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Flat fender fiberglass tub/body Reading, PA **SOLD**

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fiberglass_tub_readingUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

“Willy’s Flat Fender Fiberglass Jeep body/tub.  Fits 1946-1965 CJ2A, CJ3A, & CJ3B Jeeps with 80” wheel base. BRAND NEW – very durable FIBERGLASS.  Use on the road and/or off the road. ** Asking $1500.00 “

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Sand Flat Fender Jeep Tualatin, Or $3000

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UPDATE:  The price has dropped to $3000 (but only for this weekend — Nov 1st & 2nd 2008).

This CJ-2A sand jeep sports the very rare parkette fiberglass body.  Only a handful of these bodies were made (At one time I was told only about 10 of them).  It sounds like it has some good parts, but it will take some work to convert it to 4wd.

“1941 cj2a military jeep that has a a full fiberglass body so you dont have to worry about rust or dents on this 67 year old jeep! it has a stout good running 350 small block with a 700r transmission. the tread on the tires are very good and i would say have conservitivly 85% of their life left. i just put a brand new radiator on it with all new verrry expensive rad. hosing which is actually 150psi petroleum trasfer tubing so it will never break or pop from heat. 971-645-1635”

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Race Jeep Rochester, Wa **SOLD**

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This appears to be a parkette racing body.  The front of the frame looks a little twisted.

“Race Jeep for sale. $2000 OBO–This is a great jeep & a great buy… This jeep has no engine, but all running gear included and this is a great addition to any racing team. This is set up for a Buick V6 231 with a 4 speed. It has 44 axels with 538 gears and a good transfer case. We are also including 3 spare Desert Dog tires with wheels in this great price. Please email me at with your information. .”

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Fiberglass Race Body and Desert Dog/Coop Tires Eatonville, Wa **SOLD**

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If you are doing some PNW racing, here’s some good stuff for you.  Plenty of tread on those tires.  The body comes with fenders, hood and grille.

“Bobcat willys flat fender race body complete with seperate fenders hood and grill. Has removalable tailgate and no floor. Very good condition.$700.00

4 co-op front tires. 2 are brand new, 2 have 1 race and 1 spare. 10 desert dogs 2 are brand new and the rest are 60% and 85-90%. $1000.00 for all. Must take all tires. Will not separate.”

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Fiberglass tub and front clip, St. Maries, ID **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550

It says it’s never been used, but it looks like the front clip was ready to be installed.  If it is in as good as shape as advertised, then this is a great price.

“Willy’s Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A, or MB Fiberglass Tub with Steel Fenders, grill, & tailgate. It’s never been used, no cracks – good shape! Also has a fiberglass tailgate included. There is a frame included if you want it.”

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Fiberglass Body and Grille

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Here's a few pictures of the Body and Grille I grabbed while down in Springfield, Oregon a couple of days ago. I need to get a few better pics of it.  I've got it listed for $450 on Craigslist.  

The outside of the body is in excellent shape and would make a great racing shell for PNW4WDA racing. The interior of the body is well designed and strong and could make a good jeeping/street body, however the plywood attached to the bottom is bad in spots, but could be fixed pretty easily.  Also, the firewall has an extra large opening that needs to be closed.  Otherwise, the body looks straight and is pretty light.

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Fiberglass Flatfender taken apart, Chicago eBay


UPDATE:  The seller has reposted this on eBay with more pics.

This looks to be the same fiberglass body as my first jeep.  The seller is correct; this body is light — I used to move the body myself by crouching underneath it and picking it up on my back (my current body is somewhat heavier).  However, I disagree with the seller; this body makes a fine jeeping body.  But, if used for jeeping, tie a cage to the frame and use the cage to help support the body.

“1949 Willys CJ 2 A/B, I have one title with no vin plate, Two Straight solid frames, Light weight single wall fiberglass body tub (not my recommendation for serious off road use, good for a sand buggy), Overhead valve inline 4 cylinder engine (from a 3B or early CJ-5), 2 T 90 transmissions with transfer cases, 2 sets of stock willys axles, one of which has new brake shoes and hardware”

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Fiberglass Flatfender Tub $198 Kelso, Wa

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This fiberglass flatfender tub appears to be exactly what I started with, but it is in better condition than mine was.  Note the gas tank inlets on both sides and the wide rim around the back of the body (though I'm wondering if the rim isn't slightly wider than mine).  Interestingly, it has very similar cutouts in the wheel wells (for seats) that mine did.  In a year and a half of looking this is only the second of this style I have seen.

"what you see if what you get unknown manaufacturer but heay they rerail for 2k can you complain for under $200? peramently fix the rust issue, lighten the load, eliminate dents" 

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Drag ‘Jeep’ … Archive

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This is ‘jeep’ only in look.  The rest of it is all drag.

“this is a race only jeep one piece all aluminum body center seat funny car style drag jeep INSANDITY for sale turn key or minus moter or minus moter&trans 383 alcohol injected chevy w/ air shifted 2spd lenco w/ reverser full floater ford 9 inch w/ 35 spline summers axels disc brakes, nodular 3rd daytona support pro gears. too much more to list possible trade for early streetable willys or cj5 or cash could be converted to a mud bogger w/ some suspension work …”

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CJ-3B Fiberglass Bodies

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UPDATE: Since I wrote this back in April of 2008, I have learned that someone in the Seattle Area purchased the Parkette molds, but I still haven’t learned who.

In April of 2008 there was an ad from a buyer looking for a CJ-3B Fiberglass body.  Frankly, he was the only person I have come across on Craigslist looking for a fiberglass jeep body other than I.  The CJ-3B bodies are very rare.

I did search and found a guy named Rick in the Northwest who says he has a CJ-3B mold (looks like a parkette mold with the side stripe).  Here’s a website that show’s a variety of pics of him building his CJ-3B. (see more of his pics below)

According to the CJ-3B Page, there are no sellers of CJ-3B fiberglass bodies.

To the right is a fiberglass CJ-3B body I found for sale back in 2008.

“This is a Willy’s Jeep that i got off a friend in a trade. it was sitting in his field for years. it used to be covered but the tarp blew off a couple of years ago. someone put it together in the 80’s with a fiberglass body tub and fenders. they didn’t do such a good job, the wiring is atrocious and it needs alot of other work, but they did put lockouts and disc brakes up front, thats a plus. it needs to be completely stripped down and re-done.”

Here’s more pics of Rick’s Fiberglass CJ-3B with a Parkette (?) Fiberglass Body.  You can read more about it here: