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Puget Sound Boondockers Club Patch

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Brandon bought this cool, vintage jeep club patch from the late 1960s/early 1970s at an estate sale. I can’t remember ever seeing the club logo before, but the group is documented in the PNW4WDA Region One roster booklet from 1972.

As the image suggests, the Boondockers was a club based out of the south Puget Sound area of Washington, mostly Auburn. As of 1972 the club had 11 members, most of whom had CJ-5s.


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1953 CJ-3A Temecula, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14,500.

(06/05/2015) This is a nice looking, older build.

“4 Wheel Drive
Ford Boss 302 Engine – Purchased new from Ford
Ford 3 speed transmission
Warn Overdrive
4.88 Posi – Front and Rear
Chevy power steering
11″ Brakes
Warn Hubs
Best Top
Tow Bar

This jeep has been in our family since the mid 1960’s. It started out as a stock 4 cyl and in 1971 my father purchased a new complete Boss 302 engine from Ford (Carb to bell housing). He upgraded the drive train when he installed the engine. This Jeep had all the top parts available for it’s day. The Jeep was parked in the garage in the 1990’s after my father had a heart attack. The Jeep sat until recently when I decided to get it running. I replaced the fluids, cleaned the gas tank, replaced the battery, rebuilt the carb, and replaced the fuel filter. It started right up and runs great. To make it road worthy it will need new tires as they are 30+ years old. It’s tough to sell but I’m getting too old to enjoy it.”

1953-cj3a-temecula-ca1 1953-cj3a-temecula-ca2 1953-cj3a-temecula-ca3 1953-cj3a-temecula-ca4

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Video: Yakima Ridge Runners 1950s Video Part 2

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This is the second of two videos made by Universal International News. Much of this footage seems very similar to the shots taken by Life Magazine of the Ridge Runners, when they did ran a story about the Jeep Club.

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Videos: Ridge Runners Video #1

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The Yakima Ridge Runners Jeep Club recognizes itself as the world’s first incorporated Jeep Club, incorporating in early 1947. I have run across reports of early clubs formed in Southern California, but whether they actually incorporated or not is unknown to me. This video made by Universal International News was one of two.

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2008 PNW4DA Racing

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I was searching to see if anyone posted videos from the PNW4WDA 2009 Convention, but haven’t seen any yet.  I did find this nicely organized collection of racing images from 2008 that I hadn’t seen.  So, I thought I’d share them.  Note the audio has been disabled.  I have to wonder exactly how they track down audio like that given the millions of videos uploaded vs. the relatively low number of hits on this video.