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Willys Jeep trains and trams were used all over the United States to pull visitors and tour groups through parks and cities. CJ-2As, CJ-3As, CJ-5s and CJ-3Bs

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April 14, 1944 Article from London News on eBay

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Here’s a great shot of a jeep on rails from the April 14, 1944 issue of Illustrated London News.

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Jeep Train in Colombia

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Sebastian’s in Colombia for a week and forwarded this article regarding a jeep train in Colombia. Here are a few photos and the link to the article (it is in Spanish).

colombia-willys-jeep-train3 colombia-willys-jeep-train2 colombia-willys-jeep-train1

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Jeep Train in Galveston, TX

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Bob reports they’ve been running this Jeep Train in Galveston, TX, since 1951. I tried to find some old photos or articles, but didn’t have any luck.


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1984 Photos of CJ-7 Jeep Train on eBay

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The Lincoln Road Mall appears to be in Miami.

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Lincoln Road Mall

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Lincoln Road Mall


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1980 Photo of the Hallandale Broward County Jeep Tram **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The original Broward County Jeep Tram was launched by Hugh B. Cramer in 1946. Hugh brought five jeeps with him from Buffalo that could be linked together and drive out onto sandy beaches.

Hugh’s plan didn’t succeed, but a jeep tram did root itself in Hallandale. According to this article, the jeep trams were begun in 1982 as an adjunct to the bus system, but this photo suggests it happened earlier. The city paid for the majority of the costs. As of 1990 the trams were still running based on the picture at the bottom.

1. “You are bidding on an original press photo from 1980 featuring Tram in Hallandale. . Photo is 10” x 8” in size.”


2. You are bidding on an original press photo from 1990 featuring Voyager Tram… Broward . Photo is 10” x 8” in size.

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Postcard of Jeep Train in Marblehead, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: this was on eBay

The Prehistoric Forest & Mystery Hill park in Marblehead in Ohio once featured these jeep trains.  I guess jeeps and dinosaurs go together?  The park closed at the end of 2010 based on what I’ve read.  There is no date associated with the below card.


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Postcard of Huntington Beach Jeep Tram

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

Here’s a jeep tram that is pulling tourists along the Huntington Beach Pier.



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Crazy Jeep Train & Comic

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Taking pity on Mark’s withdrawals, I spotted this link that I never posted about Fred Kay’s Crazy Railroad.  Lots of jeeps on rails.

Meanwhile, I’m going through and deleting old posts to reduce the site’s overhead while I move it over.

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‘Grandpa’ Craig’s Pic of the Week: Jeep ‘Wagon’ Train

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On the evening (2 nights ago) that Craig became a grandpa, instead of doing whatever grandpas should do to celebrate, he was busily scanning stuff for us!  It’s clear his Willys Sickness is far more advanced than I thought!  However, to his credit, this really is a cool picture. In fact, it’s so cool, that I managed to skip over the part where he said he became a grandpa! It wasn’t until I re-read it tonight that I felt like a total doof.”

This photo comes from the March 1957 issue of Willys News.  The jeep wagon train operated at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center – White Springs, Florida.

covered-wagon-CJ3B has a variety of photos related to the wagons.  Below are a few of them.

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


This photo looks like the jeep is a CJ-5 rather than a CJ-3B.  State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


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Desert of Maine Jeep Train

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Thanks to Warren for forwarding this lead.  Perhaps it is more accurate to call these mini-jeep trains, but just outside Freeport, Maine, there is a CJ-5 and CJ-7 that still pull tourists in a tourist-trailer around the sand (which I think they call ‘narrated coach tours’).  You can learn more about them here.  I managed to find a few photos of them on Flickr.  It looks like there are two different coaches.



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Flamingo Gardens Jeep Train in Flamingo, FL

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Craig spotted a postcard on eBay about a jeep train in Flamingo, FL.  Some additional investigation revealed the  train was located at the Flamingo Botanical Gardens. It looks like they still use a CJ-5 to pull the jeep train! A tour leaves every hour, on the hour, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

“Flamingo Gardens is a 60 acre not-for-profit attraction with a wildlife sanctuary, aviary, and botanical garden. The Gardens were originally the property of Floyd L. and Jane Wray, who in 1933 built a home and citrus grove on what was then the edge of the Everglades, where they started a botanical collection of tropical and subtropical fruit trees and shrubs.”

From the website:


Here are historical photos of the jeep train:

Florida Memory,


State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


Here’s the postcard: View all the information on eBay


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Chimpanzees Battery Powered Jeeps in a Postcard on eBay

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This 1950 postcard shows some chimpanzees driving a battery powered jeep.  They were part of a Chimpanzee show at the St. Louis zoo started in 1925. Chimps were taught to ride bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, ponies, a Great Dane, and more. You can learn more about them in the January 8, 1951, issue of Life Magazine.

“VINTAGE POSTCARD – CONDITION: VG. DATE/ERA: 1950s-60s. Standard Size 3.5×5.5.”

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You can view some additional pictures at Jalopy Journal (scroll part way down the page). The quality seems good enough that they may be from Life Magazine, but I tried, but failed to locate their original source. Here is one of the images.


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The Last Chancer: A Jeep Train in Helena, MT

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The Last Chancer, a wooden train built on a jeep platform, is documented at the Helena History Museum.  You can view additional pictures at the Museum page.  A Last Chance Train still exists, but has been upgraded.

In this early picture taken in 1954 you can see what appears to be a CJ-3B peering out from it’s enclosure.


Here is the Train as of 1957.


The Last Chancer made an appearance in the 1956 issue of Popular Science on page 104:


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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Unusual Jeep Train

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For his Pic of the Week, Craig forwarded this unusual train built on a jeep platform that was featured in a 1964 issue of Jeep News.

I found an example of the above train-jeep being used at Africa, USA, though the details were slightly different.  These pictures come from

I’m wondering if this jeep train out of St. Augustine, FL, isn’t a custom version of the above platform.  You can see the older St. Augustine Jeep Trains here.

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Bill Visits the Fantastic Caverns

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UPDATE: Learn more about the green jeep in the comments section.

Upon learning about the jeep at the Fantastic Cavern’s Visitor Center in Springfield, Missouri, Bill had to see it for himself.  Fortunately for us, he took along his camera.  Since Friday is the official start of the Christmas season, even though ‘Black Friday’ has now leaked into the evening of ‘Turkey, Christmas presents in the back of jeep just seemed a perfect way to launch the season (for us Willys nuts anyway).

Here’s photos of the original jeep.  Bill was told it was a CJ-2A, but it seemed more 3A to him.

Here are some pics of the new propane fueled jeeps:

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St. Augustine, Florida, Jeep Tour Train

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Anyone ever ride this jeep train? I’m still searching for more information about this tourist train.

This picture is from a postcard on eBay: View all the information on eBay

This is another postcard I found on eBay: View all the information on eBay

This is a little fuzzier.  I found this postcard for sale at jumpingfrog.

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1960s? Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI Jeep train Postcards

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Here are a couple different postcards of a DJ-3A Surrey towing some kind of visitor car at the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI.  The Bavarian Inn is still there.  I wonder what happened to the jeep?

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Fantastic Cavern’s Display Jeep

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Hugh unearthed a couple pics of an old cave jeep on display at Fantastic Caverns.

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Fantastic Caverns Jeep Train

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Craig forwarded the below excerpt and photo from his local coop paper.  I went to the website and spotted an additional photo (above). Here’s the location of the caverns.

Here is the text from Craig’s news article:

“Missouri is blessed with a number of remarkable show caves open to the public. One of the most unique is Fantastic Caverns, located just north of Springfield. The cave, which is served by Ozark Electric Cooperative, was first discovered in 1862 when a farmer’s dog crawled through what was then a narrow opening.

It wasn’t fully explored until 5 years later when a group of intrepid women responded to a newspaper challenge. What makes Fantastic Caverns so unique are the Jeep trams that carry visitors through the cave on a guided tour. This makes the 1 mile, 50-minute tour accessible to just about anyone, including seniors, children and those in wheelchairs.
Inside the cave are natural wonders created by the constant drip of acidic water through soluble limestone. Tour guides point out stalagtites and stalagmites, towering columns with colorful mineral stains, large deposits of flowstones and delicate draperies.

They also tell how the auditorium room was once used for weekly country music concerts in the 1950’s and mid-1960’s. A trip through Fantastic Caverns combines equal parts of awe and wonder with a lesson in history and science. In fact, the cavern is known as “Missouri’s oldest classroom.”

The tour costs $22.50 for adults and $14.50 for children. A discount for groups of 20 or more is available. The cave is open from 8 a.m. to dusk year-round except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas.
For more information, call 417-833-2010 or visit

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Postcard of Jeep Tourists in Fantastic Caverns

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I’ll have to see if more pics of these trains exist.

“For The Collector We Feature This Unused Standard Size Vintage Chrome Postcard Showing Jeep Drawn Vehicle, Fantasic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri. Back of card reads: FANTASTIC CAVERNS, the only cave that is large enough and level enough to drive through. You can see this cavern from the comfortable seats in a jeep drawn vehicle. Old postcard does have some corner/edge wear.”

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Jeep Mule Train at St. Simons Island in Georgia

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I put this together based on some research tonight.  If anyone has corrections or additions, please let me know.

For years, though I couldn’t say how many, Marvin Long ran a Jeep Train that was also known as the Mule Train. As these photos show, he used at least two different types of jeeps to pull a series of two wheeled carts along the beaches of St. Simons, Island.  At least one source mentioned the train rides were for going out to the beach to collect shells.  Whether this was the principle reason or just one of the events is less sure.  Whatever it was they got to do, the ride was popular, as this article from the September 6, 1952, issue of Billboard Magazine described:

An early Jeep train can be seen in this photo from a book called St. Simons Island by Patricia Morris, which was also made into a post card.  It looks like there might be a jeep all the way in the reason, too.

 The use of a CJ-2A was followed up in 1955 (or later) by a CJ-5. This image can be found at this website:

Mr. Long arrived at St. Simons in the late 1940s to take over the stables there.  He managed these for decades.  The land (all or most of it?) on which the stables were situation has been turned into  the St.Simons Land Trust.