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A Turbo Hayabusa Suzuki Powered Jeep Build

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Bill shared this post from about a youtuber named DJ (youtube channel Limitliss) putting a Turbo 1.3 liter Suzuki Hayabusa engine into a jeep-rod build. He was originally going to install a ZX10R, but found it to be too damaged to proceed, so he switched to the Suzuki engine.

Here’s Limitliss’ ‘reveal’l of the jeep build, but it’s not the first episode (call it episode 0):

This is episode 1:

You can follow the rest of the build here: … there are currently 19 episodes.

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1954 Nevada CAP Jeep Squadrons Article

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The May 30, 1954, issue of the Nevada State Journal reported on the practice maneuvers of a squadron of jeepers unique to Nevada that worked with the local Civil Air Patrols on rescues. Nevada had two different squadrons, one in Washoe County and the other in Churchill County.

As you can see, the squadrons accepted a wide rand of jeeps. One is a slat grille MB, while others are CJs and wagons.

1954-05-30-nevada-state-journal1-lores 1954-05-30-nevada-state-journal2-lores

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August 1945 “Wartime Baby Dresses For Peace”

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An article in the Hartford Courant on August 05, 1945, did a nice job of combining the initial press photos and press release information.


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1956 CJ-3B Millheim, PA $11,500


This likely has aftermarket fenders (note the lip on the fenders near the grille). The body has likely been rebuilt (no drain holes, extended steps). Looks solid.

“4 Cyl. F-Head Engine
3 Speed Trans
2 Speed Transfer Case
4 Wheel Drive

An old Jeep with few updates and in really good condition. It runs and drives great!”

1956-cj3b-millheim-pa1 1956-cj3b-millheim-pa2 1956-cj3b-millheim-pa3

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1947 Truck Tuscarawas County, OH $11,500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

Looks in good shape.

“1947 Willys Truck
2 wheel drive 3 on the tree
All rebuilt or new
Go devil flat 4
No rust at all clear coted nice patina
Great old farm truck
$11.500 or trade same value older truck”

1947-truck-tuscarawas-county-oh01 1947-truck-tuscarawas-county-oh1 1947-truck-tuscarawas-county-oh2 1947-truck-tuscarawas-county-oh3 1947-truck-tuscarawas-county-oh4

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1945 GPW Piedmont, OK $17,000


Seller has some good history on this.It appears in good shape.

1945-gpw-piedmont-ok1 1945-gpw-piedmont-ok2 1945-gpw-piedmont-ok3 1945-gpw-piedmont-ok4

“Has correct Frame. Was used by the French Army after WW2 until the late 70s when it was sold to the public. It was then returned to the US and restored in the early 90s.

It comes with the Canvas top, window cover, all the tools, Cold weather kit, Desert kit, New tires and tubes .30 cal with mount, and lost of extra parts.

There is one tear in the driver side seat but easy to replace. Still has 6v system. Rebuilt radiator and engine last year. The cylinder head is not original”

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1953 CJ-3B Santa Rosa, CA $5000


It will need some work.

1953-cj3b-santarosa-ca1 1953-cj3b-santarosa-ca2 1953-cj3b-santarosa-ca3 1953-cj3b-santarosa-ca9

“This cj3b was recently converted to fuel injection (Hamilton system) and runs like a top (just doesn’t stop to well at the moment). This conversion was new gas tank, new in-tank pump, new fuel lines, throttle body fuel injection, ECM, Omix electronic distributor modified for full timing control, new painless wiring harness. This thing starts easy, idles well, and purrs.

Other recent upgrades. Front disc brakes – all new. All new tie rod ends, lots and lots of holes plugged, worst of the rust and damage repaired. New bumper. All new gauges. Brand new Patagonia Milestars.

Not working – I pulled the master cylinder and have a new double circuit master cylinder here and ready to go in. If I get time I will install it. But, right now it only has the hand brake.

It needs some more body work, but once the brake are done, this is a driver.”

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1950 T3-C Trailer Willowick, OH $3800

• CATEGORIES: trailer

This seems to be in original condition. The wood is in excellent shape if original, but I’ve not seen original examples of bows myself.

“Original condition Bantam civilian trailer. Pleas see pics. No title, Bill of Sale. Impossible to find in this original condition.”

1950-bantam-trailer-cleveland-oh4 1950-bantam-trailer-cleveland-oh5 1950-bantam-trailer-cleveland-oh6 1950-bantam-trailer-cleveland-oh7

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Willys Jeep Parts Louisville, KY


Bill shared this collection of parts for early CJs.

jeep-parts-louisville-ky1 jeep-parts-louisville-ky2

“Willys Jeep Parts CJ2A
CJ2a Column shift transmisson all apart not operational make offer
CJ2a Recored radiator $450
Rear pto with drive shaft and Spicer control. $650.
PTO grass shield $375
New wiring harness from Walcks with fender mounted turn signals $250.
CJ2A hood nice $150,
CJ2A hood $50
New reproduction tailgate with Willys script $150,
New steering wheel $ 45
CJ2A Windshield with inner frame good shape $300
CJ3B windshield no glass, light surface rust, good shape $250.
New water pump $45
After market turn signal control $30
CJ2a Rolling chassis and repairable body with repair panels.
Truck engine block $100 or obo with old small distributor and external condenser
Military blackout light brackets $40 each
Many other parts also.
Will bundle for bulk price!!!!”

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Whitco CJ-5 Softtop Boots Cedar Township, PA $250/each


Not sure about the price on these, but I doubt there are many of these around.

“OEM Jeep Special Equipment Soft Top Boots
Red, White or Blue
Vintage Whitco Items from a Closed Willys / Kaiser Dealership
$250 Each”

whitco-softtop-boots1 whitco-softtop-boots2

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Snow Plow Thompson, NY $450


Looks in good shape.

“A good condition snow plow blade and frame off of a 62 Willys
CJ jeep. All parts included. You remove from Jeep.
Extra hydraulic pump. Some spare parts.”

snow-plow-thompson-ny1 snow-plow-thompson-ny2

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Jeep Parts Akron, OH $400


Sold as a lot, the Allstate-branded Meyers-manufactured half cab alone is worth $400. Free lumber (or firewood) included.


parts-akron-allstate-1 parts-akron-allstate-2

“We restore old jeeps. When we gather up to many old parts, its time to sell them,,as we need room for the next jeep project…. . We are in Portage Lakes S of Akron…..Come and take a look, but please call ahead,,, so someone can be here…Most parts are from 58 CJ 5 ,,,,,,,,64 cj5,,,,,46 cj 2 A , 48 CJ ?

$400.00 $400.00 $400.00


2X4 2 X6 2X 8 2×10 2×12 >>>>>LENGTHS FROM 4 FT TO 18 FT FREE WITH JEEP PARTS


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CJ-5 Hardtop plus Fenders Slippery Rock, PA Make Offer


Seller indicates this is a Keonig, but the back edge doesn’t appear correct for a Koenig (it is hard to see in the pics), so I can’t say for certain who made the top.

cj5-hardtop-slipperyrock-pa1 cj5-hardtop-slipperyrock-pa2

“Koenig Jeep CJ 5 hard top.
This is a Koenig top currently on a 1950’s CJ5. One side window glass is broken, and there is a dent in the rear of the top over the back hatch.

Also have a set of front fenders and hood that I am packaging in the deal.

This is for the hard top, doors, and black fenders and hood. The body and jeep are not for sale.”

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1977 FJ-40 Arlington, MA $3500

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Bill sent this link for a reasonably priced FJ-40. I don’t know how accurate the restoration is so far, but based on other prices I’ve seen, this seems to be a pretty reasonable one.

1977-fj40-arlington-ma1 1977-fj40-arlington-ma2 1977-fj40-arlington-ma3 1977-fj40-arlington-ma4


This is a project I took on 2 years ago. I have gotten it to yard drive but it still needs more work. I fell into a deal with a gorgeous 1965 T-Bird and I just haven’t had the bandwidth to dedicate myself to the Land Cruiser.
Quick History: This vehicle was on the road until 2012, from that point on it sat in a gentleman’s driveway until 2018 when I bought it off him. He had owned it since 1985 and done some adventures up in Canada with it. He had even installed an auxiliary fuel tank to get extended range. During his ownership he had the engine rebuilt TOP and BOTTOM, the engine is NICE.

Since I bought it, I worked initially on getting it running. I replaced the original carburetor and it ran well. The cooling system and heater hoses were in terrible shape and I replaced them all with heavy duty clamps.

Unfortunately, at one point I switched the fuel source to the aux tank and it seemed to clog the fuel delivery. Long story short, there is an issue getting fuel to the carb, although I replaced the fuel pump, and filter.

What the vehicle still needs:

There is rust on the steel exterior body panels, especially the windshield frame and the bib. But the tub is aluminum and in fine shape. The fenders are fiberglass and doing great! The frame has rust. To make it off-road worthy you should reinforce several spots.

You will need to replace the exhaust system.

Tires hold air really well and have good tread, but are older.

Then you need to deal with the fuel problem. I would recommend a new fuel tank and new fuel hoses. A new mechanical fuel pump (if you need it, I put in a new one) is not expensive).

Ideally I would like to sell the seats separately to get some of my investment back, but I am flexible. So if you def want the seats, we can talk.

This is not a sale; it’s more of an adoption! I would like to talk on the phone first and then show you the vehicle.

I have the title in hand!

Here’s a video of the cruiser starting:

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1949 Flattie Ephrata, WA $4500


This uncompleted project has a variety of mods.

“1949 Willy’s tub, 72’ CJ boxed frame, Scout Dana 44 front axle, J20 Dana 60 rear axle, 5.13 gear ratio with lockers front and rear, 94’ 351 Windsor EFI, 86’ NP435 full rebuild with Novak adapter to Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 20 twin stick with 4:1 gears and full rebuild with advanced adapters output shaft, 36” TSL Swampers on DIY bead lock wheels. This is a project and needs to be finished/ reassembled, make NEW motor, transmission and body mounts etc. I have the title and it is licensed as a horseless carriage, might consider trades or best offer.”

1949-flattie-ephrata-wa1 1949-flattie-ephrata-wa2

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Willys Sales and Service Signs on eBay

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UPDATE III: This green sign is a terribly fake sign with ‘vintage’ rust on eBay to demonstrate that the other signs could easily be fake-aged. Note that the size of this sign 11 3/4″ is  the same as the two at bottom. There are other fake Willys-related signs of this size as well (like this pre-war one) (example of an honest seller of this type of sign):


UPDATE II: Maury emailed me about a second red/white/blue service sign that has appeared on eBay (see UPDATE: I). After a closer look at both signs, below are the reasons why I believe these are fake.

First, when Keith indicates these are fake, you best sit up and take notice.

Second, both of these signs have “MADE IN U.S.A. 1951” .. show me another Willys-Overland sign from 1946-1953 that is dated like that or marked “MADE IN U.S.A”.

Third, aside from the existence of that date, the problem with that date is that by 1951 Willys was removing “Jeep” from its literature to shift the over-arching brand to Willys, so I am unsure the company would have produced a sign like this.

Fourth, nearly all the literature I’ve found suggests that during late 1950/1951 WILLYS was printed at an angle in literature (signs could have been different, but it is hard to date signs to a specific year, because they are so often undated).

Fifth, and perhaps the biggest flaw, look at the apostrophe’s. A review of this page demonstrates that through 1953 the apostrophes were solid lines of about the same width; this sign has more triangularish apostrophes not seen until the mid 1950s.

I’m happy to be proved wrong about the signs, as I’d hate to know that the first buyer was taken. Plus, I’m no exhaustive expert on Willys-Overland physical signage, But, I see no reason to believe these signs are real.


UPDATE I: The first sign (at bottom) of this sign-type went for $212.50. A second sign of the same type has emerged on eBay from a different seller. It is at $48 with 10 hours to go. 

View all the information on eBay

willys-sales-and-serviice-sign1a willys-sales-and-serviice-sign2a


Originally posted October 27, 2020 — Caveat Emptor: This 11.75″ Willys Sales and Service Sign is one neither Maury and I have seen.

“Willys Jeep porcelain dealership sign in great condition. This noteworthy sign is revered by collectors of all types, when it comes to gas, oil, and automotive advertising. This sign measures 11.75” in diameter. This is truly an amazing sign to add to your collection, the sign displays really well, and adds a lot of charm to any environment it’s used in!

I’m parting with my vast collection of signs right now, including “pump plates”, “service station signs”, “lubester signs”, “automotive dealer signs”, and “aviation sign” so check out some of my other auctions for more great deals. ”



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Presidents and Jeeps

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Mark suggested we try a to link as many presidents to jeeps as possible. This is meant as a fun, apolitical post. Hoover was the earliest President to live through the invention of the jeep, which is why I start with him.

#31 Herbert Hoover: The only mining engineer to become president, he won acclaim in the mining community for his and his wife’s translation of De re Metallica into English. As President, in 1930 he appointed John North Willys, founder of Willys-Overland, to the ambassadorship of Poland. Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but it’s the best I could do.

#32 Franklin Roosevelt: Of course, there are lots of different photos of FDR in jeeps. Here’s on from 1942:

#33 Harry Truman: I couldn’t find one of Truman in a jeep, but I found one of him inspecting a jeep in 1942 at Fort Banning:

#34 Dwight Eisenhower: Like FDR, there are numerous pics of Eisenhower in jeeps. Here’s a press photo that sold on eBay:

#35 John Kennedy: I was struggling with JFK until I found him in 1963 behind a jeep in Costa Rica thanks to the CJ-3B Page:

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Fall 2020 Dispatcher Magazine


The Fall 2020 Dispatcher Magazine reached my door this week. Usually, the fall issue would include a report or two on this summer’s jeep events, but thanks to the sneaky coronavirus, will have to wait for events until next year. In the meantime, you can read about Jim Allen’s piece on the Jeepster Convertible and an interesting non-jeep look at a vehicle that always intrigued me:  the Tucker Combat Car.


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1945 Article Notes South American Jeep Interest

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As of October of 1945, columnist William E. Jones notes that distributing agencies had already been established in South America. But, Willys-Overland would have a difficult time filling those orders right away, as a lack of transmissions, other production issues, and initial American orders from dealers totaling 30,000 jeeps, left the company scrambling to produce enough jeeps to meet demands.

Clipping from The Boston Globe -

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1951 Wagon Ellsworth, ME **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $12,500.

Nice looking wagon. Note the Jeepster inside the garage, too.

“1951 willys overland 2 wheel dr., import from california, no rust ever no patch panels no bondo. all new brakes and brake lines new interior seat front and back. need headliner& carpet and kick panel. steering box rebuilt. new steering wheel, gas tank flushed,new wiring, overdrive work electrically.radiator removed and flushed.goes down road no issues. many parts.”

1951-wagon-maine2 1951-wagon-maine3 1951-wagon-maine4

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1949 Jeepster Brookline, MA $8900

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UPDATE: I’m surprised this one hasn’t sold.

(09/11/2020) Looks in good shape.


“1949 Willys Jeepster Overland. This is the origination of the Jeep. 65,000 miles, runs great. 3 on the tree, convertible top. Coolest car I have ever owned. Clean title and registered. I drive it all the time.”


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Koenig 535 CJ-5 Half Cab Eden, NY $700


Looks in good shape. This is the 535 “Standard Cab” from Koenig, a model seems to have first appeared in early 1956.

“This is a rare Koenig Iron Works CJ5 half cab. The doors are in great shape and have roll up windows. The cab is in good shape. Some rust spots on bottom back, but is all there and was removed bolt by bolt. $700 or best offer”

cj5-535-koenig-half-cab-ny1 cj5-535-koenig-half-cab-ny2 cj5-535-koenig-half-cab-ny3 cj5-535-koenig-half-cab-ny4

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1951 M-38 Drryden, MI $18,500

• CATEGORIES: M-38 • TAGS: , .

Includes a trailer.

“I have a 1951 Willys Jeep with military trailer with it, it is a 24 V system and runs well”

1951-m38-dryden-mi1 1951-m38-dryden-mi2

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Hobart Welder Southbury, CT $650

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Seems like a good price.

“Hobart Welder – run by Willys Jeep Motor – $650 OBO”


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1947 CJ-2A Salado, TX $10,950


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/19/2020) There’s a blemish on the passenger side; could be some rust or damage. The rear either is diamond plate or has a rubber diamond plate pad.

“1947 WILLY’S CJ2A – Stock # 1207