new 40yo). Fortunately, we’ve gotten a ton done and I made additional progress on the racer. The flooring and firewall all have paint. Now, on to the seat frames  (once I feel better). 

(April 27) … I still have a couple days of work (irrigation systems and garden stuff) before regular updates resume. In the meantime, I’ve got the race jeep floors and firewall painted and ready to assemble. The “dash” gauge plate (actually hooked to the horizontal rollbar) is being constructed in free moments. Once the seat brackets and seat belt anchors, and the top anchors drilled, I’ll be ready to clean and paint the chassis (rattle can paint as the chassis has some rubberized paint that is a bitch to get off. Then, the final assembly can begin.

In the meantime, thanks to Andy spotting the ad, I was able to pick up these 9 plastic jeeps (only one was slightly broken) and one metal one for only $10! I ended up paying the woman more, because she went through the trouble of shipping them. She was grateful for the extra dollars, but it only seemed right. She is keeping a watch out for more jeeps  for me.

Note the Oglesby jeep is there for size reference.

2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps1 2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps2 2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps3

John asked about my jeep-toy collection. Here are many (sorry the pic isn’t better). The “jeep room/study) still needs to be setup (we were going to redo this room in the shop, but I am trying to get the real-jeeps all running first:


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Year? Truck Brewster, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Mike shared this truck. At $500 there seems to be some good value here in parts.


“Not running, no title, selling as is! Give me an offer, trying to give it a home to someone in need of a project!”

1964-truck-ny5 1964-truck-ny6 1964-truck-ny7 1964-truck-ny8 1964-truck-ny9

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1956 Fiat Campagnola Jacksonville, Fl eBay

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Bill spotted this one. Not many of these around. This is sold by an importer. No description provided.

View all the information on eBay

1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl97 1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl98 1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl9

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Year? M-274A5 South Pasadena, CA $10,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Joe is selling this Mule. This is part of an estate sale. It has no title. Email joehuld @ (remove spaces around the @) with Mule in subject line or Call Joe at 626 379 0059.

“This mule was completely restored a few years ago by the late owner and used very little after restoration; only 31 hours show on the Stewart Warner hour meter. The vehicle has been in dry inside storage for the past couple of years. It has STA 7.50-10 NHS tires that appear to be practically new. The O.D green paint is in excellent condition. It is not a street legal so has no registration or title but the attorney representing the estate will provide a bill of sale. It is located in South Pasadena, California and will have to be trailered. It does roll easily”

year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca6 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca7 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca8 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca9


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August 1947 “Pink Heap” Photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, stainless/jewels

I know I’m still on a break, but when folks send cool stuff, it is hard to resist posting it. Maybe someone has this jeep …

Caption: August 1957. “Nantucket, Mass. Jock Gifford’s ‘Pink Heap’ beach buggy.” 35mm Kodachrome by Toni Frissell for the Sports Illustrated assignment “Nantucket Essay.”


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Hobart Welder/Generator North Canton, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator


Mark is selling this industrial Hobart Welder and Generator. Looks in good shape.

Hobart Industrial-Welder-Generator For Sale.  ANew 6 volt Battery, Fresh Tune-up, it runs though I haven’t welded with it recently. 

IMG_0237 IMG_0236 IMG_0235

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Warn Summer Hubs Waffle Style $299


Glenn spotted these hubs for sale. No location provided, but shipping is supposed to only be $5.75.

“WARN Willys Jeep – SUMMER HUBS – 2WD Freewheel, Vintage. A little less than 3.5” bolt pattern. Not exactly sure which years and model axles and Jeeps that these fit. See photos for detailed description, more available on request. Appears needle bearings are still present.”


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Video: Rescuing a 1950 CJ-3A

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Bill shared this video of a 1950 CJ-3A extracted from a collapsed barn.

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1960 Wagon Silverado, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer.

Robert’s selling his beautiful 1960 wagon. Learn more and see more pics at the Old Willys Forum (you will need to become a member to view the ad) and contact him through that site. He welcomes any and all questions. If it doesn’t sell, the vehicle will go to Bring a Trailer eventually and I’ll set the reserve at $23K which is slightly less than what I have in expenses in it. I’m open to reasonable offers, but I’m not desperate to sell it.

1960-wagon-silverado-ca5 1960-wagon-silverado-ca6
1960-wagon-silverado-ca7 1960-wagon-silverado-ca8 1960-wagon-silverado-ca9

“Original drivetrain; 226 Super Hurricane that starts on first crank and purrs like a kitten, valves adjusted 4k ago w/ all new gaskets and nuts/studs. Pertronix converted original disty with Pertronix coil, new wires and plugs; “master craftsman ranch” rebuit Carter carb with 2 in line filters and check valve; new Walck’s 5 row US made radiator and shroud, brand new complete exhaust pipe and muffler; recently replaced water pump.

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Taking a Week Off


Between the race jeep, more planters for Ann, and getting our irrigation systems running, we are pretty busy, so I’m going to take a week off of eWillys. See ya next week.

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Carlisle Auto Auction April 20-21

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Jeepster, Willys Trucks

Mike shared the news that there are several jeeps in this auction.

  1. 1947 Truck (why listed as a ’47 when obviously not?)

  2. 1950 Jeepster
  3. 1962? CJ-2A (not sure why it is listed as a ’62)
  4. 1971 CJ-5
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1951 M-38 Robertsville, MO eBay


Bill shared this one.

View all the information on eBay

“1951 Willys M-38 and M100 trailer. 8400 miles, I believe to be original. The jeep is in good condition, not perfect. It has a few dings and scratches. It has a clear title. The trailer does not have a title. It has been with the jeep for at least 30 plus runs drives and stops. All lights work and black out lights too. The horn works as well. It has a miss when it warms but have narrowed it down to cap and or a coil. All 24 volt is still original to the jeep.  It also comes with a top and all the hardware. I do have the doors as well. I do have the canvas for the trailer as well, it is not in great shape but can get good measurements.”

1951-m38-robertsville-mo7 1951-m38-robertsville-mo8 1951-m38-robertsville-mo9

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Year? M-38 Eloy, AZ eBay


Bill spotted this M-38 with an f-head. It’s listed as a 1949, but these weren’t produced until 1950.

View all the information on eBay

“Willys.  Also known as M38. Only 27,000 made worldwide in 1949”

year-m38-eloy-az6 year-m38-eloy-az7 year-m38-eloy-az8 year-m38-eloy-az9

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1964 CJ-5 Saint Augustine, FL eBay


Bill shared this CJ-5 with some unusual sides on the back. It’s a project due to a thrown rod.

View all the information on eBay

“Very clean and rust free frame and body on restored 1964 Kaiser Jeep CJ5. Recently threw a rod and original engine 3-speed manual needs rebuild or replacement. Have quote from local mechanic for engine rebuild of $8,000+/-. Beautiful head turner and weekend warrior vehicle. Always garage kept. Has Bluetooth-enabled Kenwood system. Will need to be towed or trailered.”

1964-cj5-staugustine-fl6 1964-cj5-staugustine-fl7 1964-cj5-staugustine-fl8 1964-cj5-staugustine-fl9

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1947 CJ-2A Kansas City, KS Copart auction


Bill shared this CJ-2A, serial number 83871 (just barely a ’47).There are only 23 hours left as of this posting. the current price is $500. Check out the engine compartment! Wow, just wow. Given what appears to be a gov data plate on the dash, this was likely modified which ever gov entity owned it. The bumper sure is an odd setup.


47233473_Image_1 47233473_Image_2 47233473_Image_3

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1979 Golden Eagle CJ-5 w/ 5K Miles

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Roger Martin shared this link. This Golden Eagle isn’t for sale, but this low mileage CJ-5 would have been fun to find. The video is from this page:

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1951 Fire or Brush Truck Butterville, IN $10,000

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Willys Wagons

Andy spotted this fire truck for sale. Note that this truck has been for sale for awhile, but it never appeared in any of my searches (which is a problem FB listings have). I looked through Derek’s archives, but could not find this model. I’d guess it’s best described as a brush fire truck.

“1951 Jeep Willys firetruck. 3 speed 4 cylinder all original repainted roughly a year ago. Runs and drives well for its age.”
1951-fire-truck-butterville-in2 1951-fire-truck-butterville-in3 1951-fire-truck-butterville-in9

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1960 CJ-5 Mt. Vernon, WA $4500


Appears worth a look. Unclear why this has Idaho plates.

“If carb is tuned Runs good just needs carb tune 4speed manual no trades please will run to drive home just fine just runs rich”

1960-cj5-mtvernon-wa6 71960-cj5-mtvernon-wa 1960-cj5-mtvernon-wa8 1960-cj5-mtvernon-wa9

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1953 M-38A1 Tillamook, OR $10,000

• CATEGORIES: M-38A1 • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,000.

Looks in good shape.\

“1953 M3A1 Jeep.‘Original metal, seems to have been repainted at some point. Starts and drives great”

1953-m38a1-tillamook-or1 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or2 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or3 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or4

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1948 CJ-2A Plano, TX $5000


Sounds like it runs and drives.

“1948 CJ2A. Engine and transmission in working order.”

1948-cj2a-plano-tx6 1948-cj2a-plano-tx7 1948-cj2a-plano-tx8 1948-cj2a-plano-tx9

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1954 Sand Drag Jeep Roseburg, OR $5000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Racing • TAGS: .

Looks fun for the dunes.

“Sand drag jeep Built small block 327 13-1 compression 110 only Power glide Trans Ready do go , Has a few things that could be fixed Have alot of other small block parts and 2 engines with run stand , enough to build another good motor will ad pics later wanting 6500 for jeep and all parts , don’t have time to answer questions on messenger My number is 541 430 14zero3”

1954-sand-drag-roseburg-or6 1954-sand-drag-roseburg-or7 1954-sand-drag-roseburg-or8 1954-sand-drag-roseburg-or9