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1952 M-38 Wickenburg, AZ $5500


Engine will need a new head gasket. The sale Includes a hardtop.

“Willy’s m38 all original. Converted to 12v. Blown head gasket. Have a hard top with doors also”

1952-m38-wickenburg-az6 1952-m38-wickenburg-az7 1952-m38-wickenburg-az8 1952-m38-wickenburg-az9

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Custom? Flatfender Windshield Tucson, AZ $100


This just might be a modified CJ-3B windshield that’s been modified upward to fit a CJ-3A. Chuck was telling me that he has seen these. If in fact that’s the case, it looks well done. If I were closer I’d get this for Biscuit.

“Willys Jeep windshield frame with glass. I believe it’s for a CJ3A or a CJ3A, not sure because it doesn’t have the vent below the glass.”


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1947 CJ-2A Prineville, OR $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/24/2019) Appears to be missing a few gauges, but looks solid.

“Stock 4 cyl flathead 3 speed. Rancho springs. New fuel pump and master cylinder. Runs good. $8000 OBO.”

1947-cj2a-prineville-or1 1947-cj2a-prineville-or2 1947-cj2a-prineville-or3 1947-cj2a-prineville-or4

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Year? Bantam Trailer Highland Lakes, NJ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $950.

“Trailer has some rust and patches. Comes with canvas cover.”




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1952 Navy Foam Fire Fighting Jeep Prototype

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, videos • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Thanks to Ted, below I’ve added an article and more images from a March 1953 Popular Science article about the little fire fighting jeep, also known as the “Little Squirt”.

1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep1 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep2 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep3 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep4 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep5 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep6
This video from the National Archives Catalog shows a special-purpose fire fighting jeep the Navy was testing. The video is divided into two parts. The first part shows the jeep fighting a fire. The second part shows the jeep from various angles. I’ve also included some images from the video below. (If the video is slow or doesn’t work, go here to download the video).


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1952 Photo of Navy Foam Fire Fighting Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

In an otherworldly co-incidence, this press photo appeared on my ebay search a couple hours AFTER I found the video in the post above. That’s just crazy lucky! So, I’m heading out to buy a lottery ticket right now, lol!

View all the information on eBay

“1952 Press Photo Navy’s foam fire-fighting jeep demonstration, Washington, D.C. This is an original press photo. U.S. Navy – Equipment. Washington, D.C. The Navy’s new foam fire-fighting jeep designed for use on the decks of aircraft carriers is shown extinguishing a blaze during a demonstration at the Naval Research Laboratory today. The self-contained fire extinguishing system is mounted on a jeep and is capable of spreading a protective cone of fire-killing foam 30′ in diameter over a trapped pilot. Photo measures 9.25 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 10-7-1952.”



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US Army Signal Core Telescope/Range Finder on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts

I’ve never heard of one of these. Perhaps someone could use it?

View all the information on eBay





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1952 M-38A1 San Bernardino, CA $3000


This may be a good price.

1952-m38a1-sanbernardino-ca1 1952-m38a1-sanbernardino-ca2

“1952 M38A1 Jeep
Runs Great
Original Engine & Running Gear
2 Top, full top w/ doors and bikini top
Body in good condition
Serious offers only
Currently registered”

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1957 FC-170 Moroni, UT $4500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Based on the seller’s description, this was not originally a fire jeep.

“This is a 1957 Jeep it is a replica of fighter fire truck all the lights sirens and everything works I just need some work it’s like a projet they run before Saturday and after Saturday I don’t know what’s wrong with the transmission the transmission comes off a Cadillac”

1957-fc170-moroni-ut3 1957-fc170-moroni-ut4 1957-fc170-moroni-ut5 1957-fc170-moroni-ut6 1957-fc170-moroni-ut7 1957-fc170-moroni-ut8 1957-fc170-moroni-ut9

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1948 Jeepster Manteca, CA $11,500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Looks ready for a drive along the coast.

“1948 jeepster 4 cylinder 3 speed runs great new brakes,tires and battery.
Possible trade”

1948-jeepster-manteca-ca1 1948-jeepster-manteca-ca2 1948-jeepster-manteca-ca3 1948-jeepster-manteca-ca4

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1954 CJ-3B Mansfield, OH $8300


It’s a buy-it-now sale on eBay. The body and hood look new. I’m not sure why it has the “49 Jeep” license plate?  I’m wondering if this is actually a CJ-3B body and F-head on a 1949 CJ-3A chassis?

View all the information on eBay 

“1954 Jeep Willy. Radiator clean and tested. New radiator hoses. New spark plugs, new points, new plug wires, new wiring harness, added turn signals. New steering wheel, new brake lines, new brakes shoes, new wheel cylinders. Complete exhaust system, new fuel line, new clutch, seats redone, new windshield, new tires five, new water pump, new oil pump, painted 4 years ago. Lock out hubs on the front. Mileage not verfied.”

1954-cj3b-mansfield-oh1 1954-cj3b-mansfield-oh2 1954-cj3b-mansfield-oh3 1954-cj3b-mansfield-oh4

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1943 MB Thousand Oaks, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,500.

(08/21/2019) Unclear to me where the auxiliary tank is located.





“GPW L-134 Go-Devil engine, converted to 12 volt, auxiliary fuel tank with its own gauge and floor mounted valve to switch between tanks on the fly, original style upholstery is in excellent condition, extra set of civilian wheels (no tires), spare tire with carrier (not mounted), jerry can carrier (not mounted), starts easily and runs great, a nearly original, unrestored example of a WWll jeep in very good condition considering its age (76!). Extensive mechanical repairs completed in March 1996 then the Jeep was stored and only used intermittently, accumulating approximately 675 miles since then.”

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1953 CJ-3B and 1946 CJ-2A West Nipssing, ON, Canada $1800


The 3B still runs.

“53 Willy’s Jeep,and 46 Willy’s Jeep for sale. 53 is still running be it not great. Selling as a pair. Would make a great restoration project,or the 53 has a plow for an extra 300.”

cj3b-cj2a-ontario-canada1 cj3b-cj2a-ontario-canada

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1949 Jeepster Shafter, CA $7000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This is built atop a Ford Ranger chassis.

“VERY RARE! Made in 1949 & 50 only. 302 Ford V8, C4 Auto, Floor Shifter, Ford Ranger Pickup Chassis, New Tires, Radio, Alternator, Front seats upholstery, tachometer, all lights work, runs good. $7,000, will consider part trade for smaller car of pre-smog jeep.”

1949-jeepster-shafter-ca2 1949-jeepster-shafter-ca3 1949-jeepster-shafter-ca4

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1966 CJ-6 Upland, CA $3900


Runs and drives.

“1966 Jeep cj6 with Meyers half cab with a Jeep dauntless v6 all original runs and drives good factory widened Steelies some rust but all easy to repair and in manageable locations original bench seat, out of the system sold on bill of sale call only”

1966-cj6-upland-ca0 1966-cj6-upland-ca1 1966-cj6-upland-ca2 1966-cj6-upland-ca3 1966-cj6-upland-ca4

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1949 Jeepster Susanville, CA $5900

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Runs, but needs work to drive. It’s been converted to 4WD.

“49 Willys Overland converted to 4WD. Great paint & body. Ford V8. 3 speed. P. Brakes. P Steering. Runs, needs work. New clutch, brakes, u-joints. Needs to be completed. Non-oped. Lots of new parts.”

1949-jeepster-susanville-ca1 1949-jeepster-susanville-ca2 1949-jeepster-susanville-ca3 1949-jeepster-susanville-ca4

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1957 CJ-6 Sutherlin, OR No Price


This might have a modified Meyer hardtop.

1957-cj6-sutherlin-or3 1957-cj6-sutherlin-or4

“one of a kind 1957 cj6.
Only 1230 of these made in 1957.
250 Ford straight 6
Power steering
Custom hardtop
The awesome patina is from sitting for 30 years after it came from California to Oregon in the early 80s and parked.”

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1953 CJ-3B Folsom, CA $2900


Lots of mods.

1953-cj3b-folsom-ca1 1953-cj3b-folsom-ca2 1953-cj3b-folsom-ca3 1953-cj3b-folsom-ca4

“1953 Jeep CJ-3b 4×4
clean title in hand and currently registered non-op so no back fees.
Selling whole for parts or project.
Does run and drive.

CJ5 frame
Buick odd fire 225 V6
120 psi across all cylinders
New plugs
New rebuild Rochester carb. Continue reading

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1951 CJ-3A Tooele, UT $1750


Could be a good price. It runs, but no brakes.

1951-cj3a-tooele-ut8 1951-cj3a-tooele-ut9

“Selling my willys Jeep cj3a! Awesome little Jeep that is in pretty good shape!! Not nearly as rusty or beat up as most I looked at when
I was in the market! Almost all original. Running and driving. The original flat head 4cyl starts
Up and runs good, I haven’t even cleaned the original Carter carb! (Although I’m sure it could use a carb clean and a tune up after sitting for many years) the original gas tank is not rusted out like most. The engine does smoke a bit but is very strong, I think it could be old gas in tank or oil making it smoke. The transmission shifts great and stays in all the gears. Clutch works as it should. Jeep drives straight. Brakes do not work!
Really neat Jeep that would be fun to clean up, I just don’t have time with a few other Jeep projects going on.
No scams.
First come first serve”

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More on The New Mexico Jeep Derby’s

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Racing, videos • TAGS: , .

The February 1963 issue of Popular Mechanics included an article about the New Mexico Jeep Derby held annually in Truth or Consquences, New Mexico. It’s a great article about the early days of jeep racing. I’ve also included a video of one Derby race, but the quality is poor. Still, in some clips, you can see just how much the co-pilot shifts his body around the jeep.


View Popular Mechanics February 1963 at Google Books

1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels5 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels6 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels7 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels8 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels9



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1967 CJ-6 Wakeman, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-6, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

UPDATE: **SOLD** by sealed bid for $26,268.

The Florence Township Fire Department out of Ohio is accepting sealed bids on this CJ-6 until November 16th. It’s available for viewing  on November 3rd.

1967-cj6-fire-jeep-wakeman-oh0 1967-cj6-fire-jeep-wakeman-oh2 1967-cj6-fire-jeep-wakeman-oh3 1967-cj6-fire-jeep-wakeman-oh4.jog

“The Florence Township Fire Department will receive sealed bids for the sale of a 1967 Jeep CJ-6 Universal that has just over 6300 miles. Comes with canvas cover over cab area and doors with zippered windows and sold as is.

Successful bidder assumes all responsibility and liability for the Jeep and its operation after the winning bid is announced and payment is tendered.

Jeep will be available for viewing on Sunday, November 3, 2019 from 9 am till 12 noon at Florence Township Fire station located at 11017 Chapel St Wakeman, Ohio 44889 (Birmingham, Ohio).

All bids must be received by 5:00 pm on November 16, 2019. Any bids received after the deadline will be returned unopened. Bids will be opened at 8 pm on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at the Florence Township Trustee meeting located at 11011 Chapel St Wakeman, Ohio 44889 (Birmingham, Ohio).

Florence Township Fire Department and Florence Township Trustees reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as:

Florence Township Fire Department
Attn: Chief Halliwell – 1967 JEEP BID
11017 Chapel St
Wakeman, Ohio 44889

Bids should contain bid amount and contact information (phone, mailing address and email address)

Payment is by cashier’s check, certified check or money order made payable to the Florence Township Trustee’s. Full payment must be received and the property removed from Department premises at the buyer’s expense not later than 4:00 pm (EST), Sunday, December 1, 2019. The Department shall be entitled to reclaim ownership of any item not removed by that time.

The buyer is responsible for providing proper safety devices and equipment, licenses and permits to meet all government safety standards and legal operating requirements, and for insuring awarded item. The buyer agrees to provide adequate liability insurance while on the Department property for the purpose of removal of goods, and will indemnify and hold harmless the Department, its agents and employees, volunteers, members, and Florence Township Trustees, Florence Township Fire Department from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees, arising out of their presence on the Department’s property for the purpose of removing purchased goods, provided that such claim, damage, loss or expense is attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property including losses of use resulting therefrom, but only to the extent caused in whole or in part by negligent acts or omissions of the Buyer, anyone directly or indirectly employed by the Buyer or anyone for whose acts the Buyer may be liable, regardless of whether or not such claim, damage, loss or expense is caused in part by a party indemnified hereunder”

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1948 CJ-2A Roosevelt, UT $6000


Jeep appears solid. Carpet is covering the floors, but given this is eastern Utah, I doubt the floors would have much rust. Given the overspray, this might be painted ‘rattle can’ white.

“New tires, new seats, all original steel, new paint, rebuilt, Original Flat 4/L135. Runs great!!”

1948-cj2a-roosevelt-ut1 1948-cj2a-roosevelt-ut2 1948-cj2a-roosevelt-ut3 1948-cj2a-roosevelt-ut4

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1949? CJ-2A Hotchkiss, CO $4000


Has a starting problem. Someone’s added a rubber tube along the edge of the cowl. Had anyone tried that?

“Very good condition, starter issues, little to no rust,”

1949-cj2a-hotchkiss-co1 1949-cj2a-hotchkiss-co2 1949-cj2a-hotchkiss-co3 1949-cj2a-hotchkiss-co4

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1946 CJ-2A Vernal, UT $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(No town specified in the ad.

“1946 CJ2 -A Willys Jeep, runs great, comes with a cab with doors, soft top, 12 ply tires foam filled, tow bar. The electrical system was converted to 12 volt. Great for hunting going on narrow trails. Originally used for mountain lion hunting. Basically it will go almost anywhere on trails, fun to drive on the mountain or in the hills”

1946-cj2a-utah6 1946-cj2a-utah7 1946-cj2a-utah8 1946-cj2a-utah9

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1946 CJ-2A Hot Springs, SD $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

(09/10/2019) This runs and drives.

“1946 CJ2A Willys Jeep all original Engine: 4-134 L Head Motor (“Go Devil”) runs and drives, transmission and transfer case work good, heater works good, converted to12 volt system, has a soft top, 4 extra original wheels included.”

1946-cj2a-hotsprings-sd1 1946-cj2a-hotsprings-sd2 1946-cj2a-hotsprings-sd3