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Year? Wagon Winchester, NH $2000

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This appears to be a wagon with the back chopped and a canopy added to it. Thanks to John for spotting this oddity. Listed as a ’46, given the grill and speedometer, I’d guess this is a late ’56.

“1946 Willys jeep wagon/truck Super hurricane 6cyl 3 speed trans 2 shifter transfer case Needs tow”

year-wagon-truck-winchester-nh6 year-wagon-truck-winchester-nh7 year-wagon-truck-winchester-nh year-wagon-truck-winchester-nh9

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1970 VEEP Manchester, CT $4500

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This seems a bit rough, but hard to find these on the east coast.

“Veep VW Kit car. CJ2A/CJ3 style Jeep sitting on a frame with full air cooled VW drivetrain. I have been at air cooled VW shows for decades and this is the only one I’ve seen in person. White wagon wheels (from kit) and rear bumper included.”




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Year? CJ-2A Northeast Oregon $3250


UPDATE: This may still be available.

(10/25/2023) This has a 1945/46 Willys Overland half cab that I believe was made by Worman.

“Posting this for a friend. He is wanting to sell this project Willys to offset some medical expenses. It is located in NE Oregon. He’s asking $3250 OBO. Contact him for more info. 541-786-5067”

year-cj2a-ne-oregon5 year-cj2a-ne-oregon6 year-cj2a-ne-oregon7 year-cj2a-ne-oregon8


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Year? CJ-3B Templeton, CA $800

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Last Ride

Not a whole lot of value here.

“Mechanically complete. running gear in tac Needs body”

year-cj3b-templeton-ca7 year-cj3b-templeton-ca year-cj3b-templeton-ca9

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1948 CJ-2A Colorado Springs, CO $2100


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2100.

(09/21/2023) Project or parts.

“1948 cj2a with a title selling because i need the money. has all drive train engine turns freely F head swap from a cj5 i think have 5 wheel w/ flat tires have 2 front seats and 1 rear bench seat roll bar windshield (no glass) no holes in floor”

1948-cj2a-csp-co6 1948-cj2a-csp-co7 1948-cj2a-csp-co8 1948-cj2a-csp-co9

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September 1962 Jeep News

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This September 1962 eight-page issue of Jeep News begins with Lloyd Bridges. He headlined a half-hour show called “Kaiser Presents The Lloyd Bridges Show”; not exactly a catchy name!

I was surprised to see on page two that it wasn’t until mid 1962 that the Go-For-Digger trencher officially became a ‘Jeep’-approved special equipment item (other official ‘Jeep’ trencher being the Jeep-A-Trench). Page five highlights the second annual Jeeporama, held in Denver.

Page six re-highlights the Hatari craze, encouraging dealers to continue promoting the movie.

Note the CJ-5 in the upper right of Page seven. The top looks someone like a Koenig hardtop, but the rear side glass appears to be a custom size. I don’t recognize this top. Anyone else? Lower on Page seven is the 1962 World’s Fair Jeep Surrey. Two days ago I found my mother’s caricature drawing made for her at the ’62 fair. I’ll ask my aunt if she remembers this jeep.

Page eight shares a pic from the 10th annual Jeepers Jamboree, along with announcing the 4×4 Explorers, a ‘jeep’ club organized in Missouri.

1962-09-jeep-news1 1962-09-jeep-news2 1962-09-jeep-news3 1962-09-jeep-news4

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Pinto 4 Cyl Engine Lewisberry, PA $750

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Parts

Ricky is selling this Ford Pinton engine. The sale includes Novak conversion kit to attach to a T-90.

“Includes a Pinto motor with approx 15k miles from a Ford Shay kit car and is on a motor stand and just needs to be wired to run. No documentation but motor spins freely, has good compression, and is in really nice shape. Have the rare bellhousing that bolts up to the Willys T90. Comes with a new Novak conversion kit to bolt to the T90. Comes with a brand new Summit oil filter conversion kit if you need to relocate the oil filter. $750 for the package, I wanted to install this in my Willys but realize I will never get to it since my original motor runs great and I’m well, to lazy to do it”

pinto-engine-t-90-lewisberry-pa6 pinto-engine-t-90-lewisberry-pa7 pinto-engine-t-90-lewisberry-pa8 pinto-engine-t-90-lewisberry-pa9

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August 1962 Jeep News

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This eight page August 1962 Jeep News Issue leans heavily Hatari. Pages one, four, five and six all focus on Hatari-related images and stories.

Page two notes that the Post Office order for FJ-3s had grown to 7,082 multi-stop vans, of which almost 6,000 were already operating in over 600 cities. Pages three, seven, and eight offer a potpourri of jeep-related images and captions.

1962-08-jeep-news1 1962-08-jeep-news2 1962-08-jeep-news3 1962-08-jeep-news4 1962-08-jeep-news5

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Oct. 1944 Pop Mechanics Sidewalk Jeep Instructions

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The October 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics included instructions for building a “Sidewalk” jeep for kids (pgs 105-108). It also included on page six this image of an MB turned into a fire jeep.


Now, for “Coasting in a Sidewalk Jeep”:

944-10-pop-mechanics-sidewalk-jeep1 944-10-pop-mechanics-sidewalk-jeep2 1944-10-pop-mechanics-sidewalk-jeep3 1944-10-pop-mechanics-sidewalk-jeep4

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Willys Dealership Sign in Moab, Utah

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Paul was browsing Facebook when he ran across this image from Moab, Utah, on the Canyon County Zephyr FB group page that includes this early 1950s Willys dealership sign (left side of image). You can see this sign in this 1952 signage brochure (WO11):

There are some ads by this entity on, but you’ll need a subscription to see them.

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1953 CJ-3B Golden, CO $10,000


Looks in good shape.

“Original 134ci 4 cylinder. 2 inch lift. New hubs and new overdrive. 3 speed manual transmission”

1953-cj3b-golden-c6 1953-cj3b-golden-c7 1953-cj3b-golden-c8 1953-cj3b-golden-c9

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1950 CJ-3A Salt Creek, CO $5900


Apparently, this was an electric company jeep. The Keonig hardtop looks like it has kept the body in good shape. Note the early Free-Lock hubs.

1950-cj3a-saltcreek-co5 1950-cj3a-saltcreek-co6 1950-cj3a-saltcreek-co7 1950-cj3a-saltcreek-co8 1950-cj3a-saltcreek-co9

“Electric Company Service Willys Jeep …This vehicle sold on Bill of Sale…No Title…But is in superb condition. This is a 1950 Jeep CJ3A with a Koenig Iron Works hard top that has rear sliding windows and roll up on the doors all in proper working order, this Jeep is equipped with a 100% bolt on hydrologic snow plow with a 6’ blade that works as it should. Wind shield is not broken and all glass good with the exception of a crack in rear right glass. This vehicle is NOT rusty and very strait and original . Will provide pictures with the spots of rust it does have. This vehicle was meticulously serviced and well cared for!

Jeep comes with: L head factory four cylinder engine. 3 Speed transmission. Spicer 18 twin stick transfer case. Factory gauges ALL working. New Diehard battery 8v. Carter carburetor. Turn signals and seat belts. Original Nomenclator plates. Rear snow chains. Factory horn that works. CB antenna base. Side mount spare tire holder. Brakes work well. 5.38 gears in differentials. Jeep does not leak but hydraulics on plow have slight leak. Smokes on start up . Has heater with fan switch that works intermittently. All fluids and spark plugs are fresh. Lights and wiper not operating at the time of this ad but plan on looking into them.”

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1946 VEC? CJ-2A Hugoton, KS $11,000


Almost all original.

“All original; Runs and Drives; Mostly restored;”

1946-vec-cj2a-hugoton-ks6 1946-vec-cj2a-hugoton-ks7 1946-vec-cj2a-hugoton-ks8 1946-vec-cj2a-hugoton-ks9

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1953 CJ-3B Worcester, MA $14,500


John shared this completely rebuilt CJ-3B. It may have an aftermarket body.

“1953 Jeep Willys CJ-3B Green Manual Transmission, Everything looks like new on the car, frame it is very clean and undercoated”

1953-cj3b-worcester-ma6 1953-cj3b-worcester-ma7 1953-cj3b-worcester-ma8 1953-cj3b-worcester-ma9

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Year? CJ-2A/3A Woodland Park, CO $7000


Listed as a 1944 Willys/Ford, this has a variety of CJ parts, including the body, windshield, and other parts.

“1944 Jeep. Runs good has strong ford six motor. Great for off road or around town. Current Colorado title and registration. Woodland park area. $7000 or best offer.”

1944-mb-woodlandpark-co6 1944-mb-woodlandpark-co7 1944-mb-woodlandpark-co8 1944-mb-woodlandpark-co9

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1967 CJ-6 Prosper, TX $11,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/24/2023) Has a Meyer-branded hardtop  with the PTO and T-98. Lacks a title.

1967-cj6-prosper-tx6 1967-cj6-prosper-tx7 1967-cj6-prosper-tx8 1967-cj6-prosper-tx9

“1967 Jeep CJ6 model and is pretty much original. Has the 4 Cylinder with the T98 four speed with a rear facing PTO output. Has a warn winch from the 80’s up front and the original Jeep hardtop. I am the third owner of it and have only added a new fuel tank to it and a BDS 2.5” spring lift with new shocks. Outside of that it is untouched since last owner. I have both the original Willy’s wheels as well as the cj5 renegade wheels that go with it. Runs and drives good just not fast. Issues I know of that it has: Surface rust on driver floor. Passenger door needs to be tinkered with can only be opened from inside. Rear seat is not on original brackets and needs cove Need to file for lost Title as previous owner lost it and I have never taken the time to go take care of it. Have all paperwork (registration and maintenance) from two previous owners dating back to 1977.”

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161L & T96 West Richland, WA $500


Looks like a good price on a hard-to-find 161 lightening.

“161l Flathead Willy’s Kaiser and T96 with overdrive. Motor runs, was running when pulled and was fired up a couple weeks ago.”


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Year? MB? Wichita Falls, TX $5000


It runs, but the transmission isn’t functioning correctly.


“I’m guessing 1942 Jeep, that’s what I was told by the folks that know in Arizona. The title says 1951, If that is an issue for you please do not contact me and complain, I don’t want to hear it. The engine runs, see video, I replaced the entire wheel brake system. Something is broken in the transmission. Front and rear differentials will most likely need to be overhauled. It has four brand new wheels and tires. Brand new windshield glass. It also has an over drive transmission. The price is firm If you have $5,000 in United currency and want to buy this jeep contact me. I have a clean Arizona title. If you want this Jeep, Bring cash. I’ll answer reasonable questions. I’m not interested in your estimate of the Jeeps worth. Obviously it’s worth less to you because you don’t own it.”

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1957 CJ-6 Lynnfield, MA $5000


John shared this CJ-6.

“Title in hand. Registered. New brakes. I have a new gas tank. Some body issues. Been working on a new electrical harness but don’t have the time to finish. Was running before i started working on electrical.”

1957-cj6-lynnfield-ma7 1957-cj6-lynnfield-ma8 1957-cj6-lynnfield-ma9

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1948 CJ-2A Sugar City, CO $900


UPDATE: Price dropped to $900.

(06/06/2023) Unclear how much value is here. It has some mods and a body that is likely done-for.

“great little project for sale or trade 1948 willys cj2a 4wd Saginaw manual steering upgrade Engine swapped with a rare 1962 SBF 221 from a fairlane (same design as the 289) Manual top shift T90a trans (needs cluster gear and input shaft easy rebuild) Spicer / Dana 18 transfer case in excellent condition Dana 41 and 25 Diffs are stock and both in great shape. Tilt steering from Impala Extra parts of value include: Roll cage, grill cover, seat frames, rusted gas tank, door frames Currently not running. trans and t case removed to repair trans. No title. Bill of sale only. Will consider trades or $1250”

1948-cj2a-sugarcity-nv6 1948-cj2a-sugarcity-nv7 81948-cj2a-sugarcity-nv8 1948-cj2a-sugarcity-nv9

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1946 CJ-2A Miamisburg, OH $4000


This has some updates, include a 151 engine and updated running gear. It will need some work. Has a later 2A grille.

“‼️HAS THE TITLE‼️ cj2a 1946 Body in good shape frame in good shape 82′ dana 44 rear end 373 gears dana 300 transfer case 151 jeep iron duke sr4 – 4speed light transmission dana 30 front axle – needs work It needs put together Will need trailered”

1946-cj2a-m-oh8 1946-cj2a-m-oh9

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1948 CJ-2A Plainfield, IN $5500


The drain holes appear filled. It doesn’t run at the moment, buy price includes another engine.

1948-cj2a-plainfield-in6 1948-cj2a-plainfield-in7 1948-cj2a-plainfield-in8 1948-cj2a-plainfield-in9

“1948 Willys CJ2A Not all original 4-134 Go Devil engine currently not running # 2 cylinder dropped valves Have extra engine with new oil pump, new water pump, new fuel pump, and rebuilt carb but not installed in vehicle Have gasket set and new freeze plugs Original steering wheel 4 wheel works Transmission shifts Typical leaks for this vehicle Have new seal for transfer case and rear differential New gauges except for fuel which will need new sending unit and gauge No PTO New drivers seat frame with new foam and covers Have passenger seat covers and foam but no frame Missing under seat tool box Have bows for top cover Newer tires,spare never on ground Newer brakes 12 volt conversion w/alternator Canvas is bad but can be used as a template Flip down safari windshield 9000# winch w/remote Some extra parts as pictured Extra engine will need intake swap from old engine Engine stand included This is strictly a project vehicle”

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1948 CJ-2A Pueblo, CO $2500


Only the one pic provided.

“1948 willys jeep. Needs break work and fuel lines replaced. It runs! Clean title.”


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1942 GPW Goffstown, NH $7500


John shared this GPW. It will need lots of love!

1942-gpw-geoffstown-nh6 1942-gpw-geoffstown-nh7 1942-gpw-geoffstown-nh8 1942-gpw-geoffstown-nh9

“1942 Ford GPW Script Jeep with matching serial numbers on the frame, motor and data tag. Definitely a project but pretty rare with the matching numbers. Missing parts include grill,lights,rear seat, air filter, spare tire and carrier, 2 combat rims. Most parts are F marked. Those that aren’t F marked include the windshield and passenger seat. Engine needs one valve tappet freed up. More we’re stuck but we’re freed up with soaking. Engine turns free 1 1/2 turns at which time the stuck tappet stops the rotation. Have not removed head yet but the cylinders, pistons look good and move freely. Body is as shown and the frame will need work on the front rails and rear. Hood needs a patch as shown.”

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1948 CJ-2A Abilene, TX $2250


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2250.

(09/11/2023) Needs work, doesn’t run, no title.

“No title It was running, but needs brake work May consider trades for other old vehicles, shipping container, car hauler, etc”

1948-cj2a-abilene-tx06 1948-cj2a-abilene-tx08 1948-cj2a-abilene-tx09