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1944 MB Williamsburg, OH $23,000

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This MB was restored by the seller’s father who served in Japan. If you live near Williamsburg or are/were an MVPA member, you may have seen it in local parades.

1944-mb-williamsburg-oh0 1944-mb-williamsburg-oh1 1944-mb-williamsburg-oh2 1944-mb-williamsburg-oh3 1944-mb-williamsburg-oh4

“1944 restored Willy’s Army Jeep. My late WWII Veteran Father purchased this restored Jeep in 2000 from a Gentleman in Louisville KY. My Dad drove one like it in Japan during the War. He used this one for local parades.
He had a stroke in 2008, and I became his driver for the events. He just passed this April at 94. It needs to go to someone who can appreciate it and use it like my Father did. Selling to help settle his Estate.

New Tires put on 10/2017 Coker 6.00-16 Military Tires
All oils changed two years ago. We only did about two Parades a year, dependent on the weather. Last parade we did was in 2019.

Everything works at it should. Very low maintenance vehicle.

Was stored in my climate controlled drive-in basement.”

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Willys Dump Bed Parts Covington, GA $1050


Given the dual pistons, this might be a Garwood model, but I couldn’t say for sure. Unclear what the value is or what it would take to restore it.

Original dump unit from a 1960 Willys Jeep. Complete unit with tank and pump. Could be used to turn virtually anything into a dump bed.

willys-dump-bed1 willys-dump-bed2

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L-134 Engine Lincoln, NE $200


This has a supersonic head.

“134 cubic inch Willys flat head 4-cylinder motor project. 32,000 miles when pulled from a car years ago due to a knock. Stuck from sitting. Includes most accessories and a 3-speed standard transmission. Same basic motor used in
military and civilian Jeeps as well as 1951-54 Henry Js. Parts still readily available for these. Easily accessible but will need a hoist to load. $200 OBO.”

l-134-supersonic-eninge-parts2 l-134-supersonic-eninge-parts

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CJ-2A Parts Fredericksburg, VA


No pics provided.

“parting out a 48 2a.
including: T-90,T-18, D25, D41, go devil parts, block etc.generators, frame.
also like new cj3a windshield with glass.
fiber glass body tub in very good condition.
many other small parts.
will sell all or part.”

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Kemco Flat Fender Hardtop Old Forge, PA $700


Price is negotiable (need restoration). KEMCO was the transition brand name between Beck and Kelly hardtops.

kemco-hardtop-oldforge-pa1 kemco-hardtop-oldforge-pa3

“KEMCO all steel cab and doors for flat fender willys jeeps. This top is made by The Kelly Mfg. Co. The top will need to be restored and is sold as is. May be able to deliver for an additional fee. Price is negotiable.”

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Former Electric Stainless Flattie Sausalito, CA eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available. This is only for the body and parts.

(01/20/2020) The body includes additional parts.


Here’s what it looks like when was together.

stainless-electric-vehicle01 stainless-electric-vehicle0

This is how the chassis looks:

stainless-electric-vehicle1 stainless-electric-vehicle2

“Hi I have stainless steel CJ3A body for sale complete including windshield and Omni wipers installed with 12v wiring included. I believe I bought Del@OMC last CJ3A from him in Oregon a few years ago before he passed away (rip).

Del owned the factory in the Philippines where they were made and exported to U.S. Great construction his bodies will probably out-last you and I!:) I built it for a EV prototype for a classics EV startup but all future models will use aluminum body out of Canada BC (stretched ~ 1 foot for more legroom up front) so no longer need this body. It’s just been a demo vehicle max 50 miles on it it’s like new see pics (does has vinyl EV stickers on hood those should heat gun off I haven’t bothered yet don’t have the time))”

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1951 CJ-3A Charlotte, NC $3500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500.

(08/01/2020) Mark shared this one. Runs, but body is rough.

“Rebuilt hurricane motor 4cylinder 1000 miles,new carb,3speed,manual transmission,clear title,this is a project Jeep that can be restored it needs a new tub&frame cleaned up but you got a good motor & transm,now Jeep is good to run around now it just needs tail lights-headlights work, it just depends what you want.i bought it from a family in Weaverville Nc they had it for years road it around the mountains.”

1951-cj3a-charlotte-nc0 1951-cj3a-charlotte-nc1 1951-cj3a-charlotte-nc2 1951-cj3a-charlotte-nc3 1951-cj3a-charlotte-nc4

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1950 CJ-3A Plus Other Stuff Castle Creek, NY $5500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/01/2020) The principal item is a CJ-3A, but there’s other items here, too.

“CJ2 1950 Willy’s Jeep with the following:
. snow plow
. back seat
. original wind shield
. aluminum top
. 16″ bottom land plow with front weight
. complete spare parts jeep
. chassis frame with all running gear
. 10 kw generator powered by willy’s jeep engine

I am the second owner and have had it since 1976. The first owner was my neighbor so I know the complete history. In 1976 I had 90% of the body rebuilt along with an engine overhaul. I used it in the woods so got banged up a little , for years now only for plowing snow. In good mechanical shape burns no oil. Seems this would be a good lot for someone that would refurbish back to original condition or just use as is around your homestead.”

cj2a-plus-stuff01 cj2a-plus-stuff0 cj2a-plus-stuff1 cj2a-plus-stuff2

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1957 CJ-6 Pepperell, MA $1950


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/31/2020) Setup for a snowplow, but no mention of one accompanying it.

“Running -driving -stopping Jeep -has Dauntless V6 great power -4 wheel drive works -frame has been repaired as well as body -seats maybe different .have old Maine registration $2200 serious buyers only thanks that’s the price if it goes this week -drive it up on trailer”

1957-cj6-pepperell-ma41 1957-cj6-pepperell-ma42 1957-cj6-pepperell-ma43 1957-cj6-pepperell-ma4

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1944 GPW Thomasville, NC $2500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500

(02/01/2019) Mike spotted this GPW.

1944-gpw-nc3 1944-gpw-nc2 1944-gpw-nc

“Here is a 1944 Ford GPW. Hopefully if you are reading this, you know what you are looking at. I bought this sight unseen from a farmer’s estate in Wyoming. It is literally a barn find and had to be removed from the upper part of the barn with a forklift. I had it shipped across the country to NC and it sat for a couple years. I own a private restoration shop and recently got around to looking at what turned out to be a Ford GPW. The vehicle was clearly used on the farm and has had extra holes drilled into the sides and almost looks like they were using it to haul rocks? There are more dents in the tub than rust. The farmer reinforced the front bumper and had brackets for farm implements. It has a tow hitch on the front as well.

The Ford was “hot rodded” out in the 1960s and a Studebaker OHV straight 6 was installed with a T90 transmission. The front axle has Dualmatic locking hubs. From some light research it seems like this engine was made in 1961 and appears to have the original fan belts. I have no idea of the condition of the engine and it is missing the intake. The Goodyear Power Cushion whitewall tires have date codes from the 1960s, which is when the Ford was stored in the barn. It has not been driven in over 50 years. Those 50+ year old tires have tubes in them and still hold air and have tread. The spare appears to be the original “US” marked.

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1946 CJ-2A Horseheads, NY $4400


It doesn’t run, the body is rough, and it has no title.

“This is got to be one of the coolest thing I have ever owned! Here’s what I know…it came from a barn in Pennsylvania, it has the original motor, frame is SOLID, it is currently not running, and can sit in my garage because it’s that cool! The young man said it sat in the barn on his Grandpas Farm for years and that’s what he learned to drive!
I’m not interested in trades and does not have a title.”

1946-cj2a-horesheads-ny0 1946-cj2a-horesheads-ny2 1946-cj2a-horesheads-ny3 1946-cj2a-horesheads-ny4

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1948 CJ-2A Greeley, CO $6000


Aftermarket body or the rear tailgate area has been modified.

“CJ2A1948 Willy’s Jeep has new suspension, leaf springs, shackles, converted to discs brakes, new brake lines throughout, new oil in front and rear axle, new axle bearings front/back and new seat covers.. Along with a 350 buick engine, does start and run..”

1948-cj2a-greeley-co2 1948-cj2a-greeley-co3 1948-cj2a-greeley-co4

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Here’s the Baby-jeep — A Bassinet from Holland

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This unusual brochure shares information about the Baby-jeep, a bassinet available in three colors–blue, ivory, and salmon–that was produced out of Holland. The brochure includes a small, illustrated jeep on the cover. It’s printed on thick paper that makes for a nice brochure, but I’m still not sure why it is call a “Baby-jeep”.

year-baby-jeep-holland-bassinet-brochure2-lores year-baby-jeep-holland-bassinet-brochure3-lores year-baby-jeep-holland-bassinet-brochure4-lores year-baby-jeep-holland-bassinet-brochure5-lores

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1953 Post Kaiser-Willys Merger Ads

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These three Kaiser-Willys ads demonstrate a national campaign ad offering to dealers who wanted to share the news that Kaiser and Willys vehicles were being sold under the same brand. Though the purchase was announced in the spring of 1953, the ad campaign was introduced until the fall of 1953 after the sale was completed (See the June 1953 ad at bottom that introduces a new dealer, but doesn’t mention Kaiser).

The imagery and order of the blocks is interesting. Though Kaiser purchased Willys-Overland’s assets, for the extensive network of Willys dealers the experience was the opposite; they were adding Kaiser products to their Willys sales portfolios. I expect this explains why the Kaiser block is pictured being added to the Willys block rather than the other way around.


This ad was published on November 05, 1953, in The Times out of Shreveport, Louisiana, by Dixie Kaiser-Willys.


This ad was published on October 08, 1953, in the Birmingham News, out of Birmingham, Alabama, by the Roy Bridges & Co., Inc.


This ad was published on November 15, 1953, in the Great Falls Tribune, out of Montana, by Robinson Motor Co.

A June 5, 1953, full-page ad out of California introduced Haley Motors, a new “Willys” dealer. Though the merger had been announced, it wasn’t finalized until the fall of 1953; this likely explains why there was no mention of Kaiser in this ad.



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Reprint Photo of Medic Jeep in France & A Brazilian Medic Jeep model

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Steve shared this photo. Though it is an undated reprint, it’s one I hadn’t seen. The photo is only 5″x5″. I’m surprised it isn’t reproduced as a 8″x10″ photo.

View all the information on ebay

“This is a nice reproduction of an original World War Two photo showing US soldiers in a Jeep reading a sign prepared by French citizens expressing gratitude for the liberation of France from the Nazi’s. Great photo! Size of photo is about 5″ x 5″.”


The photo above sent me on a quest to find another example of a medic/ambulance jeep with a cross painted onto the grille. I finally found one on a model, one built to replicate a Brazilian Expeditionary Force jeep ambulance from 1944 Italy. The author of the post did a good job retelling the history of the jeep (and didn’t fall for some of the incorrect history on the internet).×4-ambulance-brazilian.html


This illustration is one of the inspirations for the model.

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3 CJ-5s West Edmonton, NY $5500


The green CJ-5 runs and has the KW 0-10 early speedo.

“Willy’s Jeeps, 3 Willy’s, complete Jeeps, the green one is a 1955: runs and drives with 11,000 original miles, needs brake work but very solid frame and body motor and tranny. The other 2 ran when parked in a barn over 30 years ago and about a pickup truck full of extra parts to go with them. Asking $5500 for everything, I do not want to separate them, everything goes. I know just the green one is worth what I am asking for everything so no low ball offers and no trades”

3-1955-cj5s-syracus-ny1 3-1955-cj5s-syracus-ny2 3-1955-cj5s-syracus-ny3 3-1955-cj5s-syracus-ny4

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1942 GPW Rathdrum, ID $14,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $14,500: 

(07/03/2020) As the seller notes, this has some non stock items.

“FOR SALE, 1942 GPW Jeep, rebuilt excellent condition, not stock, has 12 v electrical system, 6000 lb winch, 15″ wheels with radial tires, aftermark top, CB radio, Heater, T90 transmission, posi-lock differentials, electric windshield wipers, undercoated, no rust, more pictures available, approx. 128 miles since rebuild”

1942-gpw-rathdrum-id1 1942-gpw-rathdrum-id2 1942-gpw-rathdrum-id3 1942-gpw-rathdrum-id4

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1968 M-274A4 Mule Georgia $5500

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Could be worth a look.

“Army mule, army paint brush finish, always keep indoor, four wheel drive and steer. Two cylinder air cooled engine.”

1968-m274-mule-GA2 1968-m274-mule-GA3 1968-m274-mule-GA4

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4 Mule M-274 Engines CDA, ID $1000

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All four for $1000 or $500/each.


“4 Willys M274 4-cylinder air cooled engines
All 4 engines are complete except one is missing the magneto and another is missing the carburetor.
They include bell housings and flywheels. Two have the clutch and pressure plate
3 turn over freely, 1 is stuck
1 has a military rebuild tag from Marine Corps Systems Command in Albany, Georgia with a date of 6-6 or 8 (can’t read the rest) Another has a rebuild tag of 12-65.

I bought these from the estate of a collector. I don’t know their condition other than their completeness. They were tucked under his work bench and obviously had been there for years.

$500 each or all 4 for $1,000.”

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1948 CJ-2A Louisville, KY $3000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3000.

(11/09/2019) Runs, rough body.

“1948 willys cj2a, new brakes, master cylinder Rancho leaf springs,brake lines, cooper tires at3s runs and drives great, has the 134 cubic inch “go devil motor “”

1948-cj2a-louisville-ky1 1948-cj2a-louisville-ky2 1948-cj2a-louisville-ky3 1948-cj2a-louisville-ky4

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1952 M-38 w/Trailer Colville, WA $18,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $17,500.

(05/27/2020) Looks like a nice combo.

“1952 Korean War Jeep with trailer and second set of tires in beautiful condition. Serious inquiries only.”

1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa01 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa0 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa1 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa2

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6 FCs for Sale Post Falls, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000.

(07/18/2020) All or nothing.

“6 Willys FC170s for sale, One runs, drives and stops, other five are parts vehicles. Have some titles. All or nothing”

6-fcs-for-sale-postfalls-id0 6-fcs-for-sale-postfalls-id1 6-fcs-for-sale-postfalls-id2 6-fcs-for-sale-postfalls-id3 6-fcs-for-sale-postfalls-id4

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1965 FC-170 Warm Springs, GA $2000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/11/2020) Has a gov plate.

“Jeep FC 170 doesn’t run. Front floor pans are rusted out. price is firm”

1965-fc170-warmsprings-ga2 1965-fc170-warmsprings-ga3 1965-fc170-warmsprings-ga4

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1946 CJ-2A Merlin, OR $1500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/19/2020) Project or parts. Appears to have Clary Flanges, but I can’t tell for certain.

“1946 willys. Have original hood and windshield frame 231 v6 motor goes with stock trans no transfer case ! Have Oregon title Price is $1,500”

1946-cj2a-merlin-or1 1946-cj2a-merlin-or2 1946-cj2a-merlin-or3

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1942? Custom Truck Morris, AL $2500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/16/2020) Not sure how much value is here.

“1942 Jeep Willys Custom truck. Chevy 350 engine not currently running but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get going. Message me any questions. Got something to trade? Send it to me ”