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1967? Wagon JeepRod Sylmar, CA $1500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1500.

(01/11/2023) This is an odd one. It’s listed as a 1967, but looks to be early 50s.

“1967 Jeep Willys Dragon. Great for someone who likes projects. I do not have more pictures and I am unable to get them due to not having immediate access.. if you want to see it you can make an appointment and my husband can meet you. Bought it as a project but I don’t have the time or money to put into it. Does not have an engine in it.. no title only bill of sale. I also bought an Diesel engine that has the transmission which I was going to adapt to the Jeep. But ended up not doing it. Selling separately Jeep selling for $3,500 Engine with transmission selling for $2,500”

1967-wagon-jeeprod-sylmar-ca6 1967-wagon-jeeprod-sylmar-ca7 1967-wagon-jeeprod-sylmar-ca8 1967-wagon-jeeprod-sylmar-ca9

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1948 Sedan Delivery Pasadena, CA $8000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $8000.

It lacks some polish, but looks rust free. It does not run.

“This is a original 1948 Willys (Jeep) Overland Panel van, a ex-flower delivery wagon that was restored in Las Vegas some 30 years ago. It is a solid metal truck with a huge 1968 289 Ford Mustangs engine and tranny with Edlebrock component ad ons. Auto-trans, no power steering or brakes. Never registered in the 17 years I’ve had it, the project is beyond Me now. NOT RUNNING. A real gear head who wants the twin side pipes roaring under his feet NEEDS THIS. Custom bed in back, removable with ease, all matching interior with a few extra parts and original California yellow plate to match front and back!”

1948-sedan-delivery-pasadena-ca5 1948-sedan-delivery-pasadena-ca6 1948-sedan-delivery-pasadena-ca8 1948-sedan-delivery-pasadena-ca9


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1946 CJ-2A Caldwell, NJ $16,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/09/2023) I think the seller’s reference to “Rare 2 gear transfer case” is actually the Warn OD.

“1946 Willy’s CJ2A – Fully restored nut to bolt restoration; any panels that needed to be replaced were swapped from a donor car of same year & model – 100 miles since rebuild the rest of the time it’s been stored in a climate controlled storage facility (Facebook won’t let you list anything with under 300 miles hence the discrepancy above) – Rare 2 gear transfer case – Comes with poles for canvas top but not with canvas Price – $16,500”
1946-cj2a-caldwell-nj5 1946-cj2a-caldwell-nj6 1946-cj2a-caldwell-nj7 1946-cj2a-caldwell-nj8


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1947 CJ-2A Sod, WV $1000


Unclear how much value is here. No description was provided.

1947-cj2a-sod-wv6 1947-cj2a-sod-wv7 1947-cj2a-sod-wv8 1947-cj2a-sod-wv9

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Free-Lock 27 Spline NOS Hubs with Documentation

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Thanks to Chris for publishing this information on a Facebook post … It appears I will be buying from him a set of model F-28 Free-Lock hubs sold by Dualmatic. These NOS Free-Lock hubs included documentation stating that by December of 1973 Free-Lock had become a “Quality Division” of Dualmatic Products Company.

So, I believe this confirms that Free-Lock was acquired by Dualmatic, so now the questions are 1) when did this happen and 2) why didn’t Dualmatic use the branding sooner than circa 1970 (there was a gap between the end of Free-Lock in 1959 and the re-emergence of the brand circa late 1960s or early 1970s).

Dualmatic-nos-hubs-1973-12-6 Dualmatic-nos-hubs-1973-12-5 Dualmatic-nos-hubs-1973-12-4

This document suggests there were seven different models of Free-Lock hubs, which may explain why we have seen several different types of later-model Free-Lock hub styles. Given the emphasis on “A Quality Division”, this document *might* hint that Dualmatic was using the Free-Lock brand as a premium hub, perhaps hoping to clear more profit from them?


The fact that the top of the hub shows no branding suggests these instructions were intended to be distributed across multiple brands of Dualmatic-built hubs.


The date of the newspaper used to wrap the hubs is December 4, 1973:


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Parmley Engineering’s Jeep Replacement Body

UPDATE: Zac shared a Parmley that he inherited along with a document that shows some pricing and states it was designed for the 81″ chassis.




Originally posted in 2013, with some pic updates over the years:

As many of you know, I am very curious about the fiberglass aftermarket bodies made for the jeep.  While I’ve seen most models for sale over the years, I have yet to run across Parmley Engineering’s fiberglass body, one of the more unique ones ever created.

After wrecking his CJ-5 in the early 1970s, Californian Tom Parmley, a machinist by trade, decided to build himself a better body for his still-good chassis.  He wanted the body to legally accommodate  wider tires, a dash box with more room, a hood that was lower, and other features.  So, he built and tested his dream body with great success.  Along the way, he received so much positive feedback that he created a kit so others could easily install a Parmley body on their CJ-5 Chassis.

So far, I have only located two resources that document this body.  One is the February 1974 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine, which featured a multi-page article about the new body.  Additionally, at least two issues of Four Wheeler Magazine also have ads for the Parmley body kit.  The other resource is a June 1975 Popular Mechanics article.  The Pop-Mech article also shows off the fiberglass top he invented (at least I assume it is fiberglass).

Here are a couple publicity photos taken by Tom Parley and published in the Feb 1974 issue of Four Wheeler:

1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely1-lores 1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely2-lores 1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely3-lores

This image shows the Parmley with a top and is from Popular Mechanics.  Note the top example sports Desert Dogs …


Here is a Parmley-bodied jeep on the cover of a the May 1978 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine.


This Parmley Engineering ad appeared on the back of January 1974 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine:


Bob Christy wasn’t sure what this vehicle was when he photographed it in 2008, but now we know.


This Parmely sold in 2015 and included a rare top:


This one sold in 2017:


This one sold in 2022:


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RIP Tom Cruze

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On Sunday, while we were gone, Tom Cruze left the house in the morning and never returned. On Wednesday morning I found him in the ditch across from our driveway. He’d been hit by a car. The girls, especially Lizzy, who treated Tom like her puppy, remains upset with his disappearance. I brought Tom’s body back so the girls could sniff him in hopes it provides some closure, but Lizzy remains the sadder of the two.

Tom embraced his puppy role, eating with the dogs from their bowls, following us to the gate when it was time to open or shut it, and playing outside with us. He had no fear and was up to the task of taking on both dogs when they wrestled. He was only here eight months, but he made the most of it!

Here is Lizzy grooming and playing with Tom Cruze from January:

So, the greatest-dog-there-ever-was-that-was-actually-a-cat has gone to that great actor’s studio in the sky. He didn’t stay with us long, but he made a giant impact. He also helped the girls get over Zollie’s death. The house will be a quieter place without Tom’s giant personality filling it.


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Gamma Goat Winch Netherlands 500 Euros

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Wildenberg Parts out of the Netherlands has NOS crated M-561 Gamma Goat winches. I doubt there are many of these around.

“NOS Crated M561 Gamme goat winches. € 500 ea. Could be shipped worldwide at buyers expense.”



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1946 CJ-2A Westover, MD $9200


This has some mods.

1946-cj2a-westover-md6 1946-cj2a-westover-md7 1946-cj2a-westover-md8 1946-cj2a-westover-md9




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1948 CJ-2A Port Huron, MI $9000


The passenger indents suggest this has a replacement body. It looks good.

“Willy CJ-2A 1948 runs drives needs some TLC have all the replacement parts 4X4 cash no trades have a car cover for it… runs and brakes… title in hand.”


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CJ-3Bs and CJ-5s Reading, PA


I suspect none of these run.

“Couple jeeps left and a ton of parts”

cj5s-flatties-reading-pa3 cj5s-flatties-reading-pa4 cj5s-flatties-reading-pa5 cj5s-flatties-reading-pa6

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1946 CJ-2A Milford, PA $3500


It lacks a title. I assume it includes the plow.

“1946 Jeep Willy, no title.”



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1946 CJ-2A Lancaster, OH $7000


The steps have been modified.

“Good running jeep. Solid. Older paint. Runs drives and stops. Brakes have not been serviced in awhile so would do so before putting on the road. 4×4 and high low work. Roll bar. Windshield has small crack. Has front tow bar. Tires are good. Clean title. Comes with spare tire.”

1946-cj2a-lancaster-oh5 1946-cj2a-lancaster-oh6 1946-cj2a-lancaster-oh7 1946-cj2a-lancaster-oh8 1946-cj2a-lancaster-oh9

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1949 CJ-3A Lancaster, PA $2580


Engine runs, but body is shot.

“1949 Willy Jeep. Starts, runs and stops. All there including original 4-cylinder engine, carburetor, radiator, 16” wheels and seats. Frame is good; body is shot (at least everything from the front seat back). Starts right up. Kaiser-Willys sells an entirely new tub, or you could restore the front end and just replace the back. Located in Lancaster, PA near Park City Mall. Comes with waterproof car cover. $2,580 obo.”

1949-cj3a-lancaster-pa7 1949-cj3a-lancaster-pa8 1949-cj3a-lancaster-pa9

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1966? CJ-5 Arlington, WA $1500


TJ shared this one. It includes a Warn winch. There may be value here.

“1966 jeep CJ5. Buick 225 oddfire. Warn overdrive. 4.88 gears. See pictures for details. Will not sell sight unseen, you must come and look at it before I will entertain offers. Cash only. Clear title, ran when parked, but that was at least 10 years ago. Kept undercover since then. I have had a huge response to this, so if I don’t get to your pm, sorry.”

1966-cj5-arlington-wa5 1966-cj5-arlington-wa6 1966-cj5-arlington-wa7 1966-cj5-arlington-wa8 1966-cj5-arlington-wa9

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1956 DJ-3A Lakewood, NY $3500


This appears to be a DJ-3A convertible that has been changed to 4wd (I think it’s 4WD).

“Have brand new wheels and tires Runs and drives, but no gas tank Hood and windshield and interior have been taken apart but I have all the parts labeled and bagged Msg for more info and pictures”

1956-dj3a-lakewood-ny 1956-dj3a-lakewood-ny1

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1980 CJ-5 Sardinia, OH $1800


Might be worth a look.

“Fires right up. Runs and drives. Has title! Carb needs cleaned. $1800 Firm. Needs little work to be solid jeep. NO TRADES,”


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1960 M-38A1 Mt. Clare, WV $3500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/18/2023) Mike shared this former civil defense jeep with a Meyer hardtop.

“60 s willys m38 a 1 project will start and move on its own 3500 obo no trades.”

1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv7 1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv8 1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv9

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Finally Home!

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(Joe-in-Mesa took this video and most definitely earned his ride in the Tour Jeep)

After 3200+ miles of driving over the last 9 days we finally arrived home on Tuesday. Yes, we are tired and exhausted. It has been a LONG three days.

After Saturday’s rescue by Joe and Jan, we loaded the Tour Jeep onto Joe’s trailer and renewed our trek north, but within twenty miles we realized the brakes on his trailer still weren’t working well for us. After testing out some different truck towing modifications (more gain, more effort). We decided it was time to go to Joe’s place and see if we could make the other trailer work better.

Joe, meanwhile, had towed the trailer back to his house. Along the way his truck alerted him to a brake fault. So, it wasn’t us that was having a problem.

By the time we reached his house Saturday night, we were tired and frustrated. Two trailers weren’t working correctly, a heavy jeep needed to be Brough home, and the future weather forecast meant we needed to get home by Wednesday or risk the passes getting bad again. Thankfully, we had Jan and Joe to share some drinks, eat some food. and forget about life for a while.

On Sunday morning, Joe and I tackled the trailer issues. Our first task was to debug the running light issues. Why were some lights working and some not? After trial and error we learned it was a combination of grounding and loose wires. It was a big win when we got all the lights working!

While completing that task, we discovered the trailer wasn’t wired correctly for either of our trucks. That’s when we both learned that 7 blade plug-ins have at least two different wiring options (there could be more, but I haven’t deep dived on the topic). So, rewiring the trailer for OUR trucks, helped solve additional issues.

Once all that was done, the trailer brakes worked correctly. By Sunday’s sunset, we’d completed the work and done a half-hour test of the trailer (with FC aboard) around Phoenix.

Monday at 5am we left for Salt Lake. It was a long, somewhat nerve wracking drive given what happened on Saturday. Thankfully, things went smoothly despite encountering rain, snow, and some hail. We arrived just at sunset to and an-all-too-short visit with my sons.

Tuesday morning, again at 5am, we hit the road again. This time we were less worried about the trailer and more worried about the weather, as we had at least six passes to summit. At about 6:30am we reached Snowville, where we ran into fog an 0 degree temps.


The moon was bright at 7am, while the world around us was frigid!

I wondered just how long of a day it was going to be, but once the sun broke over the mountains, the temps improved, as did the road conditions. It was smooth sailing after that.

2023-03-07-fc-tour-jeep-arrive-home2-lores 2023-03-07-fc-tour-jeep-arrive-home1-lores

We must thank Jesse and Andrea for their “most excellent” hospitality and their support for buying the Tour Jeep. And, we can’t thank Joe and Jan enough for their incredible selflessness in coming to our aid, entertaining us, boosting our moral some, and helping us get the trailer road-worthy again. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Unsure if there will be updates on Thursday morning or not, but Friday for sure.

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The Army Engineers Rescue the Air Force (and Me)

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A huge thanks to Joe and Jan for saving us.

After years of successful trips, this trip seems to be a payback for all the lack of trouble we’ve had. Thankfully, we have made friends all over the country.

On Saturday morning we left at dawn. We’d driven northwest about an hour, just passing Sun City by a few miles. At that point, we found Shell station that had room for us to pull in and check over the the trailer (check hubs for warmth, lights, etc). Of the six hubs, two were hot and one was warm. In addition, the truck was showing a trailer light fault, so, we found out, the turning lights had stopped working.

Hmmm .. not good.

After checking things over, we didn’t have a firm understanding of what was happening, but knew we didn’t want to go any further with the trailer as is. After a few calls, including checking with U-Haul, which didn’t have a trailer that could carry the FC, we called our good friends Joe and Jan. Joe is a former Army Engineer, so it was fun to say that Army was rescuing Air Force.

They immediately changed their plans and came with their trailer (capable of carrying two jeeps), offering to let us take it home (and then I’d return it and come back with our trailer).


After swapping trailers, we put the FC back onto their trailer. To celebrate what looked like a victory, and to wait one of Ann’s former Khobar Tower colleagues (who wanted to make a quick visit to say hello), we enjoyed a beer in the FC, just hanging out and talking: our first group event! What great fun that was!


David, Joe and Jan having a drink in the FC.

Eventually, Joe and Jan had to leave, so they took our trailer home, testing it along the way (during which they found the electric brakes were having an issue.

Meanwhile, Ann’s Khobar Tower friend arrived, so we spent a few minutes meeting with Tim. It turns out that Tim had grown up in a jeep club near Pismo Beach, and his dad still had a built CJ-3A. So, Tim shared pics of the FC with his Dad, which of course both thought was cool.


Once Tim left, and with Joe’s trailer in tow, and the FC atop to it, we drove to Wickenburg, but our truck was having some problems talking with his trailer brakes. They would work, but not as good as we expected. We experiment with the “gain” and the “braking effort”, but that didn’t seem to do enough to make the brakes work like I wanted.

By then it was 3pm. Long story short, we decided to return to the Phoenix area to stay at Joe and Jans and fix our trailer. So, I’ll be going through all the wiring and working on the brakes. So, that’s the task this Sunday morning.

What a crazy trip!

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1943 MB w/ Trailer Morton Grove, IL 19,500


Peter is selling his MB and trailer. Both look in great shape.

“Military WW2 Willys MB 1943, fully restored 2 years ago. Runs very well, clean title. $19,500 with the trailer, $18,500 without the trailer. Cash on the spot only”

1943-mb-mortongrove-il5 1943-mb-mortongrove-il7 1943-mb-mortongrove-il8 1943-mb-mortongrove-il9

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More Pics of Tour Jeep

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Here are some more pics of the Tour Jeep thanks to Ann.


David and Ann.


The test drive with Andrea. That was her first ride in it!

a ride. That was her first ride in it!


Andrea and David finishing the test drive.


Jesse with George Washington (Ann’s cousin’s dog).

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Big Jeep Parts Sale in Pomona, California


Jason at Tri-County Gear in Pomona, California, can be contacted via text at 951-313-6651, Learn more about the parts he has through Rick Pewe’s Facebook video:


rick-pewe-parts3-lores4 rick-pewe-parts3-lores5 rick-pewe-parts3-lores6 rick-pewe-parts3-lores7

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Our ‘New’ San Juan FC Tour Jeep

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This is the big surprise… Jesse and Andrea have agreed to sell us the San Juan FC Tour Jeep that Jesse built from the cab up, along with the trailer. You can see more pics from the build here:’s_tour_jeep_journal.htm

We consider this a great honor and can’t thank Jesse and Andrea enough! Jesse was instrumental in encouraging us to visit the round-up for the first time in 2012. Ever since that first visit I have wanted an FC tour jeep, but given there are only three of them, I never thought it would be a possibility.

Much more about this later, as we have a long drive home in front of us!


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Snow + Passes = Hotel Stays

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Me telling Ann, “trust me honey, the is a short cut to Arizona” … I don’t think she believe me! (the dually barely fit on the bridge).

Over the last four days we’ve encountered more snow and bad weather going into and trying to get out of California than we have in all of our other trips over the past 12 years combined!

On Sunday we drove from Prosser to Eugene, Oregon .. no problem!

On Monday we drove a few hours, but then stopped in Medford for an In-N-Out burger and some Harry-and-David store shopping. That’s when the snow started falling. Knowing we had a 100 miles of mountain passes to cross, we thought that even though it was only 1pm, it would be best to spend the night in Medford and tackle the passes on Tuesday.


2023-02-28-medford3It sounded easy enough, but then I was feeling a little off, like I was really anxious or stressed and my heart was racing a bit. I just didn’t feel quite right. Then, about 4pm, Ann got a call that her aunt had suffered an aneurysm and was on a breathing tube. There was some confusion and we thought she had passed. So, given the way I felt, Ann said we should go to the local ER. So, we spent a few hours in the ER. They did some tests. We talked to the heart doc. I was perfectly fine. It’s all very embarrassing, but sometimes it’s good to share the embarrassing stuff along with the instagram-perfect messaging.


An unflattering pic of me in the ER … Ann took a variety of pics; she was almost enjoying herself.

hmm … our conclusion is that I was having some kind of anxiety attack. Why, I don’t know. Was I nervous about snow in the passes? Nervous about the trip? Was I nervous about the feeling itself, afraid that I might be having a stroke like my father, which created a feedback look of nervousness? I have no idea! Whatever it was, things settled down that night and I’ve been fine ever since.

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