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1948 CJ-2A Lathrop, MO $7500


Comes with bed extender, rear pro, and mower.

“This CJ2 runs great and is in very good condition. The engine was overhauled less than 1000 miles ago. It has new wiring harness and has been converted from a 6 volt to a 12 volt system. Notice in the picture of the vehicle that it has a 25 inch bed extension. Also, note the picture of the power takeoff (PTO) which runs the mower. It has a title and is licensed and is considered a 1/4 Ton pickup.

Extra parts include:
Model 90 shifter
Tow bar
Grill protector
Front seats
Hot water heater
Four brake pads
Six wheels and tires
Used motor”

1948-cj2a-lathrop-mo1 1948-cj2a-lathrop-mo2

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The Taylors of Walnut Hill (from 1948)

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The Taylors of Walnut Hill, Kansas, were featured in the March 1948 issue of Country Gentleman. They owned the Walnut Hill Hereford Ranch. I googled the ranch, but it no longer appears active under that name.

According to the article, “Tom Taylor bought his his CJ-2A jeep with some misgivings, but the jeep is probably his favorite piece of equipment. He now declares he wouldn’t know how to farm without it.”


Closeup of the CJ-2A

The article also notes, “The most original item is their repair-trailer, a wheeled frame of six-inch tubular steel which serves as compressed-air tank, carrying its own power, equipped for spray-painting, lubrication-pressure, welding and acetylene-torch cutting.”


Custom trailer for welding, cutting and mobile power. It appears the CJ-2A has an bed extender along with an extra tall rear seat (custom seat?).



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Doron’s 1942 GPW Tribute to his Father

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Doron Segal from Israel shared these photos. In memory of his father, Doron has rebuilt a 1942 GPW with the number “4062”.  His father served in the “Samson Foxes“.

The two photos below are from a fifteenth club event in Israel, 2010 (see more current photos here).  Doron can be seen driving his GPW in the first one:

doron-segal-1942-gpwdoron-segal-1942-gpw2Here are some vintage photos. They jeeps shown are a mix of MB/GPWs, CJ-2As and a Lefty CJ-2A. It looks like the rear extension was a must-have modification. Note the number on the jeep in the first photo.

samson-foxes-israel-doron3-lefty samson-foxes-israel-doron2 samson-foxes-israel-doron1

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Koenig Tub Extender Frederick, MD **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350

Wayne spotted this bed extender.

“For Sale an original Koenig Tub Extender for sale. If you’ve ever seen one before, you’re squarely in the minority. You take the tailgate off your CJ 5, plug this piece in its place, then put your tailgate at the end of your tub extender and viola…2 more feet of cargo space. Pictures are as it is. It’s a very simple restoration to match with your classic. Email with any questions or interests! Would like gone asap!”


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1946 CJ-2A Dually Big Rapids, MI $8750

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UPDATE: Still Available

(09/03/2013) It looks solid, but the drain holes have been filled and its missing the parking brake.

“1946 cj2a VIN 54883.
It is time to liquidate some assets so my wife of almost 50 years can take a trip back to her native Korea Possibly for the last time. So I thought it would be fitting that ” The other woman ” name of the jeep .. should be the asset to liquidate. She ( the jeep ) is located in West Michigan, and can be delivered by me..on a trailer for a fee. As we all know …there is MUCH more invested in Resto/Mod than we will ever re coupe… but the ability to work on this old girl was well worth it. She spent 2 winters in a Chrysler/Jeep dealership show room. and in covered storage to date ( started up on a monthly basis ) You will note this baby has two option not seen very often.. Dual wheels AND extended cargo area ( Both options offered for farm use in the late 1940s ) see pictures here.
Well over 20k invested.. If you need more info just ask. It is always a sad day when we decide to part with a old friend. BTW the dates on the photos are NOT the correct date, I did not know how to change them.. these photos were taken in 2012 you may call,231 three four nine 6060 NLT 10 PM EST please . Thanks for looking and thinking about adding Just one more to you Collection.”

1946-cj2a-dually-bigrapids-mi0 1946-cj2a-dually-bigrapids-mi1 1946-cj2a-dually-bigrapids-mi2 1946-cj2a-dually-bigrapids-mi3 1946-cj2a-dually-bigrapids-mi4

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2 1952 CJ-3As Abilene, TX $2000


This looks like a good price.

“I have 2 1952 Willys CJ-3A jeeps ….One has been taken apart and sandblasted and primed. The frame has been sandblasted and painted all the running gear has been redone with new parts. I have all the pieces to complete this jeep. Minus the motor and transmission. Thats where the second Jeep comes in. It has a pretty rough body,but the motor and tranny are good. It runs and drives,but it blew a head gasket and I have not fixed it yet. I also have a rare Willys Jeep Bed Extender that is included in the deal. I would like to sell all of this as a package deal. There is enough pieces and parts to make one good Jeep and have some parts left over. I have a good clear title ofor the Jeep that is in pieces. I am asking $2000.00 for all it or make me an offer. Email this post for more info or more pictures.”




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Box Extension Lebanon, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400

“This is a very nice original Jeep accessory. You simply remove your gate, drop the extension into place and move your gate to the back. There are also two braces that attach to the drawbar. You can pick up the extension ten miles east of Hershey, PA. Please email if interested and thanks for looking.”


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Bed Extender on eBay


Marc spotted this unusual bed extension. I think this is a non-newgren extender that’s been customized.

View all the information on ebay





” ***I had this listed 2 weeks ago. It attracted almost 50 watchers but no bids at $400. I have nothing to compare it to. So I will let the market set the price at $200 and above.***
Extension bed or extension body for vintage Willys CJ Jeeps. During the Jeep craze following WWII, Willys and several other companies were making all sorts of Jeep accessories. One of the coolest was the Extension Body or Extend-A-Bed. Some were made “knocked down” for assembly by the owner. Others were made “welded up” and ready to bolt on. This bed extension is “welded up” and installs with only 8 bolts. I do not know who, when or where this bed extension was made. There is no maker’s tag present. The floor and sides are formed from one solid piece of heavy sheet steel turned up at the sides. It took a heavy metal brake to form this steel. The body is braced and welded. All bolt holes to mount to the jeep are present.

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1952 M-38 Clinton, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

This appears to have the wrong windshield for the top. This includes the rear extended bed.

“Very good shape runs good has arctic top”


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1946 CJ-2A Plantsville, CT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $950.

The bed-extension on this looks in good shape.

“46 Jeep runs and drives, brakes and body need work, new gas tank. Trade for antique motorcycle or antique motorcycle parts. 8604788432”

1946-cj2a-plantsville-ct1 1946-cj2a-plantsville-ct2 1946-cj2a-plantsville-ct3 1946-cj2a-plantsville-ct4

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1950 CJ-3A Oroville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This has a couple interesting features.  The first is the unusual body extender.  The seller says this is a factor original extension (which differs from the Koenig aftermarket extension).  I have not encountered a factory body extension. There is no evidence for one at the CJ-3B Page either.  The small bars in place to act as supports underneath are different than I have see as well, though could have been replaced.

The second is the rare crankshaft driven PTO which along with the mechanicals for a rear PTO.  The body looks pretty solid, per the seller’s description.  There is some work to be done, but this might be worth a look.

“Here’s a real nice, basically rust free jeep. Only rust is surface rust that you can remove by running a rag over it. This jeep seems to be a nice find. Has ordered from factory winch & brackets, PTO unit, PTO lever & winch levers, as seen in picture, on floor passenger side, Also, governer & PTO unit for rear of jeep in good shape. Also comes with a factory rear body extension, very rare. Appears to have nothing missing, as pictures will show. Motor is not froze up and turns freely by hand. Carburator, intake manifold & lifter cover are off the engine, but all the bolts and parts are there. I do not know why these items were removed from jeep, due to death of the man that used to own this jeep. Due to there being two manifolds, I am guessing there might have been a miss due to an air leak or gasket leak, and possibly he bought new manifold to solve the problem, again I don’t know. As seen in the pictures, the hat channel under this jeep, is not all rusted out and body has never been removed. Again, very clean, very nice jeep. Call for more info or pictures.”

1950-cj3a-oroville-ca1 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca2 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca3 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca4 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca5

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1954 CJ-3B Tehachapi, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: *SOLD** Was on eBay

Is this a one off or an aftermarket extension of some kind.

“The Good:
This vehicle is quite complete. No major components are missing. Frame has minimal surface rust. Floorboards are solid, Only a few rust through areas on body. It has an unusual extension at the rear of the body, could be rare.

The Bad:
Will need complete restoration. Fenders bent, no windshield or mirrors, engine is seized. Left front brake binds at times (hard to push vehicle). /font>

I purchased this thinking I would fix it up. However, I’ve got too many projects, and not enough time or money to pursue them all. This vehicle sat out in the elements for quite a while. It looks like some kids put sticks and rocks in the radiator, battery and probably the engine. I have no paperwork for it, the guy I bought it from didn’t either. It’s been out of California’s system so long that it should be easy to get a duplicate title. I’d be happy to fill out a bill of sale if needed.”

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Bed Extension Hot Springs, AR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $75

This appears to be missing the support bars.  It also doesn’t have the spare wheel carrier that some have.  It’s a great price though.

“This is a bed extender for made for Willys CJ5 Jeeps (55-65models???) ”


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1953 CJ-3B Madison, SD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD*** Was $1900

(07/15/2012) I believe this runs?  It also has a bed extender.  While it looks like it is missing the tailgate, Leo noted that tailgate is still there, just under the extender.

“1953 CJ3A Willys Hight Hood , farm model, Mfd. half cab, box extension, snowplow. Recent overhaul. Body is rusty, Great for parts or restoration, No Title, former owner is still looking but has not produced it at this time, therefore sold as salvage. $1900.00 , I have no more time for any projects,Will trade for items of interest. Sold in as is condition, 605–270-1252”

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Extend A Bed Forestville, WI $300


UPDATE:  Still Available

“I am selling the extend a bed that was made for CJ2A Style flat fender jeep, it was sold to make your jeep like a little pick-up truck… I thought I wanted to use one of these on a jeep but decided with my old jeep truck that I also have I do not want to do it……if you do notneed the tailgate, I will sell for 250.00 as I can always find a use for a good tailgate…. .. any questions, give me a call at 920-856-65three nine…”

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Extend A Bed Lakewood, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $350

“This came of my 1962 Willys Jeep that i no longer own. I never seen one besides the one i have and the one in the attached photo. It in pretty good shape considering and can be very handy to have.
I dont know if it will fit on other years are not.
Asking $350 OBO”




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Extend-a-bed Westminster, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $200

“Rare Willys Jeep Extend-a-Bed Trunk w TWO Jerry/Water Can Mounts.

I’ll even throw in one Gerry / Jerry Can!

Not sure if this is a factory accessory or a home made trunk. Add this to your Willys for some extra cab space!

This bolts to the inside of your body tub, relocate your tailgate to the back of the trunk and you have just created some extra space for your gear.

PLUS, it has been configured so that you may mount 2 Gerry cans for those longer trips.”

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1949 CJ-3A Rockrimmon, Ca $6000

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(01/21/2012) This is worth a closer look.  The seller only wants to deal with people in person.

“This is a fully original 1949 Willy’s with clean title, civilian model with 12volt electric. Jeep has extesnion on back that can be taken off to reduce price. This Jeep has been great around the ranch and does need some body work. 16″ wheels but can trade out for 15″ both with desent tires. Breaks and front wheel cylender rebuit. Runs well just needs tinkering like any 1949 Jeep. Will take seriouse offers. No shipping, No dealers, In person only!!!!

Please call Joe 719 three three O – Five 5 9 Five”

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1949 CJ-3A Banning, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $1800 **SOLD**

(02/04/2012) If this has a flathead, I wonder why the hood is popped.  The extender seems awkwardly long, but maybe it is just late.


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1948 CJ-2A Lakeville, MA *SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

 This has the extended bed.  There looks to be value here.

“1948 CJ-2A Willys Jeep Has title and VIN plates. Hurricane F-Head 134 I4 engine three speed transmission & twin stick transfer case. This jeep is all stock except for the 2 inch lift Rancho leaf springs and 31″ narrow super swampers. It has a TJ roll cage, extended bed, and bucket seats. Electric fans cool the engine and the old cam & leaver steering has been swapped out for a conventional manual Saginaw box. It does need a master cylinder. Other than that it runs and drives. A fun trail jeep or nice stock restoration project.”

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1950 CJ-3A Brunswick, Ga **SOLD**


UPDATE:  A reader bought this.  More pics forthcoming.

This has some nice pix of the rear bed extender.  The F-head has been nicely tucked under the hood as well.

“This is a 1950 Willys CJ3a that I have just purchased out of Texas. Due to an emergancy I must sell this and my 1947 CJ2a. I bought this from the family of the original owner who purchased it new. He added the Warn Overdrive so he could drive hightway speeds. He also added the rare Willys Bed Extension so he could sleep in the back. The jeep is in great overall condition. Has a little rust bubbling behind the A pillar. The floors are solid no rust other than surface rust. the tool box under the seat is solid also no rust. Seats in great shape very soft. has a few scrapes and dents but over all great shape. At some point in its life an F134 engine was added. It has a Corvette side draft carburator (carter YF). It starts easily and runs great but smoke. May be stuck rings from sitting or just tired. I will include a good running F134 engine out of a M38a1 that I took out of a M170 jeep. It comes with a another T-90 transmission and transfercase. This engine has been converted to 12 volts. I will include the distriburtor, New High torque mini starter, new one wire alternator. The current engine is still 6 volts and has a new battery. Has the original keyed ignition coil system and step starter. I have the 2 doors and all the top mounting bows and brackets but no top. Garage stored. Has old school front lock outs. I have the both front fog lights but one is broke”


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Bed Extender Boise, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $200

“I have a flat fender bed extender I would like to sell. I’m not sure if it was manufactured by a company, military, or some home made job but its well built and riveted together. I’m sure it would look great on the back of somebodies jeep.  The inside opening/storage area measures about 19″ deep by 35 1/2″ and about 14″ tall.   I would really like to see it to a good home.”

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1947 CJ-2A San Tan Valley, Az **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Actually, I don’t think the tub looks all that bad.  That’s a nice shot of the extender on the back.

“1947 Willy’s Jeep CJ2A Model. We are the 3rd owner and have owned for approx. 2 years now. Previous owner had it for 50+ years. It was told to us that it had approx. 38000 miles on it. Have in hand Clean and Clear Title. My father bought this jeep to restore as a project and has lost interest in it. It is approx. 50% or more unassembled and have approx 95% or more of all original parts. Motor does run great. It does need a new body tub due to the original being to badly rusted. We have original tub with all ID plates still attached. Also have service manual and pics prior to restoration. Any other questions please email me and I can get my father to contact you because he knows more about this than I.”

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1961 CJ-5 Leadville, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

(01/01/2011) This has a bed extender of some type.

“1961 willys jeep for sale 1500.00 in running condition just needs a battery. we are trying to sell this jeep my dad was diagnosed with cancer so we are trying to sell this jeep to help my mom build some savings . jeep also has a hard top the seats have also been reupolstered serious callers only 719-486-2508 phone calls only so dont bother e maling me . this is a cash only deal . we also have a spare engine for this jeep for 150.00 if you call please leave a detailed message and also wait for the beep before you talk i have gotten a couple replys on this and cannot get a decent e mail address due to not being inpatient. this is a cash only deal. the jeep also has a tow bar for easy towing ”

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1942 MB Ramona, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

This body was widened 6″ … was it done because they could?  Also, the rear appears to have been cut and a custom extension added (I don’t think that’s the bolt on extender I’ve seen other some other jeeps).

“The body was widened about 6 inches by Southwestern College years ago. It really is a nice configuration. I have the original military air cleaner setup. It has been converted to 12-volt alternator electrical. The rest of the drive train is stock with the flathead four and works great. The tow bar works great and uses a 1 7/8″ ball. I am selling because I need the covered parking space and my son, who loved and cared for it, will be out of the country for years. Driven regularly. Clean title. 4-wheel drive works fine. Lots of fun! $3500 firm.”