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Fumigator on the back of Flattie

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This short blurb about a fumigator on the back of a jeep was published in the January, 1948, issue of Popular Mechanics and available for free at Google. It doesn’t indicate whether this is a custom unit or an aftermarket fumigator available for the jeep.  I see no indication it is powered by the jeep; it may be self contained.


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CJ-2A Pulls a Wagon for Hollywood

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A December 1947 article in Popular Mechanics highlights the role support groups play in post-war remote Hollywood movie locations. Included is the below image of a jeep pulling a wagon. The article is pretty interesting.


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Follow Me Jeeps Photos

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UPDATE:  Howard found this photo at warttimepress.com on the front of the October, 23, 1944 issue of Junior Scholastic.


Leo was cleaning up his files and ran across this unusual “Follow Me” Jeep photo.  He couldn’t remember where he found it, so if you happen to know a source, let me know.


As I looked for an originating source, I found a bunch more photos. I also learned that sometimes incoming gliders were moving too fast for the ‘follow me’ jeeps. In one case, instead of hitting the jeep, a glider tipped its wing upward to pass over the jeep, probably to the jeep driver’s surprise or relief. Here they are:

This was posted at the RAF Forum:


Here’s one taken last summer and posted on Flickr from the Duxford Military Vehicles Day


This one appeared at a 2004 Military Jeep Club of Queensland Swap Meet in Australia. This page is full of military jeeps, seeps, and more.


This follow me jeep was posted at 20th century GI.  There are more links to different shots of it.


This photo and article was published in the June 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics.


Ant then, there is this priceless one from the Belgian MIlitary Vehicle Trust:


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January 1943 Popular Mechanics “Jeeps on the Farm” Article

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Here is an early article that highlights the potential for jeeps following the war. You can see the online version at Google Books. I couldn’t find an issue for sale on eBay.



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January 1943 Pop Mechanics Jeep Flies Target Plane

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A couple additional references to the jeep were made in the January 1943 issue of Popular Mechanics. You can see the online version at Google Books

1) Page 33: “Jeep Flies Target Plane to Help Gunner’s Aim”

Apparently, a plane was mounted to a jeep and driven across an open field.  I’ve never seen any other pictures of this.


2) Page 64: Perhaps this is the first running model jeep? It certainly was an early one!


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M38a1 vs The Mighty Mite

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Here are two different stories from two issues of Popular Mechanics comparing the size of a M-38A1 to the Mighty Mite.

1. Popular Mechanics May 1953 on Google Books | Purchase a copy of the magazine on eBay

2. Popular Mechanics March 1954 Page 140 on Google Books | Purchase a copy of the magazine on eBay

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Jeep Dozer Article by E.V. Reyner

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Here’s an interesting article published in the May 1953 issue of Popular Mechanics.  I don’t remember running  across one of these.  Interesting that they chose to use a VEC CJ-2A rather than a later model jeep.  This issue also includes an introduction and comparison between the M-38A1 and the Mighty Mite.

Popular Mechanics – May 1953 – Page 65

There is an issue for sale on eBay as well form only $5.25

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1944 Popular Mechanics Fire Jeep Article

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I found this February 1944 article on fire-fight testing at Willys Overland.  You can view the whole issue on Google.

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Early PTO Plows for Fighting Forest Fires

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Looking for USDA jeeps I found these two different plows used for fire fighting in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

The “V-shape plow” was featured in the August 1949 issue of Popular Mechanics:

This plow was featured in the May 1951 issue of Popular Mechanics on page 151.

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The Four Wheel Steer Bantam in Pop Mechanics

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I spotted this brief note about the four-wheel-steer Bantam BRC-40 on page 167 of the May 1946 issue of Popular Mechanics.  Why it appeared five years after it was built seems a little strange.  I can’t imagine the army keeping this model top secret for any reason.  Maybe they needed some filler for the issue?

Here is a link to the Google page that shows the whole article

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Army’s “Mine Scenting” Attachment


This device was built to detect mines and, once detected, would auto-shift the jeep into neutral and put on the brakes.  This article was published in the January 1946 edition of Popular Mechanics.


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Jeep Pulling a Corn Binder

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I’ve seen a variety of PTO items, but this is the first Corn Binder I’ve seen.  This short reference was published in the January 1946 edition of Popular Mechanics.

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Letter about Woodie Tops by Station Wagons, Inc

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a rare letter that advertises woodie kits from Station Wagons, Inc, for CJ-2A and MB/GPW models.  This 2 page letter shows both a full and a half cab.  Below the two page letter is an example of an ad that appeared in Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics Ad from the January 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics, pg 266.  This ad appeared in the February 1948 issue as well. I haven’t done a full accounting to determine how many other issues had the ad.